"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Welcome everyone to The Hype! Last week we said we had somber feelings because we thought we had lost Derecho, but it turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by Aran Thompson. We are all glad to have Derecho back with us!

Jeff Hartman: Me as well.. because now I can collect the money he owes me.

Jack Wallace: Also last week, we saw a shocking image at the end of the show as Sayber made his returned after suffering a concussion at the hands of the man who is alive and well, Derecho. We understand that we are going to be sending it down to the ring now where Sayber is due to make his first promo since the injury.

Jeff Hartman: I predict that it's going to go something like this: Big bad man hurt me. Now I'm back so now you should cheer. Wah wah wah.. I want my title back.. wah wah wah.

"Sabertooth" by Yasuharu Takanishi hit the PA system

The people hit their feet and began to cheer wildly as Sayber made his way out from the backstage area. The first ever jOlt Hype Champion looked focused and determined as he made his way down to the ring. Being Japanese in background, he was also fluent in English. he grabbed the microphone and brought it up to his lips, which was the only part of his face exposed by his tiger mask.

"Tonight, I stand before you a man who was humbled after taking a risk. I took a shot at becoming a main roster member and I failed. Because of that risk, I paid a high price in the fact that I received a concussion. The result of that concussion was that I could no longer have the Hype Championship and in a painful decision, Shayne Anderson stripped the title from me and now it is being worn by Sebastian Saje."

There was a mixture of cheers and boos for that statement, but Sayber continued.

"Sebastian Saje is a very capable champion. He made it to the finals along with myself and then he went on to conquer his demons and defeat the third man to be in those same finals.. Jeremy Ryan to become Hype Champion. No one can doubt his ability... except for me."

The people cheered that statement.

"You said last week that you are a fighting champion.. well.. I'm going to test your ability tonight because I am invoking my rematch clause. I will take back what was taken for me so I suggest if you want to remain Hype Champion, you bring more than you've ever brought before because I will be aiming to take that championship away from you."

Sayber then dropped the microphone and exited the ring. He walked to the backstage area as the people cheered for him.

Jack Wallace: Looks like we have a main event, ladies and gentlemen.. it's going to be Sayber vs Sebastian Saje and the Hype Championship will be on the line!

Jeff Hartman: Not even going to acknowledge the fact that I completely called this promo? Pffft.. Fine.

Brian Williams vs Frank Tapia

Match Summary
Brian Williams is set to go one on one with another newcomer here on The Hype, Frank Tapia. Tapia immediately took Brian down to the canvas with a takedown and rained down right hands upon him. Tapia stood and continued to work over Williams, keeping him grounded. Tapia was focused on Williams and didn't let him make a second move. Tapia then pulled Williams up, but Williams then began to swing the match back in his momentum. He hit a few good moves on Tapia before sending him to the outside. Williams then dove over the ropes and collided with Tapia. Williams stood and rolled Tapia back into the ring. The referee checked on Tapia as it may have looked like he tweaked his knee. Gabriel Gold ran in from the crowd and yanked Williams off the ring apron, bouncing his head off of it. Gold then grabbed Williams by the back of the head and rammed it into the ring apron again. He then rolled Williams back into the ring as Tapia measured Williams up. Williams then staggered to his feet when Tapia then nailed him with a massive Spear! He then rained down blows upon Williams head until the referee saw that Williams was unresponsive. He then called for the bell! That sequence was known as the Rain Maker, but it also helped that Gabriel Gold softened him up a bit.

Winner: Frank Tapia via Rain Maker
Match Time: 9:42
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Frank Tapia wins in his debut match, but one must wonder if he saw Gabriel Gold ram Brian Williams face into the ring apron before hand.

Jeff Hartman: Hey.. whether he saw it or not, he took advantage of a situation to get a win. That's how the wrestling world works! Don't like it.. go sell used cars or something.

After the Match
Gabriel Gold rolls into the ring and grins. He kneels over a KO'd Brian Williams and yells "Now THAT'S exciting!" Gold then smiles as he stands over Brian Williams before exiting the ring.

Jack Wallace: Gabriel Gold is a sick and cocky individual, but I understand we have a situation backstage.. let's get a camera back there and see just what is going on!

Magma and Cross the Hood were seen brawling with Seraph and the West Texas Terrorists. The backstage area was being torn to shreds as they were sending each other into any object that they could come across. Security then rushed in to separate all six of them.

"HEY! HEY!" yelled Shayne Anderson as he ran into the fray.

"I am NOT going to allow you to tear apart MY arena. If you six have an issue with each other, that's one thing, but come to me to solve and stop destroying my property!"

The six of them continued to struggle as security did their best to hold them back.

"Since you six still want to go at it.. I'll let you settle this the proper way. Tonight it will be Magma and Cross the Hood versus Seraph and the West Texas Terrorists in a six man tag. Now get your damn locker rooms and don't touch ANYTHING until your damn match tonight. Jeez.."

Anderson walked off a bit peeved.

Jack Wallace: Looks like the boss is a bit on the angry side, but we're going to get a six man tag match out of this situation!

Jeff Hartman: I don't buy it. He didn't add "playa" after making the tag match.

"Dragonfly" Amber Ryann vs Faith Hines

Before the Match
The jOltvision became static as "Antinotice" by AKIAKANE hit the PA system. The fans stomped their feet to the beat as Amber Ryann made her way out from the backstage area. She was an odd character, clad in a black sweater hood with a dragonfly embroidered on her left chest area. Under the hood we saw she had a rainbow of lime green, fuschia, blue, and yellow hair. She sported large blackened goggles and a nose piece which made her face look like that of a dragonfly. She stood on top of the stage and held up her fist in the air as pyro, which matched the colors of her hair exploded on stage! She then fist pumped and charged the ring. She hit it with full of energy and ascended the turnbuckle pads. She then backflipped off of them and landed in the center of the ring. When she did, blue, yellow, red, and green pyro blew from each of the four corners respectively. Her music died down as the fans applauded her. She removed her mask and sweater to unveil a pretty attractive girl with the wildest array of hair colors imaginable. Match Summary
Faith Hines had made her way out and locked up with Ryann. She twisted the arm and sent Faith to the ropes, but Faith reversed it and chased after Ryann. Ryann leapt onto the middle rope and leapt over Faith with what she called the Mega Man X Wall Jump. She landed behind Faith and immediately grabbed her in a full nelson and nailed a Dragon Suplex for a two! Faith got up and rubbed the back of her neck as Ryann backed her into a corner and pummeled away. She sent Faith to the opposite corner, but when she charged in, she ate a back elbow from Faith. Faith went to hook Amber for the No Faith in Humanity, the Double Arm DDT, but Ryann twisted out and thrusted both of her palms into Faith's stomach with the HADOUKEN. Faith landed in a seated position and Ryann then nailed a Shining Wizard! She pulled Faith up to her feet and placed her behind. She then twisted and lifted her up nailed a back to back piledriver (Vertebreaker) that she called the Fate/Stay Dead. She then made the cover and picked up the three!

Winner: "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann via Fate/Stay Dead
Match Time: 7:38
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: What a debut for "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann! Faith Hines took it to her throughout the match, but that highly unorthodox style caught her off guard.

Jeff Hartman: Her hair looks like vomit after eating an entire case of gay bacon strips from the Air Heads factory.

After the Match
Vogue Gonsalvez comes out with a microphone in hand.

"You people actually wanna cheer for THIS!? Psssh.. Please... I'm undefeated on The Hype.. I'm not going to stand by and let a cotton candy freak come in here and steal the thunder I worked hard to obtain."

The people booed Vogue.

"Not only am I going to win the Starlet Tournament... BUT.. I'm also going to beat down this here little Rainblow Bitch.."

Amber Ryann taunted Vogue to step into the ring.

"Nah nah honey.. I'll see your little Lite Brite ass next week"

Vogue then turned around and exited.

The people cheer when "Sky High" Latrell Samuel steps into view with Donny Layne.

"Latrell Samuel has asked me for this air time so Latrell, what is on your mind?"

"What is on my mind is plain and simple, Donny.. and that is Ryan Raysor. Week after week you come out here and you weasel your way to victory any way possible.. but the fact remains that you haven't legitimately won a single match since you've been here on The Hype. All of those wins that you have are empty shells.. mere numbers to serve as decorations. Therefore, I'm going to challenge you to a rematch to prove to you and to everyone else that you are nothing more than a hollow individ...."

As he was making the challenge, Ryan Raysor stepped into view and the people began to boo.

"A hollow man? Me? Latrell.. even you must be able to see that each of those victories were earned. Whether you want to acknowledge that or not, it is a straight and simple fact that all of those victories came from mental planning. I've outsmarted and outwitted each of my opponents and that includes you, my friend. I simply take an opporunity and run with it. I don't go by the normal drivel that everyone expects to abide by around here... I create opportunity and if it eats away at you that much.. then fine.. I accept your challenge for a rematch tonight... I will prove to you and everyone else again that brains are much better than brawn."

Raysor walks off as Latrell just stares at him. The scene then fades out to black.

Seraph/West Texas Terrorists vs Magma/Cross the Hood

Match Summary:
Seraph started off with Jackson Cross. He grounded him early in the match, but Cross escaped and made the tag to Magma. Magma came into the match and stared Seraph down. The two of them began to trade blows back and forth as the two of them have waited so long to face each other. Serpah began to get the upper hand, but Machida Hood came in and started to double team Seraph with Magma. This prompted Eli and Ezra to step into the ring and then Jackson Cross entered the fray. A mere couple of minutes into this match and it broke down into complete chaos as all six continued to battle with each other. The refreee couldn't regain control of the match and called for the bell, throwing the match out!

Winner No One - Match Thrown Out by Referee
Match Length : 3:16
Match Rating : **

Jack Wallage: "This match was doomed from the beginning and they're still brawling!"

Jeff Hartman: "Yes, yes! This pleases me! BREAK DOWN INTO UTTER CHAOS!"

Jack Wallace: ......

After the Match

Security once again hits the ring and pulls all six of them apart. The people boo and even start a "Let Them Fight" chant.

Alyssa Corliss was on her cellphone when, all of a sudden, Raevynn leaps in and jumps her. The phone falls to the ground and cracks as Raevynn pummels Alyssa with forearm shot after forearm shot. She then grabs Alyssa and throws her head first into some equipment. As Alyssa lays there, Raevynn screams at her.


Raevynn stomped down on Alyssa.

"I could have been happy! I could have overcome my fear! I could have had Sebastian all to myself! YOU BITCH!"

Raevynn jumped on top of Alyssa and pounded away on her some more. She then stood up and Alyssa had a bloodied nose from the attack!

"I will erase you... I will make you disappear.. then.. and only then... will everything be right. Everything will go the way it should be once you're gone!"

Raevynn laughed to herself as she walked away. Alyssa writhed in pain on the ground, her nose still bleeding.

"Sky High" Latrell Samuel vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary:
Latrell and Raysor locked up in the center of the ring, but Raysor broke the lock up and rolled to the outside. Latrell immediately followed, not falling for any of Raysor's tricks. Raysor rolled into the ring, turned and then drop kicked Latrell in the face as he was sliding in. Raysor then ascended the turnbuckle pad and leapt off with a body splash to the floor, slamming down on Latrell! Raysor then mounted Latrell and began to pummel him as the referee began the ten count. Raysor stood and stomped away as the referee was up to seven. He pulled Latrell up to his feet and Latrell shoved Raysor against the apron. The referee was up to eight. Latrell went to get back into the ring, but Raysor grabbed him and threw him into the barricades at the count of nine. Raysor quickly rolled into the ring. Latrell made a sprint, but the referee counted ten and called for the bell! Raysor then smiled as he pointed to his head. Latrell was pissed and rolled into the ring anyway. Ryan then booked it and exited through the crowd as Latrell stood in the middle of the ring.

Winner : Ryan Raysor via Countout
Match Length : 4:11
Match Rating : *1/2

Jack Wallage: "Once again, Ryan Raysor did whatever he could to avoid confrontation. He picked up, yet, ANOTHER win."

Jeff Hartman: "Don't be mad. Ryan Raysor is amazing! How is he not Hype Champion by now!? Give that man all the credit in the world! Bravo!"

Xin Xin Xiong and Desiree are seen back at the training facility. They had just finished up a routine when X3 pulled Desiree aside.

"I'm sure you're aware that you have been selected to compete in the Starlet Invitational tomorrow night on Warriors. It will be a great test of the skills you have learned over these past three weeks. You may not have had proper training, but you have picked up everything that I have instructed you to do so far. You truly are a prodigy.. and Aria Murphy acknowledged that by selecting you to compete in this tournament."

Desiree nods.

"You've been doing such tremendous work.. showing such heart and dedication.. that I have a surprise for you."

Desiree looks to where Xin Xin Xiong is pointing and out from the main door of the facility is Aria Murphy herself! Desiree's eye lit up as she can't believe that she was in the same room as her idol. Aria walks over and extends her hand.

"Hi, Desiree. I'm Aria Murphy. It's a pleasure to meet you!"

Desiree is nervous, but she extends her hand, even though it's shaking and grasps Aria's.

"I know you've been working hard and I also heard that you've looked up to me and all of this.. everything that you're doing.. is all because of me. I feel honored that you want to be a professional wrestler and it's already great to have someone to look up to. So I wanted to stop by today and wish you good luck in not only in becoming a wrestler but in the Starlet Title Tournament."

Desiree was turning red with embarrasment.

"I ... I don't know what to say... I want to say thank you, but the words don't feel impactful enough."

Aria laughs a bit and then embraces Desiree in a hug.

"I have faith you! Keep up the good work." said Aria.

"Well well.. ain't this a sight fer sore eyes." said a voice.

Aria, Desiree and Xin Xin Xiong turned around. There was Gunnar Van Patton and Julia. The two of them walked in and stepped right up to X3, Aria, and Desiree.

"You know.. Julia here has something in common with you, Miss Desiree. Julia was trained by someone very familiar to Xiong here. Does the name KUMO ring-a-bell with ya?

That very name spoken struck a nerve with X3. He stepped in front of Desiree and placed his hand on her stomach to hold her back.

"Ah, don't worry none" said Patton. "I ain't gonna mess with yer pupil, or you fer that matter. I jus simply wanted to come down here and say hello. After all.. Julia doesn't need no damn tournament to be champion.. She will simply just kill the competition one by one and pluck the title out from whoever wins it with ease... so train all ya want.. in the end.. it ain't gonna make no difference."

Gunnar smiles as he backs away. Julia stares at Desiree for a moment with cold, uncaring eyes, and then follows GVP. X3, Aria, and Julia just look on with disgust.

Cross the Hood is backstage and they are fired up more than anything. Jackson Cross seems more agitated as he kicked a piece of equipment.

"Man.. I'm SICK ta death of dem Texas bitches... an' that po' excuse of a monsta, Seraph.. I jus' wanna kill dem." spouted Jackson.

"Hold on, brotha. I'm thinking somethin' ain't right around here. Think about it. From when we got here... from our time with the Widow's Nest... and now Seraph.. and the Terrorist.. we've just been floating around in limbo. WE AIN'T DONE JACK MOTHERFUCKIN' SHIT. Ya know what, my brotha? I got me an idea."

"I'm all ears, brotha" said Jackson.

"Fo'get dem fools. Fo'get all of dem. NEXT WEEK, We gonna turns some heads.. THAT'S fo' DAMN sure... come on.. I'll tell ya what we gonna do."

Hood and Cross exit the scene as it fades out

"Picture Perfect" Jack Dawn vs Prince Samir & Kareem

Match Summary:
Dawn and Kareem started out in the match. Kareem started off with the upper hand and tossed around Jack Dawn a bit, but Dawn mounted a comeback. He pounded away on Kareem, but Kareem turned the tide with a massive shoulder block. Tag to Samir who came in and stomped away on Dawn. He lifted Dawn up and sent him to the ropes. Dawn nailed a drop kick and Samir rolled out of the ring. Dawn gave chase and Samir rolled in and tagged Kareem. Kareem then jumped off the apron and took out Dawn. He rolled him back in and covered for two. Kareem then sent to send Dawn to the ropes, but Dawn reversed it and sent Kareem into Samir, knocking him off the ring apron. They hit heads and Kareem staggered back. Dawn then lifted the 300 pounder onto his shoulders dropped him with the sit out fireman's carry facebuster.. The Picture Perfect! The crowd went nuts over the display of strength and Dawn scored the pin!

Winner : Jack Dawn via Picture Perfect
Match Length : 12:16
Match Rating : **3/4

Jack Wallage: "Once again, Prince Samir and Kareem are proven to be nothing more than jokes of royalty."

Jeff Hartman: "HOW DARE YOU insult them. I'd like to see you in the ring with Kareem and Prince Samir. You wouldn't last a second against people like them!"

Jack Wallace: "Apparently all I have to do is slap one and they practically fall over."

Jeff Hartman: "!!!!!!!"

In the back, we see Jeremy Ryan in the office with Shayne Anderson.

"Ok.. I understand you're upset, Jeremy, but...

Before Shayne could finish that sentence, "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon storms into the office and plants his hands into the desk. Jeremy Ryan doesn't look happy and neither does Shayne Anderson.

"I am VERY upset" said Le Bon. "All I wanted was an orange peanut and a new giant to slay, but Jim Johnson ignored me... that is until last night.. when he gave me a rematch on Rockstar The House, but Waymoth Turnbull didn't play fair AGAIN! How am I supposed to slay giants if they don't want to be slain!? THIS UPSETS ME"

Jeremy Ryan grabs Le Bon by the shoulder and pins him around.

"Do you even understand that you are interrupting something VERY important here. I am TRYING to set something up here and all you're doing is setting yourself up for the beating of a lifetime because I assure you.. if you don't get lost.. you will be a giant slayer.. you will be victim to a giant slaying."

Le Bon looked confused and then his face lit up.

"I get it! So you're saying that I'M the giant.. and that people should be slaying me? It makes perfect sense! I have 22 Twipoverse followers now.. I've surpassed main event status.. I am the proverbial giant now! That means, it's time for me to leave The Hype... Shayney boy.. what do you say? hashtag get me off The Hype?"

Ryan couldn't contain his rage anymore and jumps Le Bon. He pummels Le Bon on the floor of Shayne's office. Shayne doesn't seem to be bothered by this one bit. After he feels Le Bon has had enough, he tells him to top.

"If you can make it to next Tuesday.. then you, Mr. Le Bon.. can go one on one with Jeremy Ryan. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful match, right Jeremy?"

Jeremy looked at Anderson.

"If I do this, you'll give me what I came in here for, right?"

Shayne nods. "Consider it done"

Jeremy grins and walks out as Le Bon is left laying. The scene fades to black.

Sebastian Saje (c) vs Sayber

Match Summary
Sayber and Saje lock up in the center of the ring. They start off with a series of counters that leads to another series of flash pins, a standoff, and around of applause from the crowd. Sayber locks up a second time and Saje then controls the head. Sayber shot Saje off to the ropes and hit a knee lift, flipping him over. Sayber then controlled the head of Saje and brought him down to the canvas in an attempt to keep him ground. Saje tried to fight back up, but Sayber drove a knee into the top of Saje's head while he had him in that front chancery. This happened a few more times until Saje spun out with a modified swinging neck breaker.

They both staggered up to their feet and Saje caught Sayber with a few quick jabs to the face. Whip to the ropes, but Sayber reversed and sent Saje in. Saje held on and Sayber charged, but was lifted to the outside where he crashed hard on the floor mats. Suicide dive by Saje takes Sayber down. After they recover, Saje and Sayber brawl around ringside. Sayber uses the ring steps to immobilize Saje and then drop kicks his head while they are against the steps. Sayber rolls him in and gets two. Sayber stays on the attack and grounds Saje with strikes.

Saje begins to fight back, but Sayber stops him and hits a flurry of offense for another two. Saje then mounts a comeback hitting a flurry of offense of his own for a two as well. It's been a chess match with neither man buding. Both men are down and exhausted. When they get up, they begin punching each other back and forth. It resembled a Japanese strong style fight at that point and the crowd was eating it up!

Sayber won the exchange and kicked Saje in the stomach. He lifted him high into the air for Korosu, but Saje used a knee to the head to break free. Saje landed in front of Sayber and went for Lights Out, but Sayber shoved him down to the canvas and went into a jackknife pin for two when Saje bridged up, went for a backslide, got two. Sayber rolled to his feet, kicked Saje in the head and nailed Korosu!!

New Champion!? NO! Saje kicked out a 2 9/10! Sayber picked up Saje and Saje nailed Lights Out from out of nowhere! Sebastian retains... NO! Sayber also kicked out at 2 9/10. The crowd was on their feet as both men were down and out! We were witnessing another classic here on The Hype! Both men struggled to their feet. Swing and a miss by Sayber with the clothesline. Step up enzugiri by Saje. He then hooked Sayber and nailed Korosu on Sayber!!


Sayber kicked out of his own finisher and refused to die! Saje then grabbed Sayber by the head and hit knee strike after knee strike after knee strike over and over and over again to the point where it looked like it wouldn't end. He then finished it out with a Lights Out right to the face! Saje made the cover and scored a definitive three! The couldn't hit their feet because they were already on it. A chant of "FIVE STAR MATCH" rung out as Sebastian Saje collasped to the canvas, clutching the Hype Championship to his chest. The people applauded both men's efforts.

Eventually, both men stood. Sayber then did the unthinkable.. he removed his mask! For the first time, people got to see what Sayber looked like. Sayber then took a knee in front of Sebastian Saje and grabbed his hand. That was his way of thanking him for an excellent match. Sayber then rolled out of the ring, pointed to Saje and applauded him as he made his way to the back. Sebastian Saje standing in the ring with the Hype Championship was the final scene we saw for The Hype.

Winner: Sebastian Saje via Lights Out
Match Length: 41:37
Match Rating: *****

Jack Wallace; MY GOD What a match! It nearly went 3/4 of an hour, but in the end, Sebastian Saje retained his championship in one of the greatest matches I've seen since both of the Iron Mans we've had in the past. This has got to be in the top five matches of The Hype so far!

Jeff Hartman: All I know is that the damn match is over and I can finally go home.

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. thank you for tuning in.. we'll see you next week right here on The Hype!