"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! We hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This will be the final Hype show for 2014 as this upcoming Sunday, jOlt will present Wired on Internet Pay-Per-View and then we will be on our Christmas and New Year's Break! I'm Jack Wallace and to my left is the incomparable Jeff Hartman. Jeff... how was your Thanksgiving?

Jeff Hartman: Well... I spent it alone like always, but I did buy myself a succulent bird filled with yummy juices. Stuffing it's wam, moist crevice was a joy and experience that only a few men get to have. I watched it as the skin beaded with sweat as I waited with aniticipation for the one moment I could attack and ravage it, bending it to my will.

Jack Wallace: We're still talking about... turkey... right?

Jeff Hartman: I had my way with it right on the kitchen table. It was delicious.

Jack Wallace: I'm sorry I asked. Before I regret asking anymore questions, let's send it backstage to the office of Adam Lazarus

Adam Lazarus was sitting at his desk when "Picture Perfect" Jack Dawn stepped in.

Dawn: Okay... this is possibly the worst time of the year because I've been wanting to settle things with Gabriel Gold and I can't because we have this holiday break and that holiday break. I'm not going to wait until 2015 to get my hands on him. I want him in an Underground Rules match... TONIGHT!

The crowd could be heard cheering at the sound of that idea in the background.

Laz: Hey.. I understand where you're coming from. I know that Shayne Anderson gave you the shaft and even though I'm trying to get this issue settled between you two, jOlt's schedule at this time of year is rather erratic. So that's why tonight.. I'm granting you the opportunity to finish this once and for all with Gabriel Gold. You've got your match.

Dawn cracked a smirk as the crowd cheered some more.

Dawn: Thank you. Tonight I'm going to...

"You're gonna what?" said a voice. The camera panned over and just as if it were perfect timing, there was Gabriel Gold.

Gold: You're gonna what? Beat me? Defeat me? Get your revenge on me? What is it exactly you're going to do? Because, in my opinion... there's only one thing that you're going to do tonight... you're going to fail. I will defeat you in our match tonight and I will be the one to put an end to all of this... not you... and I will prove what I set out to prove ever since the Rookie vs Veteran series... that I am more capable.. I am more skilled... I am more ever-lasting.. and I am simply just more golden.. .than you!

Dawn walked right up to Gold.. the two of them were face to face. Adam Lazarus got up out of his chair and wedged himself between the two of them.

Laz: There's a reason why we have a ring, gentlemen... settle it there... not in here.

Gold: Fine... but remember Dawn... out there... you won't have your precious little GM to hide behind.

Gold turned and walked away as Dawn gritted his teeth.

The scene faded to black.

Supaida vs Tristan Cyan

Match Summary
Supaida came out for this match alone without the rest of the Nest. He aimed to prove that The Nest can accomplish destruction, even on a singular level. At the sound of the bell, Supaida tried to quicken the pace by encircling Cyan, but Cyan stepped up his pace and made Supaida miss. The two squared off and locked up and immediately Supaida twisted Cyan's arm and opened up with a series of kicks to the chest. He twisted the arm again and whipped him into the ropes. Supaida with a leap frog as Cyan ducked underneath. Cyan hit the ropes and was met with a Spinning Heel Kick. Supaida stood and nailed a Standing Corkscrew Shooting Star Press!! He had the cover and only got two. Supaida stood and taunted Cyan, but then...

Lights out...

The people booed because they knew that The Widow's Nest were about to jump Tristan Cyan. This is how they made their presence felt on Hype 47. When the lights came back on.. it wasn't what we were expecting...

Maddox St. James!

Jensen Todd!

Shi no Ryu!

The crowd popped big as the three of them had Supaida surrounded. Tristan Cyan exited the ring, not wanting to get caught up in this crossfire. Each way Supaida turned, there was someone standing there. Step by step.. the three of them began to close the gap until they attacked! All three began to pummel Supaida down to his knees! Todd and St. James held Supaida in that knelt position as Ryu took off to the ropes. He came back and nailed a Shotgun Drop Kick right into Supaida's face!

At this time, Wolf Spider, Araknis, and Muerte ran out from the back, but Jensen Todd and Maddox St. James picked up Supaida and ran him towards the ropes, heaving him over the top like a lawn dart and causing him to collide with the rest of The Widow's Nest. Shi ni Ryu asked for a microphone.

Ryu: "Last week, you tried to show your dominance, but you ran into a road block named Shi no Ryu, Jensen Todd, and Maddox St. James. A road block collectively known as Cerberus."

The people cheered

Ryu: Any time you want to try and test that road block... feel free. We're not hard to find.

Ryu dropped the microphone as the three of them stood their ground in the ring, looking ready. Black Widow walked out from the back just as the members of The Nest were about to hit the ring, but Black Widow stopped them. The camera got in close to the point where we heard her say "today is not the day.. let's go" to her members. Slowly they backed off to the backstage area while Cerberus stood tall in the center of the ring.

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: 2:42
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: A new faction has formed here on The Hype! Shi no Ryu, Jensen Todd, and Maddox St. James have banded together to form Cerberus and they made it clear that The Widow's Nest is going to be their first target.

Jeff Hartman: Cerberus is standing directly in the path of The Widow's Nest reclimb into glory. I say it was a foolish idea to come together because they will just get decimated.

Monica is seen in the back and the crowd boos after seeing her. Desiree walks up to Monica and folds her arms.

Desiree: So that's what you plan to do? You plan to take this "attitude" of yours and bully the other starlets on the roster? You know... if there's one lesson I can still teach you it's that what you're doing isn't the way to go about things... and Faith Hines is certainly skilled enough to the point where she should never be considered as "the bottom"

Monica: Well, honey.. you're little rainbows and gummy bears attitude to the world of professional wrestling got me nowhere. MY way did... and if Faith Hines wasn't at the bottom like I said she was.. this conversation wouldn't even be happening, now would it?

Desiree gritted her teeth.

Desiree: If that's the way you feel, then how about I make you a bottom bitch?

All of a sudden, Faith Hines came running up.

Faith: Whoa whoa whoa. Desiree... I appreciate you standing up for me and I don't mean any disrespect by this, but I can fight my own battles.

Faith turned to Monica.

Faith: Tonight, Monica.. you and I out there in that ring. I have a lot of pent up frustration I need to let out and since you're the cause of it, I figured it would be perfect to get my hands on you because I promise... when I'm done. I'll be the one on top.

Monica laughed

Monica: If ya want it, honey. You can have it. Just remember... words need to be backed up

Monica walked off as Desiree put her hand on Faith's shoulder. The scene faded out to black.

Jack Dawn vs Gabriel Gold

Match Summary
The match started out hot and heavy as Dawn charged right into Gold, backing him into a corner and pummeling away at him with rapid fire rights before whipping him into the opposite corner and nailing a running corner clothesline that sank Gold to a seated position. Dawn gained distance and charged again, hitting a running knee to the face! Dawn exited the ring and lifted up the apron, pulling out a chain! Dawn came into the ring and wrapped the chain around his fist and waited for Gold to stand. Dawn swung with the chained fist, but Gold ducked it and hit a toe kick followed by a european uppercut. Gold grabbed the loose end of the chain and snatched it out of Dawn's hand. Gold looked at it for a second and then began to whip the chain across Dawn's skin while he laid there on the canvas!!

Dawn had some lacerations on his body from the chain striking him! Satisfied with the damage, Gold tossed the chain away and pulled Dawn up to his feet. Gold hit a drop kick and Dawn staggered back against the corner. Gold got a running start and hit a running knee lift in the corner, landing on the middle rope. Gold leapt backwards slightly with a second knee strike to Dawn's face, collapsing him down into the corner. Gold then picked up the chain and wrapped it around his right leg at the knee. He got a good distance and charged in, looking for a chain-wrapped knee strike to Dawn's face, but Dawn darted out of the way in time and Gold hit the turnbuckle with his knee instead, but Dawn was right there to grab Gold from behind and use a school boy rollup for only two.

Both men were back up and Dawn went low with a basement drop kick to the chain knee of Gabriel Gold. Dawn then began to stomp on that knee, turning that weapon against him! Dawn then picked up the leg and slammed it into the canvas as Gold continued to hold his knee in pain. While grounded, Dawn exited the ring and grabbed a steel chair, bringing it back in. Dawn quickly measured up Gold and slammed the chair across the chained knee, causing even more damage! Dawn hit it again.. and again.. and again... and again... and finally once more for good measure! Gold was gritting his teeth as he was in immense pain. Dawn pulled Gold up and went for a whip, but Gold immediately collapsed to the canvas.

Dawn grabbed the chair and smirked as he slammed the chair over Gold's knee another five times! Dawn then grabbed a fist full of Gold's hair and pulled him up. Gold tried to hobble up and down on one leg when Dawn took a shot, cracking the chair right over Gold's head! He was a knock out shot! Dawn fell into the cover and got the three!

Winner: Jack Dawn via Chairshot
Match Time: 7:13
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: That match was short.. but it was ugly for Gabriel Gold. Jack Dawn wanted to settle things tonight and good GOD did he settle things. Gabriel Gold didn't even stand a chance out there

Jeff Hartman: If I were Gabriel Gold.. I'd sue for damages. He didn't deserve that... that wasn't a match.. that was a mugging. I'm surprised Jack Dawn didn't take his wallet while he was at it. Adam Lazarus needs to do something about this travesty!

Zane Roebuck is roaming the halls backstage.

Zane: "MAGMA! I know you're back here somewhere. Get your ass out here!

As Zane yelled that through the halls, someone stepped in front of his path. It wasn't Magma... it was Mike Patterson!

Zane: Out of the way... I'm looking for Magma.

Patterson: What a coincidence... Magma's looking for you, too. In fact.. he was on his way to the ring right now to try and draw you out, but...

Patterson placed his hand on Zane's shoulder. Zane gave it a disgusted look.

Patterson: Magma isn't the only one who's looking for you.

Patterson then grinned as Zane had a bad feeling about this.

Patterson: I am, too!

Patterson grabbed Zane and hoisted him up onto his shoulder Zane tried to kick and wriggle his way free, but Patterson's grip wouldn't allow that to happen! Patterson took Zane Roebuck with him as he headed to the gorilla position! He stepped through and the crowd cheered as Magma was already in the ring and Patterson was bringing Zane down to the ring with him!!

Patterson got to the ring and threw Zane inside. Patterson then climbed inside the ring where a referee was waiting! It was a two on one handicap match and it started right NOW!

Mike Patterson & Magma vs Zane Roebuck

Match Summary
Patterson and Magma looked at Zane as he was in a seated position on the canvas. Patterson stepped toward Zane and Zane backpeddled, but he bumped into Magma's legs. Zane looked up as Magma grabbed a fist full of hair, yanking Zane up to his feet. Magma hit a bit right hand and Zane staggered to Patterson who hit another right. Zane staggered back to Magma who hit a headbutt that staggered Zane back to Patterson and Patterson ran him over with a vicious clothesline!

Patterson tried to direct traffic here by patting Magma on the back and telling him to head to the corner. Patterson stepped towards Zane Roebuck when Magma grabbed Patterson by the arm and pulled him into a knee lift to the stomach!! Magma then opened up with heavy right hands to the top of Patterson's head while he was on his knees. Magma took off to the ropes and nailed a big boot to Patterson's face, putting him down! Magma quickly grabbed Patterson and placed him between his legs. Magma lifted Patterson up and nailed Volcanism.. the Tiger Bomb!! The crowd was stunned as Magma exited the ring and headed towards the back.

Zane Roebuck sat up and saw what just happened. Roebuck looked around and quickly scrambled to his feet. He charged the corner where he quickly got up to the top turnbuckle pad. He flipped off with the Moonsault and connected!! The SOL found its mark and Zane picked up the three on Mike Patterson! The people booed as Zane exited the ring and celebrated by taking a victory lap!

Winner: Zane Roebuck via The SOL
Match Time: 4:18
Match Rating: *3/4

Jack Wallace: Zane Roebuck was the epitome of Good Luck here tonight as Magma, for God knows whatever reason, decided to attack Mike Patterson! Even though they had a match on Hype 47, they both had a common enemy in Zane Roebuck, so why did he do that?

Jeff Hartman: Magma has always been a lone soldier. I think that he thinks he could destroy them both and I believe Magma wouldn't be wrong in believing that.

Jack Wallace: That's a lot of believing.

Jeff Hartman: Believe it, 'ttebayo!

We're backstage in the locker room of the Hype Tag Team Champions. Albright and Massimo were getting ready for their title defense tonight against The X Age of Xtreme and Crucifix. Speaking of which.. they decided to show up.. right about now!

The duo entered the room and you could feel the tension rising between these two teams.

Xtreme: Ever since we broke away from The X Movement, we've been on a path towards our goal... our one goal... those belts that you've held for quite some time now. It's not secret that you've been the most dominant tag team in The Hype's history.. even beating out Cross the Hood during their heyday here. You've beat the best teams The Hype has to offer and you've even beaten the former jOlt World Tag Team Champions, The Crimson Order. It's a very impressive resume, but tonight.. you're going to have to add a termination date to your jobs as champions because tonight... we end your reign once and for all.

Crucifix: There is no other team more deserving than us. We've been in the dark for far too long and now... now its time for us to step into the spotlight and claim our spots as the NEW Hype Tag Team Champions. Admit it... we came close to beating you and the only reason why we didn't was because of Broken Sanity. Tonight... that won't be a factor.. we were your greatest challenge to date and now that it's been made to just be the four of us... your greatest challenge will become your last.

Albright and Massimo laughed to themselves

Albright: The thing is.. all of those words are nice and pretty, gentlemen.. but what counts is what happens in that ring... and each time our back is against the walls.. we fight.. and we fight harder than anyone else... and because as such.. we remain Hype Tag Team Champions. I will give you your due. You two pushed us to our limits once... but as you said, we couldn't determine who was the better team because of interference... tongiht.. there will be no excuses and when our backs are pinned against the wall.. when we're face with an insurmountable challenge.. we... ALWAYS... RISE.... UP

Massimo and Albright held up their tag team titles as Xtreme and Crucifix slowly back away.

Xtreme: We'll see who rises tonight... and who falls.

The X Age exit the scene and it fades to black.

Adam Lazarus was making his rounds when he entered his office, looking down at some paperwork. Something didn't feel right to him and he stopped dead in his tracks. He looked up and could only say one thing.

Laz: What the hell!?

The camera panned over and Shayne Anderson was sitting behind Laz' desk. He waved at Laz

Laz: Why the hell are you sitting behind MY desk.. no.. better yet... how the HELL did you even get in here?

Shayne: Relax... don't sweat the details. I just wanted to sit here and reminisce. I've been thinking back and reflecting on the things I've done here and I decided that.. I'd like my job back. I want a second chance to right the wrongs I have done. I want to be the Hype General Manager so I can redeem myself for all my past mistakes.

The crowd booed the sound of that idea.

Laz: Don't make me laugh. You ruined The Hype roster. You practically were the cause of eight people leaving and forming The Rebellion.. only to create one of the biggest headaches for Damien Lee... you played favorites and even hired your own personal friends to run roughshod over The Hype's roster in order to force people you hated off the show. How in the blue HELL do you figure that you'd get forgiven for all of that to the point where you would get your job back?

Shayne: Because I know this world is filled with second chances. People get them all the time and sometimes people make the most of them to better themselves. That's what I want to do. I want to get a second chance so I can be one of those people... one of those who end up bettering themselves so they can be painted in a new light. That's all I want. So what do you say.. you have the power.. make me the Hype General Manager?

Laz: And commit career suicide? No thanks. You have exactly to the count of five to get out of my office before I have security remove you... One....... Two....... Three...... Four..... Fi.

Shayne: FINE!

Shayne stands up.

Shayne: I'll leave, but do me a favor. Don't just jump to the obvious answer and say no right away. Sleep on it. Think it over. I'll be back on Hype 49.. the first Hype of 2015. I hope your answer is yes because it will coincide with my New Year's Resolution.. to become a changed man.. a man who I used to be when I first started running The Hype... the man who I was before I let power corrupt me. A man that cared about the fans and gave them what they wanted. I want the second chance to be that man. I know the things I've done makes this seem seedy, underhanded, or suspicious.... but the best way to look at it.. is I'm passionate. I'm passionate about jOlt.. I'm passionate about changing. I'm convinced that I can become the man I used to be.

Laz: Until what? You get a taste of the power again and you let it go to your head? Then we'll be right back at square one.

Shayne: Not this time Laz. I promise you.. not this time.

Shayne then walked away. The look on Laz' face almost seems like he wants to believe Shayne Anderson! Laz will have three weeks to think about it.. what will he decide?

The Natural Athletes(c) vs The X Age

Match Summary
Crucifix was going to start this match off with Albright when the bell sounded. The two slowly circled each other as they looked for an opening. It was a feeling out process that gave you the vibe that this was going to be an epic encounter. After a few moments of circling, they locked up. Immediately, Albright powered Crucifix back into the corner. The referee wanted the clean break and at the count of three, he got it. Albright backed off as Crucifix made his way to the center of the ring where they locked up again, but this time Crucifix immediately went behind with a waist lock, but Albright countered it and lifted Crucifix off the canvas, hitting a takedown, a floatover, and a front chancery. Crucifix struggled to get back to his feet, but did and fired a pair of elbows into the mid-section. Crucifix hit the ropes, but Albright drilled him with a running shoulder block before tagging in Terry Massimo.

Massimo came in and immediately pulled Crucifix back up, only to scoop slam him back down. Massimo hit the ropes and nailed a huge elbow and covered for only two. Massimo sat Crucifix up and placed him in a sleeper hold, but Crucifix got up and hit a jaw breaker to break free. Crucifix pivoted and hit a Pele Kick to the side of Massimo's head to daze him. Crucifix hit the ropes and hit a basement drop kick to bring Massimo down on all fours. Crucifix hit the ropes a second time and nailed a shotgun drop kick into Massimo's face. Crucifix made the cover, but he only got two as well. Crucifix immediately stood and hit three elbow drops in a row before hitting the ropes and nailing a running leg drop across the chest. Crucifix covered, but got launched at the count of two.

Massimo sat up and reached out for Albright, but Crucifix hit a running stiff kick between the shoulder blades of Massimo. Crucifix switched it up and kicked Massimo right in the chest and once more in the head! Massimo was put back down as Crucifix went to the corner and climbed up top. Crucifix wanted to put this one away early as he attempted the Leap of Faith.. the Swanton Bomb, but Massimo rolled out of the way! Crucifix crashed and burned as Massimo got the tag to Albright. Albright came in and ran over Crucifix twice with a pair of clotheslines. He then whipped Crucifix to the ropes and hit a back elbow, putting him down. Albright went to the ropes again and stepped over Crucifix as Crucifix flipped to his stomach. Crucifix got up and leapt into the air for a drop kick, but Albright held onto the ropes causing Crucifix to miss. Albright turned and decked Xtreme, knocking him off the apron, but Crucifix recovered and charged, but Albright launched Crucifix up and over to the outside where he colided with and took out his own partner!

The X Age collectively stood as Albright hit the ropes. The crowd rose to their feet as Albright dove to the outside with a suicide dive, taking them both out! Albright grabbed Crucifix and rolled him back into the ring where he covered but only got two. Albright pulled Crucifix back up and lit him up with a knife edge chop across the chest. He hit a second, a third, a fourth, and a fifth before hauling off with a very heavy knife edge drop that echoed sickly throughout the arena. It also droppeed Crucifix to the canvas!

Albright waited for Crucifix to get back to his knees. Once he did, Albright shuffled into position, but just as he was about to deliver the GOOOOAAAAL Super Kick, Xtreme got on the apron and grabbed the top rope. He hit a springboard forearm strike to the back of Albright's head, staggering him forward into a toe kick by Crucifix! Crucifix hooked Albright, lifted him, and nailed a Brainbuster in the middle of the ring! Crucifix rolled to his corner where he made the tag to Xtreme who had rolled back to the apron! Xtreme came in and immediately stomped down on Albright to keep him down. Xtreme pulled Albright to his feet and hit alternating knee lifts, driving him against the ropes. Xtreme got a running start, but Albright lifted Xtreme up and over to the outside... anticipating it, Xtreme twisted his body in mid-air and landed safely on his feet!!!

Xtreme reached into the ring and tripped up Albright. He pulled him to the outside and then leapt onto the edge of the ring apron, using it as a step. Xtreme then hit a front roundhouse kick to the face of Albright!! Albright turned and fell to his knees. Xtreme got up on the ring apron in the neutral corner and ran along it before leaping off and planting both boots into Albright's face with a shotgun drop kick!! Xtreme grabbed Albright and rolled him into the ring, but the big man, Terry Massimo ran along the apron and leapt off, knocking Xtreme out of his boots with a flying shoulder tackle to the floor!!! Massimo grabbed Xtreme and threw him into the ring before heading back to his corner. Both men were out of it in the ring as the referee started the mandatory ten count. He got to eight before both men got back up and began to trade punches with each other in the middle of the ring.

Xtreme quickened the pace of his punches, but they were stopped by a knee lift from Albright. Albright then quickly placed Xtreme between his legs, lifting for a powerbomb, but Xtreme slipped off the shoulders and landed in front of Albright. Xtreme with the toe kick as he tried to lift Albright for a brainbuster of his own, but Albright placed his leg between Xtreme's and blocked it. Albright tried to reverse it into a suplex, but Xtreme floated up and over, landing behind Albright. Xtrmee shoved Albright forward and when he turned around, Xtreme tried for a roaring elbow, but Albright ducked and coutnered by hooking Xtreme in a full nelson. Albright lifted him up, but Xtreme countered into a Victory Roll for a very very close near fall!

Albright staggered up as Xtreme was a bit faster. Super Kick by Xtreme side stepped by Albright. German Suplex attempt by Albright, but Xtreme flipped out and landed on his feet. Albright turned around and tried to get vertical but Xtreme backstepped as Crucifix came flying off the top and nailed a Curb Stomp!!!! Crucifix rolled out of the ring as Albright tried to push himself up off the canvas, but he was on dream street. Albright lifted his head and Xtreme charged in, nailing a Shining Wizard to the face!! Xtreme covered and Massimo had to break it up because the titles were in jeopardy!!

The referee forced Massimo back out of the ring as Xtreme tagged Crucifix back into the match. Crucifix went up top and measured up Albright who was still down. Crucifix went for the Leap of Faith, but Albright put the knees up! Albright used this opportunity to get to his corner and tag Massimo! Crucifix tagged Xtreme back in! Massimo ran over Xtreme with a body avalanche! Nothing pretty.. just a big man running into a smaller dude. Massimo grabbed Crucifix and threw him to the outside. Massimo turned and waited as Xtreme staggered to his feet. Massimo picked him up in a bear hug and held him there for a moment. Crucifix attempted to get back into the ring, but Massimo looked back and saw it. He then tossed Xtreme overhead with a belly to belly suplex! Xtreme fell against the ropes and knocked Crucifix back down to the floor! Xtreme landed on the back of his neck from the impact!! Massimo dragged Xtreme away from the ropes then took off for momentum. Massimo went for All the Way.. the running splash, but Xtreme, somehow, rolled out of the way!

Xtreme hit a hige kick right into Massimo's face that put him on his back. Xtreme went up top and took aim.. he flpped off with the Shooting Star Press... the Xtreme Measures and it connected! Albright came into the ring as Xtreme had the cover.. At the count of two, Xtreme looked up and... GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!! The Super Kick connected low, right into Xtreme's face!!! Crucifix got on the apron and by the time Albright saw him, Crucifix leapt off and nailed a Flying Knee Strike to the side of Albright's head, knocking him down!! Massimo slowly turned and draped his arm over Xtreme, but Crucifix broke it up at the count of two! Xtreme and Crucifix pulled Massimo up to his feet. Xtreme with a kick to the back of Massimo's legs, brought him down to his knees. Kick to the chest by Crucifix.. then.. Stereo roundhouses to the front and back of Massimo's head! Massimo was on dream street as Crucifix and Xtreme hit the ropes on opposite sides, hitting stereo drop kicks on each side of Massimo's head!

But Albright wasn't done!! Albright got back up and grabbed Crucifix from behind as he stood... Release German Suplex! Xtreme charged in, but Albright picked him up and nailed a Spine Buster! Crucifix staggered up and Albright lunged in... GOOOOOOAAAAAAAL!!!!! Crucifix fell between the ropes and back to the outside. Albright went for another Super Kick on Xtreme, but Xtreme ducked, turned and nailed a Super Kick of his own, sending Albright to the outside, but Massmo got up and grabbed Xtreme up in his arms nailing a massive front powerslam!!! Massimo dragged Xtreme to the corner and climbed up top. The crowd's jaws collectively dropped as Massimo dove off..


Cover!! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Super All the Way
Match Time: 44:51
Match Rating: *****


Jeff Hartman: Huh? Is it over? Sorry.. I took a Z Pack and was out of it.

Faith Hines was seen walking down the hallway, on her way to her match with Monica when Monica herself, blindsided her from behind with a forearm to the back of the head! Faith staggered forward, but Monica grabbed her by the seat of her tights and threw he shoulder first into an equipement case!!

Monica then kicked Faith right in the stomach, causing her to gasp for air! Monica backed off after that kick.

Monica: Sorry, honey. Looks like we'll have to postpone our match. Doesn't look like you're in any shape to compete. Later, ya bottom bitch.

Monica then walked away as trainers rushed onto the scene to check on Faith Hines.

Brian Williams(c) vs DefCon

Match Summary
The cage lowered and as per Brian Williams stipulations on Hype 47, this would be DefCon's opportunity. Should DefCon win tonight, he would have to face Shi no Ryu as his first opponent. Both Brian Williams and DefCon were silent. They knew nothing could be said to further this along. They waited the entire night for this moment. It was put up or shut time. Both men were in the ring, surrounded by chain linked walls. The bell rang.

DefCon circled Williams...he was doing what he does best.. analyzing his opponent. He couldn't afford to make any mistakes. He wanted to see if Williams would make the first move, but Williams knew that as the champion, he didn't have to beat DefCon... DefCon had to beat him and he wasn't about to make any first moves. It was a stalemate and the crowd waited with baited breath for something to happen. DefCon then drew an imaginary line on the canvas with his foot, telling Williams to cross in hopes into coaxing him into making the first move, but Williams copied DefCon and yelled to him "The first move is yours. Prove to me and everyone here that you're as good as you only think you are". Those words were enough to rile up DefCon. He charged in and the two locked up!!

DefCon's momentum actually forced Williams back into the corner. DefCon hit knee lift after knee lift to the stomach, doubling Williams over. DefCon then clubbed WIlliams over the back with forearm shots, trying to keep him down in the corner, but Williams charged forward, lifting DefCon up in the process and driving him into the canvas with a takedown in the middle of the ring! Williams hit mounted punches to DefCon in rapid succession. Williams stood and hit the ropes, but DefCon flipped to his stomach and Williams stepped over to the opposite side. DefCon went for a hip toss, but Williams blocked it and tried for a hip toss of his own, but DefCon blocked it and hit a headbutt right into Williams' face! Williams staggered back and DefCon put the champion on his back by pulling him into a short-arm clothesline!

Williams got back up and ducked a second clothesline attempt by DefCon. Williams kicked him in the stomach and went to throw him shoulder first through the ropes and into the cage when DefCon put the brakes on by grabbing the ropes. DefCon hit a pair of elbows and broke free then grabbed Williams by the head and dragged his face across the top rope! At the end of the drag, DefCon punched WIlliams in the head rather harshly, causing him to stagger away. DefCon charged from behind and hit a chop block to the back of Williams legs, putting him back down on the canvas. DefCon stood and hit the ropes, hitting a baseball slide drop kick, knocking Williams under the bottom rope.

Williams stood up as DefCon got a running start. He leapt over the top rope and slammed into Williams driving him into the cage. DefCon's stomach landed on the top rope and he used that to rebound back into the ring where he took off and nailed a second flying body avalanche, sending Willaims back against the cage a second time. Williams slumped down between the cage wall and the ropes. DefCon got another running start and this time nailed a running seated drop kick between the top and middle ropes, driving hit boots into Wiliams face and the back of Williams head into the cage!! DefCon felt that the title would be his as he headed to the opposite side of the ring and climbed the corner as he attempted to escape the cage, but Williams mustered up enough energy to roll under the ropes and get back to his feet. He charged the corner and rightt when DefCon was about to get to the top, Williams grabbed him by the leg and prevented him from climbing any higher.

DefCon kicked Williams away, however, but that didn't deter him for long. Williams turned and climbed the turnbuckle pads to the top where he grabbed DefCon by the waist. Williams popped the hips and..... SUPER RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!! DefCon flipped over and slammed down hard on his stomach!!!! The crowd rose to their feet as Williams landed pretty hard as well! Both men were down after that as a "holy shit" chant broke out in the crowd! Several moments passed before Williams began to stir. DefCon was still down. He crawled over and made the cover, but only got two as too much time had passed. Williams pulled himself up and DefCon along with him. Williams hoisted DefCon onto his shoulder and charged toward the ropes with him, but DefCon slipped off of Williams shoulders and placed him in a waist lock, continuing the momentum and driving Williams up against the ropes. Williams hung on and DefCon rolled backwards and up to his feet. Williams turned and went for a running clothesline, but DefCon ducked. DefCon turned and kicked Williams in the leg to bring him to a knee.

DefCon attempted the Shining Wizard, but Williams moved his head and DefCon ended up in Williams grasp... Williams stood with DefCon seated on his shoulders.. he charged forward and... POWERBOMB INTO THE CAGE WALL!!! DefCon fell between the cage and ring ropes, but Williams wouldn't let him rest. He grabbed DefCon by the head and pulled him between the top and middle rope. He then nailed a rope-assisted DDT and covered him, only getting two! Williams stood and brought DefCon to his feet. A couple of chops later, he whipped DefCon to the ropes. Williams telegraphed a back body drop, but DefCon kicked him in the chest. DefCon backed into the ropes and got momentum, looking for a clothesline, but Williams ducked. He kicked DecCon in the stomach and tried to place him in the pumphandle, but DefCon countered with a hip toss. Williams turned around and DefCon nailed him with a Shining Wizard. DefCon pulled Williams up quickly and placed him into the pumphandle. He then nailed the Pumphandle Neckbreaker on Willimas! DefCon just stole Welcome to Williams Street!! DefCon covered, but only got two.

DefCon mimiced Brian Williams and said "That's It!" He picked up Williams and placed him between his legs, looking to steal the Cradle Piledriver as well, but Williams countered with a back body drop. DefCon staggered to his feet and backed into the corner where Williams charged in with a body avalanche. DefCon fell to a seated position as Williams got some room and nailed a cannonball into the corner, slamming up against DefCon! Williams then climbed the corner and began to ascend the cage, but DefCon, somehow, got the engery to stand, turn and grab a hold of Williams by the tights. DefCon got an arm between Williams' legs and nailed a One Arm Powerbomb off the top rope!! Now it was DefCon's turn to climb the corner and possibly escape, winning him a Hype Championship!

Williams still had the heart of a champion beating inside of him and he refused to give up. He got up and grabbed DefCon from behind after climbing up top. DefCon already felt one Super German.. he wasn't going to feel another. A pair of back elbows knocked Williams off top. DefCon stood on the top rope and took aim... Double Rotation Moonsault... the Death From Above connected! DefCon covered, but only got two!!!! Brian Williams refuses to die!!

DefCon pounded his fist into the canvas and grabbed Williams, but Williams shocked DefCon with a kick to the stomach. He placed him in the pumphandle and nailed Welcome to Williams Street! He immediately pulled DefCon up and shoved him between his legs.... Cradle Piledriver!!! THE DOWNFALL!!! Williams stood and went to the corner. He climbed up the top turnbuckle and began climbing the cage!!! The crowd was going wild as Williams got to the top! He put one foot over then stopped. He looked back down in the ring and DefCon was in the perfect position. Williams wanted to put the exclamation point on this match. He could easily climb down and win, but instead, he stood on top of the cage, looking down into the ring. He flipped off with the sentton...




The crowd was in complete shock!! The champion is down!!! DefCon called for the door to open while still on his back! DefCon was in rough shape as well. He had to crawl to the ropes and use them for leverage. He pulled himself up and Williams was still down! DefCon shambled towards the corner, trying to keep his composure. He neared the exit when Williams turned to his stomach and saw what was happening! Williams crawled on his hands and knees towards the door, but DefCon had a huge head start. DefCon put one foot through the ropes. Williams used a huge burst of energy to get up. He attempted to run forward, but he fell and his fingertips were just inches away from DefCon's boot! DefCon's other foot went through the ropes and he had one foot outside the cage. Williams made another desperate leap between the ropes and this time he grabbed DefCon by the leg, just barely saving his championship!!

Williams held on for dear life. He needed a way to stop DefCon from exiting the cage. Williams had both arms wrapped around DefCon's leg. He quickly let go with his left arm and grabbed the cage door. He pulled it closed right into DefCon's face!! DefCon lost his balance and fell backwards against the ropes!!! Williams let go and crawled backwards into the ring. He stood and grabbed DefCon, tossing him over the ropes and back in. Williams turned and closed the door.. he then turned his attention back towards DefCon, but fatigue and weakness set in and Williams fell to a knee. DefCon pulled himself back up as did Williams. Williams stepped in with a punch, but DefCon blocked and punched Williams back. Williams hit another punch and the two of them traded back and forth. It was like a slow motion slugfest, but Williams got the upper hand after a knee to the stomach. Williams set DefCon up again for another Downfall, but DefCon countered with a back body drop!!

DefCon fell to his feet after hitting it and had to use the ropes to pull hismelf up. He measured Williams up and pulled him up into a butterfly hold, but Williams picked up DefCon in his arms and rammed him back frist into the cage wall! Williams held on and slammed him into the cage wall a second time.. then a third before hitting a belly to belly overhead release suplex! Williams and DefCon were down again, but Williams pulled himself up and called for the door. The door opened and Williams stepped through the ropes, but DefCon got back up and charged in, grabbing Williams from behind with a waist lock. Williams with a back elbow, but DefCon ducked. DefCon then returned the favor with a belly to belly suplex from the apron back into the ring!!! The referee closed the door as DefCon turned and staggered to his feet. Williams was trying to get back to his. DefCon quickly grabbed WIlliams, locking him into the butterfly hold, but Williams twisted out and hit a knee lift. He shoved DefCon between his legs and nailed The Downfall from out of nowhere!!

Williams couldn't cover, though. He was out of energy. They both laid there for a moment before Williams slowly turned and made the cover. One.... Two... Thre.. NO!!!! DefCon kicked out! The crowd couldn't believe it! This match should have been over three times already and still they continue to press on!

Williams and DefCon both staggered to their feet. Williams was up first. Kick to the stomach. He tried to set up for another Downfall, but DefCon shoved him backwards. Williams landed against the ropes and used that momentum to swing with a lariat, but DefCon ducked. They turned around.. DefCon with a kick to the stomach. He tried to set up for the Double Tap, but Williams twisted out of it. Kick to the stomach of DefCon... butterfly of the arms.. DOUBLE TAP TO DEFCON!!!! DefCon made a name for himself by stealing other people's finishers, but Brian Williams just stole his! Williams covered...




It was definite... it was decisive... Brian Williams defeated DefCon fairly and squarely in the middle of the ring and retained the Hype Championship. DefCon had no choice but to stop the complaints about being screwed. He had his shot right here right now and he couldn't get the job done! Shi no Ryu wasn't in DefCon's future... the end of the line of contenders, was, however. If DefCon wanted another shot... he would have to earn it the old fashioned way!

Winner: Brian Wiliams via Double Tap
Match Time: 51:08
Match Rating: *****

Jack Wallace: Brian Williams endured hell inside of that steel cage... and he perservered! Brian Williams remains as your Hype Champion! Two five star matches in a row.. two match of the year candidates to close out 2014! Ladies and Gentlemen.. thank you for watching! Enjoy Christmas.. Enjoy New Years.. we'll see you here in 2015! Goodnight everyone!