"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! It was announced this week that jOlt was moving to Miami, FL and here we are in the brand new Hype Arena stationed inside the jOlt Arena. We have a capacity crowd of 5,000 on hand to witness the future of jOlt Wrestling. Jeff... how does it feel to be back in an arena where we spent five years of our careers in the early 2000s?

Jeff Hartman: I'm surprised they turned this into a mini-arena for The Hype. I used to take my girlfriends back here where we had a bunch of equipment cases and I'd use to...

Jack Wallace: Aaaaaand with those memories spiraling... we are getting set to send it down tot he ring where we are being joined by the CEO of jOlt Wrestling... Damien Lee!

Jeff Hartman: But I haven't finished talking about how I use to get laid in roughly the same spot you're sitting in now.

Jack Wallace: That's it.. we're switching seats.


Damien Lee was standing in the middle of the ring. The crowd was buzzing as the camera panned around the arena. New graphics, new ring apron, purple ropes.. everything looked and felt different as The Hype was inside of its new home. Lee pulled the microphone up to his lips.

Lee: Ladies and Gentlemen... welcome to the first Hype of 2015!

The crowd cheered.

Lee: I have to begin tonight's broadcast with some unfortunate news. You see, when I made the decision to sell Legacy of Champions, there was one thing that I overlooked and it was something that I should have kept in mind. A lot of the talent that had merged with jOlt were signed to jOlt contracts, but there were some that had very lengthy contracts with LoC that jOlt decided to honor as if they were jOlt contracts, but, in reality, they weren't. Two of those individuals are Cordova... and Adam Lazarus.

Lee paused for a moment.

Lee: With Legacy of Champions officially re-opened, Cordova and Adam Lazarus are back under contract with them and are no longer affiliated with jOlt Wrestling.

The crowd boo'd

Lee: Cordova is a legend and an experienced veteran and his guidance as both a talent and a trainer here on The Hype will be missed. With Adam Lazarus gone, this means that we are without a General Manager here on The Hype. Tonight, I will personally see to the operations of the broadcast and later on this evening, I will announce a new General Manager for The Hype as one has already been selected.

The crowd buzzed amongst themselves as to who it could be,

Lee: I know that Adam Lazarus, in his short time as General Manager, did a wonderful job and was loved by the fans. I want to continue that going into the future and the General Manager I have selected should be able to fill that role perfectly. We've got a lot of great action for you here tonight so I hope that you enjoy it! Thank you!

Lee put down the microphone and exited the ring.

Jack Wallace: A new General Manager for The Hype to be named tonight!? This comes as a shocker! I didn't realize the situation with Adam Lazarus and Cordova.. just shows you that anything can happen in the wrestling business!

Jeff Hartman: Just like it happened right there fifteen years ago

Jack Wallace: Again.. you're swtching seats with me. Move!

Mike Patterson vs Magma

Match Summary
Patterson made his way down to the ring, but from behind, Magma blasted him with a forearm shot, jumping him before he could make his way to the ring! Magma and Patterson were in a handicap match against Zane Roebuck on the 2014 finale of The Hype and Magma turned on Patterson during that match! Magma's goal since returning to The Hype was to reclaim his status as The Hype's true monster. With that in his mind, Magma stayed on the offensive, throwing Patterson back first into the steel ring steps, but Patterson showed how tough he could be as he immediately got up and leapt into Magma with a vicious lariat that damn-near took his head off!

Patterson grabbed Magma by the hair, pulling him up. He bounced Magma's face off of the ring apron and then grabbed him by his shirt, throwing him shoulder first into the barricades. Patterson taunted Magma, but Magma showed Patterson his toughness by getting to his feet and hitting a shoulder tackle into Patterson's mid-section, driving him back first into the ring post!! With his back against the post, Magma hit shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust into Patterson's stomach, doubling him over. Magma backed up and then hit a big boot to Patterson's face while he was in the knelt position, knocking him down.

Magma lifted the ring apron and pulled out an aluminum trash can. Patterson staggered up the trash can found it's way over Patterson's head. The trash can was dented as Patterson staggered back, using the barricade to prop himself up. Magma stepped in to deliver another shot, but Patterson countered with a toe kick! Patterson snagged the trash can out of Magma's hands and smashed it over his head! Patterson tossed the trash can aside as Magma staggered away. Patterson got a running start and nailed the Spear on the outside!

All of a sudden, Zane Roebuck hopped the barricade behind Patterson! Patterson turned around to look for another weapon.. instead, he found a Super Kick from Zane right to the face!! Patterson fell down next to Magma as Roebuck got up on the apron.. He looked down and grabbed the ropes, leaping to the middle rope and hitting a moonsault, connecting with both Magma and Patterson!


Roebuck stood up, holding his stomach as he grimmaced and backtracked up the entrance ramp. Patterson turned over onto his stomach and looked up at Roebuck. Magma glanced over at him too. Roebuck gave a cocky shrug before disappearing behind the curtain. Magma and Patterson staggered to their feet... Patterson had the idea of going after Roebuck, but Magma had the idea of continuing to beat Patterson down. Magma went for a right hand to sucker punch Patterson, but Patterson wouldn't have any of that and blocked it! He hit a series of knee lifts to Magma before setting him up between his legs..


Patterson got up and Magma was out! Patterson turned and stormed up the ramp to the backstage area.

Winner: Match Never Started
Match Time: n/a
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: What a wild start to The Hype! These two were scheduled for a match, but they just ended up beating the hell out of each other until Zane Roebuck decided to interfere! Now Mike Patterson is on the hunt for Zane Roebuck! I know Zane Roebuck is all about Good Luck, but I think his luck is about to run out.

Jeff Hartman:That was the most cliched statement I've ever heard, Jack. New building, new year, same old Jack Wallace.

"What Does the Future Hold?"

We open up backstage to someone new. A man who looks in his early 20s. Brown hair in a short executive cut, tan suit and a maroon tie with a grey undershirt.

"Hello everyone, My name is Marshal Stetton and I am the new backstage interviewer here exclusively on The Hype. I am honored to have my first guest here by The Hype Champion hismelf... Brian Williams!"

The crowd cheered as Williams stepped into view.

Stetton: Mr. Williams, I heard that you wanted to address the crowd here later tonight?

Williams nodded

Williams: Indeed I did Marshall. First off, welcome to The Hype. Good to see a fresh face around here. Secondly, I do have something I wish to address to the Hype universe later on tonight. There have been some rumors circulating around lately and I want to talk about them. Where I've been, where I'm going, what I've done, and what I'm going to do. All of it will be laid out on the table. Tonight's address will also concern The Hype Championship as well so it's something you're not going want to miss.

Stetton: Now what kind of interviewer would I be if I didn't ask the tough questions the first day on the job? The way you just teased it... you're not considering on retiring are you?

Williams: Well...

Williams took a moment and looked up at the ceiling as if it were something that was difficult to answer. He then looked back down at Stetton and cracked a grin

Williams: Not on your life. I've got way too many years left in the gas tank... but my announcement does concern my future with jOlt Wrestling. I'll just leave it at that.

Williams then patted Stetton on the shoulder and walked away. Could Brian Williams be thinking on leaving the company!? That's definitely what it sounded like just now.

Monica vs Faith Hines

Match Summary
Monica circled around Faith with an attitude about her as if Faith wasn't worth her time. They locked up and Monica immediately controlled the head with a side head lock which she used to take Faith down to the canvas. After some wrenching on the neck, Faith battled back up to her feet and used a pair of elbows to break free. Faith took off to the ropes, but Monica countered with a leaping back kick that caught Faith right in the face!! Monica went for the cover, but only got two. Monica went back to work on the head and neck with a sleeper hold, but Faith once again battled up to her feet and hit a back drop suplex to counter. Faith checked her mouth for blood as she stayed on Monica, pulling her up to her feet, but Monica broke free and hit a headbutt to Faith, staggering her back. Monica then charged in, looking for a knee lift, but Faith side stepped and grabbed Monica by the waist, looking for a German Suplex, but Monica countered with a pair of back elbows to the side of the head, breaking free.

Monica turned around as Faith staggered away. Monica grabbed Faith by her hair and slammed her down into the canvas rather harshly. Monica went to the corner and climbed up top. She flipped off with a moonsault, but Faith moved, but Monica landed on her feet! Monica taunted Faith as she stood. Faith went in with the clothesline, but Monica ducked, turned and delivered a toe kick. Monica went to scoop Faith up onto her shoulders, but Faith floated over and landed behind Monica hitting a back stabber on her! Faith went into the cover, but only got two.

Faith went to the corner and measured up Monica as she crouched down. Monica got back to her feet as Faith charged in from the corner hitting a sprinning European Uppercut, knocking Monica back down to the canvas! Faith stood and signaled that she wanted to put Monica away! He grabbed Monica and set her up for the Double Arm DDT.. the No Faith in Humanity, but Monica twisted out of it and placed Faith in an inverted face lock, looking for the Split Personality, but Faith twisted out of that and hit a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge pin, getting only a two count.

Both of them staggered to their feet. Faith fired with a forearm, but it was blocked and countered with a headbutt. Faith stumbled away as Monica spun and nailed the Discus Forearm.. the Grill Splitter.. and knocked Faith down! Monica then quickly tied Faith up into a Scorpion Cross Lock that she calls the Rage Queller!! Faith held on as long as she could, but she had no way to counter this hold. She eventually had to tap out and give Monica the victory. Monica got up and looked down at Faith Hines. She shot her a smug look of disdain as the referee raised her hand.

Winner: Monica via Rage Queller
Match Time: 6:44
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: Faith tried to put Monica away here tonight after the comments she made about her on the 2014 finale of The Hype, but she was unable to find success here tonight.

Jeff Hartman:It's because she lacks attitude! Monica has plenty of it and she's beginning to prove that she never needed Desiree as a teacher to begin with!

"Simply the Best"

Zane Roebuck is roaming the halls backstage when he came across the new interviewer Marshal Stetton.

Zane: Hey there, my man! I'm going to make your career right here by giving you the opportunity to interview one of the greatest superstars to be the product of the luck capital of the world!

Zane nudged up against Stetton who went to ask a question, but Roebuck took the microphone and tilted it in his direction, startling Stetton just a bit.

Zane: I know what you want to ask. How can someone like myself be stuck here on The Hype? A man who can gracefully moonsault on top of the two biggest, baddest superstars on the The Hype and come out walking away with a smile on his face? It's a wonderful question and I'm so glad you asked it! It deserves an answer only befitting of a well-reknown nobody like yourself. You see... when you're Zane Roebuck.. you live life by the charm of good luck. Everything I touch.. everything I do... I have good luck on my side. Tonight... Mike Patterson and Magma were just two victims of that good luck that seems to follow me everywhere. It was the same good luck that garnered a victory for myself on the 2014 finale of The Hype when I beat Mike Patterson and Magma in a handicap match as well!

Zane cracked a smirk into the camera.

Zane: No matter how many times Zane Roebuck rolls the dice, he always gets the magic roll. He always collects his chips and tonight, I once again bet is all and came out a winner.

Zane then felt an ominous presence. The camera pulled back and Mike Patterson was standing right behind him! Zane slowly turned around, but then cracked a smile!

Zane: Patty! What's good my man? You here to have some of my good luck rub off on you? Did not enough of it rub off when I hit you with the SOL a few moments ago? HYRUP!

Patterson grabbed Zane by the neck and pressed him against the wall.

Patterson: Let's get one thing straight. I'm not in a good mood after Magma jumped me and after you did what you did out there.. I'm just straight up pissed off. I want Magma in a rematch here tonight... but... since you want to shoot your mouth off... i want you in the ring as well!

The crowd cheered loudly at the sound of that. Zane placed his hand on Patterson's wrist and pushed down on it.

Zane: Okay.. Okay...

Zane looked as if he were giving into Patterson's demand so Patterson let him go.

Zane: I understand you're upset, but even you must agree.. fighting me and Magma at the same time? That's not such a good idea...

"Actually, it's a wonderful idea"

The camera panned over and there was the CEO Damien Lee!

Lee: In fact, it's such a good idea, I'm booking the match for later tonight. Good luck to you all.

Lee said that while looking right at Zane Roebuck who gulped pretty hard. Patterson simply sneered and walked away as the scene faded to black.

The Widow's Nest vs Broken Sanity

Match Summary
It was two of Widow Nest's high fliers against the unorthodox brutes of Broken Sanity. Wolf Spider, Supaida, and Black Widow were at ringside as they watched their stablemates do battle inside the squared circle. Muerte started off against Mad Morgan and he immediately used his speed to avoid the lock up. Muerte began to kick away at Morgan from behind, but Morgan shoved Muerte into the corner. Morgan charged in, looking for his body avalanche to set up his combo, but Muerte moved and Morgan ate turnbuckle. Muerte stepped up onto the middle rope and hit a rope-assisted enzugiri to the side of Morgan's head. Morgan covered his head as he leaned against the corner.

Muerte attempted a whip to the opposite corner, but it was reversed by Morgan. Morgan charged in, but ate a back elbow. Muerte went up onto the middle turnbuckle and hit a flying hangman's neckbreaker on Morgan. Muerte stood and hit the ropes, hitting a Muta-style elbow drop into his heart. Muerte stood and hit the ropes again, hitting another rapid elbow drop. Muerte went for the cover, but got two. Muerte stood and tagged Araknis who went up top and hit Morgan with a missile drop kick. Another cover for two. Araknis tagged Muerte back in who went up top and hit a diving european uppercut. Cover again and again only two. Tag back to Araknis who came into the ring and ran past Morgan, but Shovel hit a forearm to the back of Araknis' head off the rope rebound, knocking him face first into the canvas.

Morgan came to and grabbed Araknis, pulling him up and clubbing him over the back with forearm shots. Morgan then made the tag to Shovel who came in and the two of them hit a double team whip across the ring. Morgan popped Araknis up into the air as Shovel cracked skulls with him with a headbutt as Araknis fell!!! Araknis tried to get up but stumbled around in circles until Shovel hit him with an Inverted Atomic Drop. When Araknis got hit with the move, Morgan was already on the rebound as he kicked Araknis dead in the face with a running big boot. The referee ordere Morgan out of the ring as Shovel went for the cover, but only got two out of it.

Shovel went to the corner and went to the second rope. The big man flew, looking for a big splash, but Araknis moved. He went to leap for the tag, but Shovel grabbed him by the leg, preventing it. Shovel stood as Araknis balanced himself on one leg. Araknis tried the enzugiri, but Shovel ducked, released the hold and placed Araknis into a wrist clutch position from behind. Shovel then took him over, dumping on the back of his head with a Head and Arm Trap Suplex!! Shovel made the tag back to Mad Morgan who came in and stomped down on Araknis' lower back.

Black Widow wouldn't sit back and watch anymore. She ordered her troops to the ring. Supaida and Wolf Spider got on the ring apron, but Morgan charged and knocked both of them off. Muerte came into the ring and nailed a running drop kick to Morgan's left leg, taking him off his feet. Muerte helped Araknis to his feet and the two of them began to stomp down on Morgan. Shovel came in, but the two of them turned and nailed stereo super kicks to Shovel, knocking him down to the canvas. They turned their attention back to Morgan as they pulled him up. The double team whip sent Morgan to the ropes while Muerte and Araknis took off in opposite directions. All three met back in the middle of the ring, but Muerte hit a low drop kick to Morgan's left leg while Araknis hit a flying single leg drop kick to the right side of Morgan's head. The result looked like Morgan just got into a car accident as his neck snapped to the side as his feet were taken out from underneath him!

Shovel staggered to his feet as Araknis grabbed him and placed him into the front face lock. Muerte then had free shots of kick after kick into Shovel's abdomen. Shovel eventually shoved Araknis off of him, but Muerte hit him with another Super Kick to the face which staggered him. Araknis ran to the ropes and bounced off the middle rope, hititng a springboard thrust kick to the face of Shovel, knocking him back down.

The referee couldn't control this match any long as it had broken down, but all of a sudden...

Jensen Todd, Shi no Ryu, and Maddox St. James hit the ring. The three men who referred to themselves as Cerberus came out for an attack! Ryu went right for Araknis and hit a rolling Koppu Kick to his temple. Jensen Todd hit a huge lariat on Muerte! Wolf Spider and Supaida slid into the ring, but Maddox St. James was there to lay in the boots to Wolf Spider while Ryu and Todd pulled Supaida up to his feet. The two of them whipped Supaida to the ropes, but Supaida a handspring into a double back elbow, looking to take them both out, but Ryu simply hit a high kick to the back of Supaida's head while Jensen Todd grabbed him from behind and turned him to he looked at him face to mask. Todd quickly hooked him with a wrist clutch and nailed the Lycan Driver.. the Wrist Clutch Exploder!

Wolf Spider shoved Maddox St. James away and from the knelt position, looked for his spear.. the Run with the Wolves, but St James spun and caught Wolf Spider in the jaw with his spinning heel kick... The Crimson Dynamo! The force of the kick meeting his forward momentum looked to have knocked Wolf Spider out cold!! Muerte and Araknis exited the ring and reached in pulling Wolf Spider and Supaida to the outside. Jenson Todd grabbed the microphone .

Winner: The Widow's Nest via Disqualification
Match Time: 14:18
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Cerberus caused the DQ win for The Widow's Nest, but I don't think they care about that. It looked like Jensen Todd has something to say. Let's listen.

After the Match
With the microhone in hand, Jensen spoke

Todd: "A three-headed hellhound isn't blind by any means. We saw what you've done ever since you lost your right to challenge The Natural Athletes for the Tag Team Titles.. you've attacked and attacked and attacked. It's almost if you believe it to be your specialty. Well.. sorry to say loves, that ain't going to be our bloody fates. As a matter of fact, we're going to make sure of it because next week, we're challenging any combination of you to a six man tag match."

The crowd cheered that idea. It looked as if her boys were ready to go right now, but Black Widow held them back and motioned for them to head to the locker room. Black Widow shook her head no as they slowly exited to boos from the crowd.

All of a sudden, they were stopped in their tracks when Damien Lee made his way out onto the stage with microphone in hand.

Lee: You know.. so far I'm seeing that there's a lot of conflict here among the talents on the main roster but everyone just keeps beating around the bush. Zane Roebuck, Mike Patterson, Magma, and now the lot of you. So in the interest of getting things settled.. I'm going to book that match next week. Widow's Nest versus Cerberus.

The people cheered

Lee disappeared behind the curtain as the two factions exchanged looks.

"Enough with the Attitude"

We're backstage where Desiree walks up to Monica who is cooling down after her match earlier in the evening. Desiree grabbed Monica and pins her against the wall. Faith Hines comes running up and tries to break it up almost immediately.

Faith: Whoa whoa whoa! Not like this, Desiree, not like this!

Desiree: Then how, Faith? She doesn't want to listen when it comes to training even though she came to ME for help.. she insults you, then beats you. She doesn't respect either of us... what other way is there?

Monica could only smile even in the situation she was in at the moment.

Monica: Am I rufflin' yer feathers, honey? The fact that I am means that you lacked what I had all along. That's why it took you so long to get where you were. Xin Xin Xiong didn't need ta teach ya. Ya needed ta teach yerself, girl, but it's too late for ya now. Y'all just can't accept the fact that I'm gettin' betta just bein' me instead of being some wholesome ass bitch and some wanna be pro who only just graduated from bein' a rookie and still has a lot ta learn.

Desiree pressed Monica against the wall a bit harder.

Desiree: Big talk from someone who just a couple of months ago couldn't hack it and reached out for help.

Monica: Yeah, but I realized right away that I didn't need ya help. Was all in mah head. Once I got it outta my head and just started bein' me.. everythin' fell in ta place. I know you can't stand it because you never thought of it yerself! That's why you always gonna be just some prissy ass bitch

Desiree went to slap Monica across the face, but Faith grabbed her by the arm.

Faith: She's not worth it. Let's just go.

Desiree: I'm not going until we shut her up for good.

"Then may I interject?"

Damien Lee, who had just came from the stage to settle a problem between Cerberus and The Widow's Nest, was about to solve another.

Lee: "Seems that all I'm doing here is settling issues.. so since we're on the topic then next week we're going to have ourselves a match... a handicap match at that. Desiree and Faith Hines versus Monica. Now you can get all of your issues out of the way and settled. Sound good to you three?"

Faith: Yeah!

Desiree: Oh hell yes

Monica: HELL NAH! The hell you tryin' to do here!?

Lee: Two to one in favor. Sorry.. the match stands. Good luck to the three of you next week.

Lee walked away as Fatih and Desiree backed off smiling. Monica didn't look happy at all.

Mike Patterson vs Zane Roebuck vs Magma

Match Summary
At the sound of the bell, the three of them barely made a move. Magma wanted Patterson. Patterson wanted both Zane and Magma and Zane just wanted to stand back and watch the chaos unfold. Magma took a single step forward and that caused Zane to back into the corner and Patterson to make his first move going after Magma. Patterson went to pummel Magma, but Magma blocked the punches and fired back with a headbutt, staggering Patterson back. Magma with a whip to the corner, but Patterson made him eat a big boot when he charged in. Patterson then drilled Magma with a clothesline and shot a death gaze at Zane Roebuck. Patterson made an advancement toward Zane, but Zane pulled himself out of the ring allowing Magma to recover and club Patterson from behind.

Magma backed Patterson into the corner with heavy rights. Patterson covered up, but Magma switched to body blows. Magma then alternated between punches and knee lifts, catching Patterson off guard with each blow. Magma with a whip to the opposite corner. He charged in and hit a knee lift in the corner, doubling Patterson over. Magma then grabbed Patterson and tossed him out of the corner with a Belly to Belly Suplex. He covered and got two. Magma sat Patterson up and grabbed him by the shoulder in a Nerve Hold. Zane came into the ring and charged at Magma, kneeing him in the face with a Shining Wizard! Zane quickly went to the corner and climbed it, looking for the SOL moonsault, but Patterson got up and shoved Zane off the top rope to the outside where he crashed against the barricades! Magma sat up, holding his face as Patterson brougth him to his feet and hit a pair of knife edge chops before whipping him ot the ropes.

A shoulder block didn't budge Magma. Patterson immediately grabbed the arm and whipped him again, attempting the shoulder block a second time, but sitll, Magma went nowhere. Magma countered with a headbutt and then a waist lock, looking for a takedown, but Patterson stomped on Magma's shin and reversed it.. nailing a German Suplex. Patterson held on, stood and hit a second then repeated it for a Release German to complete the combo. Patterson went to the corner, looking to fly, but Zane recovered and got on the apron, crotching Patterson up top. Zane then leapt to the top rope and pivoted, hooking his legs around Patterson's head, looking for a springboard top rope huracanrana, but Patterson blocked it by hanging on! Magma stood and Patterson pulled Zane up to shoulder height and diving off, powerbombing Zane Roebuck into Magma and wiping them both out!!

A "HOLY SHIT" chant erupted in the crowd as Patterson covered Zane, but Zane shockingly kicked out at two! Patterson covered Magma and Magma also kicked out at two! Patterson stood and headed to the corner, hunching down, looking to deliver the spear. Magma and Zane both got up and Patterson charged. Zane dodged, but Magma ate the Spear right in his mid-section! Patterson stood as Zane got behind him and hit a leaping calf kick to the back of Patterson's head! Zane then pulled Patterson over in a school boy and only got two! Zane stood and hit alternating knee strikes to Patterson's face, but Patterson shoved him backwards. Zane ended up stumbling far enough where he tripped over Magma! Patterson advanced, but Magma stood up in front of Zane.

Patterson had no choice but to fire a right hand, but it was blocked and countered by Magma with a headbutt. Magma then leaned in and hit another headbutt, then a third, fourth and fifth until Patterson fell! Magma pulled Patterson up and set him up for the Tiger Driver.. the Volcanism, but Patterson countered with a back body drop. Zane took his shot while Patterson was prone and nailed a Super Kick!! Patterson went down and when Magma turned around, Zane made him eat a Super Kick as well! Zane quickly went to the corner and just like before, he hit the Top Rope Moonsault.. the SOL on top of both Patterson and Magma! Zane covered Magma and only got two! He covered Patterson and only got two as well!

All three got to their feet... Magma grabbed Zane and whipped him to the ropes, but Patterson grabbed Magma and whipped him in the opposite direction. Magma ducked a lariat by Patterson and then caught Zane as he went for a spinning wheel kick! Magma tossed Zane overhead with a Standing Fallaway Slam... right into the arms of Mike Patterson! Patterson hoisted Zane up onto his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry, but Magma turned and made Patterson eat a big boot! Zane fell on top of Patterson in a cover, but Magma pulled him off at two! Magma pulled Zane up and whipped him to the ropes. Zane grabbed the top rope and held on to block the rebound. Magma charged in, but Zane pulled himself to the outside and Magma stopped short.

Patterson charged in, however, and speared Magma through the middle and top rope to the outside!!! Zane dodged the impact on the apron and when Patterson's face was poking through the ropes, Zane hit a Super Kick on the apron to the side of Patterson's head! Zane quickly went up top and nailed another SOL! He made the cover and shocked the world by picking up the three!

Winner: Zane Roebuck via The SOL
Match Time: 15:37
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: I can't believe it! The one man who had the lowest odds of winning just picked up the victory! Maybe it's not all talk.. maybe Zane Roebuck really is nothing more than Good Luck!

Jeff Hartman: I've been saying it all along, Jack. All you had to do.. was BO-LIEVE!

Jack Wallace: That's not even our show! Hell.. that's not even our damn company! Stop giving free press to corporate evil!

"It's Wearing Thin"

We are in the locker rooms of the Hype Tag Team Champions, the Natural Athletes. They were sitting this time, rather than the usual standing. They looked a bit somber as Albright, as usual, was the first to speak up

Albright: "Man... I know we said we lived on competition, but the competition is wearing thin here on The Hype. I don't know about you, man.. but ever since we beat The Crimson Order, I've been wanting to take a shot at the main roster... just so I could.. you know.. feel more alive"

Massimo: "Hell.. it ain't like we're down a few blocks from the Arena of Champions anymore. We're all in the same damn building now. Why don't we just issue an open challenge to the main roster here tonight... better yet.. let's even make it a championship match?"

Albright: "Sounds fine to me. Who do you want to challenge? Want to go for the ninjas again? Heirs of Wrestling? The House? The Rebellion?"

Massimo shrugged.

Massimo: There's so many out there, but.. I figured we'll let the main roster decide. Let's make it an open challenge to anyone from the main roster who thinks they can come down here and show up a couple of rookies. In fact.. I wouldn't be opposed to us doing this every single week. Why should we cash in our main roster opportunity when we can just invite the main roster here and beat them every single week until Damien Lee has no choice but to call us up? Reverse psychology, man.

Albright: I see where you're going with it.. I like that idea a lot. Make them fight us on our home turf.. it's like homefield advantage in the playoffs.

Massimo: Exactly!

Albright and Massimo stood, patting their championship titles on their shoulders. They then glanced into the camera and cracked a smirk.

Massimo: So you all heard that, right? Don't matter to us who steps up. Main roster.. we're going down to that ring tonight.. show up with the intent to fight for your lives.. because that's what we're going to do.

Massimo and Albright then stepped away as the scene faded to black.

DefCon vs Tristan Cyan

Match Summary
The match started off with the two of them circling each other. They locked up and DefCon went for a go behind, but Cyan countered with a go behind of his own. DefCon broke the grip and turned it into an arm wringer, but Cyan twisted and reversed the arm wringer on DefCon. DefCon kicked the arm away and went into a side head lock, but Cyan countered with a back body drop, but DefCon landed on his feet and went into a side head lock again. DefCon flipped Cyan over onto the canver, but Cyan brought his legs up and pulled DefCon over with a head scissor, but DefCon escaped, looking for a drop kick to the face, but Cyan dodged it, stood and the two of them faced off.

DefCon kicked the ropes out of frustration because he was being outwrestled trying to mimic his opponent.. something he loves to do very much. Cyan wanted to lock up again, but DefCon refused. Cyan then asked for a test of strength, but DefCon went for a kick to the mid-section, but Cyan grabbed him by the leg and hit a Dragon Screw! Cyan then tried to tie DefCon up into the Inverted Texas Cloverleaf.. the Disasterpiece, but DefCon kicked and kicked until he broke free. He then rolled to the outside!

"This is BULLSHIT" yelled DefCon back into the ring.

DefCon walked over to ringside and grabbed a microphone.

DefCon:I'm tired of this. I'm tired of getting screwed.. I'm tired of getting shown up by a two-bit hack like this guy. I'm sick of the politics in this company.. I've had it. Until I get my way and until jOlt gives in to my demands.. I'm officially ON STRIKE!"

DefCon tossed the microphone away and walked around ringside. The referee watched as DefCon walked away and shrugged, beginning the mandatory ten count.

1... 2... 3.. 4.. 5. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10

The bell rang and Tristan Cyan was the victor of the match. DefCon didn't care one bit that he got counted out. He disappeared behind the black curtain as Cyan didn't mind getting a free victory here tonight.

Winner: Tristan Cyan via Countout
Match Time: 4:08
Match Rating: *

Jack Wallace: DefCon just walked out on the match! I guess he doesn't want to earn his spot here on The Hype roster and would rather take his ball and go home.

Jeff Hartman: I wish I had that luxury.. I have a week old pizza in the fridge calling my name.

Jack Wallace: Week old!?

Jeff Hartman: You don't know the struggle, Jack.

"The Champion's Address"

Brian Williams made his way to the ring, climbing inside and grabbing a microphone from William Bell, the ring announcer. After his music died down, all eyes and all ears were focused on the Hype Champion who gave our new correspondant, Marshal Stetton, a very crytpic message earlier in the evening.

Williams: Earlier tonight I said I wanted to come out here and make an announcement. I want to preface this announcement by stating that 2014 was a pretty interesting year for me. I was lost in the shuffle in the early beginning with the only notable thing I had was a feud with Gabriel Gold. Then when we had that mass exodus at Wrestlecade, some spots opened up and I was fortunate enough to reach out, work hard, and earn one of those spots as the leader of a group of men who all shared the same passion.. to exist here on the hype roster and not be oppressed when it came to the leadership.

The crowd cheered.

Williams: They referred to us as The Dying Breed and I took that name and labeled our group after it as motivation to step it up and overcome the odds just to prove them wrong.. and we did. We overcame every obstacle put in front of us and because as such it allowed me to become the new Hype Champion after Pietro Geist vacated the title.

Williams paused for a moment as the crowd cheered him some more.

Williams: Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would ever hold this belt, but I have and every time I look at it.. I still feel as if it's a surreal moment for me. I've had a lot of tough opponents and I'm sure that there are more hungry people in that locker room who want the spot that I'm in right now and I can't blame them one bit because this is what we are all here for.. to have my spot.. to be the champion.

Williams paused again.

Williams: However.. what about the champion himself? Is the champion happy with his spot? The answer to that... is NO!

The crowd seemed a bit confused.

Williams: Being the Hype Champion shouldn't be the end of the line for your career in jOlt... it should be the platform that you use to catapult yourself to a new level. That is why I am making an announcement right here right now. Sunday... iNtense 114 will be held in this building just a couple of hallways down from here. I'm going to be there at iNtense and i'm cashing in my stipulation to challenge a main roster member.

The crowd erupted in cheers!

Williams: I haven't decided who, but when I get there.. I'm going to be looking each and every roster member up and down and when I find the right guy.. I'm going to let him know that I chose them for my spot. Needless to say, I'm not going to pick someone who could be a walk in the park.. when I make my challenge, I'm going to make an impact like no other... I can gurantee that.

The crowd continued to cheer him.

Williams: So tune in Sunday because I'm aiming to make history!

Williams tossed the microphone over his shoulder and ascended the turnbuckle pad to the very top, holding the Hype Championship above his head!

Jack Wallace: Brian Williams with a bold statement! He is going to iNtense to challenge for a spot on the main roster! If he succeeds, he will still defend the hype title here until he loses it, but if he fails, he won't lose the Hype Title, but he will not be able to challenge for a spot again for the next thirty days!

Jeff Hartman: I hope he wins.. one less match I have to call!

The Natural Athletes(c) vs ???????????

Before the Match
Massimo and Albright made their way to the ring. They entered and stared at the entrance ramp, talking amongst themselves as to who was going to take up the challenge. The crowd whispered amongst themselves as to who it could be.

All of a sudden...

"Serial Killa" by Snoop Dogg hit the PA and it was Khadafi and Statuz Quo, flanked by Duzza! Trouble had answered the call of the champions! They made their way to the ring and it was decided that Quo and Albright would start things off.

Match Summary
Albright and Quo locked it up. Quo twisted Albright's arm and laid in rammed his shoulder into Albright's trying to pop it out of socket. Albright fell to a knee as Quo stood over him with an elevated arm bar, but Albright battled up and reversed it into an arm wringer, but Quo kicked Albright in the stomach, doubling him over. He laid in punches, staggering Albright over to his corner where he made the tag to Khadafi. Quo held Albright's ribs open for Khadafi to take a free shot at them before stepping out. Khadafi hit a pair of knife edge chops before sending Albright across the ring and then putting him down with a back elbow just under the jaw. Khadafi hit the ropes and came back, hitting a knee drop across the chest and covering, only getting two.

Khadafi held onto Albright's head as he made his way back to his corner, getting the tag to Statuz Quo. Quo did a 180 circle around Albright, hitting quick jabs along the way. Albright was backed into the enemy's corner as Quo tagged Khadafi back in. Khadafi worked over Albright in the corner, trying to wear him down with punches. He got Albright into a seated position and pressed his boot against Albright's chin, breaking it at the count of four. Khadafi then scraped his boot across Albright's face a few times with a face wash before taking off and hitting a running face was as well as a tag to Quo who immediately came in and bounced off the ropes, hitting a drop kick to Albright's face as Khadafi stepped out! Quo pulled Albright away from the corner and made the cover, but only getting two!

Quo stood and grabbed the top rope for balance as he hit rapid stomps on top of Albright before tagging Khadafi back into the match. Khadafi hit a few heavy stomps before he pulled Albright back to his feet. He whipped Albright to the ropes and charged in hitting a body avalanche, knocking him back down. Khadafi made the quick tag to Quo who went up top as Duzza looked pretty pleased on the outside. Quo took aim and leapt off, looking for his double stomp to the head, his A-Town Stomp, but Albright rolled out of the way! Quo landed on his feet so when Albright went to go to his corner to make the tag, Quo was able to easily grab him by the leg and drag him back to his corner and tag in Khadafi once again.

Khadafi pulled Albright up and backed him into the corner where he hit rapid fire punches to the abdomen. He backed Albright against the ropes and went for a whip, but he held onto Albright's arm and yanked him back in where he tripped him up with his STO... the King Killa! Khadafi made the cover as Terry Massimo came into the ring, but Albright kicked out at two before Massimo could get there. Massimo was forced back into his corner and Khadafi took the chance to use a blatant choke on a grounded Albright while the referee's back was turned. Khadafi stood when the referee turned around and tagged Quo back into the match.

Quo went back up top and waited as Albright staggered to his feet. Quo leapt off with a missile drop kick, but Albright side stepped and Quo landed hard! Albright pivoted into the enemy corner and decked Khadafi with a discus forearm! Quo got up and Albright hit an inverted atomic drop on him! Albright backed into the ropes, but Khadafi reached into the ring and tripped him up. He pulled Albright to the outside and hammered away on him. Massimo hopped off the ring apron and ran around ringside, but Khadafi backed away, leaving Albright alone. Quo got a head start and flipped over the top rope to the outside, taking out Massimo and Albright!! The champions were being dominated here and maybe it was a mistake to challenge a main roster tag team!

Quo pulled Albright up and rolled him back into the ring. Quo went back up to the top turnbuckle and flew off with a Flying Knee drop and it connected into Albright's chest! Quo covered, but Albright kicked out, refusing to give up! Quo signaled for the end as Albright staggered to his feet. Quo hit the ropes, looking for his version of the STO which he called Ether, but Albright countered and got behind Quo hitting a German Suplex in fluid motion! Massimo made his way back to his corner as Albright pulled Quo up and hit an Exloder Suplex, but Albright was basically dead after that! Massimo called out to Albright. He and Quo crawled to their respective corners and they each got the tag!

Massimo came in and drilled Khadafi with a vicious lariat! Massimo decked Quo, knocking him off the ring apron. Massimo turned and dropped Khadafi with a running pump kick to the face! Massimo pulled Khadafi up and sent him to the ropes. He popped Khadafi up into the air, caught him and nailed a samoan drop. Quo got on the ring apron and went for a springboard double axe handle, but Massimo headbutted him out of mid air!!! Massimo grabbed Quo and pulled him up. he threw him over the top rope back to the outside as Khadafi recovered and clubbed Massimo from behind while he was distracted. Albright went to whip Massimo, but Massimo reversed it and pulled Albright into a Spinebuster in the middle of the ring. Quo recovered and circled around as Massimo went to the ropes, but Quo reached in and grabbed his partner by the leg, pulled him out of harm's was as Massimo missed the running splash that would have put this match away!

Albright recovered enough to where he ran along the apron and dove off, hitting a double lariat to the outside, knocking down Khadafi and Quo! Duzza came over and got in Albright's face, but Albright grabbed Duzza and threw him into the barricades! Back in the ring, Khadafi staggered up to his feet as Massimo surprised us with his agility hitting a high back thrust kick that could have been passed off as a super kick! Khadafi fell into a heap as Massimo hit the ropes. He leapt up into the air and came crashing down on top of Khadafi with the All the Way.. the running splash! Massimo hooked the leg but Khadafi kicked out!!! The crowd thought it was over and so did Massimo. The shock on his face said it all!

Massimo hit the ropes, looking for a second splash, but this time, Khadafi put the knees up!! Massimo popped up and held his stomach as Khadafi hit the ropes.. He hit the running STO.. the King Killa on Massimo, but had nothing left. Quo tried to get up, but he and Albright brawled on the outside. Khadafi called out to Quo to get to his corner, but Albright ended up throwing Quo into the steel ring steps! Khadafi started to get up after seeing his partner get taken out. Albright slid into the ring, stood, and in one fluid motion, kicked Khadafi right in the face with the GOOOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!!! Massimo stood and hit the ropes. He came back and slammed down on top of Khadafi with the All the Way! Massimo covered as the crowd counted along with the count.. The Natural Athletes picked up the three!!

Winner: The Natural Athletes via All the Way
Match Time: 44:38
Match Rating: ****1/4

Jack Wallace: Trouble put up one hell of a fight and it looked like The Natural Athletes were going to bite off more than they could chew, but in the end, the Athletes successfully defended their championships against a team from the main roster! Could they really be on the path towards getting called up? If they can repeat that performance each and every week, there's not a doubt in my mind that they will get called in no time!

Jeff Hartman: Bah.. let them go. We need more teams like BADASS and The Widow's Nest being in the main event and holding gold.. not these try hards. Jack Wallace: Nevertheless, we're going to have a word from our sponsors and when we come back, Damien Lee will announce the new General Manager of The Hype! Stick with us, we'll be right back!

"And the New GM is..."

When The Hype returned from break, Damien Lee was standing in the middle of the ring. He had a microphone in his as the crowd was still buzzing about who the new General Manager will be.

Lee: Earlier tonight, I had the unfortunate responsibility to announce that Cordova, and the GM of The Hype, Adam Lazarus, were re-acquired by Legacy of Champions. This left a void in the role of Hype General Manager and as a result, a suitable replacement was sought out and found. Ladies and Gentlemen.. your new Hype General Manager is...


A man with a microphone yelled out from the crowd. It was Shayne Anderson! Shayne walked up to the barricades, microphone in hand.

Anderson: Wait... can I talk to you, Mr. Lee? May I be afforded a moment to plead my case?

Lee: You can plead all you want... it's not going to change anything.

Anderson hopped the barricade and came into the ring. He stood there face to face with Lee with a puppy dog look on his face.

Anderson: Mr. Lee. I know, deep down in my heart, that I wasn't a great General Manager. Hell, I know that I wasn't even a good General Manager. I failed the fans.. I failed the roster.. and I failed myself as a human being. I let power go to my head and it manifested into a hostile work atmosphere that gave birth to The Rebellion which, I know, has been a giant headache for you. I know it was all because of me and you had every right to fire me.

The people were buying the sob story and booed him.

Anderson: While I was fired I was afforded a lot of time to think... to reflect. In the beginning... I was a good General Manager. I listened to what the fans wanted... I gave them what they wanted.. I produced five star matches between Sayber and Michael Donavan. I got The Hype off the ground and made it a household name.. I even took swift action with The Hype Championship when Sayber had to vacate it due to a concussion. I did all the right things and somewhere along the line.. it all went wrong because of my own ego. All I want is a second chance to prove that I can be that good General Manager again. I would like my job back, Mr. Lee.

The crowd broke into a "NO! NO! NO! NO!" chant as Lee smirked.

Lee: That's very touching and very convincing, but there's already someone that's been hired for the job.

The crowd cheered wildly.

Anderson: Mr. Lee. Often times it's very hard for a man to admit when he had done wrong. I'm not out here to put on a facade.. I'm out here speaking from the heart. Because of the things I've done, trust is one of the hardest human qualities to possess with me right now.. and I get that, but all I want is a second chance. Contrary to popular belief, people DO change, Mr. Lee. They can become a better person by learning from the mistakes they made in the past. All I want is an opportunity.. a chance to show you and the world that I have become that better man. Hell, I'm willing to do ANYTHING. You want to punish me by putting me into a match against someone like Mike Patterson, who I know has a personal beef with me... I'll do it. I'll wreck my body to get my job back. You want to put limiters on my power so that I can and can't do certain things? I'm more than willing to accept that to get my job back. I am a man who will do whatever it takes to right the wrongs I have done. So please... I beg you... reconsider.. hell.. I'll even let you forward my paychecks to the guy you hired so that he doesn't end up empty handed because of my own selfishness. Like I said.. whatever it takes to rebuild your trust and faith in me.. I'll do it.

Lee looked to the crowd and asked them for their thoughts.. it was still as negative as ever. Despite that, Lee had made up his mind.

Lee: Fine. I'll give you a second chance.

The crowd couldn't believe Lee caved in to Shayne Anderson!!

Lee: BUT... and I'm sure after that emotional speech.. you could foresee this coming. I will pay you.. IF you do a good job.. and to make sure that you do.. I'm going to assign to you the person who was going to be the new General Manager as your assistant. This assistant will watch you.. keep tabs on you.. and make sure you stay on the right path.

Anderson was ecstatic!

Anderson: That's completely fair and fine by me, Mr. Lee! I'll take an assistant. Who is it?

Damien Lee smiled.

Lee: ME!

The crowd cheered as Anderson looked pale as a ghost!

Lee: With iNtense and The Hype in the same building now, I can easily move between both shows. I was going to take over as General Manager of the show, but I think this will be more interesting because now I can see if you really are true to your words, but this almost means the very second you screw up in a fashion that you did last time, you will be permanently fired on the spot with zero chance of rehire and I will resume as General Manager of The Hype!

Lee smiled as he passed the microphone to ringside. Lee exited the ring as Anderson stood there in shock!

Jack Wallace: I can't believe it! Shayne Anderson is the General Manager of The Hype once again, but our CEO.. Damien Lee is going to be his assistant which means one screw up from Anderson and he will be fired on the spot!

Jeff Hartman: This is bittersweet... on one hand, Shayne Anderson is back, but why can't Damien Lee trust him? After that speech, I'd trust Shayne Anderson with the lives of my children!

Jack Wallace: You don't have children

Jeff Hartman: Which is why I could entrust their lives to him!

Jack Wallace: Well folks, we're out of time! We hope you enjoyed the first Hype of 2015! We'll see you next week! Goodnight from our new home in Miami, FL!