"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! We are just a week away from the Retribution PPV special! Things are starting to take shape here on The Hype

Jeff Hartman:The only thing that's taking shape is the fact that I have to work three hours next week instead of two. Sitting here for an extra 60 minutes next to you really irritates me.. It also gives me that gassy feeling like after you've eaten bad Mexican food... except I never really ate it.. it just gives me that feeling. Thinking about what I COULD be doing with that extra hour makes me feel better though.

Jack Wallace: Uh.. thanks for that? I guess?

Jeff Hartman: No problem! Always happy to be a motivational source for you, Jack!

Jack Wallace: Right... Well.. let's send it down to the ring as we understand that Shayne Anderson is set to make another blockbuster announcement regarding Retribution!

Jeff Hartman: OH! I hope it's cancelled....

"The Second Big Announcement"

Shayne Anderson made his way down to the ring. He stepped inside and grabbed a microphone from ringside. Anderson pulled the microphone to his lips.

Shayne: As you know, next week we will be live on Pay-Per-View for a three hour special called Retribution!

The crowd cheers!

Shayne: I am here tonight to announce a new match for that event. A match that fans of the Hype only dreamt about because they were never around at the same time to see it happen.

Shayne paused as the crowd began to clamor amongst themselves.

Shayne: The question of "which tag team is truly the best" has been asked for quite some time and at Retribution, we're going to find out as I am making a triple threat tag team match that I have dubbed a Generations Tag.

The crowd got a bit more excited and interested.

Shayne: In that match will be Jackson Cross and Machida Hood... Cross the Hood... from The Hype's original wave of talent. Opposite of them.. the first-ever Hype Tag Team Champions.. Terry Massimo and Cori Albright.. The Natural Athltetes!

The crowd exploded!

Shayne: AND.. their opponents.. representing the current generation.. will be the winner of tonight's match featuring The SOBs against The Ali Boys!

The crowd continued to go nuts and broke into a "HYPE!" chant

Shayne: Which generation is truly the best... we will find out next week at Retribution! Thank you!

The crowd continued to cheer a Shayne Anderson took his leave.

Jack Wallace: What a HUGE match signed for Retribution! Cross the Hood versus The Natural Athletes versus either The SOBs or The Ali Boys! I cannot WAIT to see that match!

Jeff Hartman: Oh... goody!

Jayshin Lee vs Gabriel Gold

Match Summary
Jayshin Lee racked up a couple of wins over Darian Carver and was ready for action tonight. The crowd was a bit surprised when Gabriel Gold walked out... especially since he was promoted to main roster just shortly after Wrestlecade II. The crowd gave him a "welcome back" chant, but Gold snarled and yelled out that he's "not back" to the crowd. Gold entered the ring and the bell rang

Lee and Gold tied up in the center of the ring and Lee twisted Gold's arm, but Gold rolled out and reversed it into a hammerlock. Snapmare and a drop kick to the back of the by Jayshin put Gold on alert as Jayshin backed off and taunted Gold. Gold gritted his teeth and locked up with Jayshin. Gold with knees to the stomach before whipping Jayshin to the ropes, but Jayshin grabbed the top rope and hurdled it to the outside. Gold charged in, but Jayshin hit a high kick over the top rope. He then leapt off with a springboard spinning heel kick to the back of the head! Gold got up on all fours as Jayshin hit the ropes, leapt onto Gold's back and hit a Shooting Star Press off of it, crashing down on top of Gold and collapsing him to the canvas!! Jayshin rolled him over into the cover, but only got two.

Jayshin pulled Gold back up and hit a pair of knife edge chops across the chest before whipping him to the corner. Jayshin charged in, but Gold hit the back elbow then a second turnbuckle drop kick. He pulled Jayshin up and whipped him into the corner. Gold charged, but Jayshin made him eat a boot then he hit a second turnbuckle drop kick. Gold stood back up and Jayshin hit a snap huracanrana. Not liking the fact that he was beaten at his own game, Gold rolled to the outside, but Jayshin got a full head of steam and took him out with a no hands shooting star press over the top rope to the outside!! Jayshin stood up and pulled Gold back up. He rolled him back into the ring and then hopped on the ring apron. Jayshin went up top to delivered the State of Euphoria II, but Gold got up and fell against the ropes, knocking Jayshin off balance.

Gold went to the corner and slowly climbed up. Jayshin tried to fight him off, but Gold hit a headbutt and stopped that. Gold hooked Jayshin and took him over with a superplex, but Jayshin flipped over completely and landed on his feet and then rolled forward and back up to a vertical base!!! Never have we seen a counter to the Superplex like that before! Gold got back up as Jayshin lunged in with a Super Kick, but Gold grabbed the leg, spun him around and ran in. He hit the Tornado Arm bar and locked it in tight in the dead center of the ring! Gabriel Gold Wins was the name of that submission and it looked as if Jayshin were about to tap out, but Jayshin found the strength to make it to the ropes and break the hold!

Jayshin pulled himself up but Gold was right there. He grabbed him in a waist lock and popped the hops, but Jayshin flipped over and landed on his feet! Gold turned around and ducked a roundhouse by Jayshin! Full nelson by Gold, but Jayshin dropped to his feet and brought his legs under Gold's arms, pulling him over with a roll up for two! Both kicked away and got back up. Back thrust kick by Jayshin to the mid-section. He then turned and backflipped, bringing his feet right into Gold's chin!! Gold hit the canvas hard as Jayshin went up top with his back to the ring. He hit the Corkscrew Double Rotation Moonsault.. the State of Euphoria! Jayshin covered and picked up the three!

Winner: Jayshin Lee via State of Euphoria
Match Time: 6:11
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Speaking of generations.. we just saw two original generation Hype superstars go at it and Jayshin lee continues to impress! What a victory here for this young man!

Jeff Hartman: I liked him better as a spider

After the Match
As Jayshin was celebrating, we see Jameson Scott step out from the backstage area with a microphone in hand.

Jameson: Jayshin.. I have to applaud you.. that was one hell of a victory here tonight. I have to hand it to you... since leaving The Widow's Nest, you've found your niche and you're doing very well for yourself.

The crowd applauded the praise.

Jameson: I admit.. I'm seeing in you what I am seeing in myself. Someone who has something to prove. Someone who is trying to find their place. I've watched you week after week against Darian Carver and now here tonight against Gabriel Gold. I think that you would be a perfect test for me come Retribution next week... so I'm laying down a challenge.. There is no spite.. no hatred.. no malice... the only reason why I'm challenging you is because I respect you... we have a shared interest... and I think you are a hell of a competitor that will really give me a run for my money if I were to ever face you. So what do you say Jayshin? Will do me the honor of facing me in an exhibition match at Retribution?

Jayshin asked for a microphone and was granted one.

Jayshin: Jameson Scott.. thank you for the praise.. it means a lot. As for your challenge. I have no problems with it. Consider the challenge accepted!

The crowd cheered!

Jayshin: Just one thing. You said it best. You and I... we both have something to prove here on The Hype.. so I will show up at Retribution with my A Game... promise me you'll do the same because I won't accept anything less.

Jameson grinned

Jameson: Then it's a promise! I'll see you at Retribution and if I don't get a chance to say this before we meet in the ring. Let's give it our all and let the best man win

Jayshin gave a nod as Jameson smiled genuinely and disappeared behind the curtain! A new match has been set for Retribution and it was all about pure competition!

"That's It, I've Had It!"

Shayne Anderson was in his office when Tristan came in. Tristan didn't look happy at all.

Tristan: You set me up last week, didn't you? You easily gave into my demands because you didn't think I would win, did you? WELL ENOUGH OF THIS! I won't be played by you anymore. I'm going to say it and say it bluntly. I want MIke Patterson TONIGHT.. .and I want it for the Hype Championship.... so WHEN I win tonight.. I will be the one who goes to Retribution and I will be the one who kills Crucifix once and for all. Make no mistake, Shayne.. this is not a request.. this is an ultimatum. I will not accept no for an answer.

Shayne: Understood. You got it.

Tristan: I don't want to hear that, Shayne. I want you to agree to... wait... what?

Shayne: You heard me. You got it.. Mike Patterson tonight for the Hype Championship.

Tristan: I... um..... WAIT A MINUTE... what's going on here? You easily gave into my demand last week thinking I would lose, didn't you? You have no confidence in me.. is that it? You're giving the baby his bottle because you think that there's no chance I can win!? JUST TELL ME!

Shayne: Oh no! I have the utmost confidence in your abilities.. so if you should win tonight then, yes, you will face Crucifix at Retribution. Simple as that. That's why jOlt has the addendum that cards are subject to change!

Tristan: I see... well.... thank you.

Tristan was dumbfounded as he turned and sauntered away. When the door closed Anderson sneered.

Shayne: Except this time the card is pretty much sure to stay the same.

The scene faded to black.

The SOBs vs The Ali Boys

Match Summary
Iago and Selby started off with a lock up and immediately Selby knocked Iago onto his back. Iago stood and went to lock up, but he went into the go behind. Selby with a pair of elbows then he took off to the ropes, hitting a shoulder block. Back to the ropes and over Iago went Selby to the opposite side. Leap front by Iago and then a monkey flip by him. Selby got up and was taken back down with a leg lariat! Selby staggered up as Iago pressed him against the ropes and shot him across, but Selby hung on. Iago charged, but Selby lifted him up and over. Shoulder block through the ropes by Selby was dodged and countered by Iago with a kick to the chest. Iago grabbed the top rope and hit a springboard drop kick, taking Selby down. He covered, but only got two.

Iago brought him up and placed Selby in a chin lock. Selby battled back to his feet and countered with a hip toss. Running axe handle smash to Iago nearly turned him inside out. Selby made the tag to Scanlon. Scanlon came in and helped Iago to his feet. After a series of rapid headbutts that staggered him, Scanlon hit the ropes and ran over Iago with a lariat. Scanlon dropped a pair of elbows and went for the cover, only getting two. Scanlon got up and backed into a corner, daring Iago to get back to his feet. Scanlon charged in, looking for a running knee lift, but Iago spun out of it and rolled Scanlon up with a school boy for two. Both men up and Iago ducked a clothesline and then hit a springboard drop kick off the second rope, catching Scanlon in the chest. Iago, while near his corner, tagged Clemente into the ring!

Clemente came in and hit a pair of clotheslines then whipped Scanlon to the ropes. Clemente hit an inverted atomic drop then backed into the ropes. Clemente went for a running bulldog, but Scanlon ducked it and caused Clemente to miss! Clemente stood and turned into a toe kick. Scanlon placed Clemente between his legs and lifted him to shoulder height, but Clemente wriggled free, landing behind Scanlon where he tried to pull him over with a Backslide, but Scanlon used his power to reverse it and nailed a Backslide Driver on Clement to a huge OOOOHH!!! From the crowd!

Scanlon made the cover, but only picked up two. he went over and tagged in Selby and the two of them brought Clemente up to his feet. They shot him across the ring and hit a double back elbow. Then then took turns dropping elbows into Clemente.. three a piece. Scanlon rolled out as Selby covered, but Clemente kicked out again! Selby stood and grabbed Clemente by the hair, pulling him up. He scoop slammed Clemente down and went to the corner, climbing up top. Big splash off the top missed! Clemente got back to his feet and whipped Selby to the ropes. He hit his patented Spine Buster and covered, but Selby kicked out at two!

Clemente went to his corner and tagged in Iago. Clemente walked over and sat Selby up. Iago let loose with a kick to the upper back. Clemente hit the ropes and flipped over with a snapmare. Iago hit the ropes and nailed a running leg drop. Clemente stepped out as Iago covered, but Selby got the shoulder up in time. Iago dragged Selby to the corner and tagged in Clemente as Iago went up top. Iago took aim and hit a Frog Splash on Selby! Clemente went up and hit a Diving Elbow drop! Clemente covered, but Scanlon came in and broke it up! Scanlon then knocked Iago off the ring apron with a forearm and then clubbed Clemente over the back! Scanlon with a whip to the ropes on Clemente. Scanlon charged in and hit a back elbow knocking Clemente down

He pulled Clemente back up and brought him to the corner. He placed him against the buckles and hooked his legs over the middle ropes. Scanlon went to the opposite corner and went to charge, but Iago slid into the ring as he took off, stood and Super Kicked Scanlon's head clean off his shoulders!!! Iago then charged in and hit a drop kick to Selby, knocking him off the apron! Clemente freed himself and pulled Scanlon up to his feet. Shot him to the ropes.. Iago was in position. The flapjack.. the Cutter... 21K LOVE! Iago stood... Vault to the outside onto Selby! Clemente with the cover and the three!! The Ali Boys are going to Retribution!

Winner: The Ali Boys via 21K LOVE
Match Time: 20:15
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: What a tag match! The Ali Boys will represent this generation at Retribution! We now have all three teams set to battle! What a match that's going to be! Wow!

Jeff Hartman: Oh.. goody... again.

Jack Wallace: Oh stop pouting.. it'll be fun.

Jeff Hartman: No.. eating bacon is fun... getting laid is fun... watching old people get fired for being racist is fun.. sitting through this match.. is not.

"Introducing My Tag Partner"

Ryan Raysor made his way out to the ring. He grabbed a microphone from ringside.

Ryan: Next week at Retribution, I have laid out the challenge and I will face Prince Samir and Kareem in a tag team match to end this once and for all... but I'm not going at it alone. Tonight.. I am going to reveal my...

"Jormungand" hit the PA system

The people booed as Samir and Kareem made their way out from the back... They walked down and entered the ring. Samir brought a mic with him.

Samir: My pasty white friend ... I don't think you understand the situation. You are willingly subjecting yourself to failure.. much like the rest of your race.

The crowd booed that heavily.

Samir: We are the promised ones... we are of Indian royalty. The blood of greatness flows through our veins and there is no one you can get that will stand by your side and match up against the two of us. My friend, you have to realize that this is no good. You must back out now before you get yourself hurt.

Raysor smirked

Ryan: Really? Saying all of that and you haven't even met my partner yet.

Samir: My friend.. you know that there is nobody on The Hype roster that can beat us.. nobody that will even take your side because they all have their own agendas. Who are you going to get, my friend?

Ryan: Someone who once was on the hype roster... and someone who is now, once again, on The Hype roster.

The crowd all turned to the entrance way when Raysor pointed towards it..

"Demon Cleaner" by Kyuss.

The crowd ERUPTED!


Samir and Kareem looked shocked! Michael Donavan made his way down to the ring as the crowd chanted "HOLY SHIT" in unison. The former member of The Rebellion is back to take his stand by Ryan Raysor's side! Donavan walked up the steps and entered the ring. He walked past Samir and Kareem and stood there side by side with Ryan Raysor!

Ryan: Oh.. I should mention one thing... Michael Donavan is not only back.. but I talked to Shayne Anderson and he has a match tonight... against Kareem!

Samir looked like he was about to shit bricks

Ryan: It's also good that you two are in your ring attire because that match... is NOW!

Donavan grinned as Ryan exited the ring. A referee ran down from the back and slid in as the crowd went nuts! The referee told Samir to get out of the ring, but Samir was begging and pleading the referee to reconsider, but the referee stood firm and got Samir to exit! With that, he called for the bell!!

Michael Donavan vs Kareem

Match Summary
Samir stood at ringside and ordered Kareem to "kill him" Kareem charged in, but Donavan exploded and leveled Kareem with a Lariat!! Donavan pulled Kareem up and sent him into the corner. Donavan charged and hit a body avalanche and then threw Kareem down to the canvas. Donavan immediately went up top and the 6'10" marvel flipped off with the Phantom Image moonsault, connecting with Kareem! Donavan covered, but only got two as Samir was going spastic on the outside!

Donavan pulled Kareem up to his feet and whipped him to the ropes. Donavan went for the big boot and it connected! Donavan to the ropes where he hit the leg drop! Donavan with another cover, but he only got two! Donavan stood and told Samir to shut up as he dared Kareem to get back up. Kareem pulled himself to his feet as Donavan kicked him in the stomach. Donavan then used his power to hoist the big man up onto his shoulders, but Kareem broke free and landed behind Donavan! Kareem with a headbutt to the back of Donavan's skull that sent him staggering. Kareem backed Donavan into the corner and laid into him with corner clothesline after corner clothesline. He whipped Donavan to the opposite side and charged in, hitting a running clothesline again. Donavan staggered forward and Kareem scoop slammed him to the canvas

Kareem to the ropes, looking for a big splash, but Donavan moved out of the way! Donavan pulled Kareem up and placed him back up onto his shoulders. He flipped him over into the Sitout Powerbomb... the Phantom Bomb!! He held Kareem down, but only picked up two! Donavan stood and nailed a Standing Moontault.. another Phantom Image!! He covered again, but only got two for a second time! Donavan when pulled Kareem back up and hit a knife edge chop across the chest. He hit a second and a third. He went for a whip, but Kareem reversed the whip, sending Donavan into the ropes instead. Kareem picked up Donavan and nailed a big Samoan Drop on him

Kareem stood and walked off some of the punishment he sustained. He went back over and pulled Donavan back up. Kareem with a whip, but Donavan with a reversal, but Kareem reversed the reversal and pulled Donavan into a back elbow. Donavan found himself being sent to the ropes and that is when Kareem nailed the Spinebuster.. the Protect the Prince! Kareem popped into the cover, but only got two once again! Samir was getting impatient and told Kareem to end it right now! Kareem backed into the corner and wound up his arm. Raysor shouted to Donanvan to watch out behind him. Samir told Raysor to shut up! Donavan staggered up and Kareem went for the Vicious Lariat.. the Decrowning, but Donavan ducked out of the way!

Donavan turned and kicked Kareem in the stomach. He set him up for the Phantom Driver, but Kareem spun out of it into a short version of The Decrowning!! Samir went nuts as Kareem made the cover, hooking the leg, but Donavan kicked out!! Samir got on the ring apron and argued with the referee, but the referee said it was only two. Kareem pulled Donavan back up and went to the ropes. Another Decrowning, but Donavan ducked it! Both turned around and Donavan grabbed Kareem by the neck!! Donavan tried to lift Kareem, but even he wasn't able to get him up for the Fallaway Choke Slam... Kareem broke the grip and picked Donavan up onto his shoulders, but Donavan slipped off and behind! Donavan then lifted Kareem up onto his shoulders and...

BURNING HAMMER!!! Kareem bounced off the back of his neck and onto his stomach! He pushed himself up off the canvas, but Donavan stood and shoved Kareem between his legs! He butterflied the arms, lifted Kareem and dropped him with the Phantom Driver.. the Double Underhook Snap Piledriver! Samir's face sunk as Donavan made the cover, hooking the leg and he got the three!!

Winner: Michael Donavan via Phantom Driver
Match Time: 8:14
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: What a hell of a return for The Phantom Michael Donavan! He put on some classics here against Sayber.. the first ever Hype Champion. Now he teams with Ryan Raysor to take on Samir and Kareem at Retribution! WOW!

Jeff Hartman: This just proves that Michael Donavan couldn't hack it on the main roster once The Rebellion cut him free. Oooo.. I had a match with Seraph and Draconian on Pay-Per-View. look at me! I'm super awesome now. Yeah right... Now he came groveling back to The Hype.. pathetic!

"Contract Signing"

Inside the ring, Shayne Anderson waited at a makeshift desk for Hype's two hottest tag teams to arrive and sign on the line for their title match at Retribution.

"Slit Wrist Theory" by 36 Crazyfists played and out walked Broken Sanity with their psychiatrist Dr. Dean. Dr. Dean was sporting his vicious goatee that made him more sinister than psychiatric.

Once Broken Sanity was in the ring "In One Ear" by Cage The Elephant blasted to the cheer of the crowd, and out came BADASS! Davis Bloome and Tripp Wise walked out and cheesed big smiles to their fans.

The two tag teams gave each other a precarious amount of space lest they come to blows.

Anderson: Gentlemen, thank you for coming down and signing a contract that is tantamount to one of Hype's biggest tag team matches ever! This match will be one fall for the tag team championships, and watched by MILLIONS of fans world wide!

Dr. Dean's eyebrow raised at Shayne Anderson's estimation but didn't bother interrupting.

Anderson: I now will turn the pen over to the champions to sign the dotted line.

Davis Bloome took the pen, but also took a spare microphone off the floor ringside.

Bloome: We gladly accept this match, and we gladly accept the challenge of Broken Sanity. We've seen what they can do in hardcore matches, and we've now seen what they can do with simple, pure wrestling. There's no doubting they earned this... BUT! Dr. Dean, if you even try to administer your medicine to one of us, we will fucking DROP you!

The crowd cheered enthusiastically remembering when Dr. Dean forced medicine into the mouth of Ezra Conway mid-match a couple weeks ago. Ezra Conway subsequently retired to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but it's not known if the medicine was connected.

Bloome leaned over and scribbled his name down and then Tripp Wise did the same. Mad Morgan stepped forward to sign his name but Dr. Dean put his hand across Morgan's chest to stop him. Dr. Dean stepped forward and picked up a second microphone off the desk.

Dr. Dean: Ladies and gentlemen, last week I described the marvel of modern medicine. There is absolutely no denying that Morgan and Shovel are in a better place mentally than they ever have been. I have watched these two grow both individually and together.. I couldn't be more proud. Nevertheless I can't in good conscience allow them to enter a legally binding contract until they are of full mental competency. In this case I must sign for them.

Leaning forward Dr. Dean took the pen and signed for the two.

Tripp Wise: Is this just a cover for the fact that they don't know how to write?

The psychiatrist chuckled to himself while Broken Sanity looked confused and annoyed.

Dr. Dean: Mr. Wise... I suggest you learn the virtue of your own name. If you keep travelling down the path of your asinine commentary, then you may just get BEAT THE FUCK DOWN RIGHT NOW!

Shayne Anderson: Now, now, now. We don't want this to devolve into what ends up happening at EVERY match signing. I will not let Hype turn into a predictable slugfest like jOlt. Let's try something different... how about we hold all this aggression for Retribution!?

The two teams stood in the ring staring each other down and Hype went to commercial.

"Oh the Chaos I've Caused"

The lights in the arena went out when "Antigod" by Samael hit the PA system. The people booed as Un-Fayth made her way out from the backstage area. She entered the ring and claimed a microphone for herself.

Un-Fayth: Oh how fun it is to tie strings around your fingers and watch the puppets dance.

The people booed.

Un-Fayth: The very fabric of our existence is such a fragile thing. Through years of scientifically proven evolution... it has been revealed how truly lucky and fortunate we really are. If one little tiny thing is out of place in our reality, life would cease to exist. So many factors are working at a constant that determines whether or not humanity lives or survives and one of those factors is NOT God. There is no higher power watching over us.. there is no mysterious heavenly being basking us in his presence. That is all a lie... a fairy tale... it is nothing more than just pure fiction out of a book written by insane zealots centuries and centuries ago.

The people continued to boo Fayth.

Un-Fayth: However, like monkeys... like puppets.. people blindly follow this fairy tale and because as such, it exposes them for just how impressionable they truly are. That makes them so easy to manipulate.. just like I have proven by turning Desiree and Sarkhaya against each other. You see, those two each have a problem with me. I put Desiree in a hospital and I almost put Sarkhaya into the bed next to her... to be healed and cured by science, by the way.. not miracles... but they returned and they were slightly vexed to say the least. Watching them climb over each other to try and get their hands on me was quite entertaining.. to think that little ol' innocent me caused such a ruckus... oops! There I go talking like the friend I used to be to Desiree.. How dirty of me.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Clap ClapClapClap

The crowd was really starting to hate Fayth.

Un-Fayth: I wish I could, but a message needs to be delivered and for it to be delivered I needs ears that need to listen... so please.. why don't you all shut your mouths like good little sheeple and let me finish what I have to say because telling me to be quiet isn't going to get me to stop.

The crowd stopped chanting and just booed.

Un-Fayth: That's better.. now.. as I was saying about me toying with people's emotions...

"Girls Girls Girls" by Motley Crue

The crowd cheered when Desiree came out and interrupted Un-Fayth. She slid into the ring and ripped the microphone out of her hands.

Desiree: I'll take this, thank you very much. I think everyone here can agree that you're done using it.

The crowd cheered as Un-Fayth simply stood there and smiled.

Desiree: So what I'm hearing through all of your psycho babble is that you like playing games. Good... that's good, because so do I. In fact, I have a game we can play right now called "Let's see how far I can shove my fists up your ass until you cry like a little bitch!"

Desiree dropped the mic and laid right into Un-Fayth with heavy right hands. Just then, Sarkhaya ran out from the back and hit the ring. She pulled Desiree off of Un-Fayth and began to lay into Un-Fayth as well! Desiree grabbed Sarkhaya and pulled her off of Fayth and got in her face. That's when Fayth drilled the both of them with a double clothesline!

Fayth picked up the microphone and held her jaw.

Un-Fayth: Ow! That hurt, you know? Getting punched doesn't feel good at all! Why would you hurt me like that? I guess it's because you want me to do the same to you? My pleasure!

Fayth knelt on top of Desiree and hammered away with heavy right hands. Sarkhaya pulled Fayth off of her and kicked her in the stomach. She sent her to the ropes, but Fayth grabbed them and bailed out of the ring. Sarkhaya gave chase as Desiree pulled herself up. As they rounded the corner, Fayth went to slide into the ring, but Sarkhaya caught her and pulled her back out by the legs! Desiree grabbed the top rope and vaulted to the outside and crashed into both of them!

"STOP! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" yelled a voice

It was Shayne Anderson

Shayne: Week after week after week you three have torn each other apart. ENOUGH! Next week at Retribution the three of you will be in a triple threat match with Fearless Rules... you want to tear each other apart.. DO IT AT RETRIBUTION

The crowd half booed half cheered that. They wanted to see them fight tonight. Desiree got up and walked away, looking back at Sarkhaya and Fayth. Desiree mouthed "See you next week" as she walked up the ramp. She glared at Shayne Anderson and then continued behind the curtain.

The Hype went to a commercial to advertise the upcoming Retribution PPV next week.

Mike Patterson vs Tristan

Match Summary
Tristan finally got the match he wanted.. .a one on one match with Mike Patterson for The Hype Championship. At the sound of the bell, Tristan took it slow. He stalked Patterson as they slowly circled in the ring. They went for the lock up, but Tristan tried to sneakily pick the leg, but Patterson wouldn't give it to him. Tristan is known for that Inverted Cloverleaf and he wanted to get to Patterson's legs early to slap it on. Tristan locked up with Patterson, but before Patterson could shove him away, Tristan went into a waist lock and actually picked Patterson up and dropped him with a Takedown! Tristan floated over into a front chancery!

Patterson began to battle up to his feet, but suddenly, Tristan let go of the hold and quickly grabbed the legs, putting Patterson back down with a double leg takedown. Tristan then grabbed Patterson's left leg and dropped an elbow across the knee. He stood and repeated this to more times before bending Patterson's leg across his body. Patterson reached up and punched away at Tristan until he released the hold. Patterson got back up, but Tristan went past him and bounced off the ropes. Patterson could feel a Chop Block coming so he lifted his leg high up causing Tristan to miss!

Tristan got back to his feet, but when he turned around, Patterson grabbed him in a waist lock and hit a Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex! Tristan bounced, but staggered back up. Patterson ran over, hooked him and nailed a Butterfly Suplex! Tristan sat up, holding his back, but he got to his feet. Kick to the stomach by Patterson and a whip into the corner. Patterson slammed into him with a corner clothesline and then hoisted Tristan up top. Patterson climbed up, hooked Tristan and popped off a Top Rope Super Belly to Belly Throw!! Tristan hit the ring and immediately rolled out, collapsing down to the floor!

Patterson stood up and grinned. He walked over to the ropes and shouted out at Tristan. "Come on.. Get up. You said you wanted this, right? Or are you just as pathetic as everyone says you are?" The crowd let out an OOOHHH on that as Tristan gritted his teeth. He stood back up and rolled into the ring. Patterson allowed him room to stand, but when Tristan got back up, Patterson drilled him with a right hand and backed him into the ropes. He shot him across and hit a shoulder tackle. Tristan got back up and Patterson hit the ropes, nailing another shoulder tackle. Patterson simply smirked as he looked down at Tristan. Tristan pounded his fist into the canvas and stood. Patterson had an "Oh?" expression on his face as if he were enjoying this too much.

Tristan stood face to face with Patterson and told him to give him his best shot. Patterson laughed and walked away from Tristan.. but it was on purpose. Right when he was the right distance, Patterson turned, exploded and SPEARED Tristan out of his boots! Patterson stood and signaled for the end. He grabbed Tristan and pulled him up. He held him by the hair and said "You can't even touch me in this ring and you wanted my title? You should have given up when you were told no the first time."

That's all it took for Tristan..


The referee called for the bell.

"FUCK YOU! FUCK ALL YOU!!!" yelled Tristan

Tristan backed into the ropes...


Patterson could be out cold! Tristan exited the ring and grabbed a steel chair. He rolled back in and started to slam Patterson with it..
















One big final hit as Tristan was breathing heavily with a crazed look in his eyes. Tristan dropped the chair and backed away, but then charged in and...


Tristan just kicked a field goal to the Hype Champion's skull! Tristan exited the ring and walked to the backstage area. He had had enough! Tristan snapped!

Winner: Mike Patterson via Disqualification
Match time: 9:53
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Tristan finally got what he wanted, but the match didn't go the way Tristan had hoped. All the heckling finally got to him and Tristan snapped. In some dark, twisted way.. I can't really blame him.

Jeff Hartman: Tristan got screwed over and over again. This is what happens when you push someone too far. Everyone has a limit.. mine is two hours unlike next week's show.

After the Match
As Mike Patterson writhed in agony, Crucifix appeared from the backstage area. The people booed as Crucifix walked down to the ring with a smirk on his face. Crucifix leisurely got onto the ring apron and took his sweet time walking along the apron and climbing up the turnbuckle pads.

Crucifix looked down at Mike Patterson and yawned. He laughed a bit until he stood up fully and...


The Swanton Bomb connected to the prone Mike Patterson! Crucifix rolled out of the ring and grabbed the Hype Championship. He rolled back into the ring and stood over Patterson, holding the title in his face.

Crucifix: You see this? This will be mine next week. I know your secret! I will expose you, Mike.. I will expose y....

Patterson reached up and grabbed Crucifix by the neck!! The crowd cheered as Patterson got up to his feet!!!!

Jesus Christ... is Patterson even human!?

Patterson with a knee to the stomach... He shoved Crucifix between his legs..


Patterson grabbed his title and rolled out of the ring. He was on wobbly legs, but he staggered backwards. He actually fell to his seat at the bottom of the entrance ramp. He looked back at the ring and yelled..

"And I know your secret.. you are WEAK"

The camera panned out... The final scene of The Hype was Crucifix laid out in the ring and Patterson down at the bottom of the entrance ramp!

Fade to black