"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to another edition of The Hype! This is our final stop before Thieves Honor and we've got a great show for you this evening! We have an atmosphere here tonight that anything can happen... especially with the removal of Shayne Anderson as the general manager of The Hype last week. Damien Lee sent a letter to Adam Lazarus and had him hand deliver Anderson's termination to him. We understand that Damien Lee will be here in just a few moments to address the situation. You know what that means, Jeff... you need to be on your best behavior as the boss of bosses is in the house tonight."

Jeff Hartman: 'I promise nothing!"

Jack Wallace: 'Well then... I guess we'll send it to the ring where Damien Lee is set to make an appearance and we can all hope and pray that Jeff makes a complete ass out of himself and gets fired, too!"

Damien Lee made his way out from the backstage area. He got a mixed reaction from the crowd because even though he was being used by The Rebellion, he was still in control of them... technically. Lee, however, did manage to get some cheers for his decision to remove Shayne Anderson as general manager last week. Lee entered the ring with a microphone in hand and waited for the crowd to settle down before he began to speak.

Lee: It was over one year ago when The Hype was nothing more than a show hosted by Dawn Cassidy. She interviewed jOlt wrestlers and we posted these interviews on for the world to see, but we knew that jOlt was going to be a growing project. We knew that sooner or later every wrestler on the planet was going to want to join jOlt, but we couldn't just throw them all onto the main roster and some may not have had the exposure or experience of an Omega or a Landon Stevens or a Derecho. So I converted this talk show into a program where you can see jOlt's future compete here inside of a jOlt ring. The mold the superstars of tomorrow so that jOlt can continue to thrive here into the future. Sayber, Sebastian Saje, and Pietro Geist have been your Hype Champions and all of them are now on the main roster. History tells us that one day, Brian Williams will be a part of that main roster as well and I personally cannot wait to see what Brian Williams can do against people like Seymour Almasy, Aran Thompson, Mack Brody, Ninja K, and many others.

The crowd cheered the idea of those matchups.

Lee: Of course... I can't run iNtense and our Pay-Per-Views AND The Hype... that's why I looked for someone who could be a general manager for this show. I THOUGHT I had picked someone with experience in Shayne Anderson, but apparently, that was a mistake on my part. Shayne Anderson started out just fine. I'm sure long-time fans of The Hype will remember how fair and unbiased he was, but somewhere along the line, something changed and Shayne Anderson began to abuse his power and that's something, ironically, I cannot stand for. I know that's an odd statement coming from a man who has been nothing more than a puppet for the good part of the past year, but I assure you, that is a situation I fully intend to correct.

The crowd cheered the fact that Damien was willing to stand up to The Rebellion.

Lee: But tonight, I will be the interim general manager and by the end of tonight's program, I will announce a brand NEW general manager for The Hype. A general manager that is fair... just... and is willing to put the fans and the talent ahead of his own personal ambitions. A selfless general manager that is here to make the product better and not bend it to their very will. I promise you tonight... justice will be served here on The Hype and we will bring forth someone who will lead The Hype into further prosperity. Thank you!

The fans cheered as Damien Lee took a bit of a bow and then exited the ring.

Desiree is seen sitting backstage with Monica. Monica has her arms folded and is looking down at the floor, almost if she were a bit disappointed in her performance last week.

Desiree: Hey... don't look so down. So you had a loss. It's not a big deal. Look... you actually remind me a LOT of me when I first broke in here. Like I said before... at least you didn't lie and actually had professional training before coming here. I know the road ahead is going to be tough, but we need to stick with it and not let one loss get you down. In fact, I'm going to be completely honest with you. You're probably going to lose a few more times until the training clicks and you find your stride. Don't think of the losses to come as setbacks... think of them as lessons and use them to grow stronger... and if you don't lose and you just start winning from here on out, then that means last week was just a simple fluke and you were a lot better than you're giving yourself credit for. Either way, I want you to know that I'm going to stick with you and keep training you because I know that you have the potential to make it and eventually become Starlet Champion!

Monica looked up at Desiree.

Monica: You really think that? You really think you're not wasting your time? Desiree: Xin Xin Xiong felt the same way. I grew frustrated and I blamed him for my shortcomings. I'm not going to sugar coat it. I got my ass handed to me out in that ring for weeks on end and I thought that I was better than I really was. It got to my head and I blamed Xin Xin Xiong for everything, but Xin never gave up on me. He stuck with me and kept at it. He made sure that I received as much training that I could and then I found myself better in the end. I was able to defeat Callie Scott, who I heard is going to the main roster to possibly compete on a bigger level. I was able to defeat Kodora.. one of the toughest fighters we have in this locker room... it's all because I didn't give up and I embraced what Xin taught me. I can pass those lessons onto you. Just as long as you're willing to accept that this isn't going to be an overnight sensation. It's going to take time and it's going to be rough, but the rewards at the end are going to be worth every single minute of it.

Monica: You talk well. Well enough to have me convinced and believing in you. Alright then. I won't let last week's loss get to me. I'll leave it all in your hands.

Desiree: I appreciate that. Tonight I got you a match against Paisley. She's young and an up and coming rookie as well. I think it will be a good test. I know she's had an issue with Vogue Gonsalvez as of late, but I'll be out there and if she tries to get involved, I'll make sure that her attempt will be ill advised. So just concentrate on the match and leave everything else to me.

Monica: Sounds like a plan.

The two fist bumped and the scene faded to black.

Zane Roebuck vs Cordova

Match Summary
Cordova stood in the ring as the lights went out. "Ace of Spades" by Motorhead hit the PA as the arena went dark. Two aces appeared on the jOltvision and when they flipped over, they read "Good Luck". The cards then exploded in a golden light and the name "Zane Roebuck" appeared on the screen. The people cheered wildly as Zane Roebuck stepped out from the back. Tipping the scales at a couple of pounds shy of 230, Zane looked nothing like his father, one half of The House, Adam Roebuck, but he had championship history coded into his DNA. Roebuck hit the ring and extended his hand to Cordova. The crowd started chanting "ROEBUCK!" over and over again, but when Cordova went for the handshake, Zane converted it into a big middle finger which drew boos from the crowd!

Cordova wondered what Zane's problem was, but the bell rang when Zane kicked Cordova in the stomach, doubling him over! Zane clubbed Cordova across the back and then shoved him down to the canvas where he applied a side headlock. Zane yelled out "I'm the next Hype Champion because it's in my blood" to the crowd which continued to boo him! Cordova got back to his feet and shoved Zane off to the ropes. Cordova went for the drop kick, but Zane held onto the ropes and caused Cordova to hit his back. Zane quickly front flipped into a bridge pin, got two with the left shoulder up. Two again and the right shoulder popped up. Two once again and they bridged back up to their feet. Backslide attempt by Corodva, but Zane flipped over and quickly grabbed Cordova in a head lock. Zane ran to the corner and hit the Pocket Ace... the springboard bulldog, but only got two. Zane went up top and took aim. He went for a flying knee strike, but Cordova moved. Cordova with quick kicks before hitting the ropes and coming back with a satellite headscissors taking Zane down!

Zane staggered to his feet and against the ropes. Cordova clotheslined him to the outside, got a full head of steam and hit a Tope con Giro to the outside wiping Zane out. Cordova threw him back in at the count of five and grabbed the top rope. Springboard missile drop kick found the mark and Cordova got two out of it. Cordova picked Zane up, but Zane countered with a jaw breaker then a double leg take down. He hit three repeated knee drops that he called the Triple Seven and made the cover, but only got two. Zane got up and took off to the ropes once again and hit a running elbow drop into the heart for another two. The crowd rallied behind Cordova after Zane grounded him with a sleeper hold.

Cordova fought to his feet and fired a pair of elbows to break free. Pele kick by Cordova quickly followed by a brainbuster as Zane wobbled on spaghetti legs. Cordova went to the corner. El Decapitcaion Rapido missed as Roebuck moved! Cordova landed in the seated position and Zane nailed him in the face with a Shining Wizard. Zane then went up top and hit a picture perfect moonsault that would make wrestling textbooks jealous! He called that The SOL and it garnered him a three count and the victory over a well-decorated veteran!

Winner: Zane Roebuck via The SOL
Match Time: 7:33
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: We thought Zane Roebuck would be a respectful competitor given the status of his father, Adam Roebuck, but it looks like we were wrong in that regard.

Jeff Hartman: I like Zane Roebuck. He has that fire burning inside of him that his father can't bring himself to muster up and keep burning. Hell, given the way Adam looks, it doesn't look like there's much burning in his stomach to begin with.

Jack Wallace: You should look in the mirror, Jeff. You could stand to lose a few hundred pounds yourself!

We see the former X Movement arriving. They lost the ability to call themselves a group, but yet, they are still trying to stick together, however, things aren't always what they seem on the surface as Mike Patterson stops in his tracks and turns toward the other four.

Patterson: Last week we didn't get anything solved. I thought that we could go our separate ways peacefully, but apparently you guys have more on your agendas than I thought. So I need to know... what are we going to do from here on out?

Xtreme: Well, you know... you lost your match against Brain Williams. As per the stipulation that you agreed to, we can't be a group anymore. There's no use hanging out as it we all still co-exist. Crucifix and I have our goal... and that is to get the Hype Tag Team Championships around our waists. We will stop at NOTHING....

Xtreme turned and looked right at Mad Morgan and Shovel.

Xtreme: and I do mean NOTHING to get those championships.

Morgan simply cracked a grin

Morgan: Khee hee hee... You say you'll stop at nothing, yet you gaze upon something. Something that will tear apart the something who thinks we're nothing.

Shovel: Shovel thinks if these two want to be champions then Shovel wants them in a match to see if they're worth it.

Patterson: Come on guys, you know that's not going to solve anything.

Crucifix: I disagree. We accept the match for tonight... and Mike.. you need to decide whose side you're really on. Either you're with us... or with them. You wanted us to co-exist, but it appears only three of us will be able to. We expect that you'll make the right decision.

Crucifix and Xtreme walk away as Patterson looks on conflicted as now he's being forced to choose who to keep as his friends.

Monica vs Paisley

Match Summary
Monica and Paisley start out with a handshake and then a circle of each other. They lock up and Paisley goes into a side head lock that brings Monica to a single knee. Desiree shouts for her to fight through it and Monica gets back to her feet, shoving Paisley off and hitting a shoulder block. Monica goes to the ropes, but Paisley hits a drop toe hold, a floatover, then a front chancery. Moncia gets to her feet and hits a Northern Lights with a bridge for only one and both girls get back to their feet and have a standoff. Another quick handshake and a lock up between these two, but Monica goes behind into a waist lock, but Paisley counters with a pair of back elbows. Paisley hits the ropes and comes back into a drop kick from Monica and a cover for only two.

Monica pulls Paisley up and whips her to the ropes. Monica telegraphs the back body drop and Paisley kicks her in the chest and hits a clothesline. Monica pops back up for another clothesline from Paisley. Paisley backs Monica into the ropes and whips her across and hits a flying back elbow, knocking Monica down. Paisley heads to the corner and flips off with a 450 Splash that connects!! Paisley has the cover and Monica kicks out at 2 9/10. Paisley stands and gets behind Monica, taunting her to stand. She lifts Monica up onto her shoulders with an inverted fireman's carry, but Monica slips off and falls behind Paisley where she hooks her with a backslide for two

Monica pulls Paisley up and backs her into a corner. Monica turns her back to Paisley and hits a barrage of back elbows. Monica heads to the opposite corner for a full head of steam and nails a running back elbow into the corner. Paisley slumps down into a seated position as Monica gets distance again and charges in with a hip attack to the face! Monica drags Paisley out of the corner and heads to the top turnbuckle. Monica jumps off with a double stomp, but Paisely moves out of the way. She goes for what looks like a school girl roll up, but she throws Monica into the turnbuckle pads, causing her head to smack against the middle turnbuckle!

Paisley waits for Monica to stagger up to her feet. She then lunges in and nails a Super Kick to the face, knocking Monica flat out on her back. Paisley goes for the cover, but Monica kicked out at the very last second and even Paisley was shocked! Vogue Gonsalvez then stepped out onto the stage, but Desiree went to the end of the aisle way and blocked her path. Vogue simply sneered as she looked down toward the ring. Paisley was distracted by this as well and Monica took advantage, rolling Paisley up from behind, but Paisley kicked away at two! Paisley quickly kicked Monica in the stomach and placed her between her legs. She nailed a classic Piledriver on Monica and covered her, staring a hole right through Vogue Gonsalvez as she picked up the three!

Winner: Paisley via Piledriver
Match Time: 6:55
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: Monica suffered another loss here, but Paisley sent a clear message to Vogue Gonsalvez who looked like she had plans, but they were thwarted by Desiree

Jeff Hartman: I have plans for Vogue.. hell.. I have plans for all the Starlets. It consists of dinner, a little bit of wine.. and then a ride on the boat that I call the Lovely Lustly!

Jack Wallace: I think I'm going to be sick.

After the Match
Vogue grinned and exited to the backstage area. When Desiree turned around she saw that Monica was down and Paisley's hand being raised in victory. Paisley exited the ring as Desiree rolled in. She helped Monica to her feet, but Monica shoved Desiree away and exited the ring angrily. She quickly made her way backstage as Desiree sighed as she knew exactly what Monica was going through. Desiree then took her exit as well.

The Natural Athletes were seen backstage with the titles draped over their shoulders. It was a familiar site, but they didn't look amped up as usual. In fact, they looked downright pissed.

Albright: We're tired of the games. We're tired of the interference. We're tired of it all. Tonight we have a rematch against The Widow's Nest and we WILL be putting the Hype Tag Team Championships on the line, but Muerte.. Supaida... you guys won't have a chance to interfere because Damien Lee states that if you interfere in tonight's match, then The Widow's Nest will NEVER receive another Hype Tag Team Title opportunity until these titles change hands.. and with the way we're feeling, that's not going to happen for a very VERY long time.

Massimo: In fact, people might just have to pry these titles from our cold, dead hands. Tonight, Nest... we settle this once and for all. No more sneak attacks. No more disqualifications... no more anything. If you want these belts, then you need to straight up take them from us and I don't see you doing that. These titles will stay RIGHT HERE and tonight, we will END you once and for all. You can believe that!

Albright: Then we have another threat on the horizon. Crucifix and Xtreme want these titles... Broken Sanity want these titles.. and I say bring it because I assure you... whoever becomes the new contenders.. they WON'T be facing The Widow's Nest... they'll be facing competition incarnate... they'll be facing The Natural Athletes.

Albright and Massimo hold their titles up to the camera. Later tonight, it's the final showdown between The Athletes and The Nest! The scene faded to black.

Crucifix & Xtreme vs Broken Sanity

Match Summary
Patterson was at ringside when the bell rang. Mad Morgan started things off with Xtreme. When the two locked up, Morgan used his size advantage to shove Xtreme onto his back. Xtreme popped back up and locked up with Morgan again, but again found himself on his back. They locked up a third time and this time Xtreme went into a waist lock, but Morgan broke the grip and turned, biting Xtreme's forehead. The referee admonished Morgan and Xtreme took the opportunity to hit a drop kick to the leg, bringing Morgan down to a single knee. Xtreme then hit a step up enzugiri to the side of Morgan's head and tagged in Crucifix. Crucifix when up to the top rope and hit a missile drop kick to the back of Morgan's head, faceplanting him into the canvas. Crucifix went for the cover, but got only two.

Crucifix hit the ropes and hit a knee drop to Morgan. He quickly tagged Xtreme back in and Xtreme went up top, hitting an elbow into Morgan's heart for two. Xtreme stalked Morgan as he got back to his feet. Xtreme with the side head lock, but Morgan countered with a back drop suplex. Morgan turned to go to his corner for the tag, but Xtreme grabbed him by the leg. Morgan pulled him up, but Xtreme countered with a jawbreaker followed by a toe kick and a DDT into the canvas. Xtreme went to the corner and climbed up top. He went for Xtreme Measures, the Shooting Star Press, but Morgan rolled out of the way and made the tag to Shovel. Shovel came in, but Morgan stayed in as well. Xtreme staggered to his feet as Morgan grabbed Shovel and threw him shoulder first into Xtreme with the Battering Ram! Shovel made the cover, but only got two when Crucifix came in and broke up the pin.

The referee got Crucifix back to his corner as Shovel stood, then fell down with a headbutt. She stood again and fell down with a headbutt. Shovel stood and slapped the side of his head before hitting the ropes and hitting a running headbutt followed by a cover for two. Shovel then placed Xtreme in a seated position and trapped his arms. He then hit repeated headbutts to the back of Xtreme's head until Xtreme looked to be out of it. Patterson watched on with concern as Shovel turned him over with another cover, but only got two once again.

Shovel pulled Xtreme back up to his feet and whipped him to the ropes. Xtreme tried to counter with a springboard cross body block, but Shovel caught him. Crucifix grabbed the top rope and hit a springboard drop kick to Xtreme's back and the momentum caused Shovel to lose his balance with Xtreme falling down on top of him for only a two count. Xtreme stumbled to his feet and ducked a clothesline attempt by Shovel. Xtreme hit the ropes where Crucifix made a blind tag. Xtreme hit a running leg drop to Shovel's knee, causing him to drop to a single knee. Crucifix then flew off the top rope with a flying knee strike to the side of Shovel's head! Xtreme then got up and charged the corner hitting a flying haymaker into Morgan's face, knocking him off the ring apron! Xtreme then went up to the top rope and took aim as Crucifix went to the opposite corner!

Xtreme hit the Shooting Star Press.. the Xtreme Measures! Crucifix then leapt off and hit the Leap of Faith.. the Swanton Bomb! Morgan, however, immediately hit the ring and grabbed Xtreme throwing him to the outside! Crucifix stood to go for the cover and saw Morgan in the ring. Crucifix then charged in and attacked Morgan from behind! The two of them began to brawl as the referee tried to get Morgan to his corner. Xtreme came back in and tried to pull Morgan off of Crucifix, but Shovel got back to his feet and joined the fight. The referee lost control of the match and called for the bell, throwing this one out.

Mike Patterson hit the ring as soon as the bell rang and got in between the two teams, yelling "ENOUGH" Broken Sanity stood off to the side as Crucifix and Xtreme stood to the other side.

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: 15:41
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: These two teams are growing further apart. At this point, I don't think there's going to be any reconciliation with the former X Movement

Jeff Hartman: I know! This is a travesty! They could still be the single most dominant group of individuals if they had just listened and followed Patterson's plan! Now they're just ripping things a sunder and it's really tugging at my emotions! Moreso than when Skinemax comes to an end every morning!

After the Match
Mike Patterson grabbed a microphone

Patterson: The hell is wrong with you! We're supposed to be a GROUP. A DOMINANT GROUP at that. We're not supposed to be fighting each other like this! What happened to taking this roster by storm? What happened to being on top? We can still achieve that!

Xtreme snatched the microphone away from Patterson.

Xtreme: That ended with Shayne Anderson. We're not The X Movement anymore. You can't seem to get that through your head. We cannot exist as a faction anymore. Your dreams have merit, but without Anderson, those dreams are as empty as Broken Sanity's heads.

Shovel and Morgan made a charge for Xtreme, but Patterson, again, had to hold them back.

Xtreme: So you're siding with them?


Xtreme: Sorry, old friend, but you cannot stop this. If the four of us have the same goals, we need to find out who is worthy of them. Like I said before.. you need to make a choice as to who you're going to side with, otherwise, you'll just be another face in the crowd to us and if you get in our way... well... let's say the past is the past and we'll leave it at that.

Xtreme dropped the microphone as he and Crucifix exited the ring. The X Movement has completely imploded at this point and now it seems the tag team titles are their only desire and Mike Patterson, who still wants them to remain united is stuck right in the middle of it all!

El Tigre Verde is in the hallway. He is finishing up the lacing up of his boots when DefCon appears. Verde stands valiant against DefCon who simply chuckles.

DefCon: This is a complete and utter joke. Out of the three matches we've had, I defeated you TWICE... yet you squandered away until you got lucky last week... and as a result, YOU get a Hype Championship opportunity tonight against Brian Williams.. despite the fact that we all know I'm the better wrestler.. the better man.. and the all around better choice to face Williams. Because of a fluke victory, you weaseled your way into this match... obviously.. I'm not happy about it, but I know, sooner or later, I will get my match and I WILL win the Hype Championship... then you'll never get a shot at it because I will only grant title matches to those who actually EARNED them.

Verde scratched his chin, despite the fact it was covered by hit jade-colored tiger mask.

Verde: You know... when one is presented with an opportunity, no matter how small, one must make the most of it. I've said that to you before, but it seems that you still don't understand. This world is filled with opportunities and often times, those who work hard will still get rewarded, but shamefully, it usually is at a time not really desired. I'm sure your time will come.. but right now.. whether you choose to accept it or not... my time has come and if I am fortunate enough to defeat Brian Williams tonight, I won't be petty like you. I won't sink to that level. I'll give you the first title match because then I can soundly defeat you and show you that last week was not the fluke you claimed it to be, but the fact that you have one big chink in your armor and people are starting to take notice.

DefCon simply laughed at that

DefCon: Oh, that's too good. For your sake.. I really hope you do win tonight because if you don't.. then it proves me right. It proves that it was a fluke and all of what you just said right now will be turned against you and you will just end up looking like an incompetent fool that nobody is going to take seriously from here on out.

DefCon walked away as Verde hated to admit it to himself, but he was right. Verde had to win tonight otherwise, everything he just said.. that one win in the trilogy last week, would come back to bite him where it hurts the most... his pride as a competitor.

The Natural Athletes[c] vs The Widow's Nest

Match Summary
As stated earlier, Muerte and Supaida have been banned from ringside by order of interim GM, Damien Lee. The four of them made their way to the ring and it was decided that Albright would start off against Araknis here tonight. The bell rang and Araknis started off hot and heavy, hitting various strikes and driving Albright into the corner. Araknis hit multiple knee lifts, ignore the referee until the count of four where Araknis backed off, but immediately went back to work with more strikes, trying to wear Albright down. At the count of four, Araknis went for an irish whip, but Albright reversed it and sent Araknis into the corner. Albright charged in, but Araknis made him eat a back elbow and then a twisting cross body from off of the second rope. Araknis rolled off and back up to his feet as Albright got back to his

Araknis pressed Albright against the ropes and sent him off, but Albright reversed and sent Araknis into the ropes instead. Albright went for a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker, but Araknis countered with a lucha style arm drag! Albright got back to his feet and was met with a drop kick from Araknis. Albright rolled out to the floor and kicked the ring steps in frustration. Albright took a moment, but got it together and got back up on the ring apron. Araknis went to go in, but the referee held him back. Albright then used this opportunity to his the ring and explode towards Araknis, but Araknis pulled the referee in front of him like a human shield, causing Albright to stop dead in his tracks!

Araknis then tossed the referee aside and kicked Albright in the stomach, doubling him over. Araknis twisted Albright's arm and hit a high kick to his face, knocking him down! Araknis then hit a flipping senton into a cover for only two. Araknis stood and made the tag to Wolf Spider. Spider came into the match and hit a fist drop into the top of Albright's head. Spider went for a cover, but only got one as Albright was starting to get a bit peeved at this. Spider pulled him up to his feet and whipped him to the ropes, but Albright reversed it, however, Spider hit the ropes and nailed a running knee lift that knocked Albright back down! Spider taunted Massimo as he hit the ropes then hit a running splash... which was Massimo's finisher... on Albright! Spider made the cover, staring right at Massimo, but Albright kicked out!

Spider sat Albright up and hit rapid elbow strikes to the top of Albright's head. He put him back down for another cover and only got two again. Spider made the tag back to Araknis who went up top. Araknis flew off with a Frog Splash and connected on Albright! He covered, but got two as Albright refused to lay there and die! Araknis grabbed Albright by the hair, pulling him up, but Albright broke free and hit a flurry of forearms to the face. He backed into the ropes, but Araknis went low with a drop kick, hitting him in the knee and flipping him onto his back. Tag back to Wolf Spider. Spider came into the ring and crouched down, measuring up Albright. When he got up, Spider went for the Run With the Wolves.. the Spear, but Albright side stepped and Spider went shoulder first into the ring post! Albright made a dash for his corner and was able to tag in Terry Massimo!

Massimo came in and ran over Spider with a Lariat! He did the same to Araknis who came back into the ring. Another lariat for Spider, but Araknis got sent to the ropes. Massimo lifted him up high with a military press before catching him on his shoulder and driving him down with a front powerslam! Spider ran over and clubbed away on Massimo's upper back, but Massimo turned and hit a headbutt to Spider. When Spider turned around, Massimo placed him in a waist lock and nailed a Release German Suplex! Spider staggered to his feet and into the neutral corner where Massimo charged in and hit a body avalanche, squashing the Spider as the pun would have it.

Araknis charged in from behind, but Massimo sensed it and moved. Araknis then accidentally ran into Spider in the corner as well. Massimo got a full ehad of steam and nailed a Body Avalanche to the both of them in the corner! Massimo then threw Araknis to the outside as he lifted Wolf Spider up to the top turnbuckle pad. Massimo, as big as he was, climbed up to the middle pads as the crowd stood up on their feet. Massimo grabbed Spider and pulled him off with a Super Belly to Belly Suplex that shook the entire ring on impact!

HOLY SHIT!, chanted the crowd over and over at that move!

Massimo stood and felt it was over. He ran to the ropes and nailed All the Way... the running body splash... on Wolf Spider! The referee was counting when Araknis dove in and made the save at the last moment! Massimo lifted his head and Araknis kicked him right in the face with a back thrust kick! Cori Albright came into the ring and grabbed Araknis by the shoulder, spinning him around. Albright hooked Araknis and hit an Exploder Suplex, dumping him on the back of his head! Albright then lied in wait as Wolf Spider was getting up to his feet, but the referee was getting in the way, telling Albright that he had to get back to his corner. The people booed when Albright was forced out of the ring. This allowed Wolf Spider to get up and charge into the corner, knocking Albright off the ring apron! Araknis then got up onto the apron and ran along it, hitting a Running Shooting Star Press to the outside, crashing down on Albright!!

Back in the ring, Massimo got back to his feet and Wolf Spider ran in, hitting the Run with the Wolves and nearly cutting Massimo in half! The Nest is about to become tag team champions as Spider signals for the end! Spider pulled Massimo to his feet and places him between his legs. Spider is about to try and lift a man well over three hundred pounds for the Blood Hunt.. the Package Piledriver, but as he tried to lift him, Massimo countered with a back body drop! Massimo staggered to the corner where he needed to recollect himself, but Spider was getting back to his feet. Spider charged the corner, but Massimo moved out of the way! Araknis got up on the apron and grabbed Massimo by the head, hot shotting him across the top rope! Massimo staggered away as Wolf Spider cut him down again with a second Run with the Wolves! Wolf Spider had the cover as Black Widow was going nuts at ringside, but Massimo kicked out right at the last second!

As the crowd was focused on the pin, a very loud SMACK was heard. They turned their attention only to see Cori Albright hit a GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL.. the Super Kick... to Araknis on the outside! Albright rolled back into the ring and when Spider turned around... he got smacked in the face with GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL as well! Spider turned around and dropped to a knee as Massimo stood back up! Massimo whipped the dazed Spider to the ropes and nailed a straight up and down spinebuster in the middle of the ring! Massimo staggered to the ropes as he took some hefty punishment, but he was still able to come back and nail the All the Way splash on Wolf Spider! Massimo made the cover and he got the three! The crowd gave these two teams a standing ovation, but The Natural Athletes scraped by and retained their championships in a very hard fought victory! Black Widow was livid at ringside as she watched the referee hand Albright and Massimo the titles. The first ever Hype Tag Team Champions were dominating the division, but they had two teams to look toward as well as many other hungry teams in the back wanting a shot at those titles.

Winner: The Natural Athletes via All the Way
Match Time: 36:52
Match Rating: ****3/4

Jack Wallace: Just like we see here every week, we had an instant classic here between The Athletes and The Nest It just goes to prove that our tag team division is red hot right now and The Natural Athletes have been phenomenal inaugural champions thus far!

Jeff Hartman: They are only still champions because Cori Albright came back in when he wasn't supposed to and super kicked Wolf Spider in the head. Had the referee done his job correctly, the Widow's Nest would be your new tag team champions right now!

Brian Williams[c] vs El Tigre Verde

Match Summary
We knew that DefCon was going to be looking on from the backstage area as El Tigre Verde got his second title opportunity here tonight. The first happened during Pietro Geist's reign as champion and now, after winning a number one contender's match, Verde has his second shot against the new champion Brian Williams. This will also be Williams first-ever title defense here on The Hype. The bell sounds and the two of them circle.

They go to lock up, but Williams gets caught in a go behind by Verde. Williams breaks Verde's grip and performs a standing switch into a waist lock of his own. Williams takes him down to the canvas and floats over into the front chancery, but Verde uses his smaller size and speed to twist out of it. The two get back to their feet and have a bit of a stand off. The circle each other again and lock up, but Williams powers Verde back into the corner. The referee wants the clean break and gets it. Verde comes out of the corner and they lock up a second time. Again, Williams powes Verde against the ropes and whips him across the ring.

Verde comes back and baseball slides between Williams' legs! He pops up behind Williams and applies a side head lock. He then converts that into a hammer lock, which he converts into a spin into an arm drag take down, giving Williams a taste of lucha libre! Williams pops up to a single knee and looks on as Verde looks ready to go some more. Williams shakes it off and stands, slowing down the pace and methodically stalking Verde as he circles around. Williams charges in and tries to lock up, but Verde side steps and hits a front kick to Williams, stopping him in his tracks. Verde hits another kick, then a third, before switching it up and kicking Williams in the upper back a few times. Verde then aims high for Williams' head, but Williams ducks the kick and grabs Verde in a waist lock, hitting a Release German Suplex!

Verde is on the canvas as Williams stands and rubs his chest to quell the pain from those stinging kicks. Williams walks over and pulled Verde up off the canvas, but Verde opens up with a flurry of forearm shots to the face! Verde takes off to the ropes, but on the way back he gets caught by Williams with a Snap Powerslam and a cover, only getting two! Williams then grabs Verde and places him into a Rear Naked Choke complete with Body Scissors. He was Verde on the ground as the referee asks Verde if he wants to give it up, but Verde says no, but he begins to start fading out. The referee checks the arm three times, but it remains steady on the third check. Verde musters up some strength from the crowd and gets back to a vertical base!

A pair of elbows to the stomach sets Verde free as he goes to the ropes. He comes back and Williams lifts him up for a pop up maneuver, but Verde converts it into a Drop Kick into Williams' chest in mid-air! Verde stands and front flips on top of Williams with a Senton. He stands and performs a very impressive Standing Phoenix Splash! Verde has the cover, but Williams kicks out with force and Verde pops off of him as a result! Verde scrambles to his feet as Williams gets back to his. Verde delivers a toe kick and then places Williams in a front face lock. He tries to lift Williams for a suplex, but Williams goes up and over, landing behind Verde. Williams then leaps up and nails a Back Stabber on Verde, dropping him down to the canvas! Williams makes the cover, but only gets two!

Williams picks up Verde and scoop slams him back down. He heads to the corner and climbs up top! The champion is going to fly and he does so with a Cannonball Senton Back Splash, but nobody is home as Verde moves out of the way! Verde heads to the corner, quickly and climbs up top as well with his back to Williams. He flips off and nails the Jaguar Pounce! The moonsault into the double stomp! Verde makes the cover, but he only gets two on the champion! Verde quickly pulls the champion up and sends him into the corner with a whip. Verde charges in, but leaps into the air, spinning into a knee strike into Williams' face! The Feral Paw Strike! Williams collapses down into a seated position as Verde doesn't let up. He gains some distance and charges in, flipping into the corner with a Cannonball and connecting! The Catatonic finds its mark!

The crowd is behind Verde as he drags Williams out of the corner and heads back up to the top turnbuckle pads! Verde then gets all the rotation his needs for the Double Rotation Moonsault.. the Shooting Scar Press and it connects! The crowd hits their feet as Verde hooks the leg deep, but Williams kicks out of it at the very last second! Williams just took four of El Tigre Verde's best shots in succession and still kicked out! He has the heart of a champion and it's showing here tonight! Verde gets up and realizes he cannot waste time sighing about it. He has to stay on Williams if he wants to win. Verde grabs Williams, pulling him up. Verde fires a flurry of forearm shots to the face and takes off to the ropes, but Williams runs into Verde with a Body Avalanche, knocking him down!

Williams grabs Verde and pulls him up to his feet. He hoists him up onto his shoulders and nails a Death Valley Driver a little off center near the corner. He then heads to the corner and climbs up top! He flips off with the Killer B.... the Swanton Bomb... and it connects! Williams turns and makes the cover on Verde, but Verde kicks out at the last second and the crowd is breaking out into a This is Awesome chant as a result! Both men get back to their feet. Williams fires a punch, but Verde absorbs it and fires on back. The two continue to exchange blows until Williams hits a knee lift, doubling Verde over. Williams then places Verde into a Pumphandle and converts it into a Neckbreaker across his knee! It's a new signature move he calls Welcome to Williams Street. Williams stands up and signals that it's over!

Williams grabs Verde and places him between his legs. He's looking for the cradle piledriver, but much to Williams' shock, Verde counters with a back body drop, but Verde stumbles forward and falls to his knees as a result as that took everything he had, but in the end, he did avoid Williams' finisher! Williams gets up and charges at Verde, but Verde dodges and Williams hits back first against the corner. Verde charges in and hits a running knee strike right under Williams' chin! Williams falls into the corner and Verde scrapes his boot across Williams' face over and over again before taking off and hitting a Running Drop Kick to the face! The Scratching Post! Verde grabs Williams and pulls him up, but Williams grabs Verde by the neck and slams him with a MASSIVE Choke Slam that causes Verde to land on his neck and flip over to his stomach!

Williams staggers back and has to use the turnbuckles to keep himself vertical. That was a desperation move on Williams' part as he looks on at Verde. Williams walks over and grabs Verde. He places him between his legs, looking for The Downfall again. When Williams lifts Verde, Verde builds some momentum and gets raised high enough to wrap his legs around Williams' head, flipping him over with a Huracanrana! Williams gets to his feet, but he has no idea where he is! Verde charges in and nails a Busaiku Knee right into Williams face! Williams goes down hard and Verde makes the cover as the people are on the edge of their seat, but Williams kicks out at the very last second for, yet, ANOTHER near fall in this epic encounter!

Verde staggers to his feet and dares Williams to get to his feet. Williams does so and Verde goes for a front kick, but Williams grabs Verde by the leg! Williams goes for a Dragon Screw Leg Whip, but as he's about to, Verde swings his leg for a Roundhouse, but naturally, Williams ducks it due to the motion of the Dragon Screw. Verde lands on the leg he just swung and reverses it, hitting a back heel kick to Williams' face! Jack Wallace even notes that he's never seen anyone counter a Dragon Screw like that before! Verde heads for the corner. He has to put the stamp on the proverbial envelope. He climbs up and goes for the Shooting Scar Press, but somehow, Williams manages to roll out of the way! Verde smacks front side first into the canvas!

Williams quickly grabs him. He hits the Pumphandle Neckbreaker... Welcome to Williams Street! He immediately pulls Verde back up and between his legs. He lifts and hooks him, nailing the Cradle Piledriver... Downfall! He has the cover and finally gets the three as the audience which was already on their feet for the last ten minutes of this match goes nuts over the effort these two just displayed in front of the world! Winner: Brian Williams via Downfall
Match Time: 44:57
Match Rating: *****

Jack Wallace: Sayber and Michael Donavan... Sebastian Saje and Jeremy Ryan... some of these matches live on in infamy as being five star classics.. all fought over the Hype Champions. Tonight, you can add El Tigre Verde and Brian Williams to that list. That was one of the greatest matches I've seen in Hype history!

Jeff Hartman:A good match can't mask the fact that El Tigre Verde lost here tonight. He now has to face DefCon in the locker room.. he now has to answer to all his fans for all the nonsense he spewed forth. He robbed DefCon of a championship opportunity and he squandered it by losing here tonight. DefCon would have won the championship. He wouldn't have shamed and embarrassed an entire locker room by coming out here and losing in front of the world. El Tigre Verde is nothing more than a fraud!

Jack Wallace:The standing ovation these people are giving them says otherwise, Jeff. I don't like his attitude, but I have to admit DefCon is a fantastic wrestler. If he thinks he can do better and top what we just saw.. I'd like to see it. Jeff Hartman: I think he can.. and he will. I'm sure we'll be calling DefCon our NEW and fifth Hype Champion very soon and that will only make El Tigre Verde look that much more like a chump than he already is!

The crowd had just finished witnessing an instant classic that would stand the test of time between two ring generals of The Hype, but the big moment had finally arrived. Damien Lee made his way out to the ring with microphone in hand. He got into the ring and after the crowd settled down, he brought the microphone to his lips.

Lee: Tonight was a hell of a show and I really hope you all enjoyed yourselves tonight.

The people cheered and even broke out into a Hype chant.

Lee: Sounds like you did! Well.. right now.. it's time to unveil who the new general manager of The Hype will be going forward from this moment. So without further hesitation.. please allow me to introduce you to your NEW general manager....

????: WAIT! HOLD IT!

Shayne Anderson came out from the backstage area to huge boos from the crowd. Anderson had a microphone in his hand as he marched down to the ring. He got inside and stepped up to Damien Lee.

Lee: What the hell are you doing here?

Anderson: Look.. I know what happened in the past wasn't necessarily the brightest days of my life. I understand that what I did was wrong. You're right... I did let power go to my head. I was fair.. I was impartial.. and I cared about The Hype in the beginning, but the more I get settled into my position, the more comfortable I became and that lead me to make some very questionable decisions that I now regret making. I sat in that office day in and day out and I let the power get to me. I realized that this was my show and I began to think that I could do whatever I wanted with it and I let it get out of control. It was a mistake and I flat out admit to being wrong. I'm out here, Mr. Lee.. to ask for your forgiveness and for a second chance. I swear, I won't let it get to my head again. Give me another chance and I'll do anything I possibly can to make it up to these fans. I'll give them what they want even though they have no clue as to what they want. If these idiots ask for it.. I'll give it to them! Just.. give me that second chance!

The crowd heavily booed as Damien Lee stood there laughing to himself.

Lee: What do you all think? You think Shayne Anderson should get another chance?

The crowd let out the loudest boo of the night.

Lee: Sorry, Shaney... looks like you're still fired.


Lee: Well then... if that's your case against my ruling, then I think I'll let the new General Manager weigh in here.. just for a second opinion. Introducing to you.. the NEW General Manager of The Hype....... ADAM LAZARUS!

Shayne turned around with a look of disgust on his face. Adam Lazarus came out from the backstage area in a suit and tie. He made his way down to the ring as Shayne hopped up and down lividly in protest. Laz stepped between the ropes and shook Damien Lee's hand before grabbing a microphone.

Laz: First off.. thank you Mr. Lee for the opportunity. I know that I got injured and fans haven't seen me in action for a while, but to give me this opportunity while my leg still fully heals is truly an honor. I do miss competing in the ring, but I have a feeling that I can still entertain and serve the fans well in this new role as general manager.


Laz: Oh right... you. Yeah.. I don't think you're needed here Shayne.. so like Mr. Lee said... you're still fired! SECURITY! Escort Mr. Anderson out of the building if you so kindly would... please and thank you.

Security comes down to the ring and hauls Anderson away. Anderson is kicking and screaming as he's dragged off. The crowd even sings the hey hey goodbye song to Anderson as he's hauled away. After he disappears behind the curtain, Laz gets on the microphone.

Laz: My frist act as General Manager is to make an announcement. Something Shayne Anderson didn't believe in was the co-existence of experienced veterans and up and coming talent. I, however, believe that both veterans and rookies alike can learn from each other and even co-exist without issue. That is why to prove it, when The Hype returns after Thieves Honor, I will be selecting four of The Hype's best to go one on one against jOlt Main Roster veterans! There will be one match each week between Thieves Honor and the next Pay-Per-View event Death Wish, but this isn't just any ordinary exhibition... if the rookie beats the veteran in their match... they will earn themselves a Hype Championship opportunity. We could very well have four brand new number one contenders by the time Death Wish comes around. So it's not just a match to prove yourself, but to get rewarded as well. The names and opponents will be unveiled on the first edition of The Hype following Thieves Honor!

The crowd loved the sound of that!

Laz: We look forward to seeing you after Thieves Honor and all I can say is.. Brian Williams.. get ready because the Rookie vs Pro Contendership Series starts very soon!

With that, Laz and Lee shake hands and raise their arms in the middle of the ring. The people in the audience are cheering and it's the final scene as The Hype goes off the air.