"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: It's been a long time since we were last here, but we want to welcome everybody to The Hype! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday break! I'm Jack Wallace alongside the ever colorful Jeff Hartman

Jeff Hartman: In my opinion, it hasn't been long enough! Do you have any idea how much energy it took for me to crawl out of bed and drag my ass back here to this dump?

Jack Wallace: Given the stench, I'm assuming not much.

Jeff Hartman: A herculean effort, Jack.. HERCULEAN.

Jack Wallace: Wait.. are you drunk, too?

Jeff Hartman: Just a nip, my good friend.. just a nip.

Jack Wallace: Good friend? Now I know you're drunk.. *sigh* Let's just send it backstage where we understand Nate Quartermaine is standing by in the office of Shayne Anderson.

Nate Quartermaine opens the door to the office of Hype General Manager, Shayne Anderson. Anderson looks up from his assortment of papers and has an annoyed expression on his face.

"Sure.. come right in. Knocking hasn't been invented yet, afterall" stated Shayne.

Quartermaine simply slams his hands down onto Anderson's desk. Anderson looks right into his face.

"You know, over the past few months, people have continuously slammed their hands onto my desk. I'm heavily considering on lining my desk with tacks to knock that crap off." said Shayne.

"Cut the crap, Anderson" said Quartermaine. "I don't care about your desk or what you think about me barging in here. I want to know why did someone like Jeremy Ryan get a main roster spot and yet, here I am, still stuch here on The Hype with unfinished business?" said Quartermaine in a stern tone.

Anderson sighed

"Look... We all know that Jeremy Ryan was an issue around here. Damien Lee offered to take him off of my hands.. and simply put.. he's his headache now..not mine. Sorry that you never got to settle your score, but it is what it is. Move on."

Quartermaine shook his head.

"No.. I'm not going to move on.. in fact, this is only just beginning."

Quartermaine walked out of Anderson's office as Anderson sighed knowing that this was just going to end up as another headache for him.

"Girls Girls Girls" by Motley Crue hits the PA and Desiree walks out from the back to boos from the crowd. She got in the ring and grabbed a microphone from ringside

"You know.. I did a lot of thinking over the holiday break and I came to a conclusion. After sorting things out through my mind, I believe that I was being held back by Xin Xin Xiong."

The people boo even more as she makes that statement.

"Sure I was winning matches and got into the Starlet title tournament, but under his guidance, that all fell apart in the Semi-Finals. Had he been a great teacher like he boasted himself to be, I'd be on the main roster as the Starlet Champion right now.. and NOT Sarah Winterton! In fact....

Before Desiree could continue she was interrupted.

"Hold on just one minute." said a voice

Xin Xin Xiong stepped out from the backstage are with a microphone in hand. He was flanked by Kodora. Desiree didn't look too happy about the interruption.

"Before you continue to shoot your mouth off, I'd be a bit wrong if I didn't point out that while you still think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread, you lost to another one of my students right before out holiday break."

X3 motioned toward Kodora who just stood there expressionless.

"If you truly think that you're the best, then by all means.. prove it. Take on my student, Kodora again, right here... right now.. in a rematch. If you can beat her, then I guess we'll have no choice but to acknowledge the fact that you are as good as you claim to be.. but if Kodora wins, then it will just serve as a reminder to everyone here that you are still just a rookie with an ego too big for her own head"

Desiree looked pissed.

"FINE! I know what to expect from her. I'll beat her right now and prove that I NEVER needed you to begin with!"

A referee ran down to the ring as Kodora made her way down slowly. She stepped up onto the ring apron and climbed in. Desiree went right after her and the bell rang.

Desiree vs Kodora

Match Summary
Desiree pounded away on Kodora at the beginning, but it proved to be futile as Kodora shoved Desiree away from her and leveled her with front roundhouse to the head! Kodora then stomped away at Desiree on the canvas before he locked her in an Anaconda Vice submission hold. Desiree was immediately trapped in the middle of the ring, but Kododa released the hold and pulled her up to her feet for more punishment. Kodora hit a knife edge chop across her chest that echoed throughout the arena. Kodora fired another chop, but Desiree battled through it and opened up with forearm shots to Kodora's face, but they had no effect. Kodora flat out slapped Desiree in the face, shuffled back and then Super Kicked her damn head off! Kodora then placed Desiree into a seated position and trapped her by the head. She looked up at X3 who gave the nod and Kodora began a relentless assult of elbows to the Desiree's head. The referee saw that Desiree was out cold and he called for the bell!

For the second time, Kodora has knocked out Desiree in a short, yet dominating match!

After the Match
X3 walked down to the ring and stood side by side with Kodora over Desiree. He still had his microphone with him.

"I think this will be your final free lesson, Desiree. I have nothing else to teach you. All I can say is good luck in your future because after what you just showed to everyone here, you're going to need it."

X3 dropped the microphone on the ground and began to walk away with Kodora. Desiree slowly reached out and grabbed the microphone and right when X3 was about to step through the ropes and exit the ring, he heard a voice from behind him.

"Wait....." muttered Desiree.

X3 and Kodora stopped and turned their attention as Desiree looked up from the canvas.

"You're.... right....." muttered Desiree.

X3 folded his arms and stood there as he looked on at his former student.

"You were.... right... all this... time...." said Desiree before she pushed herself up off the canvas. She looked up and she had tears in her eyes.

"I thought that I was going to be successful... and... I was wrong." Desiree said before she wiped the tears from her eyes. "I didn't want to face the truth... but the truth is... I need you."

X3 continued to stand there. Kodora stepped forward thinking that it may just be a trap. Desiree then leaned back into a position where she was on her knees.

"Please... will you teach me once again? I can't do this without you."

X3 nodded to Kodora. With that nod, Kodora stepped out of the ring, leaving X3 and Desiree alone in it. X3 walked over to Desiree and instructed her to rise. Desiree did so and immediately hugged X3 in the middle of the ring.

"I will teach you if you are willing to learn" said X3

Desiree nodded as X3 smiled. He then instructed Desiree to exit the ring and she did. X3 followed her and the three of them headed to the back.

Winner: Kodora via Knockout
Match Time: 3:57
Match Rating: *3/4

Jack Wallace: Wow... did something happen in Desiree's mind to make her change it so drastically? I can't help but wonder if this is just a clever ploy.

Jeff Hartman: Who cares? The real winner here is Xin Xin Xiong.. he now has 2 women around him at all times. I could only dream of such a situation.

Jack Wallace: Of course you can... because your dreams are the only place that something like that would happen.

We are sent backstage as Ryan Raysor, Prince Samir, and Kareem are having a discussion.

"What did I tell you, Ryan? Together we are going to go places here on The Hype. We took The Widow's Nest and made them realize what happens when they disrespect true royalty!"

Raysor grinned and nodded in agreement, but that look was wiped off his face pretty quickly as their attention turned to Wolf Spider and Araknis walking in from the left side of the screen. Black Widow was with them.

"Tonight isn't going to go as smooth as you want" said Black Widow. "Tonight, we get our rematch... and in fact... it's next. I hope you're prepared.

Black Window and the Nest leave as Raysor and Samir look at each other with worried expressions on their faces.

India's Import vs The Widow's Nest

Match Summary
Samir and Araknis started off in the middle of the ring. After an exchange of moves between the two of them Samir used a thumb to the eye and tagged in Raysor. Raysor then took command of the match from here, isolating Araknis in their corner and using quick tags in and out to make sure that he couldn't get back in to tag in Wolf Spider. Eventually Araknis found an opening and struck back, making the hot tag to Wolf Spider. Spider came in and cleaned house on Samir, who was once again the legal man by this point. Raysor, who was knocked off the apron, came back in to try and even the odds as Samir was being dominated, but Wolf Spider hit the Run With the Wolves.. the Spear on Raysor and Raysor went back to the outside of the ring where he writhed in pain. Samir tried to attack Wolf Spider from behind, but he paid the price as Spider whipped him to the ropes and nailed a Spine Buster. He pulled him back up and nailed Blood Hunt (Package Piledriver) and picked up the three.

Winner: The Widow's Nest via Blood Hunt
Match Time: 20:34
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace:The Widow's Nest came back and got a measure of revenge this week on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: They were lucky... I'm pretty sure once they regroup, the Nest will have hell to pay.

Donny Layne caught up with Michael Donavan backstage as he was coming out of his dressing room.

"Michael Donavan... if I could get a word.. I'd like to know what you think of Sayber's condition"

Donavan stopped dead in his tracks and gave Donny Layne the death stare.

"You stopped me for a question like that? Twice now Sayber stepped onto the main roster and twice he bit off more than he could true. To think.. someone like that tried to lecture me about competition and being myself and being better and all of that complete and utter nonsense. Seriously... how can anyone take advice like that from someone who can't even hold his own and settle his own scores. He told me that I didn't seem like myself? To me.. Sayber laying in a hospital bed is just a same old Sayber and I refuse to emulate something as pitiful and pathetic like that."

Donny Layne then pulled the microphone back to his lips.

"Okay then.. here's another question. What inside your mind clicked and made you this way? What happened to the Michael Donavan who was here simply for competition?"

"You're bold to ask me that so directly, but I'll tell you what happened. That Michael Donavan is dead.. just like you will be if you decide to ask me a question like that again."

With that, Donavan walked away as Layne swallowed hard.

Callie Scott vs Faith Hines

Match Summary
Scott and Hines locked up in the middle of the ring, but Scott broke that up with forearm shots to the face and an irish whip. Scott hit a back elbow and went for an early cover and got just one. Hines was brought back up to her feet, but she broke free and fought back with punches and forearms of her own. Hines sent Scott to the ropes, but Scott held on. Hines charged in and was sent to the apron, but was met with a shoulder block that sent her into the barricades. Scott went out and rolled Hines back in for two. Scott went to the ropes and missed a Knee Drop. Hines went for No Faith in Humanity, but Scott reversed it into a short arm clothesline. Hines staggered up to her feet as Scott charged in, looking for the Sliding D elbow smash, but Hines rolled out of the way and nailed a Shining Wizard for a close two. Hines then pulled her up, looking for No Faith in Humanity again, but Scott pulled her over into an inside cradle and picked up the three fro out of nowhere!

Winner: Callie Scott via Inside Cradle
Match Time: 8:22
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: Callie Scott is as tough as nails and has been on a roll so far on The Hype! Faith Hines on the other hand, looks like she needs to try and turn this around

Jeff Hartman: As long as they both turn around so I can enjoy seeing them leave, I'll be satisfied.

In the back we see Jackson Cross and Machida Hood.

"Man.. we was THIS CLOSE to winnin' dem damn belts, son" said Jackson Cross

"Yo, don't sweat it bro. We'll get our opportunity. Ain't no WAY after those performances are not gonna get a main roster spot.. AIN'T NO WAY, man."

Shayne Anderson stepped into view.

"I don't want to interrupt your dreams of grandeur here, but before anything can be decided about you two graduating to the main roster.. there's a bit of an issue that you guys will need to contend with for you see, I just had to endure a very pissed off Seraph in my office. I know part of the reason as to why you got that tag team title opportunity was because you were able to defeat Seraph twice.. both in handicap matches. Tonight, Seraph is asking for a third and this time, it's looking to be a bit different as he's REALLY not in a good mood. That's all.. just thought I would pass along the message."

Anderson left as Cross and Hood looked at each other.

"Fine by us, right bro?" asked Hood.

"Yeah man.. we gonna get it done one more time, son" said Cross.

The scene faded to black.

Magma vs Brian Williams

Match Summary:
Brian Williams tried to lock up with Magma but Magma simply shoved him onto his back. Williams went for it a second time and simply got drilled with a massive lariat. By the time Williams could comprehend what happened, Magma pulled him up and nailed his Volcanism Tiger Bomb and pinned him right in the middle of the ring. Magma then grabbed Williams and tossed him over the top rope and down to the floor. He then raised his arms in the middle of the ring while yelling "I AM THE TRUE MONSTER OF THE HYPE" out to the crowd who responded with a chorus of boos.

Winner Magma via Volcanism
Match Length : 2:01
Match Rating : *1/4

Jack Wallage: That was rather fast. Ever since winning that triple threat before the holiday break, Magma feels as if he's unstoppable. Although what he just did to Brian Williams kind of backed up his claims.

Jeff Hartman: Hey.. Seraph couldn't get it done.. Harbinger got injured and Magma took advantage of it all and proved that he truly is the monster of The Hype. I like it.

We are taken to inside the locker room of the Hype Champion Sebastian Saje as he and Alyssa Corliss are looking through their phone at photos they took from over the holiday break

"Hey, that was a great moment." said Saje

"You threw a snowball at my head... how is that a great moment?" asked Alyssa?

"Look at the face you're making.. it's priceless!" said Saje

"Not as priceless as the face you made when we went sledding and you came within inches of hitting a tree." said Alyssa

Suddenly there was a knock on their dressing room door. Subsequently, an envelope was passed under the door. Saje walked over and opened the door, but there was no one there. He looked up and down the halls to see if he could see anyone, but there wasn't a person in sight. Saje bent down and picked up the envelope which was addressed to him.

"What is it?" asked Alyssa

"I don't know" said Saje as he opened the envelope and pulled out a note. Alyssa walked over and looked at it as Saje read it aloud.

"What once was will become... what has become will be what once was. When the it begins you will understand. When it begins, everything will restart. You are key."

Saje and Alyssa looked at each other as Saje crumpled up the note and tossed it into the garbage can. Saje then looked around as if he suspected he was being watched.

"What do you think it means?" asked Alyssa.

"Probably someone with too much time on their hands. I'm not going to think much of it. Come on.. let's go get something from catering."

The two of them left and the scene faded to black.

Cross the Hood vs Seraph

Match Summary:
Hood and Seraph start out. Seraph went for the lock up, but Hood stopped him with a kick to the stomach. He then hit clubbing blows over the back of Seraph and made a tag to Cross. Cross came in and hit a few quick jabs under the chin before getting an irish whip reversed on him. Cross, however, hit a flying shoulder block and put Seraph down. Hood climbed up top and Cross tagged him in by the ankle. Hood flew off and hit a flying elbow for two. Hood then hit a knee drop for another two. Tag back to Cross as Cross went up top. Seraph got up and Cross went for a cross body block, but Seraph clotheslined him in mid-air! Seraph let out a roar and left the ring, grabbing a steel chair.


Seraph damn near broke the chair over Cross' head! The referee called for the bell immediately. Hood tried to come in, but Seraph jammed the broken chair into Hood's ribs. Seraph dropped the chair and immediately chokeslammed Hood on top of it. He then grabbed Cross by the neck and yanked him up to his feet as well. Seraph delivered another choke slam, this time dropping Cross right on top of hood. Seraph then went to the corner and climbed the turnbuckles...

Wait.. What? BIG MEN DON'T FLY!!

But in this case.. they do...


Seraph stood up as the crowd sat there in awe. Seraph let out a bestial roar as he exited the ring leaving Cross the Hood laying. Couple that with what happened between them and The House back on iNtense... this hasn't been a good week for Cross the Hood

Winner : Cross the Hood via DQ
Match Length : 31:52
Match Rating : ****

Jack Wallage:I don't think I've seen anything like that before in my life. How many seven foot, 300+ pound people leave their feet, let alone off a turnbuckle?

Jeff Hartman: You obviously need to watch some Sylo tapes.

Jack Wallace: Regardless, I think Seraph has finally reached his breaking point.

Jeff Hartman: Really? And what tipped you off?

Jack Dawn is seen lacing up his boots when Michael Donavan steps into view and places his hand on his shoulder. Dawn immediately jumps back

"Relax.. I only came here to talk to you" said Donavan.

Dawn relaxed a little bit, but still had a bit of a guard up.

"You know.. our match is up next. In fact, I think this is the first time you're main eventing The Hype, is it not? Well.. be that as it may... you see.. I need to look good. I told Sebastian Saje that I would challenge him for his Hype Championship on my terms.. and I really want to set that up nicely.. and I can't do that if you're in the ring trying to win this match. I mean... let's be honest.. you don't have a chance in hell of winning anyway.. so why go through the motions?"

Dawn didn't look too happy, but Donavan continued.

"So tonight.. go out there.. lay down.. let me get the three and let me move on with my business. You'll get your five minutes of fame in the main event and then you can go back to whatever the hell it is you do... deal?"

Dawn got right in Donavan's face.

"Sorry, but I don't lay down for anyone. In fact, tonight... If you truly believe you can win, then I'm going to make you work very hard for it.. because THAT would be just PERFECT"

Dawn grinned and walked off as Donavan didn't look pleased

Michael Donavan vs Jack Dawn

Match Summary:
The match started off with Donavan giving Dawn one last chance to lay down, but Dawn answered with a middle finger. Donavan charged in, but Dawn caught him with a knee. Rapid rights to the face of Donavan backed him into the ropes. Dawn then clotheslined him to the outside and gave chase. The two of them brawled around ringside until the count of seven when Dawn bounced Donavan's face off the apron and rolled back in. Donavan shook it off and rolled in right at the count of nine. Dawn pulled Donavan up and hoisted him onto his shoulders, but Donavan slipped off and hit a German Suplex with a bridge for two.

Donavan went to work on Dawn, stomping away on him before showboating to the crowd. Donavan then took control of this match as he pummeled Dawn around the ring before hitting a belly to belly suplex for another two. Donavan then pointed to the corner for his patented moonsault, but then flipped off the fans when they wanted to see it. This distraction caused Dawn to roll him up for a close near fall. Donavan got back to his feet and nailed a lariat out of anger on Dawn. Donavan then dropped the knee across the chest and got another two count.

Donavan pulled Dawn up, but Dawn broke the grip and immediately hoisted Donavan up onto his shoulders, looking for the Picture Perfect TKO, but Donavan slipped behind. Donavan spun him around and looked for his Double Underhook Piledriver (Phantom Driver), but Dawn held up and stood, pulled Donavan draped across his back. Dawn fell to his knees and nailed an Inverted Tombstone!!! The crowd went nuts as Dawn went for the cover, but it was a very very close two. Dawn could feel victory and signaled for the TKO once again.

Donavan staggered up and Dawn hoisted him up onto his shoulders, but Donavan fought back with elbows to the side of the head. Donavan then hit a pair of clotheslines on Dawn and when he got back up, he hooked Dawn and nailed an Inside Cradle Driver for a very close two as well! Donavan quickly stood and grabbed Dawn, pulling him up between the legs, but when he lifted him for the Phantom Driver, Dawn used the momentum and wrapped his legs around Donavan's head and hit the Huracanrana, sending Donavan chest first into the ropes. Dawn then hit double knees to the back and tauned Donavan as the crowd got on their feet.

Fireman's carry... PICTURE PERFECT TKO CONNECTED BUT NO!!! Donavan kicked out at 2 9/10!!! Dawn pounded his fists into the canvas as the crowd chanted "This is awesome!" Dawn went for it again, but Donavan wriggled free and fell behind. He then nailed a lariat to the back of Dawn's head and Dawn hit face first on the mat. Donavan pulled him up and tried for the Phantom Driver again, this time hitting it. Donavan covered, but it was Dawn that kicked out at 2 9/10 this time! The crowd was getting super hot as the frustration began to set in for Michael Donavan.

Donavan went to the outside and slid a steel chair into the ring, but the referee took the chair away and tossed it to the outside, which was enough time for Donavan to put on a pair of brass knuckles and deck Dawn in the face with them. Donavan stuff them into his tights as he made the pin as the referee was turning around. Donavan picked up the three to boos from the crowd.

Winner : Michael Donavan via Pinfall
Match Length : 24:48
Match Rating : ****

Jack Wallage: Michael Donavan couldn't beat Jack Dawn in fair competition so he had to resort to cheating! And this man wants a shot at the Hype Championship? That's COMPLETELY disgraceful!

Jeff Hartman: Win any way you can. It's the law of the jungle. Just because Michael Donavan understands that you don't doesn't mean what he did was wrong.

After the Match
Michael Donavan grabs a microphone from ringside and brings it to his lips

"As someone who is clearly superior and doesn't need to prove anything through competition, I am hereby exercising my right to challenge Sebastian Saje to a match... Next Week... BUT... I said it would be under my terms... so next week, I want our match to be contested with Underground Rules"

Donavan grinned as "Rescue Me" by Coldrain hit the PA. Sebastian Saje came out with the Hype Championship around his waist. Saje also just happened to have a microphone handy as well.

"It doesn't matter when, where, why, or how. I'm not going to back down from a challenge. If you want it next week with Underground Rules.. that's fine by me." said Saje

Saje dropped the microphone and the final scene of The Hype was a wide angle shot of the arena of Champion and Challenger staring each other down.