"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Welcome everyone to The Hype! We are back with another week of solid action for you right here on Tuesday evening!

Jeff Hartman: The only solid action I experienced was what I did in the bathroom before coming on air.

Jack Wallace: Funny how you mention that because each time I hear you talk, it resembles that earlier activity so before you can spew forth anything else, let's send it backstage!

Sebastian Saje is seen walking backstage with the Hype Championship on his shoulder. As he walks down the hallway, he comes across Michael Donavan sitting on some equipment casings, tying his boot. Saje stops and takes a moment to talk to Donavan.

"Hey! I just wanted to tell that that was a hell of a match last week, but as great as it was, I've had this question running through my mind. Why did you challenge Sayber in the first place? I mean, we heard the reasons you gave on television, but what was the real reason?", asked Saje

"There was no hidden reason. It was a simple fact that his words got to me and I needed to try and prove to myself that the fire was still there, but let's forget that match last week because last week I considered a simple warm up because tonight, I'm going to be facing Sayber again, but I have a little bit more motivation this time around because tonight's match will be for the #1 contendership to that very championship title that's slung over your shoulder." said Donavan.

Saje cracks a grin and nods.

"I haven't defended my championship in a while. It will be great to face either you or Sayber for it. I know the two of you are amazing competitors and either one of you are going to give me one hell of a match as well as a true test" said Saje.

"Well then.. how about this? Since you have a vested interest in this match, why not come down to ringside and watch it? I want to have you there front row to show you exactly how Sayber reignited the fire inside me and just to show you how competitive I feel tonight, I also want you ringside for WHEN I win.. then you can stare at the new number one contender in the face." said Donavan

Saje simply smiled and extended a fist. Donavan nods and bumps fists with Saje.

"Wouldn't want it any other way. Good luck out there" said Saje.

"Thanks" replied Donavan

Saje walked away as Donavan went back to lacing up his boot. The rematch was set for tonight's main event!

India's Import vs ??????

Before the Match
Out from the back came Prince Samir, Ryan Raysor, and Kareem. The three of them walked down to the ring where they stepped inside. Samir grabbed a microphone as "Jormungand" died down over the PA system

"Ladies and gentlemen.. last week, I met a man with a common issue. I met a man who was not being featured even though he deserved every bit of reckognition given to him. Just like me!

The crowd booed

"That man is Ryan Raysor... and since the three of us share a common goal.. we took it upon ourselves to band together and stand side by side. We weren't going to wait for the office to give royalty such as myself and a talented individual such as Ryan Raysor an opportunity. We are going to MAKE our own opportunities."

"Tonight, we challenge anyone in the back to step up and become the first victim of Prince Samir and Ryan Raysor who will now be known as India's Import!"

Samir dropped the mic as everyone turned their attention to the entrance ramp. After a few moments of silence...

"Caught in a Web" by Dream Theater

The people rose to their feet and couldn't believe what they saw! Araknis! Wolf Spider! Black Widow! The Widow's Nest have returned to The Hype!! The Nest hasn't been seen since Supaida unmasked and revealed himself as Jayshin Lee. Muerte was also out with an injury. These were the two that remained alongside Black Widow! The crowd cheered as they made down to the ring. They stepped inside and it looked like Araknis and Samir would start things off!

Match Summary
Araknis and Samir locked up. Immediately Araknis put Samir down to the canvas and Samir rolled to the outside to try and buy some time. Araknis would have none of it as he flipped over the top rope and to the outside, taking Samir out, but Raysor flipped off the ring apron with a shooting star press and collided with a standing Araknis, taking him down!! Raysor rolled Araknis into the ring and then rolled Samir in. Samir covered for two. Tag out to Raysor. Raysor came in and stomped away on Araknis and then grounded him with a sleeper hold. Araknis got the crowd behind him and sent Raysor to the ropes, but Raysor came back and hit a spinning back elbow. Tag back to Samir. Samir dragged Araknis to his corner and worked on him some more. Samir and Raysor used quick tags to isolate Araknis to try and wear him down. Eventually, Araknis battled back. He knocked Samir off the apron and took out Raysor. He made the tag to Wolf Sider who came in and cleaned house on Raysor. Samir came back in and ate a spear (Run With the Wolves) for his troubles. Kareem got on the ring apron, but Wolf Spider grabbed Raysor and threw him into Kareem. Kareem fell off the apron as Raysor staggered backwards. Wolf Spider kicked Raysor in the stomach and nailed a Package Piledriver he calls the Blood Hunt and got the three!

Winner: The Widow's Nest via Blood Hunt
Match Time: 17:36
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: What a shocking return for The Widow's Nest.. and they ended up picking up the victory here tonight over the newly formed India's Import!.

Jeff Hartman: Prince Samir and Ryan Raysor make the perfect team... the fact that they lost here tonight shows you that there is no respect for royalty or gifted athletes in this company!

We are sent backstage where we see Jackson Cross and Machida Hood standing against a backdrop with The Hype logo on it.

"About a month and a half ago, we looked inside of ourselves. We found somethin' that was missin' from our lives. That hunger.. that will ta fight.. an' ta survive like we had to when growin' up in the Bronx in New York. We lost sight of who we were and we knew in order to succeed, we had to be those people once again." said Hood.

"That's right, ma brotha. Mad Morgan... Shovel... two clowns who wanted ta step inna OUR WORLD.. and try and take away our momentum.. found out jus' how hard the streets of New York are. We put them two bitches in their place and we ain't heard from them SINCE." said Cross.

"We are here to put he entire world on notice. Cross the Hood have been reinvented. We may have clowned around before and said ain't nobody could stop us and we were proven wrong.. but now.. now times.. they be different. Time changes people and we stand before you a force that cannot be stopped. Any of y'all want to try and step up.. then step up... we'll knock ya asses down." states Hood.

"That's right, ma brotha.. spin that truth up in here." said Cross

The two of them glared into the camera as they walked off out of view.

Seraph vs Harbinger

Match Summary
This match was made as a result from last week. Seraph wanted a measure of revenge and he was granted this opportunity here tonight. Seraph locked up with Harbinger and drove him back into the corner. Cross the Hood wasn't the only ones focused as Seraph looked completely concentrated on this match. After a pair of back elbows in the corner, Seraph sent Harbinger to the otherside and chased him in, but Harbinger moved, hit the ropes and put Seraph down with a big boot. Harbinger then mounts Seraph and punches away at him. He pulls Seraph up and tries to send him to the outside, but Seraph reverses and dumps Harbinger out onto the floor. Seraph then does something unthinkable.. he ascended the turnbuckles and flew off with a cross body, completely wiping out Harbinger to a "Holy Shit" chant from the crowd! After a few moments, Seraph got back up and cleared off the announce desk. He turned around and pulled Harbinger up, but Harbinger shocked Seraph and put him through the table with a spinebuster! He got Seraph back into the ring and covered him for two. Harbinger went to the ropes and went for a lariat, but Seraph ducked. Seraph grabbed Harbinger by the neck, but Harbinger broke free. Harbinger kicked Seraph and then spiked him with a DDT

Harbinger went to the outside and grabbed a table. He brought it into the ring and set it up in the corner. Seraph got back up, but Harbinger met him with punches, but Seraph ate those punches and countered with a knee lift. Seraph with a vertical suplex and then he noticed the table. Seraph pulled Harbinger up and whipped him toward the table, but Harbinger put the brakes on. He turned around and Seraph caught him with a vicious forearm that put Harbingers back against the table. Seraph got a running start, but he was speared from the side by Magma who slipped in from the crowd!!!

Magma rolled out of the ring as Harbinger staggered forward. He pulled Seraph to his feet and then threw him head first through the table in the corner!! Seraph was dead weight as Harbinger pulled him out of the rubble and pinned him with a school boy roll up!

Winner: Harbinger via Pinfall
Match Time: 11:37
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Seraph beat Magma last week and he looked to beat Harbinger this week. Seraph attempted to close a chapter in this book and prove that he was the true monster of The Hype, but it looks as if Magma opened a new chapter by costing Seraph this match!.

Jeff Hartman: It's only fair. Seraph destroyed Magma last week and if I were Magma, I wouldn't have just laid back and accepted it without handing out a receipt! I'm not a little punk like you Jack..

Jack Wallace made a move toward Jeff and Jeff cowered

Jack Wallace: Keep telling yourself that.

We see Frank Tapia in the back and he looked kind of peeved. He slammed his locker shut and turned his attention toward the camera

"You know.. I'm going to take a page out of the Prince Samir playbook. I'm not getting enough respect around here and I'm sick of it.. people said that I would have lost last week if it weren't for Jeremy Ryan distracting Nate Quartermaine.. that people are looking down upon me as a talent... so this is what's going to happen. I'm going down to that ring and I don't care who is put on the other side of the ring. If I can't beat them to shut up these naysayers.. then I'll give them what they want... I'll QUIT jOlt Wrestling"

Tapia stormed off as the crowd murmured amongst themselves over that abrupt announcement.

Frank Tapia vs "Picture Perfect" Jack Dawn

Match Summary:
Tapia and Dawn started out with a lock up. Dawn had a headlock on Tapia, but Tapia reversed it into a hammerlock and then forearm smashed Dawn in the back of the head! Dawn turned around and Tapia immediately hit the Rain Maker.. the Thesz Press into the barrage of mounted punches, but Dawn wasn't softened up enough and covered up and guarded his face, blocking nearly all of the punches! Tapia stood up and yelled at Dawn, frustrated that he couldn't end the match quickly. Dawn got back to his feet and Tapia went for another Rain Maker, but Dawn ducked and hoisted Tapia onto his shoulders. He then spun him off with the Sit Out Facebuster from the Fireman's carry position! It was the Photo Finish! He covered and got the three and just like that.. this match was over!!

Winner Jack Dawn via Photo Finish
Match Length : 2:57
Match Rating : *

After the Match
Dawn exited the ring with barely a sweat bead on his body. Tapia sat up and looked around the arena. He slowly stood as the crowd began to sing.

"Na na na na.... Na na na na... Hey Hey Hey... Goodbye"
"Na na na na.... Na na na na... Hey Hey Hey... Goodbye"
"Na na na na.... Na na na na... Hey Hey Hey... Goodbye"

Tapia flipped off the crowd and then exited the ring to a sea of boos. It looks as if Tapia was keeping his word!

Jack Wallage: It looks as if we have seen the last of Frank Tapia here in jOlt Wrestling. He said he would quit if he lost and well.. you saw the result. I hadn't even had a chance to finish my drink and he was already gone.

Jeff Hartman: Drinking on the job, Jack? More importantly.. can I have one?

Jack Wallace: It's a Diet Coke... I'm sure it's not the kind of drink you're looking for.

Jeff Hartman: Ah, nuts.

We cut to the starlet locker room where Desiree is sitting on one of the benches, looking at her cell phone. The camera is able to peer over her shoulder. She has Xin Xin Xiong's number highlighted.

Desiree stares at the screen for a moment and lets out a heavy sigh. She then turns the phone off, stands and exits out of the locker room as she has a match.. up next!

Desiree vs "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann

Match Summary:
Desiree and Ryan locked up in the middle of the ring. Right as they did, Vogue Gonsalvez's theme hits and she comes out to the top of the entrance ramp to watch the match. Her entrance caught both of their attention, but Desiree saw her chance and cheap shotted Ryann with a short arm clothesline. Desiree mounted Ryann and punched away before standing up. Desiree looked like she was ready to crack when she put the boots to Ryann. After stomping away, she tried to send Ryann to the ropes, but Ryann used the Mega Man X wall jump to float over Desiree into a German Suplex for two. Ryann sent Desiree to the corner, but ate a back elbow and another back elbow, this time off the second turnbuckle which got Desiree two as well. Desiree pulled up Ryann and slapper her as hard as she could across the face. She then backed into the ropes, but Ryann made her eat a super kick for her trouble. She then pulled Desiree up, hooked her and nailed the Fate/Stay Dead, picking up the three

Winner : Amber Ryann via Fate/Stay Dead
Match Length : 8:08
Match Rating : **1/2

After the Match
Vogue Gonsalvez makes her way down to the ring. Vogue slides in as Amber was about to leave. Vogue then mounts the beaten Amber Ryann and rains down punches to the side of her head! Amber, who was about to step out, comes back in and drops a double axe handle into the back of Vogue. She then grabs her and throws her to the outside. Vogue yells some obscenties in Spanish at Amber as she backtracks.

After she leaves, Amber helps Desiree to her feet, but Desiree shoves her to the canvas!! Desiree then gets out of the ring and storms to the backstage area to boos from the crowd as Amber sits there pondering what the hell just happened.

Jack Wallage: Even since the Starlet Title Tournament, Desiree has grown to have a bit of an ego.. now her ego was shattered and she's not able to cope with it.

Jeff Hartman: Kind of like yours. Deep down inside we all know you wish you were calling the action on iNtense instead of The Hype.

Jack Wallace: I'm happy right where I am... I'm not the one crying each and every week about not wanting to be here. I'm thinking you miss the big paychecks down in Miami... well this isn't 2003 anymore.. and we're in a recession. Be thankful you even have a job.

Jeff Hartman: I'm thankful.. I'm thankful when it's the end of the day and I get to leave this place.

The people in the background boo as they see Jeremy Ryan getting out of his car. No sooner does he get to his feet, he is blindsided by Nate Quartermaine! Ryan hits very hard against the frame of the car and immediately falls to the ground.

Quartermaine pulled Ryan to his feet and walks him to the hood of his car where he bounces Ryan's head off of it. Quartermaine then grins as he grabs Ryan and then tosses him over the hood of his car and into his windshield, cracking it.

"Oh sorry.. I guess payback's a bitch, isn't it?"

Quartermaine backed away as Ryan writhed in pain in the windshield of his own car.

Callie "Scrapper" Scott vs Alyssa Corliss

Match Summary:
We are treated to the debut of a new starlet here tonight in Callie Scott as she takes on the girlfriend of Hype Champion, Sebastian Saje. The two of them lock up in the center of the ring, but Scott breaks the tie up with a headbutt to the skull that staggered Corliss back. Scott hit a few more headbutts in succession that caused Corliss' brown hair to whip backwards. Scott then whipped Corliss to the ropes and delivered a devastating heart punch for two. Scott then sat Corliss up and trapped her head. She then unleashed a series of MMA style elbows into the head of Corliss! When Corliss looked to be out, she released her and sat her up. She then charged the ropes, came back and slid right into an elbow smash that she called The Scrap Heap. She covered and got the three in a dominant victory.

Winner : Callie Scott via The Scrap Heap
Match Length : 4:18
Match Rating : **

After the Match
Callie Scott helped up Alyssa Corliss and asked if she was okay. She then pat her on the back and exited the ring in a show of respect for the person she just demolished. This got a nice round of applause from the crowd.

Jack Wallace: Callie Scott makes an impressive debut here tonight, taking out a veteran of The Hype. After that display, what else will we see from her?

Jeff Hartman: I know what I would like to see from her

Jack Wallace: Why don't you tell her what you want to see?

Jeff Hartman: Give me one reason why I shouldn't

Jack Wallace: Alyssa Corliss

Jeff Hartman: Oh yeah.. Nevermind.

After suffering a defeat to Frank Tapia, Nate Quartermaine finds himself in the arena's Parking Lot. He finds his totalled car and stands there in disbelief. All of a sudden, Jeremy Ryan ambushes him from behind as Quartermaine goes chest first into the hood of his car.

"I thought you'd come here" said Ryan. "You just couldn't accept the fact that I ruined your car and you just had to come see if yourself, eh?"

Ryan grabbed Quartermaine's head and bounced it off of the hood of the car.. Quartermaine staggered back, but Ryan grabbed him and flung Nate back first onto the smashed windshield, putting him through it into the car itself!!

"This is still just a small price to pay!", yelled Ryan

Ryan looked back at what he did, grinning from ear to ear before he exited the scene.

Sayber vs Michael Donavan

Before the Match
"Save Me" by Coldrain hit and The Hype Champion made his way down to the ringside area where he joined Jack Wallace and Jeff Hartman on commentary.

Match Summary:
Donavan and Sayber locked up in the middle of the ring. They powered around the ring, not giving an inch to each other. Eventually they made their way up against the ropes. Donavan leaned Sayber over the top rope so much, the two of them spilled out to the floor! The referee started the mandatory ten count as they both got back to their feet. They both exchanged punches on the outside until the count of eight. They both realized it would be over as soon as it started and slid back into the ring. They both got up, but Sayber was just a bit quicker. He laid in a knife edge chop that staggered Donavan away. Sayber then whipped him to the ropes and telegraphed a back body drop that he paid for when Donavan kicked him in the chest and then laid him out with a clothesline.

Donavan then hit the Phantom Image moonsault for two. Donavan got back up and Sayber broke free. A flurry of strikes and a forearm smash later, Sayber took off to the ropes, but ate a big boot from Donavan. Top rope moonsault by Donavan missed. Saybe then went for the Sayber Driver (Rock Bottom), but Donavan elbowed out of it and they stared each other down in another stalemate moment.

They circled and locked up again, but Donavan used a knee strike to double Sayber over. Powerbomb attempt was reversed into a sunset flip for two. Donavan rolled out of it and then clipped Sayber in the knee with a chop block to the front of his leg. Donavan then worked over Sayber's right leg for several minutes in an attempt to keep him grounded. Donavan then locked in a cross leg breaker. Sayber eventually made it to the ropes, but Donavan didn't break the hold until 4. Donavan dragged Sayber back to the center to the ring and continued to work on his leg until Sayber surprised Donavan with an inside cradle for two.

Sayber hobbled to his feet, but Donavan got Sayber in a takedown and went right back to work on his leg with a few elbow drops to it. Donavan then stood and DDTd the leg into the canvas. Sayber writed in pain as Donavan stood and gained some distance, measuring Sayber up. Sayber staggered back to his feet and Donavan charged in only to eat a drop kick by Sayber! Sayber held his leg in pain, but made the cover and only got two. He tried to pull Donavan up for a Sayber Driver, but his leg buckled and he dropped Donavan. Sayber tried to recover with a toe kick and then a whip, but Donavan reversed the whip, but Sayber collided with the referee!

Donavan saw that and then looked at Sayber. Donavan then left the ring and grabbed a steel chair from ringside. Sebastian Saje stood up and wondered when Michael Donavan was doing. Donavan slid back into the ring and began to slam the chair into Sayber's leg over and over and over. The crowd began booing Donavan, but he told them all the shut up. Sayber's leg was destroyed complete. The referee was coming to so Donavan threw the chair to the outside and pulled Sayber up into position. He locked the arms, lifted Sayber and dropped him with the Phantom Driver.. that snap double underhook piledriver. Donavan then stared right at Sebastian Saje with a grin on his face as he pinned Sayber and picked up the three.

Winner : Michael Donavan via Phantom Driver
Match Length : 42:39
Match Rating : ****

Jack Wallage: I can't believe what I just saw... all of that talk of competition and having a fire re-ignited... and he destroys Sayber's leg with a steel chair just to win a match while a referee was knocked out. There's your number one contender, folks..

Jeff Hartman: Michael Donavan did what he had to do in order to win the match and he did it. He's the number one contender now.

Sebastian Saje: Yeah, well, he won't be for much longer.

After Match
Saje ripped off his headset and threw it down. Saje stared at Donavan who hopped out of the ring and came face to face with The Hype Champion. The two had an intense staredown, but Donavan turned his back and went to walk away, but he suddenly turned and speared Saje across the announce table and into the chairs on the other side! Donavan pounded away on Sebastian Saje before pulling him up and throwing him into the steel ring steps. Saje laid there in a heap as Donavan grabbed the Hype Championship and raised it high into the air, claiming dominance as the people in the arena booed. Donavan holding the championship high into the air was the final scene as The Hype went off the air.