"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Welcome everyone to The Hype! It's been a while since you've seen us due to jOlt's big event Cataclysm, but now we're back and we've got a great show in store for you this evening! I'm Jack Wallace alongside, as always, the pimple on the ass of life... Jeff Hartman

Jeff Hartman: Really, Jack? I'm miserable enough as it is.. having to come back to work after a month off. I was praying jOlt was government funded so I would have to sit here and watch the greenest of the grass stain my interest in continuing to live a happy life.

Jack Wallace: Well aren't you just a ball of sunshine today. Perhaps our opening match will change your attitude.. it has breasts in it after all.

Jeff Hartman: Well.. I do love me some breasts..

Vogue Gonsalvez vs "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann

Match Summary
Ryann and Vogue locked up. Arm wringer by Ryann was reversed by Vogue. Ryann rolled and twisted through it into an arm wringer of her own. Ryann with a kick to the midsection while holding onto the arm. She went to the ropes and walked up them, springing off with an arm drag. Ryann went for a drop kick, but Vogue hit the canvas and rolled out of the ring. Ryann to the ropes and leap to the ropes, but Vogue moved. Ryann sensed it as she put on the brakes. She hopped over the ropes onto the apron and hit a cannonball senton to the outside, taking Vogue down. She rolled her back into the ring for two. Ryann pulled her up and went for a whip, but it was reversed. Ryann leapt to the middle rope with no hands and leapt over Vogue with the Mega Man X Wall Jump. She then thurst both palms into Vogues chest when she turned around.. HADOKEN! Two count only. Ryann was looking for Fate/Stay Dead when Desiree ran out from the backstage area and slid into the ring. She immediately got on top of Vogue and began to pound away on her!

Winner: Vogue Gonsalvez via Disqualification
Match Time: 7:36
Match Rating: **1/2

After the Match
Desiree continues to pound away on Vogue.. obviously taking her frustrations out on her from not winning the starlet tournament. Amber doesn't look happy that Desiree just cost her the match. Amber walked over and grabbed Desiree by the hair, yanking her up to her feet.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?", yelled Amber

Desiree hauled off and slapped Amber across the face so hard, it dropped her to her knees. Desiree then stormed out of the ring, but Xin Xin Xiong appeared on the entrance ramp. That didn't matter to Desiree as she blew right past him and stormed to the back. Xiong yelled out "HEY" to Desiree and went after her.

Jack Wallace: Desiree had so much potential, but I think a couple of wins went to her head and now she's becoming a loose cannon.

Jeff Hartman: I have a loose cann...

Jack Wallace: AAAAND now we send you backstage.

We see Michael Donavan walking through the arena hallways, checking his cell phone. All of a sudden, a familiar voice rings out that catches his attention.

"Hey!", said Sayber as he stepped into view.

Donavan and Sayber embraced in a hug

"I never got the chance to tell you how good it is to see that you're back" said Donavan to Sayber.

"Thanks", said Sayber. "But, there is something I have to ask you. I have to ask you what happened?"

"What do you mean?" asked Donavan

"Well, I remember when The Hype first started. You and I tore down this house with the Iron Man match. Then, I went on to win The Hype Championship and while I made a terrible mistake, I thought you would chase my heels and give me a good run for my money. While I was out, you kind of fell into obscurity. I thought for sure you would have been the person to win and become the second Hype Champion, but nothing really seemed to come out of that. I have to know, where the fire and determination you once had went to?"

"So.. you're saying that you're better than me and because I didn't go on to fill your shoes that I'm somehow a failure?", asked Donavan

"No no no. Not at all. I consider us best friends.. which is very rare in the wrestling business. I just wanted to see you succeed. Like I said.. I made a very stupid mistake when I became the Hype Champion. I picked the wrong spot to cash in my opportunity. I fell and I fell hard.. I just didn't want to see the same happen to you. I wanted to see you win and succeed."

Donavan stood there for a moment.

"It seems that you're still doubting me.. so tell you what.. we're friends.. and our original match was based on not only that friendship, but our mutual respect out of the fact that we are skilled competitors.. so if you want me to prove to you that my flame hasn't blown out.. then let's have a match tonight.. you and me. It won't be an iron man match, but it will be plenty enough to show you that I still have what it takes to succeed." said Donavan.

"That's the spirit I wanted to see. I'm more than happy to accept.. and like I told you before our original match.. may the best man win."

Donavan and Sayber fist bump and go their separate ways as the scene fades out to black.

Cross the Hood vs Mad Morgan and Shovel

Match Summary
Mad Morgan and Shovel made their way to the ring followed by Cross the Hood who seemed to be more focused than ever these days. Hood starts out with Morgan and at the sound of the bell, Hood explodes out of the corner and nailed a huge spear on Morgan!! Hood stands up and lets out a roar as Shovel comes into the ring. Shovel grabbed Hood, spinning him around. He sent Hood off to the ropes, but Cross stepped into the ring. Hood put on the brakes and grinned. Shovel turned around and ate a superkick by Cross! Hood then grabbed Shovel and tossed him to the outside. Hood then grabbed Morgan and nailed Project 347... a the STO over the knee. Cross stood guard as Hood made the cover and got the three!

Winner: Cross the Hood via Project 347
Match Time: 2:18
Match Rating: *

Jack Wallace: WOW! Cross the Hood came out, didn't talk any trash at all. They just got in the ring and handled business. This is the most focused I have seen them in a long time. If this keeps up, Cross the Hood will become a very dangerous team.

Jeff Hartman: I'm starting to like this attitude of theirs. Don't care about showmanship. Just come out here and get the job done. They remind me of how this show should go. Just start it, get your stuff out of the way, and let me get the hell out of here.

In the locker room, we see Harbinger getting ready. All of a sudden, Serpah charges in from the left side of the screen and rams Harbinger right into a row of lockers, denting a few of them. Serpah then drives his knee into the stomach of Harbinger over and over again, leaving him in a slump on the floor. Serpah took a step back and charged in again, this time slamming his knee into the side of Harbinger's head and into the lockers themselves.

Trainers and officials rush into the room to check on Harbinger and to get Serpah away from him. Seraph backs off slowly, breathing a bit heavily in a fit of rage.

Jack Wallace: Seraph just went off the deep end. Seraph may be a man of few words, but it's quite obvious that he just attacked Harbinger for interrupting his match with Magma. Magma was questioning Seraph's ability to be The Hype's true monster.. they were having a match to settle that and it never finished because of Harbinger.

Jeff Hartman: I wouldn't want to be near Seraph right now. After seeing that, I don't think there's any question that he's the true monster of The Hype.. in fact.. I feel unsafe working here. I'm going to go home.

Jack Wallace: SIT DOWN!

Magma vs ??????

Before the Match
Magma made his way to the ring. He was originally supposed to face Harbinger, but he was just taken out by Serpah in the back. "Devil's Dance" by Metallica hit and Serpah walked out from the backstage area, still pissed off. It was obvious that Seraph wanted to finish his business with Magma. Magma nodded to Serpah and motioned for him to bring it. Serpah charged the ring and slid in, but Mamga was there to attack him. The bell rang!

Match Summary:
Magma pounded away on Serpah, but Serpah fought back to his feet and laid in a headbutt to Magma. Seraph then exploded and leveled Magma with a massive lariat! Seraph then pulled Magma back to his feet and showed off his power by hoisting him up onto his shoulder. He then drove Magma into the canvas with a powerslam in the middle of the ring for two. Seraph stood and dared Magma to get back up to his feet. Magma did so and Seraph cut him in half with a spear!! Seraph then dragged Magma to the corner and began to drive knee after knee after knee into the face of Magma. Seraph stepped away and let out a roar before charging in and driving the knee right into the side of Magma's head! Seraph then pulled Magma up and out of the corner where he grabbed him by the neck. Magma is not a small man by any means, but Serpah lifted him straight up and then sat out with Divine Destruction.. the Sit-Out Chokeslam. Seraph then got the three in a match of complete and total dominance.

Winner Seraph via Divine Destruction
Match Length : 5:39
Match Rating : **

Jack Wallage: There is only so far that you can taunt and push a man before he pushes back. Tonight, Seraph broke down and unleashed about a month's worth of frustrations on Magma.

Jeff Hartman: I was going to go home to avoid what just happened to Magma.. If Seraph comes over here I'm holding you responsible

After the Match
A voice is heard laughing and then suddenly, Harbinger steps out from the backstage area with a microphone in hand.

"Look at you. You think that just by taking your anger out on someone that you're a true monster? You're just a raving lunatic at this point. I will admit.. you knocked me for a loop backstage.. but even with my head pounding in pain.. I can see you for exactly what you are. You're just a tool to yourself.. a tool to your own inner rage which you cannot control. People like you are not monsters.. they're simply just idiots who will eventually make a misstep and it will be their downfall."

Harbinger laughs again and then steps back behind the curtain. Seraph is still livid in the middle of the ring.

Prince Samir is pacing back and forth in the locker room with Kareem.

"This is a travesty. You and I should be booked for a match tonight, but yet, here we are just wasting away in the bowls of some shoddy low brow arena. Royalty like us need the lights.. we need to be focused on. Otherwise, it's nothing more than disrespect."

As Samir continues to complain to Kareem, Ryan Raysor steps into view.

"Did I hear you talk about disrespect? Well then, my friend, you and I have a lot in common for you see... I, too, am not booked here tonight. I am probably one of the most intelligent competitors on The Hype.. I use my brains and my track record for that speaks for itself. Hell.. I've even had a shot at the Hype Championship and yet.. like two piece of Royalty like yourselves, I, too, am shunned. I can completely relate to how you guys feel."

Samir then grins as if he just got an idea.

"Then, my friend.. why don't we do something about it?" asked Samir.

"We, huh? Yeah... why don't we?" said Raysor as he grinned.

The scene faded to black.

Frank Tapia vs Nate Quartermaine

Match Summary:
Tapia and Quartermaine lock up in the middle of the ring. Tapia goes into a side headlock, but Quartermaine breaks free, sending him to the ropes. Tapia with a shoulder block and then another. He pulled Nate up and fired a few jabs into his face before hitting a discus clothesline for two. Tapia placed Nate on his stomach and applied a Camel Clutch. Nate fought through it and took control of this match with several high impact moves. He looked to put Tapia away as he went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads, looking for his senton. Right when he was about to hit it, the jOltvision illuminated and voice filled the arena.

"Oooo Naaaaaaaateeeee" said the voice.

The crowd and Quartermaine turned their attention to the jOltvision. There was Jeremy Ryan standing in the parking lot next to a car. The car had its windows busted out. There were dents in the hood and fame of the car.

"Nice car you have here, Nate? Or I should say... nice care you HAD here... too bad SOMEONE just had to go and do this to it, but if you look at the bigger picture.. it's just a small price one has to pay for getting in my way, now isn't, Nate?"

Ryan laughs as the screne fades out. Tapia is back up and he biels Nate off the top rope. When Nate gets to his feet, Tapia spears Nate to the canvas and begins to pound away on his head, not letting up. He calls this combination the Rain Maker and the referee sees that Nate cannot continue and calls for the bell.

Winner : Frank Tapia via Rain Maker
Match Length : 7:38
Match Rating : **

Jack Wallage: Nate Quartermaine had that match won, but the distraction by Jeremy Ryan caused Frank Tapia to recover and capitalize!

Jeff Hartman: To hell with that.. the biggest loss suffered here was that nice convertible in the back! The car will be missed. Shayne Anderson should lead a moment of silence for the car!

A video package is shown highlighting the feud between Brian Williams and Gabriel Gold. It all started when Gold claimed that a match with Williams was boring and not worth his time. Williams, taking offense, has been exchanging insults and beatings with Gold ever since. Last time on The Hype, Shayne Anderson had to intervene and pull them apart in order to stop them from destroying the backstage area. Anderson made the match for tonight to settle things once and for all.. and that match up was next!

Gabriel Gold vs Brian Williams

Match Summary:
The battle didn't make it to the ring. Williams was out first and he left the ring and attacked Gold during his entrance. Williams pounded away on Gold, but Gold fought back with knee strikes and forearms. The two battled up the entrance ramp to the top of the stage where Williams threw Gold into the Hype set. Gold staggered forward and was leveled with a lariat for two. Williams pulled Gold up, but Gold reversed and tossed Williams off the stage to the floor below! Williams was slow to get up, but when he did, Gold launched himself off the stage with a hilo, taking Williams and himself out!

After a few moments, they both battled back up to their feet. Williams grabbed Gold and rammed him back first into the stage. He then threw Gold onto the entrance ramp. When Williams tried to climb up, Gold stood and kicked him in the face, knocking him off. Gold hopped down and brought Williams down to ringside where his whip into the steel steps got reversed! Gold crashed hard into the and Williams ran in with a knee strike, but Gold moved out of the way! Gold capitalized with a dragon screw leg whip then a cross leg breaker submission on the outside!

Williams used his free leg to kick away at Gold, breaking free. Both stagger back up and begin trading punches. Gold swings with a haymaker, but Williams avoids it. A knee to the stomach stuns Gold and now Gold finds himself into the ring steps. Williams tosses Gold back into the ring and pulled out a table from underneath the ring. Into the ring goes Williams and the table. Williams sets the table up, but Gold clubs him from behind. Gold goes on the offensive and gets Wiliams onto the table. Gold climbs up top and goes for an elbow drop and goes through the table after Williams rolled out of the way. Williams grabbed Gold out of the rubble and nailed the Cradle Piledriver (Downfall) and picked up the three!

Winner : Brian Williams via Downfall
Match Length : 34:18
Match Rating : ****

Jack Wallage: What a war we just witnessed here tonight! Brian Williams came out on top after Gabriel Gold missed a top rope elbow.. a very costly mistake. I doubt Gabriel Gold found any of that to be boring!

Jeff Hartman: I did! I found ALL of it boring. I could have taken a piss.. it would have been more entertaining than that match

Jack Wallace: Nothing pleases you, does it?

Jeff Hartman: Days off, women, and hot fudge sundaes please me. Thankfully, I can satisfy one of those three.

Jack Wallace: Where the hell did you get a hot fudge sundae!? More specifically.. WHEN!?

Jeff Hartman: Don't sweat the details, Jack. This will get me through the main event, I'm sure.

After suffering a defeat to Frank Tapia, Nate Quartermaine finds himself in the arena's Parking Lot. He finds his totalled car and stands there in disbelief. All of a sudden, Jeremy Ryan ambushes him from behind as Quartermaine goes chest first into the hood of his car.

"I thought you'd come here" said Ryan. "You just couldn't accept the fact that I ruined your car and you just had to come see if yourself, eh?"

Ryan grabbed Quartermaine's head and bounced it off of the hood of the car.. Quartermaine staggered back, but Ryan grabbed him and flung Nate back first onto the smashed windshield, putting him through it into the car itself!!

"This is still just a small price to pay!", yelled Ryan

Ryan looked back at what he did, grinning from ear to ear before he exited the scene.

Sayber vs Michael Donavan

Match Summary:
Sayber and Donavan lock it up in the middle of the ring. The two of them trade holds, countering each other magnificently. This leads to a series of flash pins in which neither man can get the job done. They both kip up and stare down in the center of the ring to a round of applause. Sayber nods in approval as if Donavan found the spark that Sayber knew was still inside of him. After a second lock up, they trade holds again, but Donavan stops the sequence with a knee and club to the back. Sayber stands and gets whipped to the ropes. Clothesline ducked by Sayber, but Donavan caught him off the flying cross body into a backbreaker across the knee for only a two. Donavan pulled Sayber up and scoop slammed him back down.

Donavan then got a running start, stepped over Sayber and hit a standing moonsault.. the Phantom Image and only got two. Donavan pulled Sayber back up and whipped him to the corner. Donavan ate a back elbow and then a flying back elbow off the middle rope from Sayber. Sayber stood and dropped the elbow again five times into the heart of Donavan getting a two count himself. Sayber then applied the surfboard submission. After several moments, Donavan battled up to his feet and broke free. A series of chops stung the chest of Sayber and Donavan sent him to the ropes. A stiff kick by Sayber countered a telegraphed back body drop. Sayber hooked Donavan for the Sayber Driver.. a Uranage Slam, but Donavan countered with elbows to the head. Donavan then lifted Sayber into a fireman's carry then flipped him into a sit out powerbomb for a close two!

Donvana then took to the corner, looking for a moonsault, but Sayber knocked him off balance. Super Poisoned Frankensteiner by Sayber to follow and only another two! Sayber stood and called for the end. Donavan stood and Sayber lifted him for Korosu.. the sideswipe brainbuster, but Donavan floated over and behind Sayber who was met with a knee when he turned around. Donavan hooked Sayber by draping him across his back and hooking the leg. Inside Cradle Driver by Donavan and only a two!

Donavan gets Sayber up and hits a series for forearms. Donavan to the ropes, but Sayber with a discus lariat flips Donavan inside out. Both men are down as the referee administers a ten count. They're both up by the count of nine. A flurry of offense exchanges between the two draws the crowd into the match. Sayber quickens the pace of his strikes, hitting a combination of jabs, chops and backfists. Sayber goes to the ropes, but eats a big boot by Phantom! Phantom pulls Sayber up, hooks him and nailed the Snap Double Underhook Piledriver! (Phantom Driver). Donavan gets the cover and a VERY VERY close 2 9/10! Donavan can't believe Sayber kicked out of his finisher!

Donavan dares Sayber to get back to his feet. He does and Donavan hooks him again, but Sayber counters by lifting Donavan onto his back and nailing an Inverted Tombstone! Sayber quickly grabs Donavan and pulls him to his feet. He wrapped the arm around Donavan's neck and nails a Sayber Driver. He holds on and pulled Donavan back to his feet. A second Sayber Driver! He holds on again, pulling Donavan back up. This time, he hooked him for the suplex and nailed Korosu! Sayber has the cover and it's over!

Or so we thought!!! Foot on the ropes by Donavan!!! Sayber is beside himself, but Donavan can't even pull himself up to his feet after that combination of heavy offense. Sayber grabs Donavan, but Donavan pulls him over into an inside cradle for a very close two count. Donavan is still having trouble getting to his feet. Sayber is up and he kicks Donavan in the head. Sayber then pulls Donavan up, rehooks him and nails a second Korosu! Sayber has the cover and there's no ropes and no kicking out this time.. Sayber got the three to a standing ovation from the crowd!

Winner : Sayber via Korosu
Match Length : 47:58
Match Rating : *****

Jack Wallage: MY GOD WHAT A MATCH! Even though Michael Donavan lost here tonight, there is zero doubt now that the flame has been quelled. In fact.. I'm more than sure that after this match, that flame will be burning brighter than it has ever been!

Jeff Hartman: The only thing good about this experience was my hot fudge sundae. It was yummy.

After Match
Sayber stood up, heaving in air to fight exhaustion. Donavan sat up and looked disappointed in himself. Sayber walked over to Donavan and extended his hand. Donavan looked at the hand for a moment and then grasped it. Sayber helped him up and gave him a hug in the middle of the ring. Donavan then raised Sayber's hand into the air and then exited the ring. Sayber applauded Donavan as did the crowd.

Jack Wallace: That was true sportsmanship right there! That's going to do it for us tonight. Join us here next week for another edition of The Hype!