"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! We are just two weeks away from Breakdown here on Pay-Per-View, but before the main roster gets set to deliver, we are set to do the same here on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: This also means, I get a two week break! HURRAY FOR PAY-PER-VIEWS!

Jack Wallace: As you can tell, Jeff is really excited for Breakdown, but for all the wrong reasons..

Jeff Hartman: How is getting time off to hit the town and spready around all the Jeff Hartman mojo a wrong reason to love Breakdown?

Jack Wallace: Spreading your mojo around town is only slightly worse than a zombie apocalypse. In fact, I would love to get turned into an undead, mindless, brain eater than be infected by whatever the hell your mojo is! Before you even answer that.. we're going to send it on down to the ring for our opening contest and..

"Ace of Spades" by Motorhead

Jack Wallace: Well, we were scheduled to open with the in-ring debut of Eldridge Ali taking on Magma, but that's Zane Roebuck's music. He lost to Mike Patterson last week in that steel cage match. Let's hear what he has to say.

"I Was Better and You Know It"

Zane Roebuck came down to the ring with a microphone in hand. His music died down as he brought the microphone up to his lips.

Zane: For two weeks.. I have been battered and belittled by Mike Patterson and, quite frankly... it's sad to think that because I know, for sure, that I was the better wrestler in both of those fights!

The crowd boos

Zane: Oh yeah! It's true because when you're like me and you have the best luck in the world on your side, things like this don't happen just for the sake of happening. Mike Patterson knows deep down inside that he would have lost his Hype Championship had he not resorted to spearing me through a cage wall. The fact that I made Mike Patterson dig down that deep and go to such extreme measures clearly shows who the best wrestler in the entire Hype truly is!

Zane raised his arms into the air and cracked a smile as he walked around the ring, not caring that the fans are booing the hell out of him.

Zane: I can see it... Mike Patterson can see it.. and all you hopeless fans who are constantly down on your luck can see it. That's why right here... right now... I am proclaiming myself as the UNCROWNED HYPE CHAMPIOOOOOOON!!!!!

Zane held out his arms and tilted his head back, looking to the sky with a smile on his face, as if we were supposed to bask in his magnificence. We, however, did not.

Zane: From one Hype Champion to another.. I want another match with Mike Patterson tonight. I want to take MY title and put it around the best waist in the world so I can show the entire world that all you need in life.. is a little good luck!

With that, Shayne Anderson came out from the backstage area.

Shayne: It's nice that you came out here and stated your case, but, facts are facts... you had two matches against Mike Patterson and, well.. you lost them both. Regardless of how you feel about them.. and trust me, you can put a spin on it however you'd like if it helps you sleep at night... but the fact of the matter is... you lost... twice.

The people cheered as Zane didn't like what Anderson said.

Shayne: But... I've turned over a new leaf and I'm a fair man.. so I'll throw you a bone, even though I shouldn't. Tonight, I'm putting you in a number one contender's match... if you win, you will get your shot at the Hype Championship the first show back after Breakdown.

Zane nodded his head as he liked the sound of that.

Shayne: Your opponent, however, is an up and coming rookie that has really impressed over these past few weeks and giving his size and and power, it will be a nice little test for you. Your opponent.. is Regan Hearst!

Zane's face sunk when he heard that.

Shayne: Good luck... you're going to need it.

Shayne said that last bit with a sarcastic tone. He turned and exited the stage as Zane threw a fit in the ring. The screen then switched to a rundown of the Breakdown Pay-Per-View before we transitioned into our first match of the night.

Eldridge Ali vs Magma

Match Summary
Ever since The Ali Boys made their appearance, Eldridge has been silent and in the background. After their loss last week, Eldridge looked at his brothers and decided it was time to show them how it was done! At the sound of the bell, the two of them locked up. Eldridge and Magma looked to gain the upper hand over each other, but neither man would budge. A second lock up ended up the same way and they were forced to circle and re-think their strategies. A third lock up ended up with both of them going for a punch out of a fake out and they decked each other, but Magma shook it off and drove Eldridge back into the corner, hitting shoulder blocks. Whip to the opposite corner by Magma followed up with a corner clothesline, but Eldridge exploded out of the corner with a vicious lariat!

He pulled Magma up to his feet and sent him into the ropes, kicking him in the face with a Big Boot, but Magma didn't go down! Eldridge charged in, but Magma ducked and when Eldridge turned around, he hit a Big Boot to the face of his own, but Eldridge didn't go down either! Magma with a whip, but Eldrdge reversed it. Eldridge picked up Magma and hit the Sidewalk Slam on him, but only got two out of the cover. Eldridge stood and headed to the corner.. the big man went up top and when Magma stood, Eldridge leapt off and connected with the Flying Clothesline. He covered, but got another two.

Eldridge raised his hand into the air, calling for the choke slam. He grasped Magma by the neck, but Magma grasped back! Magma's grip was just a bit stronger, but Eldridge countered with a stomp to the shin. Eldridge then scooped Magma up, but Magma wriggled free, landing behind him. Back elbows by Eldridge to escape then a whip into the corner. Eldridge charged in and hit a body avalanche. He then grabbed Magma and nailed a pivoting belly to belly suplex! Magma staggered up and Eldridge immediately placed him in a front face lock. Eldridge lifted Magma up about half way then spun around, swinging him through the air before sitting out with a Swinging Gordbuster called The El Train! Eldridge covered and picked up the three!

Winner: Eldridge Ali via The El Train
Match Time: 6:41
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: It's been over a decade since I've seen that move and it claims another victim! El-Al is back!

Jeff Hartman: Much to my chagrin!

"I Will Now and Forever More Be Bored"

We open up backstage as we see Crucifix standing there with Marshal Stetton with both tag team titles on his shoulders.

Stetton: Crucifix... tonight.. you defend your tag team titles ag...

Before Stetton could finish, Crucifix cut him off.

Crucifix: Yes.. tonight I defend these titles again.. and tonight I'm going to win... again. You see... I've beaten everyone that The Hype has to offer.. including the former tag team champions The Natural Athletes. I've grown bored of these title defenses because there's no challenge in them. I mean.. what does it say about the tag teams of jOlt when one single man can defeat them week in and week out?

Stetton: Well.. with all due respect.. you haven't exactly won those matches in a clean fashion.

Crucifix: What are you saying Marshall? Are you saying I cheated to keep these titles? I fought very hard in that ring and continue to prove to everyone that I have EARNED these titles. A great actor once said.. it doesn't matter if you win by an inch or by a mile... winning is winning and I've done a lot of that.

Stetton: Fair enough.. what are your thoughts going into tonight's match against Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome?

Crucifix: They've been on a roll.. they've mustered a few wins over some teams and while that might look good on a wrestling resume, it doesn't mean anything because they haven't beaten me.. the one that matters and until they do... they will now and forever more be beneath me. Now if you'll excuse me, Marshal.. I have a match to prepare for.

With that Crucifix exited the scene adn we fade to black.

Sarkhaya vs Ruby Rocks Jewelz

Match Summary
The match started off with Ruby mouthing off to Sarkhaya's face and then slapping her. Ruby laughed at Sarkhaya who, in turn, nailed a big boot! Sarkhaya then pulled Ruby up and sent her to the ropes, making her eat a back elbow. Sarkhaya went for the cover and got two, but Ruby up and called Sarkhaya a little bitch before slapping her across the face again. Ruby then hit a pair of clotheslines and then a whip to the ropes before hitting a leg lariat and a cover for two. Ruby sat up Sarkhaya and kicked her in the chest repeatedly before hitting the ropes and a flipping snapmare for another two.

Ruby pulled her up and scoop slammed her before heading to the corner. She went for the En Ruby, the sky twister moonsault, but Sarkhaya moved out of the way. When Ruby got back up, Sarkhaya slapped her so hard, one of her gold fillings flew out of her mouth!! Sarkhaya then hit alternating knee strikes and then a running STO. Sarkhaya went to the corner and hit a top rope leg drop for two. Sarkhaya dropped several knees into Ruby's chest before pulling her up and hitting an inverted atomic drop and then a running busaiku knee to the face for a very close two. Ruby tried to crawl out of the ring, but Sarkhaya pulled her back up and turned her over, but Ruby kicked her away. Sarkhaya walked back over, but Ruby hit a Drop Toe Hold and stood up. She went to pull Sarkhaya up, but got caught with a kip up into a rana! Sarkhaya then hit a headscissor DDT and headed back to the corner.

Sarkhaya took aim on Ruby and dove off with a Flying Elbow that found the mark. Sakhaya stood and signaled that she was going to finish it. She pulled Ruby up and hoisted her onto her shoulder, but Ruby wriggled free, landed behind and hit the backstabber! She went into the cover, but Sakhaya kicked out again! This time it was Ruby that went to the corner, but Sarkhaya got to her feet and knocked her into a seated position on the top rope. Sakhaya climbed up top and placed Ruby between her legs!! The crowd stood up and started a "Please Don't Die" chant. Sarkhaya lifted Ruby up onto her shoulder and leapt backwards off the turnbuckle, slamming Ruby down with a Super Fire Thunder Powerbomb... a top rope version of The Scarlet Wasteland!! You could count to 100.. this one was over!

Winner: Sarkhaya via Top Rope Scarlet Wasteland
Match Time: 6:15
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: The impact of that powerbomb made MY spine hurt... Good LORD!

Jeff Hartman had no words.. the camera zoomed in on his face. bug-eyed and mouth agape.

After the Match
Sarkhaya asked for a microphone and was granted one. After what we saw.. let the girl talk!

Sarkhaya: Faith Hines.. Un-Fayth.. whatever you desire to be called these days... I hope you were watching with your cold Godless eyes because what just happened to Ruby Rocks Jewelz will be the same thing that happens to you. I'm not going to get stepped on by anyone anymore. From here on out.. I show up to fight and if it's a fight you want... look no further..

Sarkhaya paused for a moment. As she did, Desiree made her way to the ring. Desiree asked for a microphone as Sarkhaya looked a bit confused.

Desiree: Hold on a second. I'm sorry to come out here and interrupt you as I know you have unfinished business with Faith.. but so do I. I also came out here to give you a warning. Faith Hines isn't the same girl I knew from before. We had a friendship and she decided to throw all of that away to the point where he actions landed me in the hospital.

Desiree paused.

Desiree: I'm not trying to say that your issues aren't important, but I have just a little bit of a bigger score to settle with Faith than you do. I have zero problems with you so I'm not going to demand.. I'm just going to respectfully ask if you will let me handle Faith Hines... and if you do.. don't worry.. I'll make sure that there's some of her left over for you to finish.

Before Sarkhaya could answer, the lights went out and the jOltvision filled with static. Faith was seen up on the screen in a dark room. The footage itself was rather grainy.

Fayth: Listen to the two of you quibble over someone like me. It warms my heart that you two are paying that much attention to me, but I'm afraid that you both see me as a problem just like I see the two of you as a problem. That's why I decided to take matters into my own hands and erase the two of you from existence as the same time. Next time on The Hype, we'll have ourselves a triple threat match and then when you two beg for mercy.. I will show you that there is no God and mercy is nothing more than an illusion in a fake world.

Fayth laughs and the screen goes to static once again. Desiree and Sarkhaya stand there as they both like the sound of being able to get their hands on Fayth at the same time.

"Dr. Dean and Broken Sanity"

In a room, Shovel and Morgan sat on a couch across from their new psychologist, Dr. Dean. The doctor had taken on the two demented patients of Broken Sanity after they had exhibited extreme mood swings and psychotic treatment of each other. Last week, Dr. Dean called an end to Shovel and Morgan’s third 1-1 match but that didn’t stop Morgan from superplexing Shovel through a table out of good fun.

“Hello gentlemen, thank you for coming to see me,” start Dr. Dean. “Last week you took to the ring for a third time to hurt each other… to hurt your friend.”

Shovel and Morgan looked at each other and smirked.

Dr. Dean continued. “Let’s focus your first true session on what happened last week. Let’s focus on why you did what you do and how it made you feel.”

A slight drool fell from Shovel’s mouth as he tried to grasp the doctor’s statement.

“Morgan, why don’t you begin? Tell me what attacking your friend the last three weeks has made you feel?”

“Kheeheehee,” giggled Morgan. “I like to hurt things and Shovel does too. We don’t have any opponents, so why not do what we like to each other?”

Dr. Dean frowned. “Morgan, what you did to Shovel at the end of the match was not how you should treat your friend. When I call for the end of a match, you must listen to me because I am trying to save your life. Save you from your current state of mind.”

“But Dr. Dean, we don’t look at it like th--”

“Morgan, listen to me. You hurt Shovel. Shovel was almost unconscious and he’s your friend.”

Shovel opened his mouth and made a monosyllabic noise.

“Yes, Shovel, what do you think?” asked Dr. Dean.

“Shovel… fe… fe… feels not mad at friend Morgan,” stammered Shovel, half of the Broken Sanity tag team.

Dr. Dean shifted position cross his legs once more and scribbled something on his notepad.

“Shovel, you and Morgan can’t hurt each other. I know the… fans… enjoy it but that doesn’t mean you should.” Dr. Dean’s voice was stern.

“But… what if Shovel liked it when Shovel fell through table?”

Dr. Dean’s jaw dropped and seemed near incredulous. “You liked it?”

Shovel smiled strangely and nodded with wide eyes.

Dr. Dean put the pen to his mouth and narrowed his eyes in deep thought. After a moment he reached inside his work bag and pulled out a small piece of paper.

“Morgan and Shovel, it is time we addressed the root cause of your psychosis. I am going to prescribe that you both take a daily dose of Lamictal, a mood stabilizer. Shovel, you will find that it lifts your despair and self-worth. Morgan, you will find that it curbs your inhibition without regard for the wellbeing of others.”

Morgan’s eyebrow raised. “Dr. Dean, we don’t want to take your mood stabilizers. We like where we are… and we don’t want to be bad at our job without the edge you speak of.”

Shovel nodded with a concerned look. Dr. Dean lean forward and smiled sympathetically.

“Gentlemen, I guarantee you will not lose one iota of your wrestling abilities. In fact, with my help we will hone your focus so you may compete at an even higher level. I will be accompanying you both to the ring in your future matches with the solemn goal of improving your mental stability and achieving success.”

Morgan looked at Shovel. Shovel looked at Morgan. They shrugged.

“Shovel wants to know if you promise,” said Shovel.

“What I promise,” replied Dr. Dean, “is that with my help you will feel better and will reach the goals for which you have. Am I correct that your goal is the Hype tag team titles?”

Shovel and Morgan smiled.

“Then let me help you. Work with me and I will help you achieve those goals. For now I ask that you begin taking your medicine and return to me next Hype before your match.”

Dr. Dean nodded as if the conversation was over, and Shovel and Morgan stood and walked out of the room.

"Have You Had Your Fill?"

We open up backstage where Prince Samir has confronted Ryan Raysor.

Samir: I trust that you had fun last week?

Raysor answered him quit emphatically.

Raysor: Oh yeah!

Samir simply grinned.

Samir: I'm glad that you've had your fun, but I hope that you've had your fill of it because I guarantee you that you won't be having any fun tonight. You see.. I pled my case to Shayne Anderson and he agrees... for everything that you put me through last week, I'm owed a rematch... so tonight, that's what you and I are going to do and tonight.. I'll show that royalty.. always... wins.

Samir turned and exited as Raysor didn't look worried in the least bit.

"Now What?"

We are taken inside of The Widow's Nest's locker room. Black Widow was seated in a chair as Araknis, Wolf Spider, and Muerte approach her.

Widow: I hope that the three of you are happy. Thanks to you not taking things as far as they needed to go with Jayshin Lee, we no longer can challenge for the tag team titles.... AGAIN!

Widow didn't sound too happy.

Widow: But, thankfully, I have an idea.. and I want you all to gather around and listen closely. If you do what I say, we may be able to salvage this yet.

Widow grinned as the three of them huddled close. Before we could be let in on their plans, Widow nodded and Wolf Spider turned around, placing his hand in front of the camera and shoving the camera man out of the room. Wolf Spider then slammed the door shut to their locker room.

The scene faded to black.

Prince Samir vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary
These two have been at each others throats for months now. It started with Ryan Raysor refusing a bribe from El Principe.. then Prince Samir accepting one. Raysor questioned Samir's motives and it ended up breaking the team of India's Import apart. Raysor wanted to teach Samir a lesson about money and beat him in a match that made Samir his servant last week. After suffering through the humiliation, Samir wanted his retaliation here tonight!

The two went for a lock up, but Samir hit Raysor in the stomach with a knee lift. He whipped Ryan into the corner and charged in, but Ryan made Samir eat a boot to the face. Ryan hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle and flew off with a cross body, but Samir rolled through into a cover, but only got two. Both men stood up and Samir meet Raysor with a kick to the stomach then a pair of forearms before backing into the ropes, but Raysor hit a back elbow, knocking Samir down. Raysor dropped a leg across Samir's chest, stood, hit a second, followed by a third leg drop. Raysor covered, but only got two. Raysor pulled Samir up to a seated position and then placed him in a rear chin lock, but Samir eventually battled up to his feet, got under Raysor and hit a back drop suplex to break it up.

Samir went to the apron and grabbed the top rope. He leapt up top and flew off after Raysor stood, but Raysor kicked him out of the air with a Super Kick!! Raysor made the cover, but Samir grabbed the ropes and saved himself! Raysor dragged Samir to the corner and went up top, looking for the Flip Switch, but Samir staggered up and fell against the ropes out of desperation, knocking Raysor down! Samir went to the corner, climbed up and nailed a Superplex! Both men were down and the referee started his mandatory ten count. They were up at the count of eight and Samir layed into Raysor with a knife edge chop across the chest. Samir hit two more chops before whipping Samir into the ropes. Samir telegraphed the back body drop, but got kicked in the chest for his troubles. Ryan with a lariat, but Samir ducked, reached back and hit a Hangman's Neckbreker

Samir stood and headed to the corner. He climbed up top and leapt off with Karma.. the Frog Splash, but Ryan put the knees up! Samir got up and staggered away as Ryan grabbed him by the head and dropped him with a Brainbuster Suplex! Raysor with the cover, but he only got two! Raysor sat Samir up and ran to the ropes. He ran straight at him, but stepped over, stopping on a dime and then kicking Samir in the back of the had with the Flash Step! Raysor went for another cover and got two again. Samir rolled to the outside and tried to regain his compsure. Raysor hit the ropes and went for a suicide dive, but Samir got up on the apron and knee'd Ryan in the face as he tried to pass through! Samir grabbed the top rope and flipped over into a Corkscrew Body Press and slammed down on top of Raysor! He covered, but only got two once again and began to get frustrated!

Samir rolled out of the ring and grabbed Raysor, pulling him to the ring apron. He grabbed him by the head and pulled him out. He then spiked Raysor with an Elevated DDT from the apron to the floor!! Samir rolled back into the ring and told the referee to count, looking for the cheap win! The referee got to nine before Raysor rolled back into the ring much to Samir's disappointment. Samir went to pull him up, but Raysor fought back with punches to the stomach followed by a jawbreaker. Raysor then placed Samir in a half nelson and dropped him on his head with the Half and Half Suplex! Raysor went up top and flipped off, looking for the Shooting Star Elbow Drop and it connected!! Raysor had the cover, but he was stunned when Samir kicked out of the Flip Swtich!!

The crowd started a "That was three!" chant as Raysor double checked with the referee. As Raysor was checking, Samir quickly pulled him over with a school boy pin, hooking the tights, but Raysor kicked away at two! Samir was slow to get up, but not Raysor. He flat out kicked Samir in the face and then hooked him in a front face lock. He hooked Samir by the leg, lifted and nailed an Inside Cradle Driver.. a new finisher that he calls Ground Zero. Raysor held him down with the cover and got the three

Winner: Ryan Raysor via Ground Zero
Match Time: 9:22
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Prince Samir was bested again by Ryan Raysor! You know that this isn't going to sit well with him by any means!

Jeff Hartman: Do you know what happens when you try to kill someone of royalty? You're sentenced to instant death. Prince Samir will not hesitate to destroy Ryan Raysor for this!

Jack Wallace: Yeah... sure... if this were a chapter out of a Marvel comic book.. which it's not.

"That Should Be Me Out There"

We open up backstage where Marshal Stetton is standing by with Tristan

Tristan: You know.. the number one contender's match is up next.. and the funny thing is.. if it weren't for Jameson Scott trying to make a name for himself at my expense week after week, I would probably be out there instead of Zane Roebuck or Regan Hearst. I have spent a lot of time trying to reinvent myself and I didn't come back to The Hype to become a joke. So therefore, I am going to be issuing a challenge to the winner of that match to put their contendership on the line against me. I've been here longer than the two of them and I deserve that title shot.. not them.

With that, Jameson Scott stepped into view. Marshal turned the microphone in his direction.

Scott: Fancy talk for someone who can't beat a rookie.. so I figured I'd come over here and make a statement myself. Since you have been here longer than Zane Roebuck, Regan Hearst, and myself.. that makes you a veteran.. and since you've lost to me, that means I was capable of beating a veteran.

Tristan didn't like that as he curled his lip.

Scott: So I, too, will issue a challenge to the winner of tonight's contendership match because if you feel you deserve a title shot and I beat you.. then that means I should deserve a title shot, too.

The crowd cheered at Jameson Scott's logic.

Marshal looked back and forth between both men as Tristan was becoming more and more agitated. Just then, Shayne Anderson stepped into view.

Shayne: My My.. looks like we have a bit of a situation here so I'll tell you what. Whoever wins tonight's contendership match will get the champion... and then we'll have another match on the next Hype between the two of you and that will be for the number two contendership. Whoever wins the match between the number one contender and Mike Patterson can face the winner of your match. That way.. everyone is happy!

Tristan: Fine by me.. but don't expect Jameson Scott.. win or lose.. to make it to his match.

With that, Tristan turned and exited the scene. Jameson Scott could only laugh as the scene faded to black.

Regan Hearst vs Zane Roebuck

Match Summary
When the bell rang, Zane immediately bolted out of the ring, grinning the entire time. Apparently he had a plan, but Regan wasn't going to fall for it. He simply stood there as the referee began to count. As the count got higher, Zane was getting upset that Regan wasn't taking the bait. "GET OUT HERE!" he yelled at Regan who simply smiled and did nothing. At the count of nine, Zane had to slide back into the ring and Regan walked over and stomped down on his hands, making sure he didn't go anywhere. Regan pulled Zane up by the head and tossed him over head with a belly to belly release suplex. Zane hit the canvas and rolled back to the outside. Zane fell to a knee and now Regan gave chase, but Zane turned and rammed Regan back first against the ring apron! He began to pound away with body shots, but as he punched, he looked up at Regan's face and saw they were having zero effect!

Zane went to back off when Regan gabbed him by both hands and nailed a double choke bomb on the floor! Regan then rolled back into the ring at the count of four as Zane remained out there. At the count of nine, Zane rolled back in, albeit, more slowly. Regan pulled Zane up and headbutted him into the corner. He whipped Zane across the ring, charged in and nailed a Flying Shoulder Block into the corner!! It was a sickening smack as Zane had nowhere to go. Zane fell to his knees then face planted in the ring. Regan stood over Zane and dared him to get up. Zane reached up and grabbed onto Regan's knee pads. He pulled himself up and then looked into Regan's eyes and saw nothing but his imminent demise!

Regan hoisted Zane up onto his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry, but Zane wriggled free and hit a Gamengiri to the back of the head! Zane stood then drop kicked Regan in the back, sending him into the ropes! Regan laid across the middle rope as Zane went up top. He hit a Guillotine Leg Drop across the back of the head, landing on the ring apron! Regan bounced back into the ring and Zane saw his chance! He went up to the top turnbuckle and flipped off with the moonsault.. landing the SOL!!! He had the cover, but at two, Regan grabbed Zane and sat up!! He then turned to his knees while holding Zane and stood up cradling him in his arms!!! The sheer power was scary to see and Regan tossed Zane overhead with a Fallaway Slam! Zane staggered to his feet as Regan charged in, leapt, and nailed the Leaping Headbutt to the skull! The Cranial Separation! Regan made the cover and got the three!!

Winner: Regan Hearst vs Cranial Separation
Match time: 6:12
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Regan Hearst is the number one contender! Oh my GOD! The match he will have with Mike Patterson could be one for the ages!

Jeff Hartman: He said he wouldn't stop until his name echoes through these halls.. in three weeks, when we return, we could see a new Hype Champion and his name could be Regan Hearst!

Jack Wallace: Wait... did you just... do you job and hype a match!?

Jeff Hartman: I have my moments.

"The Target Has Been Painted on My Back"

Marshal Stetton is standing by with The Hype Champion, Mike Patterson.

Stetton: We just saw Regan Hearst, who has been absolutely dominant since his arrival here, become number one contender to your championship. What are your thoughts?

Patterson: Did you watch Wrestlecade II? Did you see what I did to Brian Williams? Yes.. Regan Hearst is impressive in short bursts, but I went nearly 40 minutes at that level against a man who has earned my respect.. a man that I can clearly say is just as tough as I am... a man who is now my tag team partner and on that note I want to say while we haven't done much together.. I'm putting the main roster on notice... we have plans and we're going to execute them soon enough.

Stetton: What if Regan Hearst can go the distance like a Brian Williams can? Are you ready for that?

Patterson: I guess we will find out in three weeks. I can't predict the future, but all I know is in three weeks we will find out exactly what Regan Hearst is truly made of.

Stetton: On the subject of your title... Jameson Scott and Tristan both feel they should have been in the contender's match tonight.. now they wrestle in three weeks to be the next in line to challenge you.. if you should get past Regan Hearst.

Patterson: If I get past Hearst.. no.. WHEN I get past Hearst, I will take either one on. Tristan has been here for a while.. he's come a long way and could bring something that Hearst can't. Jameson Scott is a rookie here, but that doesn't mean he's a pushover.. it means he's an unknown threat that can do just about anything. I've seen him kick people and it looks like those kicks hurt. I don't care how tough you are.. you kick someone enough times. they will fall.. so I will take either of them seriously WHEN I retain my championship against Regan Hearst.

Stetton: Sounds good to me champ! Thank you for your time.

Patterson: No no.. thank you!

With that, Patterson exited and the scene faded to black.

Crucifix(c) vs BADASS

Match Summary
Davis Bloome and Tripp Wise won the number one contender's match last week and will now face Crucifix for the Hype Tag Team Titles! Crucifix and Wise started off in the ring as Wise locked up and immediately went into a waist lock. He used a takedown to bring Crucifix down to the canvas. He floated over into a front chancery, but Crucifix got back to his feet and powered Wise back into the corner. He went for a palm strike, but Wise dodged into a waist lock. He went for German Suplex, but Crucifix wisely held onto the ropes and prevented it. Crucifix with a pair of back elbows and then a short lariat that put Wise down. Wise popped back up and Crucifix hit a Leg Lariat to take him down again. He covered and got two. Crucifix placed Wise into a Sleeper Hold, but Wise got back up and backed Crucifix into the corner. He rammed Crucifix's back against the turnbuckle pads a couple of times before breaking free and stepping away.

Wise charged the corner, looking for a running knee strike, but Crucifix moved. Crucifix grabbed Wise by the back of the head and slammed it into the top turnbuckle pad. He then hoisted Wise up top and climbed the turnbuckles. Crucifix hooked Wise for a Super Back Drop Suplex, but Wise twisted in mid move and landed on top of Crucifix with the pin, but he only got two! Wise rolled to his corner and tagged Bloome into the match as Crucifix used the ropes to pull hismelf up. Bloome charged in, but Crucifix lifted him up and over to the ring apron, but when Crucifix turned around, Bloome hit a forearm smash and then a slingshot shoulder block, knocking the champion down. Bloome went for the cover, but only got two. After kicking out, Crucifix bailed to the outside to try and recollect himself, but Bloomed tagged Wise and Wise ran along the apron, leaping off at Crucifix, but Crucifix side-stepped and Wise crashed and burned on the floor!

Bloome hit the ropes and went for a suicide dive to the outside! This caught Crucifix off guard and Bloome took the champion back down! Bloome then went and checked on Wise, helping him back to his feet. The two of them then stomped on Crucifix to keep him grounded. Wise picked Crucifix up and rolled him back into the ring. Wise slid in and went to pick Crucifix up, but Crucifix kicked Wise in the face from his back. Crucifix stood and whipped Wise across to the ropes. Crucifix hit a Spinning Heel Kick that took Wise off his feet. Crucifix hit the ropes and came back with a Running Senton on top of Wise. He had the cover, but only got two. Crucifix then placed Wise in a Bow and Arrow Submission hold. Bloome got back up on the ring apron and called out to Wise to fire him up. Wise fought through it and twisted, landing on top of Crucifix with the pin, but only got two. Both men got up and they both hit lariats on each other!

The referee started his mandatory ten count. Wise got to his corner and tagged Bloome just as Crucifix was getting back up. Bloome tagged him with a series of right hands before whipping him into the corner. Bloome charged in, but Crucifix slipped through the ropes and kicked high, catching Bloome in the face. Crucifix then hit the springboard clothesline taking Bloome off of his feet. Crucifix went to the corner and climbed up top, looking for the Leap of Faith, but when he jumped off, Bloome moved out of the way! Crucifix staggered to his feet and Bloome hit the ropes, looking for the Leaping STO.. the In Bloome, but Crucifix sensed it coming and ducked and saw Bloome soar right over him! Bloome landed on his stomach and when he stood, Crucifix lunged in and Super Kicked him as he was on his knees! That was known as GOOOAAALL.. usually performed by Cori Albright of The Natural Athletes... Crucifix was sending a clear boasting message with that move, but it didn't get the job done as Bloome kicked out!

Crucifix pulled Bloome up and sent him back to the corner. Crucifix charged in and hit a Running Back Elbow Smash. he pivoted and caught Bloome under the chin with a Palm Strike. Crucifix placed Bloome up top, wrapped his arm and flipped him with an Iconoclasm! Crucifix went for ther cover, but got two again. Wise was calling out to Bloome who needed to make the tag, but Crucifix kept Bloome grounded and hit elbow after elbow into the side of Bloome's neck and shoulder. He then applied a Nerve Pinch submission on Bloome. Bloome eventually battled back up to his feet and fired a pair of elbows to the mid-section. He went to walk away to make the tag, but Crucifix grabbed Bloome by the back of his head and sat out, slamming Bloome back first into the canvas. He pulled back on Bloome's legs with the pin, but Bloome kicked out again!

Crucifix pulled Bloome up and taunted Tripp Wise. Crucifix shoved Bloome back into the corner and hoisted him up to the top turnbuckle pad. Crucifix then lifted him into the Inverted Splash Mountain Bomb position, but Wise came into the ring and charged Crucifix since he was prone, but Crucifix caught Wise in the stomach with a boot, but this allowed Bloome to slip off of Crucifix's shoulders, landing behind him! Bloome then lunged in with the In Bloome, but Crucifix picked Bloome up by the waist and countered it with a Spinning Sidewalk Slam!!! He covered, but Wise leapt off the canvas and dove in to break up the pinfall attempt!

Wise pulled Crucifix up to his feet, but Crucifix hit a headbutt to Wise. Crucifix then reached into his tights and right in front of the referee and in plain sight, pulled out a pair of brass knuckles! Wise saw it and immediately kicked the knuckles out of Crucifix's hands!! The fell to the canvas, landing next to Bloome! Wise then grabbed Crucifix by the shoulder and threw him out of the ring by the entrance ramp! Bloome stood and he saw Tripp Wise pick up the knuckles and put them on his hand. The crowd actually cheered that because they hate Crucifix a little more than they hate them. The referee was trying to tell Tripp Wise he couldn't use the knuckles in the match and he had his back to Crucifix on the outside. This is when Wolf Spider ran out from the backstage area!

Crucifix stood up just in time to see Wolf Spider lunge in.. he speared Crucifix so hard, he flew up against the ring apron and smacked against it pretty hard!! The referee was still dealing with Tripp Wise, but Davis Bloome saw the whole thing. Wolf Spider stood, looking down at the broken Crucifix. He then hopped the barricades and exited. Bloome grabbed the knucks out of Wise's hand and yelled "WE DON'T NEED THIS!!" Tripp Wise was confused as Bloome exited the ring. He grabbed the lifeless Crucifix and threw him back in. Bloome immediately went into the cover as the referee turned and made the count.. Bloome picked up the three!! WE HAVE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!

Winner BADASS via Pinfall
Match Time: 29:52
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: Tripp Wise was too busy making his case to the referee that Crucifix was trying to use the knuckles on them, but Davis Bloome saw Wolf Spider hit the Run With the Wolves on Crucifix.. .as a result we have new tag team champions, but was this the plan Black Widow was talking about earlier?

Jeff Hartman: It has to be, Jack.. think about the stipulation! Crucifix is no longer the tag team champions... That means The Widow's Nest can FINALLY challenge for these titles! It's BRILLIANT!

Jack Wallace: But what if Shayne Anderson says something about this? He could easily just put a new restriction on them. Their plan could blow up in their faces again. I guess we'll have to wait and see. The Hype after Breakdown is going to be interesting, nevertheless. We're out of time.. Goodnight from Miami, FL as we celebrate NEW Tag Team Champions!