"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! We are a week removed from Unlimited and we are ready to get back into the swing of things! Hello everyone I'm Jack Wallace...

Jeff Hartman: .....

Jack Wallace: That's your queue Jeff.

Jeff Harman: What, are we on? Screw you.. I'm not saying anything funny.

Jack Wallace: Well then... we have a great show for you tonight folks and...

"Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth

Jack Wallace: Well.. looks like Mike Patterson is on his way down to the ring. It was on the last edition of The Hype where Mike Patterson challenged Brian Williams for the championship and he came up a bit short in that match. No doubt that's been weighing on his mind over these past couple of weeks. The former number one contender is in the ring.. let's hear what he has to say.

"One More Time"

Mike Patterson grabbed a microphone from the ringside attendant as his music faded out.

Patterson: I'm not moving from this ring until I get Brian Williams out here face to face.

The crowd gave Patterson a mixed reaction. "Original Fire" by Audioslave hit the PA and Brian Williams, the Hype Champion, wasted no time getting to the ring. He stepped inside and stepped up to Mike Patterson. The microphone was close enough to the point where we could hear Williams say "you asked for me.. I'm here"

Patterson: Two weeks ago, I came so close to defeating you for that championship. The fact that I destroyed The Dying Breed single handedly and the fact that twice I couldn't beat you one on one is eating me alive. I know I'm better than what I am... I proved it when I dismantled five men.. you included... at the same damn time, but yet... somehow.. some way... I came up short twice. Not anymore, Williams.

Patterson stepped in closer to the champion.

Patterson: I refuse to let go of my goals of becoming Hype Champion. I'm telling you.. if you give me a third shot.. I will come at you in a way you won't see coming. I will take that Championship from your cold dead hands because I am willing to go that far for it. Give me a rematch for that title so I can lay waste to you in the middle of this ring.

Williams walked past Patterson for a microphone.

Williams: I told you before.. just like I have told everyone. If you want a shot.. all you have to do is ask. You want a third shot at this? You got it.... just name the time.. and the place and I'll be more than happy to...

"HOLD ON!" said a voice from the back.

Shayne Anderson and Laurie Williams came out from the back to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Anderson: The idea of Brian Williams versus Mike Patterson again is an amazing idea. I love it a lot.. but we need to make this special.

Laurie then whispered something into Anderson's ear.

Anderson: I like that.. no.. better yet.. I love that idea. I spent a great deal of time pulling strings to get Cerberus versus The Widow's Nest booked on Pay-Per-View. I wanted to get the Hype some exposure, but The Dead Cell ruined those plans.. but there's one event coming up that I know Damien Lee won't allow it to happen. It's an event that's over the top.. it's too big for its own good... and because as such... it will garner the most attention and I think it will be perfect for your rematch. That is why I am officially making this match for the Hype Championship.. at Wrestlecade II!

The crowd cheered that idea

Anderson: The Hype's biggest prize on the biggest stage that jOlt has to offer. Sound good to you, two?

Williams: That works for me. I will be happy to beat Mike Patterson for a third time in the Tokyo Dome.

Patterson: Just like I will be fine with dethroning Brian William in the Tokyo Dome.

Williams: Keep dreaming. You've failed twice already. I'm accepting this match because I know I have a good chance of keeping my title.

Patterson: Good.. keep thinking that.. it'll serve you well as a grim reminder of reality when I end your reign.

Anderson: Gentlemen, Gentlemen.. I like that you're fired up, but save it for Wrestlecade. Besides.. we have a show to produce here, so if you kindly would.

Williams: After you.

Patterson: You first.

Williams: Why? So you can jump me from behind?

Patterson: Funny.. I was thinking the same thing.

Anderson: GENTLEMEN. Please... just leave together

Patterson and Williams each slowly put down their mics.. they inch closer to the ropes with every step as they refuse to take their eyes off one another. They slowly step through then hop down. Williams smirks and turns his back on Patterson and walked up the entrance ramp first. Patterson looks very tempted, but he sees Shayne Anderson and Laurie Williams watching the whole thing and thinks twice about it. Williams makes his way to the back as does Patterson who receives a warning glare from Anderson.

Jack Wallace: That was an intense situation, but it looks like the Hype Title will be on the line at Wrestlecade II! This will mark the first time the Hype Championship will be defended on a jOlt Pay-Per-View event! This is historic!

Lusus vs Jack Dawn

Before the Match
As the arena was in a furious ruckus following the action that had taken place already in the night, the jOltvision began to illuminate. The fans all turned their attention to the screen atop the entrance as the image on the screen had become all too familiar to them. Static filled the screen.

As the static crackled throughout the public announce system speakers, a montage of video clips began to play. The massive man who had been seen in weeks past performing devastating moves was once again on the screen destroying much smaller opponents. Stiff strikes cracked the skulls of those who dared oppose him in the clips. Still, like weeks prior, the image was so dark and distorted you couldn't tell who was actually on the screen.


Following a succession of strikes came a skull crushing bear-hug that transformed into trapping headbutts. The victim of the blows was visibly knocked unconscious. Once again the video screen filled with static then transformed into another series of clips. This time the beast was crushing his opponents frail bodies with stomps and kicks that could have crumbled boulders. Then without warning, the goliath of a man leapt into the air.


With massive force and all of his weight he came crashing down, both feet first, on the chest of his opponent flattening him like a penny run over by a locomotive. The crowd in the building let out an audible "ooooh" as the video turned once again to static, followed by a loud crackling noise.

As the last images on the screen faded away to black, the arena grew eerily still. The entire expanse of the venue was completely without visibility. Murmurs from the crowd pervaded as a shocking sight took place. The entire jOltvision began to smoke, as if it'd blown up. Black and white strobes of light began to pulse in the direction of the screen, showing the smoke more clearly.

At the base of the entrance, smoke rose from the steel entrance stage. Suddenly and without any indication of its eventuality, the entire arena was bathed in a red glow. Then just as quickly, the red light began to flicker. The speed with which the lights were blinking could've sent an epileptic into a seizure.

The red light slowed to match the ominous beat of "Requiem For A Dream," making the flashing even more disturbing than it had been only moments before. As the smoke at the entrance ramp Billowed into a large cloud, the jOltvision illuminated once more showing static which gave way to the words;

"The Bodycount Begins..."

The murmurs of those in the sold out capacity crowd turned to shrieks, jeers, boos, and sporadic applause. Clearly some were "in the know." Amidst the smoke, just covered by the almost impenetrable cloud stood a massive hulking giant. His bellowing roar broke the semi-silence.


The fans fell absolutely silent and still. Their undivided attention directed solely upon the entrance, as if it hadn't been already. With the swinging of his massive fists clearing away the smoke, "The Behemoth Beast" stepped out into view of the jOlt faithful.

The red lights continued to flash, giving sneaking peeks at the broad chest and shoulders of the mastodon. His face was covered with a mask, only his mouth and eyes were uncovered. His singlet, stretched taut across his frame, was decorated in red and white to match his hood. The base color of the outfit was so black that in the dim light it was hard to make out how it was actually cut.

Then the voice of The Hype, William Bell spoke, "Making his return to jOlt Wrestling, standing six feet and seven inches tall, weighing a scale crushing four-hundred and seventeen pounds.. He is the harbinger of destruction.. The deacon of disaster.. The maniacal monster.. The behemoth brute.. This.. Is.. LUUUUUSSSSUUUUUSSSSS!!"

Match Summary
Jack Dawn stood opposite of the behemoth brute himself. At the sound of the bell, Lusus simply charged in and nailed a body avalanche on Dawn in the corner. Lusus them pummeled Dawn over the upper back with forearm shot after forearm shot until Dawn was down in the corner. Lusus picked him up and then began to hit devastating headbutts in the corner before picking up Jack Dawn in a bear hug, squeezing the life out of him with the Ezekiel 25:17.

Lusus then showed his power by hitting a standing deadlift belly to belly overhead release suplex! Lusus didn't even leave his feet for that move and Dawn was sent 3/4 of the way across the ring where he slammed hard on the canvas! Dawn staggered to his feet, but he was on dream street already. Lusus placed Dawn between his legs and turned to face the opposite corner. Lusus lifted Dawn up and nailed a Running Jackknife Powerbomb... THE LOCO BOMB! Lusus then made the cover, hooking the leg getting the three!

Winner: Lusus via Pinfall
Match Time: 4:12
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Good GOD! Lusus just made a HUGE statement in his return to jOlt Wrestling. Once the protector of former world champion Chris Titan and a member of The Backbone, Lusus decided to take a break and come back to make an emphatic statement here tonight!

Jeff Hartman: This is what we need! We need a real monster on The Hype.. and his name is Lusus! Bow down before him for he is the one true king of The Hype!

Jack Wallace: Given recent events.. I'd refrain from saying things like that.

"What Comes Next"

We open up inside of the locker rooms where we see Crucifix holding both of the Hype Tag Team Championship belts. The Natural Athletes of Cori Albright and Terry Massimo enter and immediately Crucifix goes on the defensive.

Massimo: Whoa whoa.. relax.. we're only here to talk.

Albright: We saw what happened with Xteme. We saw the interview on the front page of jOlt as well and we have to ask.. what are you going to do now with those tag team titles?

Crucifix: I get it.. you want to know my plans because you just want your rematch, is that it?

Albright: Well.. yes.. in the long run we want a rematch, but we're not going to be like most former champions and exercise our clause. We are about competition and we decided that should the day come where we failed.. we would start at the bottom and work our way up to the top, re-earning a contendership... and that's what we're going to do to. We're not going to take the easy road and ask for a rematch.

Massimo: But we kind of have a soft spot for you. You and Xtreme were, beyond a shadow of a doubt, our toughest challenge. The two of you could have main evented on the main roster with your abilities and the fact that the two of you beat us, is a clear testament to that. That's why... out of respect.. we're here to maybe see if we can help you find a partner to hold that other title for you.

Crucifix: I've been your enemy for the longest time. Why go so far for someone like me?

Albright: Competition. It would be no fun earning a contendership and beating one man for those titles. When we take our titles back, we want it to be on an even playing ground.

Crucifix: So.. what you're saying is that you don't think I'm good enough to defend these titles solo?

Massimo: We didn't say that. We're just looking at this situation from our own point of view. Those are TAG TEAM titles... one would think you'd have to be in an actual TAG TEAM to defend them. I know when we come for those titles again, we would rather face a team.. not just a solitary man.

Crucifix: Well.. I'm sorry to inform you that I will be the one you face because I will not find a partner. I will defend these titles by myself.. and when you get your precious contendership.. I will face you by myself... and I will BEAT YOU.. by myself just like I will when I defend these belts against India's Import tonight!

Crucifix shouldered past Cori Albright who cracked a grin.

Albright: He's all fired up.

Massimo: Seems he is. All the more reason to do the same and get our contendership back.

Albright nods as the scene fades to black.

Faith Hines vs Monica

Before the Match
As Monica made her way to the ring, Hines ran up behind her and leveled her with a lariat to the back of the head. Hines began rapidly stomping down on Monica before pulling her up and throwing her shoulder first into the barricades! While Monica was in the seated position, Hines charged in and laid waste to Monica with a well-placed knee to her head! Monica began to slump over, but Hines wouldn't let her fall. She pressed her boot against Monica's neck, choking the life out of her!

The referee exited the ring and pulled Faith off of Monica. Monica crumpled to the floor as the referee backed her up. Hines began to laugh hysterically at the carnage she just caused. As the referee went to check on Monica, Hines sat down on the entrance ramp and stared at her hands with a sadistic look on her face as if she was beginning to believe what she was truly capable of.

Monica had to be helped up by the referee, but as soon as she was vertical, Faith Hines sprung up and decked Monica with a forearm to the face, knocking her back down and right out of the referee's arms! Hines mounted Monica and rained down heavy right hands. The referee had to use force to pull Hines off of Monica, but she simply just broke free and began to repeatedly knee Monica in the ribs! Another official ran out from the back and it took the two of them to get Faith Hines off of her. A third official came out to check on Hines as the other two dragged Faith away as she laughed.

The officials continued to check on Monica.

Winner: Match Never Started
Match Time: n/a
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: Something obviously snapped inside of Faith Hines. I don't know what got inside of her head, but the lovable, huggable Faith that we all know and love is no more and after seeing this.. I don't know if that Faith Hines will ever be back.

Jeff Hartman: That's good! I like a little wild side in my woman!

Jack Wallace: What is it with you and dangerous women? Are you that eager to die? Are you into S&M or something?

Jeff Hartman: I prefer to call it an acquired taste.


We open up to a video workout package featuring Tristan Cyan. He, himself, is providing the voice over for the montage.

"To become better, stronger, leaner, and faster, one must train. My Hype career hasn't been glamorous so I am aiming to change all of that"

More scenes of Tristan Cyan pumping iron are shown.

"When I return, I will make an impact like no other. I will take my career to new heights. The days of Tristan Cyan are over. From here on out.. I will simply be... Tristan. Nothing more... nothing less.

The barbell clanged against its holder as Tristan sat up. The camera focused on the intense look in his eyes as the scene fades out and a graphic appears that reads:


Shi no Ryu vs Muerte

This match was made on the last edition of The Hype. The Nest and Cerberus were banned from ringside as their representatives were set to meet one on one. At the sound of the bell, Muerte immediately charged Ryu and backed him into the corner. Muerte hit a series of forearms before attempting a whip that was reversed by Ryu. Ryu charged in and ate a back elbow followed by a second turnbuckle drop kick. Muerte began to choke Ryu in front of the referee and broke it on the count of four. Muerte pulled Ryu up to a seated position, hit the ropes, and flipped over with a snapmare, causing a whiplash effect. Muerte turned and began choking Ryu again until he broke it on four.

Muerte stood and got in the face of the referee, when he turned to pick up Ryu, Ryu kicked Muerte in the side of the head from his back. Ryu stood and unleashed a flurry of kicks to Muerte, backing him into the corner where he changed it up into rapid fire punches to the stomach, then chops to the neck, then a leaping back thrust kick just under the chin. Muerte fell to a seated position as Ryu stood off to the side and lit up Muerte with kick after kick after kick in the corner. Ryu pulled Muerte back to his feet and fired off a knife edge chop. Whip to the opposite corner and then a running double knee to the chest, put Muerte back into the seated position. Ryu shook his head as he pulled Muerte back to a vertical base and then leapt up to the middle rope, hitting a rope-assisted roundhouse to the face! Ryu used the ropes again to nail a springboard drop kick to the face and that put Muerte back down into the seated position for a third time!

Ryu gained some distance and got a running start.. he hit a hesitation drop kick into the corner and did more damage to Muerte's face. Ryu dragged Muerte out of the corner and covered, but only got two. Ryu pulled Muerte up, but Muerte surprised Ryu with an inverted atomic drop. Muerte then quickly hooked Ryu in an inverted face lock. He then spun looking for an elbow drop to hit the Death Scythe, but Ryu twisted out and they ended up with Ryu grabbing Muerte in a waist lock! German attempt, but Muerte landed on his feet, but Ryu hit a back thrust kick that doubled Muete over. Ryu spun and hit a kick to the chest, then another back thrust kick, then a kick to the chest. Drop kick to the knees followed by a hook kick to the back of the head put Muerte down face first onto the canvas! Ryu turned him over and covere, only getting a two again!

Ryu signaled that he was going to end it. He pulled Muerte up, but Muerte still had more fight in him as he plowed Ryu back into the corner and hit a pair of shoulder thrusts. Muerte hoisted Ryu up top and smacked him under the jaw with a rising palm strike! Muerte shook off some of those kicks and then climbed up top. He tried to hook Ryu, but Ryu punched away at Muete's mid-section. Ryu hooked Muerte and leapt off top, nailing a Super Falcon Arrow!! Ryu had the cover, but only got two again!

Ryu looked like he wanted to end this match and dared Muerte to stand. Muerte got to his feet as Ryu kicked him in the stomach. He set him up, looking to hit the Kokushibyou.. the Barry White Drivier.. aka the Splash Mountain Piledriver, but Muerte slipped off of Ryu's back. He immediately dropped down and rolled Ryu into a schoolboy and he held the tights. The referee was out of position to see the tights being hooked and Muerte got the three, even though Ryu had kicked away, but it was a second too late! Winner: Muerte via Rollup
Match Time: 8:55
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: Shi no Ryu looked dominant, but perhaps he built up a little too much confidence and it ended up with him being caught off guard by an unclean pin by Muerte

Jeff Hartman: Whoa.. let's not go using unclean.. let's just call it an opportunity!

After the Match
Muerte rolled out of the ring as Shi no Ryu continued to stand there. All of a sudden, Muerte grins as Supaida, Wolf Spider and Araknis come through the crowd on the remaining three sides of the ring. They all hop the barricade and Shi no Ryu is surrounded, but then Shayne Anderson and Laurie Williams stepped out from the back.

Anderson: Hold on a second.

They all turned their attention to Anderson and Williams.

Anderson: Diffusing two situations in one night. Looks like you guys are giving me a handful to deal with.

Williams whispered something into Anderson's ear. Anderson grinned.

Anderson: Another wonderful idea from my lovely assistant. This situation between The Widow's Nest and Cerberus has gone on long enough. Next week, The Widow's Nest will pick three people and they will face Cerberus in a six man tag team match.

The people cheered

Anderson: But... to make things fair.. to ensure that there's no interference... it will be settled within the confines of a Steel Cage!

The crowd REALLY cheered for that

Anderson: And since there's four of you and currently one of him. I am forbidding any physical contact between the two factions until next week. If either faction touches each other.. they will be fired on the spot.

Williams shook her head.

Anderson: Suspended?

Willams nodded.

Anderson: Suspended on the spot!! Got it?

Anderson and Williams leave. The Widow's Nest regroup as Shi no Ryu continues to stand guard, just in case. The Nest make their exit as does Ryu.

"The Scarlet Rain Falls Tonight"

The scene outside the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL. What was a sunny sky became dark and eeire with storm clouds. Rain began to fall.. lightning flashed and thunder clapped. Footsteps could be heard as the rain transitioned into a crimson hue.

Among the bloodstorm stood a female. Black hair with red streaks in a black and crimson jumpsuit.

"The world needs to be cleansed of the impurities. I am the one who will cleanse this world. I am Sarkhaya and my cleansing begins tonight."

The crowd in the background cheered for what appeared to be a dark hero type character. Sarkhaya walked forward towards the jOlt Arena and then the image faded to black.


Gordon Patrick vs El Tigre Verde

Match Summary
Gordon Patrick made his jOlt debut in a match with partner Jesse Ramey for the jOlt Tag Team Titles against the House. Although they lost, he must have impressed Damien Lee with the way he used his head (Irish Kiss headbutts), or maybe it was that Gordon Patrick had been trained by Sylo, a fact that the announce team put over hardcore. Either way, he found himself signed for a short-term deal on the Hype.

El Tigre Verde had recently beaten DefCon to settle a score and win a shot at the Hype Championship. Pretty stiff competition for someone just joining the roster to face, but a great opportunity to leave a mark, as well.

They two paid respect to one another and shook hands before the match began. El Tigre Verde danced around the Hype debutee, trying to keep out of reach. He swooped in for a couple of low leg sweep attempts that Patrick was just barely able to avoid. Eventually they locked up. El Tigre Verde slipped behind Gordon Patrick, who in turn countered with a standing switch and went into a HAMMERLOCK (Madman Szalinski, mark out here). It was short lived, as Tigre hit him with a couple of back elbows and sprung off the ropes. Cross body block followed by a quick leg drop. The cover only got a one count.

With both back their feet, the Jade Tiger ran the ropes again. This time he took Gordon down with a flying forearm, then a dropkick. He measured Patrick and connected with the Feral Paw Strike! This cover got two and GP had to shake out the cobwebs. Tigre charged him again but got an Irish Kiss headbutt for his trouble! El Tigre Verde walked away holding his head, but ended up circling right back around to Gordon Patrick, who followed up with a bodyslam. The Bostonian stretched the Jade Tiger's arm out on the canvas and gave it a stomp. He then rolled the Tiger onto his belly and locked him in the bridging scissored armbar he named the Curly Fry for his Arby's sponsorship. The commentators put over that the fans might get to see the Pat Lock tonight!

Eventually, Gordon let loose of the hold, but not after doing considerable damage to Verde's arms. Patrick lifted Verde to his feet by his arm, held onto the wrist and started throwing punches at the Tiger's upper arm. This was what fans had come to know as the Boston Charlie Horse during his time in the indies. However, during this maneuver, El Tigre Verde managed to leap onto Patrick's shoulders and took him down with a hurricanrana. Moonsault, feet connected in a double foot stomp to complete the Jaguar's Pounce. Then the Shooting Scar Press double rotation moonsault picked up the pinfall.

Winner: El Tigre Verde via Shooting Scar Press
Match Time: 8:12
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: Gordon Patrick was seen on iNtense and now made his debut here on The Hype, but things didn't seem to go his way tonight as El Tigre Verde scored a win, but Gordon Patrick still looked pretty impressive. He could have a bright future here. Jeff Hartman: If he wanted to have a bright future, he would have won his match here tonight.

"Donde es el Loco Army?"

Two masked luchadores, one in his physical prime and dressed to wrestle, the other a bit corpulent and wearing a white-on-white suit, stood near the concession stands of the jOlt Arena hocking merchandise. The merchandise in question: lucha masks, specifically duplicates of the masks they were wearing. The fans near the concession stands started to form a crowd and would pop whenever they heard a single word.

"BIENVENIDOS!" El Gringo Loco would howl, stretching the first syllable like a Mexican futbol commentator announcing a goal. "Come and look like your favorite grappler! Look like the Manager de Campeones! Come and join the Loco Nation today!"

The pair had recently been seen on the Countdown to Unlimited with a collection of 15 other grapplers surrounding them, all of whom were absent here.

"Mr. Loco , como es que solo tu y yo aqui? Pense que iba a ser un grupo de nosotros."

For all of you out there wondering, as El Principe certainly was, were were all of those absentees actually at. The second generation star was under the assumption he was going to be the figurehead for an entire army, not a lone ranger left alone no back up, discounting his mentor of course.

"I told you, Principe, it wasn't my fault they were turned back at the border! We could only afford the visas for the two of us. They were more expensive than I thought they would be. Besides, how was I supposed to know they had been tracking our van since Monterrey?" He neglected to tell his client that the money for the visas was used to purchase new rims for the van.

Principe, who was nowhere near fluent in The Queen's, nodded in agreement, but his riposte suggested he wasn't buying Gringo's spiel: "Pero te di mas que suficiente para veinte. No entiendo lo que paso."

"Sabes lo que pasa con estos funcionarios, siempre tan codiciosos!" was EGL's explanation, accusing the officials he tried to bribe for the work visas of being overly greedy. "Todos veremos nosotros aqui. No te preocupes. And if they don't then we'll just build a new army. This is the perfect place to do that, after all."

"Si, si" Principe remarked, though it was far from okay really. The leader of the Loco 'Army of One' had gotten away with it again.

A crowd swarmed around the two with dollars in hand, much to El Gringo Loco's delight.

El Gringo Loco and El Principe's debuts were NEXT!

El Principe vs Gabriel Gold

Before the Match
The Hype came back from commerical break as El Principe and Gabriel Gold stood there in the middle of the ring as El Gringo Loco grabbed a microphone from the ringside attendant.

Loco: Escuchame! What we have here is a man of vast wealth and royalty. He may have a brash exterior, but inside beats the heart of a peaceful man... a man who wishes to spread his wealth if it means not getting his hands dirty. That is why you.. Senor Gold... have a lucky and prosperous night ahead of you! Yes.. for you see... El Principe recognizes the kind of man you are. You dream of wealth.. you dream of financial security. El Principe is your savior in that regard and shall deliver it unto you."

El Gringo Loco walked over and placed his hand on Gold's shoulder.

Loco: But mi amigo... mi hombre... my friend... if you accept these riches... you have to promise not to lay a finger on the crown jewel of Mexico.. and my client... El Principe.

El Principe walked over and flashed a rather large amount of cash in front of Gabriel Gold. Principe nodded as if he wanted Gold to touch the money.. perhaps even count it. Gold slowly reached out and took the money and, indeed, counted it. His eyes widened as he nodded his head. Gold wanted the microphone and El Gringo Loco gave it to him.

Gold; Mr. Principe.. you have yourself a deal!

With that, Gabriel Gold looked at the official.

Gold; I forfeit.

Gold exited the ring, smiling, counting the money. El Principe demanded that the referee raise his hand. The referee shook his head, but raised his arm anyway.

Winner: El Principe via Forfeit
Match Time: 0:00
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: Are you kidding me? El Principe makes his debut on The Hype and he bribes his way out of his first match? How vile can one person be?

Jeff Hartman: He's the Mexican version of Prince Samir! I wonder how much wealth the two of them have combined.. Pesos or Rupees... what do you think, Jack?

Jack Wallace: I think you found another reason for me to want to shoot myself.

"From That Lower East Side"

A voice boomed over a black screen.

"They are the one and only pride from that glorified hell hole known as the Lower East Side... one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling's history!"

The voice echoed into nothingness a "Oye Como Va" by Carlos Santana hit the speaker.

Images flashed of a trio... some people who watched them in this very arena a decade ago popped HUGELY for their images.

????: We are about speading that 21K L to the O to the V to the E!

Another voice poppped up.

????: Time to get aboard the El-Train to the Lower East Side!

A third voice spoke.

????: And now.. Hype... The Boys are BACK!

The three shadows stepped forward. Iago Ali! Clemente Ali! Eldridge Ali!

A graphic displayed.


Vogue Gonsalvez vs Sarkhaya

Before the Match
Vogue made her way to the ring then the arena went dark. A clash of thunder echoed as a crimson lightning bolt stuck the stage causing a crimson pyro explosion to go off.

"Last Theater" by NoisyCell

The jOltvision illuminated with blood rain and a figure walking through it. The crowd immediately stood on their feet as Sarkhaya stepped out from the backstage area for the first time in her jOlt career.

She stepped forward when the lyrics kicked in.

One more step.. would've set me free.
I could fall into the darkness
Realize that I am just.. so afraid

Sakhaya stopped half way down the entrance ramp and knelt as the song went into a lull.

I dont..... want to.... destroy life...

The arena then exploded into crimson light with the chorus as Sarkhaya pounded her fist on the canvas, stood and threw her arms out then continued down to the ring..

I'm not gonna make it...
Is it almost over now?
Can't see the way to go..

I feel so alone..
My blood is on the ground.
I can't forgive this anymore

The theme faded as Sarkhaya rolled into the ring and stood. The lights returned to normal and the crowd immediately endeared themselves to her. Vogue brushed away all the flair as she didn't care who Sarkhaya was. She just wanted to kick her ass. The referee then called for the bell.

Match Summary
Vogue cockily walked up to Sakhaya and wasted no time slapping her across the face and making it known that this was her ring. Sarkhaya responded with a Gamengiri to the side of the head! Sarkhaya immediately grabbed Vogue to struggled to keep her balance. She hoisted Vogue up onto her shoulders and hit a Reverse Death Valley Driver known as The Blood Rain! She stood up and taunted Vogue to get back to her feet. Vogue was slow, but she staggered back up. She was met with a toe kick as Sarkhaya placed Vogue between her legs. She lifted Vogue up onto her shoulder and nailed a Fire Thunder Powerbomb... the Scarlet Wasteland! The crowd let out a huge "OOOH" and counted along as the referee counted three after a cover! Just like that.. in dominating fashion.. it was over!!

Winner: Sarkhaya via Scarlet Wasteland
Match Time: 2:41
Match Rating: *

Jack Wallace: Wow.. that's how you make a statement!! Vogue Gonsalvez never stood a chance!

Jeff Hartman: My poor Vogue! I should go give her some special branded Jeff Hartman mouth to mouth super aid!

Jack Wallace: Number one.. sit down.. number two.. I don't know what that involves, but I'm sure we don't need whatever it is you have to spread faster than Ebola.

After the Match
Sarkhaya stood up and looked down over Vogue. The arena turned crimson as she spread her arms out.. then from behind..



Kodora pulled Sarkhaya into a seated position and began to pummel her with head trapped elbow strikes. She wouldn't let up until the referee pulled her off of her. Kodora exited the ring and left without any explanation. The referee checked on Sarkhaya as Kodora walked to the back and disappeared behind the curtain.

"Member Selection"

We are in the backstage area where The Widow's Nest were having a meeting

Widow: You heard what Shayne Anderson said. Next week, we will face Cerberus in a steel cage. We can't take all of us so we need to pick the three that will go. Since this is my charge... I'm picking Muerte, Wolf Spider, and Araknis.

The three of them nodded, but Supaida shook his head.

Supaida: May I ask why I wasn't chosen?

All attention was now on Supaida as Black Widow calmly addressed the situation.

Widow: I picked the three that I thought would give us the best chance of winning. Araknis has high flying ability, Muerte has technical ability, and Wolf Spider is our enforcer.

Supaida: I'm on the same level.. if not higher.. than Araknis when it comes to high flying. So why him and not me? This just seems like almost two years ago when the same thing happened. I kept getting passed over by you and it forced me to go out on my own. Is the past repeating itself? What am I to you?

Widow: Relax. Nobody is passing you over. You're the insurance policy. If we need you, you will be called upon. I plan on winning this match next week and I will stop at nothing. Even though you're not in the match, you will have an important role to play.

Supaida: If you say so. I just hope for your sake, that you're right.

Supaida walked away as the rest of the Nest looked at each other. Black Widow sighed.

Widow: Some things never change with him.

The scene faded to black.

Crucifix(c) vs India's Import

Match Summary
Crucifix waited as it was decided that Ryan Raysor would start the match for India's Import. The two of them locked up and Crucifix went into the side head lock, but Raysor backed him into the ropes and sent him across the ring, putting him down with a shoulder block. Raysor went to the ropes again and stepped over as Crucifix got onto his stomach and then up to a vertical base. Raysor held onto the rope as Crucifix went for a drop kick, but had the ring awareness to sense the counter. He backflipped and landed on his feet, taunting Raysor. Raysor charged in with a clothesline, but Crucifix ducked and fell backwards into a Pele Kick that staggered Raysor away. Crucifix got back up as Raysor charged in, but Crucifix hit a deep arm drag! Raysor up where he got caught with a second arm drag. Raysor up again and Crucifix put him back down with a drop kick! Raysor rolled to the outside, but Crucifix wouldn't let him breathe as he flipped up and over to the outside with a Tope con Giro!

Crucifix stood and grabbed Raysor, throwing him shoulder first into the ring steps! Prince Samir didn't like what he saw and he came into the ring at full speed. He dove through the ropes to the outside, catching Crucifix with a Suicide Dive! Samir pummeled away on Crucifix before helping Raysor to his feet. Samir went back to his corner as Raysor pulled Crucifix up and rolled him back into the ring. Raysor got up on the apron as Crucifix stood up. Springboard Dropkick from Raysor connected and he covered, only getting two. Raysor then placed Crucifix into a sleeper hold to try and wear him down. Samir wanted the tag so Raysor drop a pair of elbows into the neck, stood, and made the tag.

Crucifix slowly got up as Samir stepped into him with a knife edge chop. He hit a second and a third, driving Crucifix back into the corner. Samir then whipped Crucifix across the ring and into his corner. Samir charged in, but Crucifix made him eat a back elbow. Crucifix elbowed Raysor in the face then hit a right hand on Samir. Samir staggered back as Crucifix hit another elbow to Raysor and then charged Samir with a lariat, but Samir ducked, hooked Crucifix and nailed a German Suplex on him. Samir went to his corner and tagged Raysor back into the back. Raysor hopped over the top rope and nailed a slingshot elbow drop into Crucifix where he covere, but only got two.

Raysor pulled Crucifix back up and tagged Samir back in. The two of them whipped Crucifix across the ring and hit a double back elbow followed by a double elbow drop. Raysor exited as Samir covered and only got two once again. Samir then applied a surfboard submission as he called Raysor into the ring. Raysor ran at full speed and nailed a Shotgun Drop Kick to the face as Samir held him in the submission hold! Raysor exited as Samir covered and, again, only got two! Samir stood and dragged Crucifix to his corner by the arm, tagging Raysor back into the match. Raysor came in and put the boots to Crucifix to make sure he stayed grounded. Raysor then decided to work on his leg by dropping an elbow across his right knee. Raysor did this a couple of time and then applied a leg lock submission hold, but Crucifix was too close to the ropes and easily reached out and grabbed them.

Raysor stood and dragged Crucifix to the center of the ring where he tried to place him into a Boston Crab, but before Raysor could do more damage, Crucifix used his leg strength to flip Raysor onto his back. Raysor stood as Crucifix staggered up, but Crucifix nailed a European Uppercut that rocked Raysor back! Crucifix stepped in and emptied into Raysor with lefts and rights, combination blows. He backed Raysor into the ropes and whipped him across the ring. Crucifix put Raysor down with a leg lariat. He noticed Samir hopping the ropes and entering the ring. He hit a deep arm drag on Samir as Raysor stood and placed him in a waist lock. Samir stood, but Crucifix performed a standing switch and shoved Raysor into his own partner. Raysor staggered back into Crucifix who nailed a Half Nelson Suplex! Crucifix stood and grabbed Samir and threw him over the top rope and down to the floor!

Crucifix headed to the corner and climbed up top, but Raysor got to his feet and knocked Crucifix off his perch! Raysor climbed up top and hooked Crucifix for a superplex, but Crucifix fought back and headbutted Raysor off the top. Crucifix took aim, but Raysor moved, but Crucifix sense it and rolled throught his senton up to his feet. Raysor lunged in and nailed a Super Kick when Crucifix turned around and Crucifix was laid out in the corner! Raysor then climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad and took aim. He went for the Shooting Star Elbow Drop.. the Flip Switch... but it was Crucifix that moved this time! Samir got up onto the apron and ran alongside it, but Crucifix saw him out of the corner of his eye and nailed a Drop Kick that knocked Samir back down to the floor!! Crucifix hopped up to the middle turnbuckle as Raysor pulled himself up to an all fours position. Crucifix leapt off and drove Raysor's face into the canvas with a Curb Stomp.. the Passing Judgment! Crucifix made the cover and got the three as Prince Samir couldn't make it back into the ring in time!!

Winner: Crucifix via Passing Judgment
Match Time: 26:15
Match Rating: ***1/4

Jack Wallace: Crucifix actually did it! He defended the tag team titles in a handicap match against an established tag team! Like him or not.. that was amazing!

Jeff Hartman: I still believe he needs Xtreme. If it weren't for some miscommunication, Crucifix would have failed. He got lucky and nothing less.

Jack Wallace: Lucky or not.. he still holds the Hype Tag Team Titles. That's going to do it for us this week! Thank you for joining us and we'll see you next week right here on The Hype!