"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! We are left wanting answers for what happened at the end of last week's main event! What happened when the lights went out? Where did Seraph go? What is with the black feathers?

Jeff Hartman:What is with you asking so many questions? Needy needy needy.. that's what you sound like like.

Jack Wallace: Kind of like you each and every time you see any woman within a hundred feet of you.

Jeff Hartman: Fifty feet, Jack.. fifty.. let's not get the facts wrong here.

Jack Wallace: Riiiight. We may have the answer to one of our questions.. we understand that Seraph is backstage right now with Shayne Anderson!

We are taken inside Shayne Anderson's office. Seraph walked up to Anderson's desk and for the second time in his career, removed his mask. He leaned over the desk and stared a hole through Anderson.

Seraph: "I want my rematch... tonight", said Seraph in a deep and menacing voice as the people in the crowd clammored amongst themselves over the fact that Seraph is actually talking for once.

Shayne let out a heavy sigh and then looked serious and sharp.

Shayne: "I'm sorry, but you had your opportunity last week. When the lights went out... you disappeared. Since there were no known signs that anything had happened to you, it's fair to say that you left on your own free will under the cover of darkness. Because that's what the evidence is pointing to, I'm afraid I cannot hand you a rematch. You're going to have to earn it by starting over, just like everyone else." Seraph gritted his teeth as he didn't like the sound of that.

Shayne: "I see that my decision isn't sitting well with you. So I guess what you can do is go out to that ring and take your frustrations out on your opponent for this evening. It'll be a real test for you, I'm sure, but being the true monster of The Hype, I would assume you'd have no difficulties, now would you?" Seraph closed his eyes, trying to contain his rage knowing that he was in the presence of the man who signs his paychecks. Seraph: "Who is it?" asked Seraph in a gruff tone.

Shayne: "Oh just the man who has been tearing a path through everyone as of late and is one of the few men who are undefeated in not only The Hype, but all of jOlt as well. Your opponent tonight is Pietro Geist."

Seraph took in a deep breath and let out a sigh. He then placed his mask back on and left as Shayne sat there with a grin on his face.

Faith Hines vs Desiree

Match Summary
Faith Hines and Desiree have had a bit of a rivalry going between them. Last week, Desiree challenged Hines, saying she wanted another shot at her and this match was the result of that challenge. Xin Xin Xiong is at ringside to watch over and coach Desiree in this match.

The match started out as a feeling out process. Even though these two are aware of each other by now, they wanted to test the waters. Eventually they locked up and Desiree showed some fire as she took control of the match and grounded Faith each time she tried to mount any kind of offense. Desiree had Faith in an arm bar submission hold, but Faith battled back to her feet and after a few strikes, broke free. Faith went to the ropes, but Desiree stopped that with a well placed knee then a running neckbreaker for two. Desiree went back to the submission holds with a rear chin lock, but that was countered with a jawbreaker, a pair of clotheslines and a scoop slam. Faith went up top and dropped a huge elbow for a close two. Faith then taunted Desiree to stand and when she did, she was met with a toe kick and a double underhook, but Desiree twisted out of it, hit a toe kick of her own and fell to the canvas, pulling Faith down with her into the Desire... the Triangle Choke! Faith showed tremendous power by standing and lifting Desiree and then falling down with a powerbomb, but Desiree absorbed the blow and rehooked the Desire!!!! The people stood up as Faith was still in the middle of the ring!!! Faith went for the powerbomb lift once again, but Desiree used her elbow and drove into the top of Faith's skull! Faith collapsed back down and the move was still locked in!! Faith couldn't take much more and tapped!!

Winner: Desiree via Desire
Match Time: 12:13
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: What a way to kick off The Hype!! Desiree wanted the rematch and she got it and as a result, she ended up making Faith Hines tap out! I guess all of those notes paid off!

Jeff Hartman: Notes... riiiight. We all know what Xin Xin Xiong is like... I bet there were some... "after training" lessons.

Jack Wallace: Are you sure that you're not just imagining yourself inside of one of your fantasies? Jeff Hartman: Mayhaps... Mayhaps...

As Desiree and Xin Xin Xiong were making their way up the entrance ramp, Callie "Scrapper" Scott walked out and blocked their path, causing the two of them to stop dead in their tracks. Scott walked up to X3 with a microphone in hand.

Callie: First, it was a double knockout... then it was a time limit draw. I have to admit.. I've felt so exhilerated over that level of competition. I didn't think that I would find it here on The Hype. I know that you're Kodora's manager, so I came out here to ask you directly if I could have Kodora one more time.. this time... without any time limits. We need to settle this between us once and for all.

Xin Xin Xiong was about to answer when Kodora appeared from the backstage area. She gave Callie Scott a glare as she walked past everyone and walked down to the ring. Xiong simply turned and grinned at Callie Scott.

Xin: "I think that's your answer.", then turning to Desiree. "Looks like were not leaving yet. Let's go back down and watch this. Take mental notes."

The three of them walked down to the ring. X3 and Desiree went to the left while Callie rolled in under the bottom rope. The referee that was out there before called for the bell!

Callie Scott vs Kodora

Match Summary
Scott jumped Kodora at the start and pummeled her into the corner where she switched between shots to the face and the body, trying to soften up Kodora early, but Kodora pie faces Scott which caused her to stagger away, but she went right back to work with the strikes in the corner. Eventually, Kodora found an opening and switched with Callie and Kodora unleashed a flurry of kicks before sending her across with an irish whip and following it up with a running knee strike. Kodora placed Callie up top and then hit a step up roundhouse to the side of the head followed by an iconoclasm for a two count. Kodora went to pick up Callie, but received a kick to the face from the seated position.

STO by Callie took Kodora down. She mounted and punched Kodora, but Kodora threw her off, stood and went for the Super Kick, but Callie grabbed the leg and hit a back heel trip, a trifecta of elbow drops and a knee to the chest for two. Callie then back into the corner and went for the running knee, but it was countered with a school boy by Kodora for two. Kodora hit a barrage of knife edge chops that actually broke Callie's skin on her chest. Kodora switched to alternating knee strikes and then placed Callie in a headlock. She went for a bulldog, but it was countered when Callie threw her away. Kodora got back up and ate a big boot to the face for two.

Callie got into the position and went for the Sliding D, but Kodora moved out of the way. Kick to the stomach by Kodora set up Callie for a suplex, but Callie blocked and hit a snap suplex of her own. Callie went to the corner, but Kodora knocked her off and pitched her with a top rope biel. What followed with a super kick to the face and the head trap / MMA elbows to the head! Callie actually withstood the blows and got back to her feet with Kodora on her back! While Kodora was still elbowing her, she repositioned Kodora on her shoulders and nailed a death valley driver and both women were down!!

Callie slowly crawled into the cover and only got two to a "This is Awesome" chant from the crowd. Callie went to the corner and cocked her fist like a gun. When Kodora stood she charged, spun and went for the discus punch, but Kodora ducked, hit the waist lock and nailed not one, not two, but three german suplexes in a row! Callie tried to get up, but she fell to a knee and almost toppled over. She had to stick her arm out to brace herself. Kodora lunged in at this time and nailed another super kick! She then trapped the head and went back to work with elbows. Callie was checked on by the referee and didn't respond so he called for the bell!

Winner: Kodora via Knockout!
Match Time: 31:17
Match Rating: ****1/2

Jack Wallace: Good Lord what a match! We finally found the answer as to who would win in a fight... what an amazing display of power between these two women

Jeff Hartman: Now only if they were barefoot and pregnant in my kitchen, life would be complete.

We see Sebastian Saje and Alyssa Corliss backstage in their locker room. In what has become quit the unwanted tradition over the past month and a half, an envelope is slid underneath their locker room door. Saje looks very annoyed by this and storms over to his door and opens it.

"IS THIS SOME SORT OF SICK JOKE!? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?" shouts Saje down the hallway, drawing the attention of the many staff members working backstage.

Saje sees no one and slams the door shut in anger. He picks up the envelope which is curiously lightweight. Saje opens the envelope and pulls out another black feather.. this time, there is a note tied to it with a thin string. Saje examines the note before reading it aloud.

"Just give in. In the end, your rightful place belongs alongside us."

Saje throws the feather into trash as Aylssa gives him a hug. Saje embraces her back and stares off as if he were just lost in thought.

"Don't listen to them. It's just some idiot trying to get into your head." said Alyssa

Saje then looked down and held her tightly.

"Yeah, I know.. There's nothing to worry about. I'm not going anywhere."

The scene faded to black.

Pietro Geist vs Seraph

Before the Match
Seraph made his entrance and grabbed a microphone from ringside. He lifted his mask up to reveal his mouth as he wanted to speak.

"I don't care who I have to go through. I am the true monster of The Hype and I will prove that by defeating Pietro Geist here tonight. In the next few moments, Pietro Geist will know the sorrow of not being undefeated anymore"

Seraph then readjusted his mask to cover his face as he passed the microphone off to ringside. Pietro Geist then made his entrance.

Match Summary A clash of the titans, the biggest man to enter the ring on The Hype, the monstrous Seraph found himself standing across the ring from the German juggarnaut Pietro Geist. From the start, neither man was going to back down. Seraph tried pie-facing Geist when the two went nose to nose and he had the taste slapped out of his mouth. A shoving match led to a tie-up try, which was cut off by Geist going on the offensive with a right forearm to the jaw. Geist gripped Seraph by the throat and waffled him with strikes and headbutts, pinning him against the ropes. Seraph fired back with strikes of his own and the two big men just stiffed the crap out of each other before both men both went to the hair. Neither could get the positioning they wanted and Geist unleashed a series of right hands, which only fired up Seraph and he pushed Geist into the corner so he could clock him with a barrage of his own.

A snarling Geist gripped Seraph by the throat, forcing his way out of the corner. A short-arm forearm strike sent Seraph stumbling back into the corner and Geist followed it up with a pair of brutal right hands to his gut. Seraph created space by shoving his massive hand into Geist's face, so he could return fire with repeated forearm shots of his own. He pinned Geist to the ropes, but the German's time there was short. He grabbed Seraph by the hair and blasted him in the jaw until he was cornered. A flurry of boxing strikes connected to Seraph's jaw and torso. Seraph refused to give in, widly clubbing away at the Aryan monster. Geist shoved both hands into Seraph's face, while he pulled back on Geist's hair, and the referee found getting them to separate to be quite the task.

The official wedged himself between the two monsters to cause a break, but Geist was able to gain the upper hand with a double leg takedown that led to him to mounting Seraph and assaulting him with hammer fists. The referee did his best to restrain Geist, allowing Seraph to get up. However, the ref couldn't hold the enraged Geist for long, who the fans discovered was bleeding from a huge gash under his right eye. The German took control quickly with a running Superman punch in the corner. Geist paused for only a second to check his wound, which could use several stitches, and it allowed Seraph to march out of the corner and waffle him with a barrage for forearms and elbows. A kick to the gut and a bodyslam led to a huge elbow to the trapezius and a sleeper by Seraph, who too was bleeding from a split lip. Geist wouldn't stay down and just willed his way back to his feet. Lefts and rights battered Seraph, but he was able to narrowly avoid an in-coming Geist after he was whipped into the corner.

A huge vertical suplex by Seraph. Geist found the tables turned and he was sent into the far corner. However, he exploded out of it, taking Seraph out of his boots with a vicious spear. Things went out to the floor where the German went crashing head first into the steel post and into the barricade right after. A jumping forearm strike sent Seraph to his ass against the barrier. Despite the referee's pleas to return to the ring, Geist crushed Seraph's head against the barrier with a running knee. back in the ring, body shot after body shot struck Seraph's torso, causing him to fall to his rear in pain, and Geist stomped the high holy hell out of him. Seraph rolled out to the floor, but Geist wasn't going to let him escape. He threw him right back in the ring, but not without dotting his eye a few more times first. The crowd erupted when Geist spiked Seraph with a spinebuster for a near fall.

A leaping forearm strike from the top got a two-count as well for the German. Seraph tried to fight back, but he was sent tumbling to the floor courtesy of a running European uppercut. Back out in no man's land, Geist missed a charge and slammed chest-first into the steel post and was laid out with Vader-like body attack. Seraph stomped away at his foe when they re-entered the ring and Geist had no choice but to roll back out to the floor. Seraph kept the pressure on and clotheslined the German over the barricade just to drop down and punch the hell out of him. Elbows and forearms accompanied the pulling of the hair that led Geist back into the ring. A huge backdrop suplex got Seraph a two-count and so did a trio of elbow drops. Seraph signaled for Divine Destruction, but it was cut off and he was slammed down with an F-5! It took a moment for both men to get upright, but when they did, things hit the next level. Each began blasting the other with strikes of every shape and size.

The crowd loved every minute of it, as they flat out potatoed each other. Geist roared and unleashed a barrage of punches that was capped off with a spinning backfist that left Seraph out on his feet. Enthauptung connected and it doesn't matter if you are a little person or Godzilla, that's the end of your night. Winner: Pietro Geist by pinfall
Match Time: 15:20
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jeff Hartman: I don't even know where to start, Jack.

Jack Wallace: Well, I do. These two gargantuans just stiffed the crap out of each other in an attempt to show just who is the apex predator on The Hype. Lord knows that I don't want to step in their against either one of these monsters. I like my face just the way it is, thanks.

Jeff Hartman: That had to be the most hard hitting match I have ever seen, let alone on this show! You could feel the impact with every shot they delivered. It looks like they each went ten rounds with Mike Tyson. Both are battered and bloodied beyond belief. There were no chairs or ladders. That was just punches and elbows meeting flesh.

Jack Wallace: Yeah, but only one is walking away and that's Geist. God help the next poor bastard that has to enter the ring with him.

Cross the Hood are seen in the back in their locker room. They are both applying wrist tape to their.. well.. wrists. I mean where else would they put it? They were dressed to compete tonight as they actually have an official match for once.

Cross: I'm tellin' ya brother, it's 'bout damn time we got a match. You was right, man. Takin' matter inta our own hand last week got us what we deserved.. tv time.

Hood: I told ya, man. All we had ta do, was go out there and mix it up.. draw the eyes of the people.. and now.. they can't deny us. They can't deny that WE belong out there.. not back here!

Both of them nodded in agreement when Shayne Anderson stepped into view. The people could be heard booing in the background. Shayne walked up with a grin on his face.

Shayne: Gentlemen.. how are you two doing this evening.

Cross: Ah, you know, man. Just getting pumped up for our match tonight.

Shayne: Oh, I see.. well.. that's wonderful, but... I hate to tell you that there isn't going to be any match with you tonight.


Shayne: First off.. calm down.. second... I have to set an example. We can't have people interrupting matches. I had to make on the fly adjustments to the program last week because you went out there and ruined a match that I took the time to set up and deliver to our great fans. Since you decided to take matters into your own hands and ruin all of that, I've decided to punish you by cancelling your match tonight. I'm only doing this to set an example for the rest of the locker room. I hope you understand and.. try to have a nice day.

Anderson simply left as Jackson and Machida looked at each other. Cross was so pissed off that he punched another dent into his locker. Machinda grabbed him by the arm.

Hood: Yo, it's okay bro. He wanna play like that. We'll show him how we play.. you feel me?

Cross: Yeah, brotha.. let's show 'em how we play.

The two of them exited the locker room.

India's Import vs Mad Morgan & Shovel

Match Summary
Since Ryan Raysor has a match later tonight, the team is being represented by Prince Samir and Kareem. No sooner did the bell ring, out from the back ran Cross the Hood. They immediately went after Samir and Kareem. Morgan and Shovel, having been the victim of their attacks last week jumped in. Morgan and Shovel double teamed Cross while Samir and Kareem double teamed Hood. The four of them hit a stereo double irish whip, but Cross came back with a double clothesline and Hood hit a double flying shoulder block! Hood grabbed Samir and tossed him over the top rope and then he and Cross double teamed Kareem and threw him over the top rope as well

They then turned their attention to Mad Morgan and Shovel when all of a sudden the lights in the arena went out and on the jOltvision, there was some matrix numbers streaming down. Then an electrified green X was shown on screen. The X then shattered into light particles and the screen went off. At the same time, the lights came back on and in the ring were Mike Patterson, Crucifix, and Xtreme!

Crucifix went after Cross... Xtreme went after Hood. They both wipped their respective opponents towards Mike Patterson who hit the ropes. Patterson came back.... SPEAR!!

Double spear to Cross and hood... Xtreme and Crucifix then went to the top turnbuckle pads.. Xtreme leapt off with the Shooting Star Press he called Xtreme Measures.. it connected on Machida Hood. At the same time, Crucifix leapt off with the Leap of Faith.. the Senton Bomb.. and connected with Jackson Cross. Then the 6'10" 330lb Mike Patterson went up top as Crucifix and Xtreme piled Cross and Hood on top of each other...


Patterson hit a devastating Frog Splash to both Jackson Cross and Machida Hood. The trio got some boos from the crowd, but they didn't care. They came to the aid of Mad Morgan and Shovel. They helped the two of them up to their feet and all five walked to the back.

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: 0:00
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: We saw those three last week.. was this what Shayne Anderson wanted to talk to them about? Are they the hired muscle to protect Shayne Anderson?

Jeff Hartman: Would you say that they are a "Shield of Justice?"

Jack Wallace: Why the hell would they be a shield of justice? What justice? You've been watching too much Marvel lately.

Jeff Hartman: Pfft.. I'm a DC man. Batman is way cooler than the X-Men combined.

Jack Wallace: Send all of your nerd rage to

Discussing strategy, Xin Xin Xiong and his two female students made their way through the backstage area. Desiree was focused intently on the conversation at hand, while the emotionless Kodora marched alongside them. Something caught the masked female's attention, causing her to pause for just a moment, and a moment was all that was needed. She found herself quietly captured by the waist with a hand over her mouth. Before she could react, Kodora was spun through a nearby doorway.

"Shhh," a familiar voice instructed her. "Not one sound, hatsukoi."

She knew the voice very well and didn't struggle at all in the man's grasp. His hands were rugged, but didn't irritate her skin. To be frank, she quiet enjoyed the feel of them upon her. The man gently released her and she looked up at him with big eyes.

"You have definitely have a death wish," she announced and chuckled in disbelief. "You're very lucky that he didn't see you."

"Time has caught up with your sensei," the spider ninja known as KUMO replied, locking his eyes upon hers. "His skills aren't what they once were. The Xiong I knew would have heard me coming a mile away, much like you did. He is barely worth my wrath anymore. However, that will not save him from it."

"I hope that is not the reason you pulled me in here."

"It isn't, I assure you."

"Good, as he is going to notice that I'm gone and will come looking. Let us pray that he doesn't find me here with you, as he will kill you and I will be put through the worst training imaginable."

"Why do you still follow that man? Your training ended long ago."

"We are not going to discuss this again."

"One day, you will see him for who he truly is. On that day, I will not say, 'I told you so'. That I promise."

The pair turned to the door upon hearing the voice of Kodora's teacher echo through the hallway.

"What is it you wanted?" the masked female asked.

"Can't I just want to see you?" KUMO asked back.

That brought a smile to her face. Yet, it was short-lived, as she could hear her teacher's voice grow near.

"I must go," Kodora informed the spider ninja and started towards the door. "Please be more careful next time, as I won't risk either of our safety."

"Oh so there is a next time?" KUMO quizzed her with a smirk warping his mask, taking her by the hand.

"Perhaps," she answered with a soft smile.

With the jiggling of the room's doorhandle, the asian duo had to react fast.

"Vanish," she demanded of him, as he got into a fighting stance. He looked to her with a fire in his eyes only to have her look to him with soft eyes. He was more than ready to take on X3, but he just couldn't say no to her. "Please... Now is not the time."

KUMO nodded and slipped up against the wall while Kodora adjusted her attire. Xiong swung the door open and looked around the room with Desiree peeking over his shoulder.

"What were you doing in here?"

"Ashikarazu, sensai," Kodora replied with a bow and directed all attention to her left. "I had to use the bathroom."

Xiong squinted slightly, as he examined the situation. He wasn't one hundred percent sure that she was telling the truth, but he had to take her word. She was always a loyal soldier and had never given him any reason to doubt her.

"Alright. Now, get a move on. You and joji need to spar."

Kodora lowered her head and scurried out into the hallway.

"Had to go pretty bad, huh?" Desiree chuckled.

X3 couldn't stop himself looking over the empty room once more. He could sense that something was wrong, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. He slowly slipped out to the hallway, closing the door behind him. KUMO could only glare at the door with his body trembling with rage.

Dragon Born vs The Widow's Nest

Match Summary
The Nest made a huge impact on iNtense as they attacked the Underground Champion, Omega. Here they look to take on the newest tag team on The Hype... Panic and Trot.. Dragon Born.

Panic and Araknis started things off in the ring and the action was very fast paced as was expected from these two lightweights. It began with a lot of chain wrestling and quick nearfalls before the two of them stopped and entered into a staredown to cheers from the crowd. Panic tagged in Trot and then Araknis tagged in the muscle, Wolf Spider. Spider went for a lock up, but Trot used his speed to maneuver around and open up with some strikes which didn't really phase Spider all that much. Trot went for a whip, but Spider reversed, but Trot countered with a sprinboard cross body, but Spider caught him in mid air and nailed a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker for two. Spider then went for the Run with the Wolves spear, but Trot caught him by surprise with a shotgun drop kick to the face!!!

Cover for two and Trot made the tag to Panic. They came in and took their turns kicked at Spider as he knelt there. They finished it off with a stereo roundhouse as Trot left the ring. Cover by Panic, but only got two when Araknis made the save. Araknis then hit a knee strike and a quick brainbuster to even the score. Spider got to his corner and made the tag and Araknis went up top and hit a missile drop kick. A pair of clotheslines and a spin kick later and Araknis went to the top once again. Araknis leapt off with what looked to be a cross body, but Panic kipped up and Super Kicked him out of mid-air!! Cover and a very close two!

Panic made the tag to Trot who went to the top as well. He waited for Araknis to stand. Once vertical, he grabbed Araknis and flipped him upside down in a reversed tombstone position. He walked toward the corner and went to run in with his Running Omega Driver, but Wolf Spider came into the ring and nailed Run with the Wolves taking out Trot and his own partner at the same time! Panic went up top and nailed a leaping side kick to the face of Spider who rolled out of the ring, but when Panic turned around, Wolf Spider grabbed Panic by the leg and pulled him to the outside where he rammed him into the edge of the ring apron. Meanwhile, Araknis and Trot were recovering. Araknis and Trot traded punches under Araknis ducked one. He lifted Trot up onto his shoulders, but all of a sudden...

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl's voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

As the atmosphere was experienced, Trot slipped off of Araknis' shoulders and rolled him up, getting the three!!! Panic and Trot just got the win as The Widow's Nest was distracted! After the pin, the arena returned to normal and Omega was nowhere to be found! It was nothing but mind games!

Winner: Dragon Born via Roll up
Match Time: 12:06
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jeff Hartman: The Widow's Nest poked at a monster back on Sunday night... now, that monster is going to make their lives a living hell from here on out..

After the dust had settled from the previous match, the lights in the arena dimmed and the jOltvision illumninated with life. The figure of a man appeared working out in a wrestling ring.

VO: As a former Washington State Cougar and starting lineman for the World Champion Seattle Seahawks, he holds his future in the palm of his hands.

The camera did a close up on his face.

"I'm Terry Massimo... and next week, someone will be introduced to pure athleticism"

The logo for Terry Massimo splashed onto the screen with the words "Debuts Next Week" underneath it.

KUMO vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary
After a couple lock-ups were broken cleanly, they reached a stalemate after looking for control on the mat. Raysor switched out of a hammerlock and put on a side headlock. KUMO smacked Raysor after breaking the headlock against the ropes. Raysor did the same thing. This led to a slap battle which KUMO won. Raysor gave him a pair of Japanese armdrags and applied a headscissors. KUMO reversed after a front chancery to one of his own. Raysor popped out of it and hit a dropkick. Raysor delivered a handspring elbow in the corner. He got two with a Northern Lights suplex. Raysor with a snap suplex-slinghsot senton combination. Raysor with another headscissors after a failed pin attempt. Raysor turned a suplex into a stunner in midair and rotated into a dragon sleeper.

KUMO showed great flexibility by kicking his foe in the head to break free. KUMO caught Raysor with some kicks from the ring apron, hanging him across the middle rope. KUMO came off the top with a knee strike to Raysorí neck. KUMO kicked Raysor in the chest repeatedly and put on a Camel Clutch variation. Raysor grabbed the ropes. KUMO smacked him in the face to block a sunset flip. He put back on a headscissors. Raysor worked his way out. KUMO pitched him to the floor and threw him into the barricade, where he battered him with more kicks to the chest. They traded chops. KUMO won the exchange and gets a two count off a spinning back chop and a handspring off the ropes into a gamengiri.

KUMO fakes a slingshot double stomp only to slap Raysor in the face. Raysor snapmared him into a couple of back kicks. He connected with a rolling thunder senton and rolled to his feet, so he could go for an Asai moonsault, but he landed on his feet and slapped KUMO. KUMO and Raysor got into another slap fight. Raysor stopped the exchange with a kick to the gut and swank DDT. He then spiked him with a brainbuster. KUMO trapped Raysor in the ropes in the corner. He smacked Raysor with a leaping kick to the face, but then stopped short of a 2nd just to slap Raysor again. KUMO nailed a springboard sidekick for two. Raysor back elbowed KUMO and hit a 180 springboard into a moonsault for 2. He got two with a tornado DDT as well. KUMO got sent to the floor and Raysor follows with a front flip plancha. Raysor hung KUMO in a tree of woe. He hits a twisting double stomp to KUMO's chest.

KUMO escaped a fireman's carry and tried for a dragon suplex, only to have Raysor thrust his arms down to break free. So, KUMO dumps him with an arm trap German suplex. KUMO got two with a Tiger suplex. Raysor evaded a Busaiku knee kick. Left-right forearms followed by a spinning heel kick got Raysor a near fall. Raysor delivered the Finlay Roll and headed up top. KUMO recovered and sprung off the middle rope to deliver a dragon uppercut! After a forward roll out of the corner, KUMO jumped up to the top with no hands and connected with a Spanish Fly off the top. Raysor kicked out. Raysor escaped a try at Kokushibyou and hit a Ranhei for two. Raysor and KUMO fought for a big move. Raysor punted KUMO in the head and delivers a fisherman's buster. KUMO kicked out. Raysor missed the Flip Switch, but KUMO didn't with a Busaiku knee kick. He hit a rope run dropkick to Raysor in the corner. Kokushibyou finished Raysor off. Winner: KUMO by pinfall
Match Length: 20:50
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jeff Hartman: Another great outing by KUMO. He certainly knows how to electrify ths crowd. Though, I'm still not sure about is disrespectful antics.

Jack Wallace: Say whatever you want about him, but this kid gets the job done out there. You should be more focused on the big disrespect he uses at the end of all his victories, Kokushibyou. That's Xiong's move and trust me, he knows good and well that the kid is using it.

Jeff Hartman: From what we've seen, I think that's the point.

Jack Wallace: You know damn well it is.

Backstage we see Sebastian Saje and Alyssa Corliss heading out of the arena. Saje has his gym bag in his hand as the two of them discuss their plans for the evening. Right when they're about to get to the door, Shayne Anderson comes running up

Shayne: Hey guys.. where you heading?

Saje: Home. I'm not booked tonight and Alyssa and I made dinner reservations so we don't want to be late. We're going home to change and get ready.

Shayne: I'm sorry, but you can't go home just yet.. you have a title defense up next.

Saje looked a bit perplexed.

Saje: Wait.. since when do I have a title defense? I'm not on the card for this evening and the last scheduled match just happened between KUMO and Ryan Raysor. Nowhere on that card does it say that I have a title defense.

Shayne sighed.

Shayne: Look.. Cross the Hood ruined another match out there and it freed up some television time. So I wanted to fill the card with another championship match to send the fans home happy. I have your opponent ready and everything for you.. so why don't you get changed and get out there.. your match is right after we come back from commercial.

Shayne went to walk away when Saje had had enough. He dropped his bag on the ground as Alyssa tried to stop him from making a mistake, but Saje brushed Alyssa off.

Saje: HEY! Hold on one damn minute. I have been harrassed week after week after week by someone. I've been sent letters.. I've had black feathers given to men.. and I was even attacked after my impromptu match last week. I've even asked you to look into it and you gave me some bullshit excuse about how there's not enough evidence and how you couldn't do anything about it.. and now for the second week in a row, you're throwing me into a match with no preparation and in this case, barely any notice whatsoever just because a match got cancelled? I don't have to stand for this nonsense and I'm not going to. I'm sticking with my original plans and I'm going out to dinner with Alyssa. Get someone else to fill the spot.

Saje turned and walked toward the door.

Shayne: You walk out that door and I'll strip you of your championship and fire you on the spot. Need I remind you that I run this show and you are under contract to ME. That you must abide by my rulings. If you do not, that's breach of contract and not only can I strip you of your title.. not only can I terminate you.. but I can also get my lawyer and drag you to court to get the rest of your contract's worth of money back. So why don't think about that while you're stuffing food into your mouth from some fancy restaurant that MY paycheck's and JOLT'S money paid for.

Shayne paused.

Shayne: Unless you want that to happen, you will go out to that ring and defend your championship.

Alyssa grabbed Saje by the arm/

Alyssa: Just go.. we can have dinner another time.

Saje turned and stared a hole through Anderson who just stood there and grinned. Saje stormed off as Alyssa looked at Anderson with the eyes of daggers. The scene then went to black and then to commercial.

Sebastian Saje (c) vs Nate Quartermaine

Match Summary
Saje and Quartermaine circled each other in the ring. They were about to lock up when the lights in the arena went out. When they came back on, there was a cloaked figure standing in the middle of the ring. The figure then laid into Saje with a lariat. The figured turned to Quartermaine who didn't know what to make of it. The figure told Quartermaine to exit the ring, but Quartermaine refused to do so. He walked right up to the figure and grabbed it by the hood, trying to pull it back and succeeded, but instead of revealing the identity, the figure under the hood wore a black full head mask. There weren't even any eye holes for it to see.

The figure then low blowed Quartermaine with its knee, causing him to drop to the canvas. The figure then hit a roundhouse kick to the side of Quartermaine's head. Saje grabbed the Figure from behind and tried to German Suplex it, but it landed on its and then nailed Saje's own Lights Out finisher on Saje!!!

The figure reached into its pockets and pulled out a pair of black feathers. It laid one on Quartermaine and then then propped Saje up into a seated position. The figure said something into Saje's ear before gently laying him back down and placing the second black feather upon his chest.

The lights in the arena went back out and when they came back on, the figure was gone. All that remained was Saje and Quartermaine laid out in the middle of the ring.

Winner : No Contest
Match Length : 0:00
Match Rating : n/a

Jack Wallace: I don't know what to make of this. Who was that figure and what is with the black feathers? Now Nate Quartermaine was given one as well. Things seem to be adding up here in a way that I don't want to think about, but could Shayne Anderson be behind all of this? We'll have to find out next week as we're out of time. Goodnight from Orlando.