"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! Last week ended in a rather controversial fashion and we are set to hear from the General Manager of The Hype, Shayne Anderson, regarding the outcome of last week's main event.

Jeff Hartman: Just fire them both and put people like El Principe into the main event! Royalty like him deserves a spotlight!

Jack Wallace: I don't think that goes inline with what Shayne Anderson is trying to accomplish here. He really seems to be redeeming himself.

Jeff Hartman: I KNOW! That's what makes me sick to my stomach!

Jack Wallace: Shayne and Laurie Williams are now out in the ring. Let's see what they have to say about this situation.

"Controlling the Situation"

Shayne Anderson and Laurie Williams stood in the ring as the crowd gave Shayne Anderson a mixed reaction.

Shayne: Last week, the main event featuring Mike Patterson and Brian Williams in a non-title match ended in an indecision. I felt that by making that match, it would sate their appetites for destroying each other long enough to not jeopardize our match at Wrestlecade II. It's no secret that I'm banking heavily on this match to steal the show so that The Hype can have more attention paid toward it. I want The Hype to become a global phenomenon, but it seems that the match I made has so many explosive elements to it that I, myself, cannot control it.

Shayne paused.

Shayne: That is why I have decided to embrace the chaos that is Mike Patterson and Brian Williams. I have decided that I'm going to add chaos to tonight's main event.. I'm going to add controversy to tonight's main event.. and I'm going to do what I should be doing... not worrying about protecting our match at Wrestlecade II and, instead, giving you fans the best damn professional wrestling in the world today!

Still a mixed reaction.

Shayne: That is why tonight.. I am taking those two rivals... Patterson and Williams... and I'm putting them together. I'm going to team them up and they are going to face the former Hype Tag Team Champions, The Natural Atheletes, in tonight's main event!

The crowd cheered that fully!

Shayne: Thank you and enjoy the show!

With that, Shayne Anderson and Laurie Williams exit the ring and head to the back! The main event has been set and what a main event it is!

Lusus vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary
At the sound of the bell, Raysor contemplated how he was going to attack Lusus as Prince Samir stood by at the ringside area. Raysor decided to try and pick the leg of Lusus, but Lusus ended up clubbing him over the back with a big forearm smash! Lusus reached down and picked Raysor up in a deadlift by the neck with both hands and tossed him with a Two-Handed Choke Bomb! Raysor flipped onto his stomach from the impact and staggered to his feet. Lusus charged into the corner and sandwiched him against the turnbuckles with a Body Avalanche! Raysor staggered forward as Lusus kicked him in the stomach, doubling him over. Lusus lifted Raysor up and powerbombed him into the turnbuckle pads!! Raysor fell to a seated position as Lusus hit the ropes, came back, and kicked Raysor across the face with a Running Face Wash! Lusus stepped away and slashed his throat with his thumb. He went back to the corner and pulled Raysor to his feet. He hoisted Raysor onto the top turnbuckle pad and from there, placed Raysor on his shoulders... He turned and ran forward, nailing the Running Powerbomb.. the Loco Bomb and held Raysor down for the three!

Winner:Lusus via Loco Bomb
Match Time: 3:11
Match Rating: *

Jack Wallace: Ryan Raysor didn't even stand a chance.

Jeff Hartman: Lusus has demolished three of the top stars here on The Hype... who really does stand a chance?

After the Match
Lusus exited the ring and headed to the back.. Prince Samir grabbed a microphone from ringside and knelt down next to Ryan Raysor. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out the money he received from El Principe last week.

Samir: This is a nice amount of cash I have. You see.. the difference between me and you, Ryan.. is that I've always been the smart one. Last week, I made a beneficial decision while this week, you made a poor decision.

Samir grinned.

Samir: Based on those decisions.. look where I am right now... and look where you are. Simply pathetic.

The crowd booed Samir as he shook his head, stood, and exited the ring, leaving his partner, Ryan Raysor behind!

"A Bit of Impatience"

In the backstage area, Sarkhaya walked up to Kodora who was there lacing her boots.

Sarkhaya: You know.. I'm glad that you're lacing your boots up because I remember indirectly challenging you last week, but I guess you can't simply read between the lines, so I'm going to be a little more direct this week. I want you in a match tonight because after what you did to me two weeks ago, I'm not going to let that go. Retribution must be paid.

Kodora stands up.

Kodora: The reason I'm lacing my boots is because I've already talked to Shayne Anderson. The match has been made for tonight. I was hoping to deliver the news in person, but since you're here...

Kodora grabbed Sarkhaya by the neck and began to choke her! She leaned in close and got right into Sarkhaya's face.

Kodora: I accept.

Kodora then shoved Sarkhaya aside and walked away. Sarkhaya grabbed her neck and rubbed it as she glared at Kodora.

El Principe vs Zane Roebuck

Match Summary
After the two of them made their way into the ring, El Gringo Loco grabbed a microphone.

Loco: Mi amigo... I can tell just by looking at you that you have impeccable taste! You have the talent to be on the main roster, but yet, you are stuck here on The Hype.

Zane's face lit up.

Loco: You, my friend, deserve to be rewarded for your unwitting sacrifice that you make each and every week by coming out here in front of these lesser people... the very same lesser people that the crown jewel of Mexico.. the Latino Diamond himself.... El Principe... looks down upon every single week!

The people boo.

Loco: After all.. they don't appreciate you like El Principe appreciates you. That is why El Principe is going to shower you with riches!

El Principe reaches into his pocket and pulls out a hefty wad of cash and extends it to Zane Roebuck.

Loco: However... before you accept the generosity of Mexico's greatest royalty... El Principe says that in exchange for his gratitude, you must forfeit your...

Zane Roebuck snags the microphone out of El Gringo Loco's hands.

Zane: Yeah yeah.. whatever.. I've seen this before.. I'm not stupid.. I'm taking this money and I forfeit the match.. no need to delay this any further.

Zane gives the microphone back to Loco and accepts the money from Principe, shaking his hand afterwards.

Loco: You are very quick to make a wise decision, my friend. My apologies from delaying you. It appears your mind was already made up and therefore.. your winner of the match.. via forfeit... The Crown Jewel of Mexico... the Prince of Princes.... The Magnificent One himself.... EL.. PRINCIPE! El Principe demanded that the referee raise his arm and he does so. The crowd continues to Principe as Roebuck exits the ring and heads up the ramp.

Winner: El Principe via Forfeit
Match Time: n/a
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: This is the third week in a row where El Principe has bribed himself out of a match.. I'm starting to wonder if this guy can even wrestle.

Jeff Hartman: I assure you.. El Principe was only trained by the highest caliber wrestlers in Mexican wrestling history. His arsenal is completely flawless, much like his wealth.. his status... and his body! El Principe is so good, he doesn't even need to wrestle, but I'm not expecting a commoner like you to understand that, Jack.

Jack Wallace: A commoner? Says the man who spent Thanksgiving eating a tv dinner over his sink in his underwear.

After the Match
Roebuck made it to the top of the entrance when all of a sudden, Magma stepped out from the back to an ovation from the crowd. Roebuck stopped dead in his tracks as he looked up at the towering giant who, obviously, didn't forget the moonsault that Roebuck gave him last week!

Roebuck looked at the money in his hand and then offered it to Magma!

Magma looked down at the money and then grabbed Robuck by the neck. He lifted Roebuck up and Choke Slammed him on top of the stage!! The money went flying everywhere.. some of it into the crowd in which the people were quick to grab! Magma caught one of the 100s that were floating in the air and then stuffed it in Roebuck's mouth! Magma turned and exited the stage without saying a word as the people continued to cheer!

"Running Into Old Friends"

Crucifix was seen walking backstage with both of the Hype Tag Team Titles in his possession, one on each shoulder. He then walked into the trio of Iago, Clemente, and Eldridge... The Ali Boys, and the Miami, FL crowd erupted in cheer!

Crucifix: Talk about ghosts from the past... I thought you three were dead

Clemente: Far from it. Was hoping to say hi to Xtreme.. I mean, after all.. his dad's wife, Teri, still owes me a couple of favors, if you know what I mean.

Iago: WHOOOOOAA.. Hold on... let's not dig THAT up.

Clemente: Dig what up? I babysat Xtreme Jr. numerous times. She hasn't paid me for the last two. I was hoping to get my money out of him.

Iago: I know! What if we get payment another way... like... from his tag team partner... who just so happens to be holding a couple of shiny belts that we would like to add to our very decorated resume!

Iago and Clemente turned towards Crucifix.

Crucifix: First off.. he's not my partner anymore... I think he's made that abundantly clear. Second you don't need a roundabout way to challenge for these titles.. I will be happy to bury the past once and for all and prove that I don't need a damn partner.

With that, Crucifix exited as Iago and Clemente looked at other and then at Eldridge

Iago: What.. you're not going to say anything big guy?

Clemente: He never was much for words

Iago: But he talked so much when he became world champion

Clemente: Maybe he had a lobotomy

Eldridge: Or maybe you two need to take him a bit more seriously.

Iago: He spoke!

Clemente: Wonders never cease

Eldridge: Some things just never change.

The scene fades to black as Eldridge just shakes his head.


In the back we see Black Widow, Wolf Spider, Araknis, and Muerte roaming the halls. They see Jayshin Lee walking in the opposite direction and they quickly surround him while Black Widow steps forward.

Widow: To pull off the mask and leave us once was something we could forgive... to do it again.. in a pivotal moment... cannot be so easily forgiven, but I will offer you one last chance.

Widow pulled out the Supaida mask and presents it to Jayshin.

Widow: Wear the mask and return to our side. Naturally, there will be punishment for what you have done, but it won't be as severe compared to what we will do to you for abandoning The Nest.

Jayshin grabbed the mask as the other members of The Nest seemed pleased that Jayshin has accepted it back.

Jayshin: This mask...

Jayshin looked up at Widow

Jayshin: Represents my failures.

Jayshin then threw the mask harshly at Black Widow. At that instant, the other members of The Widow's Nest jumped Jayshin and began to pummel him. They dropped him to the ground and put the boots to him until Widow told them it was enough.

Widow then walked over to Jayshin and kneeled down next to him

Widow: No matter how much you beg.. no matter how much you plead. You will never be accepted as one of us.. you will never be part of The Nest ever again. What you did here was make a grave mistake. This is just the beginning for you, Jayshin. The worst has yet to come.

Widow stood and ordered The Nest to leave. They step over Jayshin's body and walk away.. the scene fades out.

El Tigre Verde vs Tristan

Match Summary
Tristan Cyan spent the time refocusing himself and his career. Now he returns simply as Tristan and he decided that his first opponent back will be the man who has bested him on so many occasions, El Tigre Verde. They lock up at the start and Verde went into a hammerlock, but Tristan reached back and snapmared Verde to the floor before hitting a pair of kicks to the upper back. Tristan took off to the ropes and hit a huge kick to Verde's back. Tristan then braced himself on Verde's shoulders and dropped repeated knee strikes into the upper back, keeping Verde grounded. Tristan then wrestled Verde down to the canvas with a sleeper hold combed with a leg scissors. Verde was in trouble early in this match as he reached for the ropes, but was too far away to get to them. Verde struggled as he inched closer and closer to the ropes until he was finally able to reach out and grab them.

Tristan released the hold, stood, and put the boots to Verde, not allowing him to stand. The referee backed Tristan up and Verde used the ropes to pull himself up, but Tristan shoved the referee aside and went back to work on Verde, kicking away at him, drawing more ire from the fans. The referee backed up Verde, but Verde pushed him aside again, but this time, Verde made Tristan eat a back elbow. Tristan staggered away and came back at Verde, but ate another back elbow for his troubles. Verde with a springboard thrust kick that put Tristan down before hitting the ropes and hitting a running shooting star press into a cover for two. Verde stood and when Tristan sat up, Verde returned the favor by hitting kick after kick at Tristan's upper back. Verde hit the ropes, but Tristan moved causing Verde to miss with a running drop kick! Verde got up and Tristan caught Verde with a Flipping Neck Breaker that put Verde down! Tristan made the cover and got two.

Tristan stood as he pulled Verde up to his feet and lit him up with a pair of knife edge chops and then an irish whip. Tristan popped Verde in the air and then let Verde free fall into a knee strike to the face!! Verde could be out cold, but Verde kicked out at two! Tristan motioned that he wanted to finish it. He pulled Verde up, but Verde broke free and hit alternating knee lifts. He then hooked Tristan by the head and ran to the ropes, walking up them, looking for a Tornado DDT, but Tristan countered with a Sit Out Powerbomb! He held Verde down, but Verde kicked out again! Tristan quickly stood and grabbed Verde, pulling him up between his legs. Tristan lifted Verde up onto his shoulder. He then flipped Verde over and caught him with the Ace Crusher on the way down! That was Tristan's new finisher called the The Iron Lion's Roar. He made the cover and picked up the three!

Winner: Tristan via The Iron Lion's Roar
Match Time: 7:15
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: The training paid off! Tristan has returned and looked every impressive here tonight against El Tigre Verde!

Jeff Hartman: I like this new side of Tristan.. it's meaner.. it's leaner.. it's more focused! He truly has become The Iron Lion!


"Trampled No More"

Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome were in the backstage area sitting on a couple of crates, looking a bit depressed.

Tripp: Man... we killed it in our debut, but, honestly, we haven't done much since then. We lose, lose, lose, lose, lose, lose, and lose some more! MAN! That's not Badass at all. We get pushed around.. we are made to be a laughing stock... we aren't even taken seriously!

Bloome: .....

Tripp: Hey, man.. at least say something over there. You gotta have an opinion on this.

Bloome: .....

Tripp: Not even an opinion. Don't tell me your gonna Prince Samir me, man.

Bloome sighed

Bloome: No.. it's not that.. but it does have something to do with you.

Tripp: Me? What did I do?

Bloome: It's not what you did.. it's what you're not doing.

Tripp: My brain's starting to hurt.. can you at least make a little sense?

Bloome: Listen to yourself. I've always been the calm, collective, and reasonable one while you just jump and bounce around making a damn fool of yourself. You're not in the least bit focused and it's huring us as a tag team. There... I said it. You wanted to know my opinion and now you have it.

Tripp: Hey, man.. come on... I am who I am.. you know that. I'm always about being flashy.. full of pizzazz... a modern day wonder... I can't change who I am... but tell me this... if I'm the problem.. how did we win our first match? I'm the same now as I was then.. and we dominated. You can't sit there and tell me that I'm the problem.

Bloome: We won that match by sheer luck.. It's only because nobody saw us before that I was able to sneak in my finisher and get us the win.. since then.. we haven't accomplished much. Each and every week I focus and train for our matches... I train even if we're not booked.. what do you do? How can the problem be anything but you?

Tripp: So you want me to change who I am? I can't do that man... that's not..

Bloome: ENOUGH!!! Stop saying that stupid catch phrase! Don't you get it... this isn't a popularity contest. This isn't about how cool or badass people think you are... all that matters here is winning... I..... I'm not saying change who you are.. but when it comes to performing in that ring.. I want you to take it a bit more seriously. Gloat AFTER we've won the match.. not before.. not during.. only after that bell rings and our hands our raised. That's all I'm asking.

Tripp: Alright.. I'll give it a try... but only because I'm sick and tired of losing. I'll trust you on this one.

With that, the scene faded to black.

Crucifix(c) vs The Ali Boys

Match Summary
Crucifix and Iago started off circling each other in the ring. Iago tries to pick the leg, but Crucifix speeds up and avoids it. They lock up and immediately Iago goes behind Crucifix and to the side with a head lock, but Crucifix gets underneath Iago and goes for a Back Drop, but Iago flips and lands on his feet. He backs into the ropes, but Crucifix turns around and hits a knee lift that flips Iago over. Iago sits up as Crucifix goes to the ropes and flips over with a snapmare. He covers and gets two. Crucifix brings Iago up to his feet and knife edge chops him a few times before whipping him into a neutral corner. Crucifix charges in, but Iago hits a back elbow and goes for a flying cross body block, but Crucifix countered in mid-air with a drop kick! Cover by Crucifix and only two again.

Crucifix stands and taunts Iago to get back up. Iago gets back to a vertical base and Crucifix charged in, but Iago hit a drop toe hold, sending Crucifix face first into the bottom turnbuckle pad. Iago gained some distance and nailed a Flying Double Knee Strike into the corner. Iago gained distance and repeated this for a second and then a third time! Iago pulled Crucifix up and placed him on the top turnbuckle with his back to the ring and tagged in Clemente. The two of them went to the corner and hooked Crucifix, hitting a double team Top Rope Powerbomb! Iago exited as Clemente covered, but only got two on the Hype Tag Team Champion.

Clemente backed away to the opposite corner and waited as Crucifix stood. Clemente charged in, but Crucifix moved, but Clemente put the brakes on, however, that didn't stop Crucifix from leaping up and hitting a Backstabber on Clemente. Crucifix quickly climbed the turnbuckles to the rope and leapt off with the Leap of Faith.. the Swanton Bomb, but Clemente put his knees up and Crucifix's one shot at ending this match early backfired as he crashed down on Clemente's knees! Clemente covered, but only got two. Clemente stood and pulled Crucifix back up. He rocked Crucifix with right hands before whipping him to the ropes. Clemente telegraphed the back body drop and Crucifix kicked him in the chest. Crucifix went for a clothesline, but Clemente ducked and when Crucifix turned around, Clemente picked him up and hit a Spine Buster in the middle of the ring. Clemente popped up and walked over to Crucifix's head where he leapt up and hit a Fist Drop to the temple. Clemente stood and hit another Fist Drop, stood and this time finished it with a Knee Drop! Clemente covered and only got two once again!

Iago wanted the tag so Clemente dragged Crucifix over to their cornere and tagged in Iago. Clemente stepped out as Iago slung himself over the top rope and came crashing down on top of Crucifix with Slingshot Leg Drop! Iago covered, but Crucifix was too close the ropes and he put his leg out to break up the pin. Iago grabbed the leg and hooked it and recovered for a two count. Iago grabbed Crucifix and pulled him up, but he scoop slammed him back down and headed to the corner where he climbed to the top turnbuckle pad. Top Rope Elbow by Iago missed as Crucifix rolled out of the way! Crucifix stood and got a running start... he went for the Curb Stomp, but Iago rolled out of the ring. Clemente simply reached over the top rope and decked Crucifix in the face! Crucifix staggered away as Iago hopped back up on the apron, grabbed the top rope and hit a Springboard Missile Drop Kick! Iago sprung back up to his feet and made his way to the opposite apron. He grabbed the top rope and when Crucifix stood, Iago flew off and nailed a Springboard Clothesline! Iago covered again, but Crucifix refused to stay down and kicked out at two!

Iago signaled to Clemente that it was time to end it. Iago tagged in Clemente as Crucifix staggered to his feet. Double team whip to the ropes by The Ali Boys and they shuffled into position. Clemente went to lift Crucifix for the Flapjack, but Crucifix countered it with a Sling Blade! Crucifix stood and dodged a Super Kick by Iago.. in fact, he countered it with a Super Kick of his own! Iago fell to the canvas and rolled to the outside. Clemente got back up, but was put back down with a leg sweep! Clemente turned over on all fours and started to get up. Crucifix saw his opportunity so he hit the ropes and nailed the Curb Stomp on Clemente! The Passing Judgment! Crucifix makes the cover, but gets two as Iago Ali makes the save just in the nick of time! Iago pummels away on Crucifix until he pulls him up and hooks him in a front face lock. Iago runs to the ropes and goes for a springboard tornado DDT, but Crucifix holds onto Iago in a waist lock and causes Iago to land on his feet. Crucifix then pops the hips and nailed an overhead belly to belly suplex into the turnbuckles!!!

Clemente staggers up and Crucifix lunges in, hitting a second Curb Stomp! Crucifix then gets up and goes to the corner where he climbed up to the top, took aim, and flipped off with the Swanton Bomb.. The Leap of Faith... and connected! Crucifix made the cover, hooking the leg as Iago struggled to come to, but he couldn't muster up enough strength to intervene and Crucifix ended up with getting the three and another successful championship defense!!

Winner: Crucifix via Leap of Faith
Match Time: 12:33
Match Rating: ***

Jack Wallace: You said it was a fluke, Jeff.. where is your fluke now? Crucifix managed to retain the Tag Team Titles, solo for the second time.

Jeff Hartman: Well of course, he did. The Ali Boys haven't been seen in almost a decade.. they have ring rust.. It's really easy to go out there and beat a team with ring rust, Jack. I'm still saying that Xtreme

"Diving Deeper into the Dark"

In the bowels of the jOlt arena, we see a female sitting there. She looked familiar, but as the camera got closer, we see that a familiar face didn't look so familiar anymore.

Faith: I was capable of this all along. Who would have thought that the path I walked down was nothing more than a path of lies. Now my eyes are wide open.. heh...

Faith Hines had dyed her hair jet black, but she left a bit of her natural blonde color in the front as a highlight. She wore thick black eye shadow around her eyes. Her fingernails were painted black as well. She wasn't seen on last week's broadcast. Was this why? Was she going through a transformation?

All of a sudden, footsteps could be heard. Faith looked up and muttered under her breath..

Faith: Someone approaches...

The sound of a door opening was heard and light poured into the scene. We got a real good look at Faith Hines and the man who entered the room was none other than Shayne Anderson.

Shayne: Whoa... someone wake up on the wrong side of a makeover?

Faith: What do you want?

Shayne: I looked for you last week, Faith, but I couldn't find you, but here you are. I've wanted to tell you that Desiree has challenged you to a match. Since you were absent last week, I took the liberty of just simply booking the match. It'll be next week.. oh.. and word of advice... Desiree is pretty pissed off at you and who can blame her? Monica is equally as pissed, but she's still recovering from your attack. I hope you know what you're getting yourself into with.... With.... Whatever this is supposed to be.. What are you supposed to be anyway?

Faith First off... My name isn't Faith Hines... at least.. not anymore.. .and second... tell Desiree that I accept. Tell her that Monica was just the beginning.. She will be the next one to feel over a year of hatred.. over a year of emotion

Shayne: Yeah.. well.. I'll do that.. you just... keep doing... whatever the hell this is..

Shayne closed the door as Faith scoffed in disgust.

Faith: They're all just unbelievers... but I will make them all believe that Faith no longer exists in this world.

The scene faded to black.

Mike Patterson & Brian Williams vs The Natural Athletes

Match Summary
The bell hadn't even rung yet and there were already tensions building as to who would start the match between Patterson and Williams. After a bit of arguing, Williams told Patterson that if he wanted to prove himself so much, to have at it and Patterson agreed to start off against Cori Albright. The two locked up and immediately Patterson drove Albright back into the corner where he nailed a series of shoulder blocks before sending Albright to the opposite side. Patterson charged in and drilled him hard with a corner clothesline! Patterson whipped him back to the other corner and nailed a second clothesline! Patterson hoisted Albright up on top of the turnbuckles, climbed up and nailed a Super Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex! Patterson stood up and yelled at Williams, "That will be you at Wrestlecade II!" Williams didn't look impressed, especially since Albright used their little quarrel to get to his corner and tag out to Terry Massimo.

Massimo came in and Patterson shrugged. They locked up, but neither man would budge! They broke the hold, circled, and locked up again, and again neither man would move. Patterson challenged Massimo to hit the ropes... he did, but the shoulder block was unsuccessful. Patterson hit the ropes, but he leapt into the air for a Flying Shoulder Tackle and it knocked Massimo down. Patterson let out a bestial roar as he pulled Massimo up and placed him between his legs, looking for a powerbomb on the powerhouse of the Athletes, but Massimo countered with a back body drop! Patterson got up and Massmo drilled him with a clothesline. Patterson got back up and was hit with a second clothesline. Up again and Patterson was hit with a Leaping Headbutt from Massimo that put him down! Massimo went to the ropes and hit a HUGE Senton Splash on Patterson! He turned and covered and got two.

Massimo dragged Patterson to his corner and tagged Albright into the match. Albright slung himself over the top rope with an Elbow Drop! Albright stood and hopped up onto the second turnbuckle where he dropped the knee into Patterson's chest! Tag back to Massimo. Massimo propped Patterson in the corner. Massimo dropped a heavy knee after knee into Patterson before backing away. Massimo got a running start and then cannonballed right into Patterson to a huge "OOOH" from the crowd. Massimo stood and tagged Albright back into the match. Albright gained some distance and nailed a Running Drop Kick right into Patterson's face! Albright pulled Patterson out of the corner, covered, but Patterson kicked out at one!! Not even Cori Albright could believe that Patterson took that much damage and still kicked out with that much power!

Albright pulled Patterson up and chopped him repeatedly, but with each chop, Patterson began to wake up. Patterson countered a chop with a forearm smash, then a European Uppercut, then a chop of his own, followed by a whip to the ropes where he nailed a Big Boot, putting Albright down. Patterson went to the ropes, came back and nailed a Running Leg Drop across the chest. He stood, ran to the ropes and nailed a big splash on Albright, but he stood and pointed to the corner instead of going for the cover. Patterson went to the corner as Williams simply leaned against the ropes watching his Wrestlecade opponent carefully. Patterson ascended to the top and leapt off with the Big Souix Splash, but Albright put the knees up and the Frog Splash backfired on Patterson! Patterson popped up holding his abdomen as Albright pulled him over with an Inside Cradle and got two.

Albright stood and measured up Patterson as he got back to his feet. Albright hit a toe kick and hooked Patterson for a Belly to Belly Suplex, but Patterson used trapped headbutts to break free from the hold. Patterson then hooked his arm around Albright and threw him with an Exploder Suplex! Patterson backed up a step and waited for Albright to stand... Patterson charged in, looking for his Spear, but Albright lunged forward and smacked Patterson dead in the face! GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!! The crowd leapt to their feet as Albright went into the cover with Williams not even caring.. in fact, Williams smirked, but that smirk turned into disbelief when Patterson kicked out at two!! Massimo wanted the tag and Albright gave it to him. Massimo quickly entered the ring, hit the ropes and slammed down on top of Patterson with the All the Way before Patterson could get back up!!! Massimo made the cover, but again Patterson kicked out!!

Massimo also couldn't believe it. He pulled Patterson back up to his feet and hoisted him up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry, but Patterson slipped off behind and grabbed Massimo in a waist lock. Not one... not two... not three.. not four... not five.. but SIX!!! SIX ROLLING GERMAN SUPLEXES ON MASSIMO!! Patterson tried to stand, but he finally showed that he is, indeed, human. Patterson collapsed to a knee as his chest heaved in and out for air. Brian Williams offered his hand for a tag, but Patterson completely ignored Williams. Patterson made a slashing motion across his throat and stood after a few moments of trying to regain his composure. He grabbed Massimo and pulled him up, placing him between his legs, but Patterson didn't have the strength to lift Massimo up for the Trailervision.. he used all his power up throwing Massimo with those suplexes, but it wasn't going to stop Patterson from trying again. He strained to lift Massimo, but that's when Albright came into the ring and smacked Patterson in the face with the GOOOOOAAAAALLL!!

Patterson staggered back and fell against the ropes.. they were the only things holding him upright. Massimo grabbed Patterson by the arm and whipped him across the ring. Flying shoulder tackle from Massimo! Running Knee Drop by Albright where he rolled up to his feet. Massimo hit the ropes and nailed All the Way on Patterson! Albright continued on his feet and decked Brian Williams in the face with a forearm smash, knocking him off the ring apron! Massimo made the cover, hooking the leg and got the three on Patterson!!

Winner The Natural Athletes via All the Way
Match Time: 31:18
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: What a tremendous tag team match despite the fact that Brian Williams was never even in it. Mike Patterson took Williams words to heart at the beginning of the match and tried to prove himself again, arguably, the greatest tag team to ever grace The Hype.. and Patterson's pride got the better of him as The Natural Athletes pulled out another impressive victory that is sure to get them back into the number one contender's slot for the tag team titles!

Jeff Hartman: Mike Patterson is a beast.. we've seen what he's capable of in this very arena a decade ago.. but I actually have to agree.. he's a damn fool.. if I were Patterson, I would have made Brian Williams do all the work so my Wrestlecade opponent was worn down, making it easier for me to pick the bones.

After the Match
Brian Williams picked himself off the floor as Cori Albright and Terry Massimo walked by. Williams stopped Albright and smiled, patting him on the back and telling him, "nice shot" to which Albright grinned and then continued on his way. Williams walked around ringside and grabbed a microphone where he rolled back into the ring.

Williams: You know.. I normally get upset when I lose a match, but I'm actually smiling right now because I got to see what you're all about first hand. Sure, I've had a few matches with you, but the fact that you tried to expend all of your energy here, just to try and prove to me what a beast you can be, was kind of comical to say the least. Now I know that at Wrestlecade II.. all I have to do is outlast you and then beat down a tired, worn out best and retain my championship.

Williams tossed the microphone over the top rope and went to walk away, but Mike Patterson quickly popped up to his feet, got behind Williams and German Suplexed him right on the back of his neck!! Patterson quickly turned, pulled Williams up.. set him between his legs and spiked him with the Cradle Piledriver.. the Trailervision!!! Patterson stood up and demanded the Hype championship. The ring attendant gave to him as he placed one foot on Brian Williams and hoisted the championship into the air!

This was the final scene as The Hype went off the air!