"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! We hope you enjoyed Death Wish and now it is time to showcase the future of jOlt once again here on The Hype! We've got a great show for you this evening and I understand that Adam Lazarus is in the ring with an announcement so we'll get to him shortly. First off, hello everyone, I'm Jack Wallace and I'm sure you know my partner, Jeff Hartman, unless you've succeeded in erasing him from your memories, in which case.. welcome to bliss

Jeff Hartman: You would think bliss would be keeping me in your memories 24/7. I mean, constantly thinking of me seems like paradise.

Jack Wallace: Only if you're on the same level as Charles Manson. Anyhow, while we contemplate the level of hell we would experience by thinking of Jeff Hartman constantly, let's send it to the ring where Hype General Manager, Adam Lazarus is waiting for us to shut up.

Adam Lazarus was, indeed, in the ring and he brought the microphone to his lips as the fans settled down.

Laz: First off, I have an earpiece in my ear and I can hear Jack Wallace and Jeff Hartman talking so I know when it's okay for me to make my announcement and I have to say to you Jack... tenth level of hell. For you people here live.. go back and watch the replay of this episode and you'll get what I mean. For those watching at home.. you're welcome.

Laz cracks a smile before continuing.

Laz: Now then.. I would like to announce our main event for tonight. As you know, over the last arc, I've held the Rookie vs Veteran series and I said that if anyone won their matches, they would get a Hype Championship match on a day of their choosing. We had two winners out of that... Shi no Ryu...

The audience cheered

Laz: And Mike Patterson.

There was more cheers, but some boos. It was a mixed reaction of about an 80:20 cheer to boo ratio.

Laz: Those two have earned the right to challenge our champion Brian Williams at any given time and it is my pleasure to announce that Shi no Ryu has exercised that right to challenge in our main event HERE TONIGHT!

That announcement was met with a high round of applause. All of a sudden, DefCon made his way out from the back to boos from the crowd. He entered the ring and grabbed a microphone from ringside.

DefCon: And what about me?

Laz: What about you?

DefCon: Where's my title match?

Laz: What title match?

DefCon: The one that I DESERVE. THAT title match.

Laz: Oh.. you mean the one you had against Brian Williams and won via disqualification becaues El Tigre Verde did to you what you did to him so I gave you a number one contender's match against Verde in which you lost cleanly thus not earning a Hype Championship match? That match? OH WAIT! Didn't you also lose to Tristan Cyan the very next week after losing the El Tigre Verde? Hmm oh yes you did, didn't you? So again... I ask... what title match?

DefCon: That's... You.... I....

DefCon became enraged and just threw the microphone into the canvas and exited the ring. He kicked the ring ropes before turning back and yelling at Laz.

DefCon: This isn't over. I will get my damn match!

Laz: I'm so glad you said you want to have a match because you know what? I'm going give you a match.. right now.. against the man who beat you last time.. Tristan Cyan Good luck. Laz patted DefCon on the shoulder and exited the ring. DefCon wasn't happy, but Tristan Cyan made his way out from the back regardless and we were set for the opening contest.

Tristan Cyan vs DefCon

Match Summary
DefCon immediately attacked Tristan Cyan as he tried to step through the ropes. DefCon pummeled away on Cyan with forearm shots to the upper back followed by knees to the mid-section, doubling him over. DefCon quickly grabbed Cyan by the head and spiked him into the canvas with a DDT. DefCon stood and circled Cyan as he laid there, holding his head in pain.

"I WANT MY DAMN TITLE MATCH!" yelled DefCon to boos from the crowd

DefCon pulled Cyan back up to his feet, hitting another knee lift. He then applied a front face lock which was followed by a brainbuster near the corner. DefCon climbed up top and hit the double rotation moonsault, the Death From Above, crashing down on Cyan! DefCon quickly pulled Cyan back up and locked him in a butterfly hold, then hit the jumping double arm DDT, the Double Tap! He made the cover and got the three!!

Winner: DefCon via Double Tap
Match Time: 2:44
Match Rating: *

Jack Wallace: Holy crap! That was over fast! DefCon looks like he's reached his boiling point and he just took out all of that frustration on Tristan Cyan! Poor Cyan!

Jeff Hartman: It's all El Tigre Verde's fault. I keep saying that week after week and no one believes me. Take a look at DefCon.. take a look at the monster El Tigre Verde is responsible for!

After the Match
Cyan rolled out of the ring as DefCon once again grabbed the microphone.

DefCon: Who beat who now, Lazarus!? I just dismantled Tristan Cyan like he was nothing because HE IS nothing! I should be Hype Champion right now and you and everyone else with a working brain knows it I will say it once more.. I WANT MY DAMN TITLE SHOT!

DefCon threw the microphone down and exited the ring, heading to the back.

The Hype Champion, Brian Williams, is seen in the back, lacing up his boots as he will go one on one with Shi no Ryu in tonight's main event. All of a sudden, Mike Patterson walks up to Williams. Williams looks up and sees him and then stands.

Patterson: Whoa Whoa, hold on. Truce. I'm not here to sneak attack you or anything like that. I came here to apologize.

Williams: Apologize?

Patterson: Yes. I knew Shayne Anderson from a while ago when we worked for the same promotion together. He brought me on board and.. well.. I wasn't on national television for almost a decade.. I wanted to do anything to restore my former glory.. even if it meant doing what I knew was wrong. I let that overcome me and as a result, I tried to drive you and four others off of The Hype. Over time I began to realize that it should have to be that way. I tried to rally the rest of the X Movement and try and get them to see that, but they don't care... none of them do, but I wanted to come here as a man to apologize face to face.

Williams: You know, I appreciate that.

Patterson: I also came here to tell you that I do have a right to challenge for your championship, but I'm not going to cash it in after a defense or anything like that. In fact, I don't know when I actually want to use that right. Even though I won the right to challenge, I still feel as if I owe it to the fans as well as myself to try and prove that I can be Hype Champion without four other guys and an egomanical control freak backing me up. So I just wanted to let know you not to worry... you don't have to raise your defenses around me... I'm not coming for the title yet.

Williams: I've been in the ring with you and I know how tough you are. I think you're ready but if you don't think so then that's your decision. Any time you want to take the shot... just say the word and its yours.

Patterson: Thanks. I'll let you get ready for your match. I'm just glad we could work things out.

Williams: I don't think we should say things are completely worked out. We need to save a little bit of that hatred for our eventual match together. What fun would it be for two people with no issues to fight. That little tiny bit of hatred could be the catalyst that can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Patteson cracked a smirk

Patterson: I'll keep that in mind...... champ.

Patterson then walked off as Williams cracked a grin as well.

Jack Dawn vs Gabriel Gold

Match Summary
Gabriel Gold and Jack Dawn used Jesse Ramey to try and see who was the better man. Although they both lost, Gold had the better outing against The Anti-Star. The two got into a bit of a physical altercation over that competition, but when they wanted a match it had to be delayed until now due to time constraints. For three weeks, Gabriel Gold and Jack Dawn sat at home, seething, practically begging for this day to come. Now that it's here, they were about to unleash hell upon each other.

At the sound of the bell, Dawn and Gold stepped up to each other and began to throw some insults at each other. Gold shoved Dawn back and told him to get out of his face. Dawn then retorted with a rapid succession of right hands, an irish whip, and a shoulder block. Dawn hit the ropes, but Gold kipped up into a pair of arm drags then a drop kick that sent Dawn to the outside. Gold wanted to fly, but Dawn rolled back in, but Gold grabbed the top rope and flipped onto the ring apron, landing on his feet. Gold turned and got socked in the face with a forearm by Dawn that knocked him to the floor. Dawn climbed to the top turnbuckle and hit a diving cross body to the outside, taking Gold down!!

The crowd cheered as Dawn stood and rolled Gold back into the ring. Dawn got on the ring apron and grabbed the top rope, slinging himself over with an elbow drop that connected.Dawn covered and only got two. Dawn pulled Gold up for an irish whip, but it was reversed by Gold. Gold telegraphed the back body drop, but got kicked in the chest. Gold ducked a clothesline, turned, and grabbed Dawn as he turned, hitting a belly to belly overhead release suplex. Gold hit three consecutive elbow drops and covered for two. Gold placed Dawn in a sleeper, but Dawn countered with a jaw breaker. Dawn charged in, but Gold lifted him and over to the apron. Gold missed a shoulder block and got kicked in the chest between the ropes. Dawn with a leaping clothesline, but Gold countered with a mid-air Ace Crusher! He covered and got two again.

Gold stood back up and went to the corner. He ascended the turnbuckles, but Dawn got up and caught him. He launched Gold off the top with a biel and Gold landed hard. Gold staggered up and Dawn lifted him onto his shoulders, looking for the Photo Finish, but Gold slipped off, landing behind. He grabbed Dawn in an inverted face lock and hit a Reverse DDT into his knee. He then stood Dawn up and hit a hangman's neckbreaker, the two hit combo called Doubled in Value! Gold went back to the corner and climbed up top. He hit a Frog Elbow that he called The Golden Elbow and covered, only getting two!!

Gold brought Dawn back up and hit a knife edge chop, but Dawn responded with a knee lift. Dawn hit a series of quick jabs followed by a heavy Haymaker that he called The Perfect Punch. it staggered Gold on his feet. Dawn then spun around, looking for what looked like a discus clothesline, but he added in the back heel trip and turned it into a Discus STO that he calls The Perefect Moment! Dawn made the cover, but he only got two as well! Dawn went to pull Gold up, but Gold quickly countered with a jawbreaker and Dawn staggered back to the ropes. Gold went for a whip, but Dawn reversed it, but Gold reversed that and pulled Dawn into a knee lift to the stomach. Gold then hit a double leg takedown and stacked up Dawn with a pin, but he put his feet on the ropes. The referee didn't see it and Gold got the three!

Winner: Gabriel Gold via Pinfall
Match Time: 8:49
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: Gabriel Gold just stole a victory here tonight! After three weeks of waiting, this is how Gabriel Gold wanted to settle things? By putting his damn feet on the ropes?

Jeff Hartman:Referee never saw it and a win is a win, Jack. Welcome to professional wrestling.

In the back, we are with Dawn Cassidy as she is standing by in the interview position.

Cassidy: Ladies and gentlemen.. please welcome my guest at this time. "Good Luck" Zane Roebuck!

The audience could be heard booing in the background as Roebuck stepped in front of the camera

Cassidy: Quite the reaction you're getting, I see

Zane: Ignore them, Dawn. They're just jealous because I got to appear on the Countdown to Death Wish show and they didn't. When Damien Lee wanted to showcase The Hype on Countdown.. he went straight to me first because he knows I'm not just an A player.. I'm an A+ player and people WANT to see me on the main roster!

Cassidy: And not only did you participate in countdown, you were victorious as well in your match against Jack Dawn.

Zane: Yeah, but.. Jack Dawn is that kind of person where... well.. we in the locker room hate saying this out loud, but it's kind of agreed upon that he's known as a "free win" if you know what I mean. Hell, Gabriel Gold just went and got his a few moments ago and I got mine at Countdown. Sometimes it's all in the cards for some.. like myself... and other times.. like for Jack Down... it's not. Cassidy: It's Dawn..

Zane: You sure? He spends most of his time on his back.. I could have sworn his name is Jack Down.. because that's what you usually yell after someone hits their finisher on him.. "AND JACK'S DOWN!" right?

Cassidy: So what is next for you after your outing at Countdown?

Zane: What else? To get the hell off this sinking ship and into greener pastures. I belong on the main roster and you can say all you want about my match with Brian Williams.. I took him to the limit and I redeemed myself on Countdown rather well. I think one bad outcome to a match shouldn't matter.. if it did, then nobody on the main roster would be there.. they'd be here on The Hype. As a great band once said, you've got to lose to know how to win and Zane Roebuck sure knows how to win because I don't believe in miracles.. I just need a little good luck!

With that Roebuck winked at the camera and took his exit, but he stopped dead in his tracks. He slowly backed up and even grabbed Dawn and placed her in front of him. The camera panned to the left and....



The crowd erupted (no pun intended) at the sight of Magma! He slowly reached over and grabbed Dawn's arm, pulling the microphone to his face.

Magma: Long have I waited to heal to come back. Since Seraph and Harbinger laid me out, I've been dreaming of a chance to come back and put the fear of a true monster back into the minds of those in the locker room. The landscape has changed much since I've been last seen and if you are the epitome of that changed landscape then I think it's time to press the reset button.

Magma then grabbed Zane by the neck with a tight grip. He lifted him up and choke slammed him through a table in the background behind Dawn Cassidy! Zane Roebuck simply laid there as the crowd cheered Magma in the background. Dawn scooted as Magma stood there over the fallen Zane Roebuck.

The X Age vs India's Import

Match Summary
India's Import came off of a tryout match on iNtense where they faced The Crimson Order. The Natural Athletes bested The Crimson Order here on The Hype and India's Import looked to do the same, but they came up a bit short. Now they're back here on the hype, looking to test their skills against The X Age!

The bell sounded as Crucifix and Raysor were slated to start things of. Crucifix started off with a kick to the thigh of Raysor. Raysor walked it off and when Crucifix stepped in, Raysor hit a spinning back kick to the stomach that staggered Crucifix into the corner. Raysor charged in and leapt at Crucifix, but Crucifix caught him and shoved him away. Crucifix charged in and went for a series of palm strikes, each one swatted away by Xtreme. High kick ducked by Raysor, but he didn't dodge the leg sweep. Crucifix tried to stomp on his back, but Raysor rolled onto his back between Crucifix's legs and kicked Crucifix in the lower back. Raysor got up as Crucifix turned around and ate a palm strike to the chest, sending him backwards towards the corner. Crucifix charged in, but Raysor leapt at Crucifix, but Crucifix fell to his back and Raysor flipped onto his. Both mean kipped up, turned, and faced each other to a round of applause from the crowd!

They circled each other and locked up. Crucifix with an arm wringer, but Raysor rolled and flipped out, reversing it into an arm wringer of his own. Raysor hit a knee lift and then sent Crucifix into the corner with an irish whip. Raysor charge, but Crucifix moved out of the way and Raysor hit chest first Crucifix grabbed the top rope and kicked Raysor in the side of the head, staggering him back. Crucifix quickly grabbed Raysor by the neck and pulled him face first into the turnbuckles in the corner. Crucifix hosted Raysor up onto the top turnbuckle and turned, hooking him for an inverted splash mountain bomb that he called the 7th Sin, but Raysor freed himself and hooked Crucifix into a sleeper hold with his legs wrapped around Crucifix's waist. Crucifix rammed Raysor back first into the corner twice to break the grip then hit a Pele Kick to drop Raysor into the corner. Crucifix ran to ropes and Xtreme made the blind tag

Crucifix came into the corner and hit a running knee strike. Xtreme was right behind him and Xtreme hit a Hesitation Drop Kick! Crucifix rolled to the outside and went back to his corner as Xtreme dragged Raysor out from the corner and covered getting two. Xtreme pulled Raysor up and hooked him in a front face lock. He lifted for a brainbuster, but Raysor floated over into a waist lock. Xtreme flipped out of a German and went for a super kick, but Raysor grabbed the leg and hit a dragon whip. Xtreme sat up and Raysor hit a drop kick to the face. He rolled to his corner and tagged in Prince Samir!

Xtreme sat up and Samir hit a pair of kicks to the back. Xtreme got back up and Samir whipped him to the ropes where he hit a Spine Buster on Xtreme and only got two! Samir went to the corner, but Crucifix ran along the apron, but Samir kicked him away. The distraction allowed Xtreme climb up, grab Samir and hit a Super Falcon Arrow for two! Xtreme walked over and tagged Crucifix back into the match. The two pulled Samir up and sent him to the ropes, but Samir countered with a single leg drop kick on both of them! Xtreme rolled to the outside as Samir pulled Crucifix up and sent him over the top rope to join him. Raysor came into the ring and they both hit Stereo Tope Con Hilos taking out The X Age!!

Samir rolled Crucifix back into the ring and climbed onto the apron and then to the top turnbuckle. He took aim and leapt off with Karma.. his Frog Splash, but Crucifix moved and Samir ate the canvas. Crucifix quickly went to the corner and climbed up. He took aim and went for the Leap of Faith, the swanton bomb, but this time Samir moved. Samir went back to the corner to take another shot, but Xtreme got up on the apron, but Raysor pulled him down and laid him out with a clothesline, but Crucifix crotched Samir up top and hooked Samir in the inverted splash mountain bomb position. He then hie the 7th Sin before turning him over and making the cover, but Raysor broke it up!

Xtreme came back in and all four men began to brawl. Xtreme and Raysor in one corner, Samir and Crucifix in another corner. Xtreme and Crucifix whipped their respective opponents into each other with a classic meeting of the minds in the middle of the ring. As they staggered back, Xtreme and Crucifix hit a drop kick from behind and Samir and Raysor collided again. Xtreme Super Kicked Raysor, laying him out and Crucifix did the same to Samir! Xtreme and Crucifix went up top and took aim on their respective opponents. Xtreme hit the Shooting Star Press.. the Xtreme Measures while Crucifix hit the Leap of Faith on Samir. Crucifix covered Samir as Xtreme backed off. Crucifix got the three and The X Age wins it!

Winner: The X Age via Leap of Faith
Match Time: 12:36
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: The X Age takes it here. The more they compete the more I'm starting to believe that they could be legit contenders to the Hype Tag Team Titles. I don't like their attitudes, but it doesn't negate the fact that they have skills.

Jeff Hartman: I love their attitudes. They're edgy and you need that to succeed. Otherwise we'd just be running a care bear farm powered by the rainbows of gayness.

Donny Layne is backstage with Monica.

Donny: Welcome to The Fast Layne.. the show that asks the better questions than The Dawncast.. I'm Donny Layne and I'm standing by with Monica and Monica I'd like to know.. where, exactly did this attitude come from?

Monica: I had it in my all along and Desiree failed to see it. If she were as good of a teacher as she claimed to be, she would have nurtured it and allowed me to do whatever I wanted to, but instead, she decided that she wanted to squander it.. peachin' values and morals and crap like that. Honey.. you ain't gotta teach that stuff to someone who ain't got none. I'm pure attitude to my very core and THAT'S what she should have embraced. I was goin' nowhere with her, that's for DAMN sure.

Donny: The last time you two met... it didn't end well for you I understand tonight you have a rematch with your former teacher.

Monica: That's right and tonight.. it gonna be Underground Rules an' I am gonna show her an' the world what happens when you let my attitude run free because, honey, I'm a girl who won't stop until it's finished and tonight.. I'm gonna finish it with that fraud of a teacher, Desiree!

Donny: Best of luck to you in your match tonight. Let's send it back down to the ring.

Broken Sanity vs Dragonborn

Match Summary
Mad Morgan and Trot start things off and right away, Morgan ran over Trot with a vicious lariat. He pulled Trot to his feet and shoved him into the corner. Morgan hit body blow after body blow before backing off and slapping the side of his head to psych himself up. He ran in and hit the body avalanche in the corner and immediately followed it up with a Belly To Belly Suplex... The Mad Man Cometh! Panic saw what was happening and wouldn't allow them to just come in and walk all over them. Panic got up top and caught Morgan with a missile drop kick, taking him down! Panic helped Trot to their corner where Trot made the tag

Panic came in and put Morgan down with a spinning heel kick. Morgan got back up and was hit with a second. Panic stood and then hit a standing shooting star press, but only got a fleeting one count out of it. Panic stood and backed into the ropes. He measured Morgan up for a super kick, but Morgan dodged it and grabbed Panic in an Inverted Fireman's Carry. He hit the burning hammer that he called The Insane Asylum! Trot came into the match, but Shovel charged in and hit a flying side shoulder tackle to Trot. Morgan made the cover and got the three!!

Winner: Broken Sanity via The Insane Asylum
Match Time: 4:01
Match Rating: *

Jack Wallace: Wow.. Broken Sanity didn't let Dragonborn get any significant momentum. This was completely one-sided! You think they're trying to send a message to The X Age, saying that they're the better contenders?

Jeff Hartman: No doubt they are. The X Age won in what? 12? 13 minutes? This match was under five minutes. I think Broken Sanity sent a clear message and that is.. they will be tag team champions before The X Age.

After the Match
Mad Morgan grabs a microphone.

Morgan: Keh hee hee...THAT'S how you do it, X Age. There is no doubt. Shovel and I will be the new tag team champions!

Shovel grabbed the microphone.

Shovel: Shovel knows we will be. Shovel drreams and Shovel will make dreams into reality by winning the tag team gold!

Shovel dropped the microphone as Morgan slapped himself in the head to psych himself up before letting out a battle cry. The odd duo exited the ring and headed for the back.

As we got ready for the next match, the crowd began to boo when a certain someone sat down in the front row. As more people saw who it was, the booing got louder and louder! The camera panned over and it was...


The crowd began to chant "YOU GOT FIRED" at Shayne, but Shayne simply sat there with a smug look on his face. All of a sudden, Adam Lazarus and a team of security came out and it was probably one of the rare times the security team got cheers from the audience.

Laz: What are you doing here?

Shayne Anderson pulled out a ticket stub and showed it to Laz. Anderson leaned in close enough to Laz's microphone so that everyone could hear him.

Shayne: "I bought a ticket I'm here to watch the show and nothing more. Just because i'm not the GM doesn't mean I shouldn't be allowed to come here and admire your handiwork" At this point, the crowd began to chant "KICK HIM OUT!" over and over again, but Laz sighed.

Laz: It is a legitimate ticket. He is a paying customer. I hate to admit it, but... he's right. He can stay.

The crowd boo'd as Anderson sat back down. The security team left. Laz shot Anderson a look that could kill as Anderson simply smiled back at Laz.

Jack Wallace: I don't believe for one second that our former boss is here just to watch the show.

Jeff Hartman: Oh come on now Jack.. At least he had the decency to come near the end of the show.. so he didn't have to subject himself to a full two hours of garbage like we do every week.... HI SHAYNE!!! Shayne waved at Hartman who was doing everything his could to get his attention.

Jack Wallace: Sit back down, dammit.

Desiree vs Monica

Match Summary
At the sound of the bell, the two of them locked up. Right away, Monica went for a thumb to the eye and Desiree staggered away. Monica hit a pair of clotheslines and then whipped Desiree into the corner. Monica hit a running knee into the corner and then butterflied the arms, hitting a double underhook suplex. Monica rolled to the outside and lifted up the ring apron, pulling out a kendo stick. She rolled back in and wound up the stick, ready to strike, but Desiree got to her knees and blocked a shot. Desiree ripped the stick from her hands and smacked Monica across the side with it. Monica shrugged it off and tried for a clothesline, but Desiree ducked and hooked Monica with a Russian Leg Sweep with the kendo stick. She covered and got two.

Desiree held onto the kendo stick and stood. Monica staggered to her feet and Desiree cracked her over the head with it. She staggered away, but charged Desiree, but Desiree smacked her with the stick over the head again. Desiree then hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle pad as monica stood. Desiree leapt off, clotheslining Monica with the kendo stick! She covered, but got two again Desiree tossed the stick aside and brought Monica up, but Monica used another thumb to the eye, a kick to the stomach and then a DDT into the canvas. Monica went back to the outside and grabbed a steel chair, bringing it into the ring.

Monica dropped the chair in the middle of the ring and grabbed Desiree. She set her up for a DDT onto the chair, but Desiree twisted out of it and kicked Monica in the stomach. She hoisted Monica up onto his shoulders, but Monica reversed and fell behind. Monica grabbed Desiree, but two back elbows broke her free from the waist lock. Desiree to the ropes... Monica with a drop kick, but Desiree stopped short. Jackknife pin for two.

Desiree picked up the chair and swung when Monica stood, but Monica ducked and hit a spinning heel kick into the chair and Desiree's face when she turned around! Monica put the chair on Desiree and went to the corner. She went up top and went for an elbow, but Desiree moved. Desiree stood and threw the chair right into Monica's face, bouncing off her skull. She then hit a leaping DDT on Monica and held on, converting it into the Desire.. the Triangle Choke.

While in the hold, Monica saw that the kendo stick from earlier was near and eventually grabbed it. She smacked Desiree in the head with it and she released the hold. Desiree stood and took the stick across the forehead which broke her open. Monica hit her again while she knelt down and Desiree fell to her back. Monica places the kendo stick across her neck and pressed down with a choke, but Desiree raked the eyes out of desperation.

Monica staggered away as Desiree got up and caught her breath. Monica charged, but Desiree backstepped then used Monica's momentum to toss her over the rope to the apron. Desiree went to drop kick her off, but Monica ducked and Desiree hit the canvas. Monica then slung herself over, pivoting into a leg drop and a cover for two! Monica pounded her fist into the canvas and grabbed the chair again. She wedged it into the corner as Desiree staggered up. Monica went for the whip into the chair, but Desiree reversed it and sent Monica shoulder first into the chair. Desiree then rolled Monica up from behind and got the three!! They were now one and one as far as victories over each other!

Winner: Desiree via Rollup
Match Time: 10:36
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: Desiree got a measure of revenge here tonight. Monica and Desiree are now one a piece and you know that's not going to sit well with Monica and DON'T mention anything about women and sitting well, for the love of God.

Jeff Hartman: What? Me? Nah.. I wouldn't say anything like that. I was simply going to offer Desiree a victory celebration..... by sitting well.... On my lap.

Jack Wallace: Ugh...

Backstage we are taken to the locker room of the Hype Tag Team Champions, The Natural Athletes. They looked fired up as usual.

Albright: There's no denying that we have been the most dominant tag team the hype has seen. Other teams get hot then get cold. We are the only ones who have stayed consistent. We got hot... stayed hot.. and forever will be hot. The Widow's Nest can't even get another shot at us until we lose these babies. The X Age and Broken Sanity can't even co-exist and we proved that when we beat them both. India's Import was a garbage team that transformed into a fine example of two hard-working athletes that gained our respect, but they've been off and on when it comes to wins. BADASS came in like a house on fire and now they are in their twilight. Dragonborn... they got their issues right now and while everyone is ping ponging around, we've remained that one constant... that when you turn on the TV each week, you're guaranteed two things... an awesome show that will always entertain you great fans... and The Natural Athletes being YOUR tag team champions!

The crowd could be heard cheering in the background.

Massimo: That's the damned truth. These belts aren't going anywhere and honestly, even after we beat 'em, The X Age and Broken Sanity keep mouthing off, saying they want these belts.. that they live for these belts... BOYS... if you want ‘em.. come and try and take 'em. We beat the both of you at the same time before.. we are MORE than willing to do it again! Come after us one at a time... come after us at the same time. I guarantee you.. that you will be defeated once again

Albright: We are The Natural Athletes... we eat, breathe, live, and thrive off of competition. It's what drives us... it's what motivates us... and the tougher the opponents.. the stronger we get. Keep that in mind if you decide to challenge us. Like my man said... X Age... Broken Sanity... or anyone else. Bring your A rank game... we'll bring our S rank. Bring your S rank.. we'll bring our S+. We will always remain one step ahead... you can take that to the bank!

Albright and Massimo held up their championships and motioned into the camera to bring it.

Massimo: Step on up boys... we're waiting.

Brian Williams(c) vs Shi no Ryu

Match Summary
Ryu and Williams circled each other in the ring. After a lock up, Williams drove Ryu back into the corner. There referee forced the break and it was clean. Lock up again, but Ryu quickly dropped low with a toe hold. He stood and quickly and hit a double stomp right into Williams' lower back! Right off the bat, Ryu had put a hurt on the hype champion. Ryu pulled Williams up and he went for a kick to the lower back, then to the front, then to the back, then to the front, then to the back, and then a spin kick to the face which Williams ducked! Williams countered with a waist lock, but Ryu stomped on the shin to free himself. Ryu then hit a back thrust kick to double Williams over, followed by a kick to the chest, then a back thrust kick, another kick to the chest, and then a spinning heel kick to put him down.

Ryu went to the corner and climbed up top. He went for a top rope double stomp, but Williams moved. Ryu front rolled to his feet upon landing and took off to the ropes. He came back and as Williams turned around, hit him with a low drop kick sending him chest-first into the canvas. Ryu stood and immediately hit another double stomp into Williams lower back and then quickly pivoted, placed his knee into his lower back and pulled up on the chin. Williams fought and reached out, but he was just out of reach from the bottom rope. Williams shuffled over and grabbed the rope, breaking the hold.

Ryu stood and headed for the apron. Williams staggered to his feet, holding his back in pain. Ryu hit a springboard knee strike to the side of Williams' head and that brought him down to a single knee. Ryu went to the ropes and went for a Shining Wizard, but Williams scooped up Ryu in his arms and nailed a Sit-Out Powerbomb to counter! The flurry of offense by Shi no Ryu was just halted dead in its tracks by Brian Williams.

Williams took this time to regroup as he leaned against the corner. Ryu got back up to his feet and Williams ran him over with a pair of lariats and then an irish whip. Williams caught Ryu with a powerslam in the middle of the ring and covered for two. Williams then applied a sleeper hold, trying to slow this match down to his pace. Ryu started to battle up and he fired a pair of elbows and tried to run out of the grip, but Williams pulled him down by the head and slammed him into the canvas. Williams hit the ropes and dropped a knee across Ryu's chest. He covered and got only two again. Williams went back to the sleeper hold and Ryu fought back up. Ryu hit a jaw breaker, then from the seated position, he leaned back and kicked Williams in the face. Ryu kipped up and hooked the arm of the staggered Williams and took him over with an arm drag into a standing arm bar submission, but Ryu quickly released it and drop kicked Williams in the back of the head! Ryu threw Williams down to the canvas and covered, hooking the leg, but getting two only.

Ryu sat up Williams and repeatedly kicked him in the lower back, going back to work on it, trying to negate the Cradle Piledriver that Williams has in his arsenal. After a few kicks to the back, Ryu hit a roundhouse to the side of Williams' head and put him down again! Another cover only got him two. Ryu got up and headed to the corner, daring Williams to get back up. Williams staggered to his feet as Ryu charged in, looking for a discus heart punch, but Williams grabbed Ryu by the arm and slammed him face first into the canvas. Williams applied a cross face with Ryu's arm trapped behind Williams' neck! It was a border city stretch variation and Ryu had nowhere to go as he was in the center of the ring!

Ryu held on and eventually was able to roll over on top of Williams putting Williams shoulders to the mat for two because Williams had to release the hold or end up getting pinned. Ryu crawled away on all fours before stumbling up to his feet by the ropes. Williams got up and charged in, but Ryu hit a back thrust kick and doubled him over. Ryu leapt to the middle rope and looked for a twisting cross body, but he hooked Williams by the head and hit a springboard tornado ddt! Ryu crawled into the cover, but only got two again. Ryu made a slashing motion across his throat and stalked Williams as he staggered to his feet. He tried to hook him for the Kokushibyou.. the Barry White Driver, but when he lifted Williams, Williams knee'd Ryu in the stomach, placed him in the pumphandle. Williams lifted and dropped Ryu over his knee neck-first with the Welcome to Williams Street!

Williams shook off the effects of the tornado ddt and made the cover, but he only got two. Williams stood and pulled Ryu back up. He hit a scoop slam then headed to the corner where he climbed up top and took aim. He went for the Swanton... the Killer B Bomb, but Ryu moved out of the way! Williams turned and got up to his knee as Ryu lunged in and hit the Shining Wizard! Another cover by Ryu and a closer two count this time! Ryu feels like he's getting closer to dethroning the hype champion!

Ryu grabbed Williams and pulled him up. Ryu hit a mixture of punches, kicks, forearms and chops, driving Williams back into the corner. Ryu hit a hard slap across the face and took off to the opposite corner. He came back and hit a running knee strike under Williams jaw! Ryu took off to the corner and hit another running knee and strike and Williams looked to be out on his feet! Ryu went for the hat trick and when he lunged in, Williams wrapped his arm around Ryu's neck and nailed a Standing STO!! Williams slouched in the corner as you could tell that was a desperation move and he had trouble keeping his balance. Williams saw that Ryu was down and climbed the turnbuckles in the corner, still trying to shake off the effects. He was thinking on trying another Killer B Bomb, but he was too slow getting up there. Ryu staggered up and realized after landing on the back of his neck, he couldn't do much off the top yet so he elected to fall into the ropes and cause Williams to lose his balance. Ryu stepped out on the apron where he recomposed himself. He leapt up to the top rope besides Williams and pivoted in mid-air, hooking his head and nailing a top rope springboard huracanrana! Ryu went back to the corner as Williams hit the canvas and rolled onto his stomach. Williams tried to shake it off and managed to push himself up on all fours. Ryu leapt off the top rope and hit a flying double stomp into the lower back, collapsing Williams to the canvas!!!!!

The crowd let out a huge "OOOOH!!" as Ryu once again motioned it was over. He grabbed Williams and pulled him back up. Ryu tried to hook him for the Kokushibyou, but when he got him up into the splash mountain position, Williams kicked and wriggled himself free. Both men turned around and Williams hit a toe kick. He placed Ryu between his legs and looked for the Dead End.. the Cradle Piledriver, but the double stomps to the back worked and Williams couldn't lift Ryu! Williams walked away, holding his back in pain. Ryu then hit a kick to the right ribs, a kick to the left ribs, a stiff kick to the right knee which collapsed Williams down. A spin kick to the head, then a Super Kick to the face!!! The crowd hit their feet as Ryu made the cover, but he only got two!!! It was about as close as you could get to a three count, but the champion powered out of it!

Ryu didn't show any signs of concern, though. He simply stayed on the attack, putting the boots to Williams before he could get up. He did it to the point where the referee had to back him off to allow Williams to get up. As Williams was standing, Ryu nudged his way past the referee and hit a running boot to the back of Williams head. Ryu quickly pulled Williams up and placed him between his legs for the Kokushibyou, but Williams wrapped his arms around Ryu's waist and spun. The result was Ryu ended up between Williams legs. He quickly lifted him up and grapevined the leg... The strain on Williams face could tell how much pain he was in, but he hit the Dead End... the Cradle Piledriver! Williams held his back in pain as he scooted over and made the cover and got the three!!!

Winner: Brian Williams via Dead End
Match Time: 30:55
Match Rating: ****1/2

Jack Wallace: Brian Williams continues to overcome every challenge put in front of him! There were times I thought Shi no Ryu was going to walk away with the championship, but Brian Williams showed the heart of a champion and perservered!

Jeff Hartman: I don't care about either man being champion. I still say DefCon should hold the title!

Jack Wallace: If we could just give the title to DefCon to shut him up, I'd agree with you, but with that being said, we're out of time! Join us next week here on The Hype! Goodnight everyone!