"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to another edition of The Hype! Tonight we are going to see El Tigre Verde and DefCon go at it again where the winner gets a definitive Hype Championship match next week! I cannot wait to see these two clash again!

Jeff Hartman: You mean that you can't wait for DefCon to lay waste to Verde and back up the fact that Verde can't get the job done and doesn't deserve it. In fact, DefCon had Brian Williams defeated last week and Verde interfered all to cover up the fact that he's nothing more than a waste

Jack Wallace: That's your opinion. I just think Verde didn't want to see someone like DefCon become champion and quite frankly.. I share that same sentiment. DefCon is just a copycat and that's not really being all that original. Someone like him shouldn't be Hype Champion.. but be that as it may.. we have Adam Lazarus and Faith Hines in the ring right now!

Adam Lazarus stood in the ring with a microphone in hand. Faith Hines was standing by his side when Lazarus brought the microphone up to his lips

Laz: Last week, you came into my office and made a pretty valid point. I did, kind of, ignore the Starlets in this rookie versus veteran series. As I explained... the starlets are all considered members of the main roster, but be that as it may, there are still some that are seen as rookies, as you have pointed out to me. So to continue to be a fair and impartial GM.. something I know each and every one of you aren't used to yet thanks to Shayne Anderson... I'm going to give you an opportunity here tonight!

Faith had a microphone as well and brought it to her lips.

Faith: Thank you, Mr. Lazarus. You're right... perhaps I was a bit hastey to come to you with this issue.. and you're also right.. we haven't hard a fair GM on The Hype, but I do want to thank you for this opportunity to prove that some of us home grown starlets on The Hype have what it takes to compete against those who have known nothing except for the main roster.

Laz: You're welcome. In fact... since you're dressed to compete.. I can't think of a better way to kick off this week's Hype then to have that match right now! Just remember.. if you happen to win this match, I will grant you an opportunity at the Starlet Championship!

The crowd cheered as Laz exited the ring. Faith looked ready for her challenge, but who was it going to be?

Faith Hines vs Tammy Lynn Foster

Match Summary
The main roster member turned out to be Tammy Lynn Foster, who was embroiled in a feud with Amber Ryann and now Alyssa Corliss... ironically, two people who graduated from The Hype. Did Foster accept the challenge to continue to prove herself against Hype talent? Only she knew the answer to that as she climbed into the ring. The bell rang and immediately the two of them locked up. Foster with the arm wringer, but Faith reversed it into an arm wringer of her own, but Foster reversed it back and kicked Faith in the stomach before whipping her to the ropes and making her eat a back elbow. Foster hit the ropes and came back with a knee drop into the chest, an early cover, and only a one count.

The Blonde Bomber pulled Faith back up to her feet and hit a knife edge chop that staggered her into the corner. Foster whipped her to the opposite side and charged in, but Faith hit a back elbow, then a second, and finally a third stopping Foster from charging. Faith with a cross body off the middle rope and a cover for two. Faith pulled Foster up and whipped her to the ropes. Faith went for a drop kick, but Foster held the ropes and Faith found nothing but canvas. Foster walked over and grabbed Faith by the legs, deadlifting her up and dropping her with a Powerbomb and a cover for two.

Faith tried to get back up but Foster got behind her and placed her in a seated position. She applied a surfboard submission that she called Hog Tied and the referee asked Faith if she wanted to give up. She said no several times and after a minute or two, got back up, feeding off the energy from the crowd. A pair of elbows to the stomach broke her free and then she hit a standing Gamengiri to the side of Foster's head! Faith then grabbed Foster by the head and butterflied the arms, looking for No Faith in Humanity, but Foster countered with a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge for two!

Foster stood and taunted Faith to get back up. Faith got back to her feet and ducked a clothesline by Foster. She stopped short and hit a spinning heel kick, knocking Foster down. She then quickly stood and kicked Foster in the face before re-hooking her for the No Faith in Humanity! She was about to punch her ticket to a starlet championship match when she was blindsided from behind..


The referee called for the bell

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: 6:13
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: What the hell is Raevynn doing here!?

Jeff Hartman: Maybe she's homesick, Jack?

After the Match
Raevynn grabbed Faith Hines by the back of the head and pulled her up in a reverse face lock. She lifted Foster up and planted her with an elevataed Reverse DDT.. the Tears BREAKER. Raevynn stood and grabbed a microphone from ringside.

Raevynn: If you think for one second that I was going to let you have a championship opportunity, then you have another thing coming. The Starlet Championship is MINE and MINE ALONE. I'm not going to let anyone else have a shot at that title except for me.. and WHEN I defeat Charlotte and become Starlet Champion.. I don't need people like Adam Lazarus.... or Damien Lee for that matter... putting me into situations like this. That belt is MINE and neither you or this redneck piece of trash... Raevynn looked right at Tammy Lynn Foster when she said that.. Tammy wasn't happy. Raevynn: ...will get a shot at it before I do.

Foster took a step toward Raevynn, but then...


Alyssa Corliss came from the crowd and laid out Foster from behind! Alyssa grabbed Foster pulling her to her feet. She then nailed the Sit Out Gordbuster.. The Corliss Effect... on Tammy Lynn Foster!! Alyssa and Foster.. along with Amber Ryann.. have a date set at Death Wish in which the three of them will battle, but tonight, Alyssa fired a pretty big shot! Raevynn simply laughed as she exited the ring, leaving Alyssa Corliss to alone to stand over Tammy Lynn Foster, looking down at her.

Desiree is walking around backstage, looking in every direction that she can, trying to location someone. She turned a corner and came across just the one she was looking for.

Desiree: There you are

The camera panned over and it revealed Monica

Desiree: First you shove me down.. then you come out and mock me during my match with Sarah Winterton.. then when you couldn't air out your frustrations last week, you resort to walking out. For what reason? Just because you can't hack it in that ring and you can't admit the fact that you're not as good as you think you are?

Monica grinned

Monica: Nah

Desiree: Well if that's not it, then may I ask just what in the hell has gotten into you?

Monica walked right up to Desiree and got into her face.

Monica: Attitude!

Monica turned around to leave, but faked it and decked Desiree in the head! Monica punched her over and over again before grabbing her by the back of the shirt and tossing her shoulder first into some random tubing that was leaning against the wall. The pipes and tubes clanged as they hit the floor. Monica walked over and bent down over Desiree.

Monica: My attitude... That's what's up... BITCH

Monica then walked away as the camera focused on Desiree wincing in pain before fading out.

The Natural Athletes(c) vs ??????

Match Summary
Last week, Albright and Massimo were so fired up that they issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. They hit the ring and when their music died off, everyone in the crowd turned to the entrance to see who would come out. That's when the arena when black and green as Xtreme and Crucifix of The X Age stepped out from the back. They made their way down the ramp when Mad Morgan and Shovel came from behind and blindsided them!

Morgan and Shovel threw Xtreme and Crucifix respectively into the ring and slid in. Albright and Massimo were pissed that their challenge was ruined and charged in and began to brawl with Morgan and Shovel. Xtreme and Crucifix came to and jumped the Athletes because they wanted the tag titles. It broke down into chaos until Adam Lazarus came out with a microphone.


The three teams looked up at the entrance ramp.

Laz: You want to fight? fine... but we're not doing it like this... Albright and Massimo.. you said you were up for a challenge so right now you are going to defend those tag team titles in a triple threat match against The X Age and Broken Sanity. Referee.. ring the damn bell!

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: - -
Match Rating: - -

Jack Wallace: What was going to be The X Age against The Natural Athletes just became a triple threat! The Athletes did issue an open challenge... we're about to find out if they can handle it!

The Natural Athletes(c) vs The X Age vs Broken Sanity

Match Summary
Albright, Xtreme, and Shovel start off in the ring. Xtreme and Shovel stalk Albright, but Xtreme mouths off to Shovel saying that he'll handle Albright. Shovel cackles and says that Shovel will handle Albright, speaking in third person as per diem. The two began to argue and Albright runs them both over with a double clothesline! Albright grabs Xtreme and tossed him into Crucifix in the corner, knocking him off the apron. As Xtreme staggers back, he lays him out with a lariat from behind. Xtreme rolled to the outside while Shovel got back up and crushed Albright in the corner with a body avalanche. Shovel then hoisted Albright up onto the top turnbuckle, but Albright fought back with punches to the top of the head and then a double axe sledge off the top.

Albright then whipped the staggered Shovel to the ropes and in a nice display of power, hit a spinebuster in the middle of the ring, but Xtreme got back on the apron and when Albright turned around, he got hit with a springboard drop kick. Xtreme then made a cover on Shovel and got only two. Xtreme stood up and was met with right hands by Albright. He whipped Xtreme to the the ropes, but Xtreme countered with a springboard back elbow, catching Albright in the jaw. Xtreme stood up as did Shovel and Shovel immediately grabbed Xtreme in a waist lock. Standing switch by Xtreme, but he wasn't strong enough for the German. Shin Stomp by Shovel followed by a Discus Haymaker, knocking Xtreme down. Albright got back up and ate a Discus Haymaker as well. Shovel made the tag to Mad Morgan who, instead of coming into the ring, leapt off the apron with a Flying Shoulder tackle, taking Crucifix back down after he got up off the floor.

Morgan stood and rolled into the ring. He pulled Xtreme up to his feet and hit a scoop slam on top of Albright. Morgan went to the ropes and went for a big splash, but Xtreme moved and Morgan caught Albirght alone. Morgan covered, but Xtreme kicked Morgan in the head, breaking it up at two. Xtreme kicked Morgan in the face as he was getting up. He hooked Morgan and nailed a Vertical Suplex on him before heading to the corner, but Albright got up and charged in, leaping to the middle rope and grabbing Xtreme in a waist lock. He flipped Xtreme with a Release Super German Suplex and Xtreme came crashing down on top of Mad Morgan stomach fist! The crowd broke out into a Holy Shit chant as Xtreme bounced off Morgan and rolled away. Albright covered Morgan, but only got two.

Albright stood and tagged in Massimo. Crucifix got up onto the apron and Massimo charged in and knocked him right back off! Massimo then ran over Xtreme with a shoulder tackle as he stood. Morgan staggered up and was hit with a shoulder tackle as well. Xtreme used the ropes to pull him up but Massimo whipped Xtreme across the ring. He lifted Xtreme up into the air, catching him into a fireman's carry and hitting a samoan drop! Morgan staggered to his feet as Massimo got back up to his. Morgan charged Massimo and Massimo ducked a clothesline. Massimo took off to the ropes and Shovel slid into the ring behind Massimo after Massimo bounced off. Morgan ducked Massimo's lariat and took off towards Shovel. Morgan grabbed Shovel and heaved him into the direction of Massimo so when Massimo turned around, Shovel was sent shoulder first into his stomach with the Battering Ram! Shovel rolled out of the way as Morgam made the cover, but only got two when Xtreme broke it up!

Xtreme stood and stomped on Morgan, trying to keep him down. By this time, Crucifix had recovered and FINALLY made it into the ring. The X Age double teamed Morgan with right hands, staggering him back. Double team whip by The X Age sent Morgan to the ropes. Morgan tried to counter with a double lariat, but they both turned. They turned and hit a double toe kick to the mid-section. Xtreme lifted Morgan up for a Suplex, but he dropped him down, stomach first across Crucifix's knee! Xtreme then shuffled back and nailed a Super Kick while Crucifix took off to the ropes and nailed a running Senton Back Splash! As Xtreme and Crucifix taunted Morgan, Massimo got back up to his feet. The X Age saw Massimo and hit him with a double toe kick as well. They tried to double team suplex Massimo, but Massimo turned the tables and nailed a double suplex on Crucifix and Xtreme by himself!!

Massimo made his way to the corner and tagged Cori Albright back into the match. Albright came in and the two of them stalked Xtreme after Crucifix rolled to the outside. Xtreme staggered to his feet when Albright lunged in with GOOOOAAAALLL, but Xtreme grabbed Albright by the leg, swinging it into the face of Massimo!! Albright continued to spin around, only to see Mad Morgan lunge in and cut him in half with a Spear! Xtreme then super kicked Mad Morgan right in the face! Xtreme rushed to the other side of the ring and climbed up top. He flipped off with the Xtreme Measures.. the Shooting Star Press.. and connected on Morgan, but Massimo hit the ropes and while Xtreme had the cover, Massimo leapt up and nailed the running splash... All the Way!! Massimo pulled Xtreme off of Morgan and made the cover, but only got two when Shovel grabbed Massimo by the leg and pulled him off! Shovel turned around and ate a super kick from Albright... GOOOOAAALLLLLL!!!

Shovel rolled to the outside.. Crucifix came in and kicked Albright in the stomach. He hit the ropes and leapt up, stomping Albright's face into the canvas with the Curb Stomp... the Passing Judgment! Massimo got up and then leapt at Crucifix.. nailing a Flying Shoulder Tackle... The First Down! Morgan got up and when Massimo stood, he ran in and slammed into Massimo in the corner with a Body Avalanche. Massimo staggered forward and Morgan showed incredible power, hitting the big man with a Belly to Belly Suplex completing the Mad Man Cometh! Morgan had the cover and got only two as Massimo kicked out! The crowd was going nuts with a "This is Awesome" chant as Morgan pulled Massimo back up. Morgan hit a flurry of forearm strikes and took off to the ropes, but Massimo returned the favor by catching Morgan and nailing a Belly to Belly of his own! Massimo took off to the ropes and nailed All the Way! Xtreme charged in as the referee began to count, but Albright stood up and smacked him in the side of the head with the GOOOAAAALLLLL Super Kick! Massimo picked up the three and The Natural Athletes retain the Hype Tag Team Championships!

Winner: The Natural Athletes via All the Way
Match Time: 38:19
Match Rating: ****3/4

Jack Wallace: Holy hell what a match! At one point, I thought Broken Sanity would pull off the upset, but the upset, I think has to go to the winners.. first they beat the Crimson Order, and now they win a triple threat against two of the top teams on The Hype and retain their titles. Can ANYONE stop The Natural Athletes!?

Jeff Hartman: I'm sure I can with a gun.

Jack Dawn is walking out of the Catering room when he bumps into Gabriel Gold. Gabriel scoffs at Dawn and goes to walk into Catering when Dawn steps in front of him,

Dawn: Hold on just a second. I'm not going to just let you walk past me without an explanation. What did you mean least week when you said that you only changed to Brian Williams?

Gold sighed

Gold: Look.. when I joined The Dying Breed, I did so because we had a common enemy. I became a friend to my enemy and you know what? Through his hard work and his efforts.. he became The Hype Champion. At that very moment.. when he had that title won and in his hands.. he made me eat my words from over a year ago. I told him he wasn't going to amount to anything and I was dead wrong. He did amount to something.. he became champion... so my attitude towards him became nothing but respect... but.. you? What the hell have you done on The Hype since you came on board? You came on board the same time I did... we were here in the very beginning.. you've been used here and there sporadically, but have you really gotten a fair chance at the title? Have you really been recognized for your contributions? No.. you haven't. You haven't accomplished what Brian Williams has accomplished so why should I respect you? I shouldn't.. and that what I meant by saying that I only changed for Williams.

Dawn had to keep himself from laughing.

Gold: What's so funny?

Dawn: It's just that you run me down for not accomplishing anything and yet.. you're in the same exact boat. Aside from your feud with Williams when you first broke into The Hype.. what did you do? You joined The Dying Breed and then you lost to Jesse Ramey. That's all that you accomplished in your one plus year here on The Hype. Don't act so high and mighty because you are absolutely no different.

Gold smirked

Gold: Aren't you clever... well.. I will hand it to you. You're right. I did lost to Jesse Ramey last week, but... I did put up more of a fight than you did. Your match lasted all of what.. a minute? Mine went on much longer and I pushed Jesse Ramey to his limits. That right there should tell you that I am in a position to accomplish more than you before I leave the hype and go to the main roster.

Dawn: You? on the main roster? That's probably the best joke I've heard this week. You really think Damien Lee is going to jump on the phone and call Adam Lazarus and demand Gabriel Gold after seeing you lose to the number one contender to the world title? Hey.. I have dreams of making it to the main roster, too, you know.. but at least I live in this thing called reality.

Gold had had enough. He haulted off and decked Jack Dawn before throwing him shoulder first through the door into the catering room.

Gold: Was that real enough for you?

Gold then stormed off, pretty pissed.

El Tigre Verde vs DefCon

Match Summary
This match will determine the number one contender to the world championship next week as well as settle the differences between Verde and DefCon once and for all! The bell rang and immediately DefCon went right for Verde and began to pummel him into the corner. DefCon swtiched to knee lifts, leaving Verde slumped in the seated position. DefCon gathered momentum and went for a knee strike, but Verde pulled himself under the ropes to the outside. DefCon immediately vaulted over with a plancha, but Verde used his speed and rolled back into the ring. DefCon hit the floor mats as Verde hit the ropes. DefCon stood as Verde hit a Tope Con Girl and wiped out DefCon!

Verde went around the side of the ring and waited for DefCon to stand. He charged and leapt onto the ring steps before launching off with a flying cross body, but DefCon caught him and rammed Verde back first into the ring post. He did this two more times before putting him position and scoop slamming him onto the unseparated ring steps!! Verde's neck hit the floor while his body landed on the steps! DefCon then got up onto the barricade and nailed a seated drop kick into Verde's stomach, driving him into the steps even more!!!

DefCon laughed at Verde as he pulled him off the steps and to his feet. He then hot shotted him chest first across the top of the barricades and Verde simply hit the canvas. DefCon lifted up the apron and got a chair. He waited for Verde to stand before he went for an overhead strike, but Verde put his arms up and blocked the shot. He then kicked DefCon in the stomach and snagged the chair away from him. He slammed the chair over DefCon's back once, twice, thrice! He then cracked the chair over his head before rolling him back into the ring. Verde went up top and hit a Cannonball Senton for two.

Verde stood and grabbed DefCon, pulling him to his feet, but DefCon grabbed Verde by the front of the tights and threw him face first into the turnbuckle pads. DefCon shook off the effects of the chair as Verde pulled himself up it the corner. DefCon turned and charged in, but Verde leapt up and over with a sunset flip for two. Both stood and Verde ducked a clothesline which caused DefCon to go into the corner. Verde stopped and hit a flip kick to the back of DefCon's head, sending him chest first into the pads. Verde got back to his feet and hoisted DefCon up top. He climbed up and tried for a Super Back Drop, but DefCon twisted in mid air and landed on top of Verde, getting two. DefCon rolled out of the ring and lifted up the apron, pulling out a baseball bat.

DefCon rolled back in and jammed the bat into Verde's mid-section. He placed the bat under Verde's chin and slammed his head down into it. Verde hit the canvas, holding his jaw as DefCon slammed the bat down across Verde's stomach. He hit him a good four to five times before he tossed the bat away and made the cover, only getting two. DefCon had had enough and rolled to the outside again, this time finding a table under the ring. He slid it in and set it up near the corner. DefCon then placed Verde on top of the table and climbed the corner, but Verde rolled off the table and crotched DefCon up top. Verde climbed up top and nailed a Poisoned Frankensteiner off the top, sending DefCon through the table!!! Verde got up and went back up top . He then nailed the Double Rotation Moonsault.. the Shooting Scar Press and picked up the three!!

Winner: El Tigre Verde via Shooting Scar Press
Match Time: 18:31
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: El Tigre Verde has done it! He defeated DefCon and earned a number one contender's match! Verde and Williams put on a five star classic just a couple of weeks ago and now we will see the rematch right here next week!

Jeff Hartman: This isn't fair at all! I still don't believe in El Tigre Verde. Williams will win again and this will all be for nothing. DefCon should have that match. He was actually about to win last week and he got screwed. I swear.. all El Tigre Verde does is screw the people who deserve it the most!

India's Import are backstage, looking through their smartphones, planning out the rest of their evening when Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome walk up to them.

Tripp: I just want to make something clear. Last week, we walked away because we determined that it wasn't the time, nor the place to fight a coupla punks like the two of you. Ya see... we're just too damn cool for The Dying Breed's leftovers. Everyone knows Brian Williams was the only reason you two were relevant.. without him.. you'd still be losing to every single tag team on The Hype.. and that... that's just not .. BAD ASS!

Tripp grinned as Samir and Raysor looked at each other. They looked to take a step toward Tripp Wise when Davis Bloome steps between the two of them

Raysor: You going to tell monkey boy to move or are we just going to have to move him ourselves?

After nothing is said, Raysor and Samir look at each other and shrug. They then attack Bloome with right hands. Tripp forces Samir back up against a wall and begins to hammer away at his mid-section. Bloome knees Raysor in the stomach and throws him on top of a table. Samir, on the other hand, fights back and whips Tripp right into the wall before laying him out with a lariat from behind. Samir then stomps down on Tripp while Bloome turns to help him. He pulled Samir off of Tripp and decked him with a big right hand.

Raysor got back up and jumped on Bloome's back with a sleeper hold. Samir then kicked away at Bloome in the mid section until Tripp Wise got back up and spun Samir around, decking him with right hands.


Adam Lazarus bolted onto the scene, trying to get the two teams to separate.

Laz: What the hell is with the tag teams tonight!? Do I have to babysit all of you? If you two have a problem.. settle it in the ring.. next week. I'll even do what I did for El Tigre Verde and DefCon.. I'll make it an Underground Rules Tag Match. Work it out then and leave my backstage area alone!

The two teams nodded at that notion and slowly backed away. Once they left, the camera focused on Laz who could only shake his head.

Mike Patterson vs Mack Brody

Match Summary
It was time for the Rookie vs Veteran challenge! This week, it was Mack Brody from The Heirs of Wrestling taking on a man who was looking to distance himself from The X Movement and stand out on his own.. Mike Patterson! This clash was some people's dream match and now it began with the sound of the bell!

Patterson and Brody circled each other and shockingly, Patterson extended his hand and Brody shook it. They then locked up as the two tried to power each other around the ring, but neither man would budge. They broke the lock up and tired again, and again, neither man would actually budge. Patterson told Brody to hit the ropes so Brody did and hit a shoulder block, but Patterson went nowhere. Brody challenged him to do the same and Patterson did so, but it was Brody that wouldn't budge this time. Both men nodded to acknowledge each other's strength before circling once again.

They went for a lock up, but Patterson switched it into a waist lock. Brody tried to break free, but Patterson took him down to the mat with takedown. He floated over into a front chancery, but Brody powered up to his feet and backed Patterson into the corner with a shoulder takcle. Brody stood and rained down forearm after forearm shot. He whipped Patterson across the ring and hit a body avalanche in the corner. He then grabbed Patterson in a front wasit lock, taking him down to the canvas and then applying a front face lock to him. Patterson fought through it and back up to his feet. He got underneath Brody and flipped him with a Back Body Drop! Brody stood and got hit with a lariat. Back up was Brody and back down he went again from another lariat. Patterson whipped him to the ropes and nailed a spinebuster! Patterson covered and only got two.

Patterson pulled Brody to his feet, running him to the corner and slamming his face into the turnbuckle pads. He then hit a series of shoulder blocks before lifting Brody to the top rope. Patterson climbed up and hooked Brody for what looked like a super belly to belly, but Brody hit a headbutt and knocked Patterson off the top rope. Brody stood on the middle rope and hunched over. Patterson stood and Brody hit the Flying Shoulder Tackle! A modified Gold Rush! Brody covered, but only got two! Brody taunted Patterson to get up. Patterson stood and Brody kicked him in the stomach. He set him up for The Midas Touch.. the Fire Thunder Powerbomb, but Patterson slipped off of Brody's shoulder and landed behind him. Patterson turned and quickly hooked Brody in a waist lock, hitting three consecutive German Suplexes!

Patterson went to the corner and climbed up top. He took aim and leapt off, nailing the Big Souix Splash.. the Frog Splash from a 337lb man! Patterson had the cover, hooking the leg, but Brody kicked out at two! Patterson pulled Brody back up. He hooked him for what looked like a Uranage, but Brody used elbows to break free. Brody then quickly hooked Patterson and nailed the Release Exploder Suplex.. the Goldigger, but Patterson popped back to his feet and when Brody stood, he charged in and nailed him with the Spear!! Patterson collasped.. Brody was down and the referee started his ten count. When he got to eight, both men stood and began to trade punches back and forth. Brody got the upper hand until he swung with a Haymaker. Patterson ducked and caught Brody with a Back Drop Suplex. Patterson made a slashing motion across his throat and pulled Brody back up.

He placed Brody between his legs, but Brody countered with a back body drop. Brody turned and when Patterson stood, Brody grabbed him by the neck with both hands. He tired to lift Patterson for the 24K, but Patterson floated over and landed on his feet. Kick to the stomach by Patterson and shove between the legs. Patterson lifted Brody up to shoulder height, showing scary power. He the threw Brody into the corner with a Buckle Bomb! Patterson took off to the ropes and nailed another Spear on Brody as he staggered out of the corner!! Patterson dragged Brody away from the corner and went up top.. A second Big Souix Splash connected! Patterson covered but ONLY GOT TWO!!!!

Patterson couldn't believe it! He pulled Brody to his feet, but Brody quickly knee'd Patterson in the stomach. He set Patterson up between his legs, lifted him and nailed the Fire Thunder Powerbomb.. The Midas Touch! Brody crawled over into the cover and made it, but the world was shocked when Mike Patterson kicked out of The Midas Touch!! Brody was shocked!

Both men got back up to their feet. Brody threw a right hand, but it was blocked and countered with a headbutt. Brody staggered away as Patterson hooked him from behind, pulling back on the arms. Patterson nailed a Tiger Suplex on Brody! Brody flopped over onto his stomach and began to pull himself up. Patterson hunched down and dared Brody to stand. Once he did, Patterson charged in, but Brody exploded as well.. Brody counterd with spear with the Gold Rush!!! A knock out shot!! Brody covered as the crowd went nuts, BUT HE ONLY GOT TWO!!!

"This is awesome" broke out in the crowd.. What did Mack Brody have to do!!?? Brody pulled Patterson up to his feet and grabbed him by the neck with both hands, but Patterson countered the 24K again with a knee to the stomach. Patterson quickly placed Brody between his legs. He lifted him up and grapevined the leg before dropping him on top of his head with the Cradle Piledriver.. the Trailervision. Patterson went to the corner and climbed up top. He took aim and for the third time this match.. nailed the Big Souix Splash!! Patterson covered and got one... got two.. and THREE!! Mike Patterson just beat Mack Brody!!!

Winner: Mike Patterson via Big Souix Splash
Match Time: 24:51
Match Rating: ****1/2

Jack Wallace: WHAT AN UPSET!! Mike Patterson just pinned one of the biggest names on the main roster, Mack Brody!! As a result.. Mike Patterson is now guaranteed a future Hype Championship match!!! I am completely shocked!

Jeff Hartman: I'm more shocked that he shook Brody's hand before the match.. I mean.. what the actual hell, Mike!?

After the Match
Patterson helped Brody up to his feet. Patterson shook Brody's hand and Brody acknowledged that Patterson got the better of him tonight. Brody clapped and pointed to Patterson as he exited the ring as the crowd continued to cheer for Mike Patterson.

Adam Lazarus was in his office when Trot and Panic walked in. Laz just looked up and then head desked.

Laz: (muffled) Let me guess.. another tag team with a problem

Trot: We only want what's fair.. a match with The Widow's Nest next week.

Laz: (looking up): Hey. at least you were the only tag team to come to me and peacefully request a match. You know what.. just for that. You got it. All the way.. five stars... gold seal... notorized and approved... green lit.. and everything else in between.

Panic: Thank you.... I.. think...

Trot and Panic look at each other and then slowly back away. They exit the office as Laz put his head back down.

Laz: Great.. even when I resolve something peacefully, it's still a weird situation. I wonder if Shayne Anderson kept any booze in the office.

Fade out.

Brian Williams vs Zane Roebuck

Match Summary
Last week, Zane Roebuck told Adam Lazarus that he was too good for The Hype and wanted to be on the main roster. Laz stated that if he could beat Brian Williams tonight in a non-title match, he would then allow him to go to the main roster.. but if he lost, he would remain on The Hype. The match started and Zane used his quickness to keep away from Williams. Each time Williams tried to lock up, Zane would dart out of the way. Eventually, Zane caught Williams with a waist lock, but Williams broke the grip and performed a standing switch. Williams took Zane over and paintbrushed the back of his head. The crowd cheered as Zane stood up and complained to the referee

Williams told Zane to bring it. Zane feigned a lock up and decked Williams in the face instead! Zane fired rapid right hands before he attempted a whip, but Williams reversed it and sent Zane to the ropes. Williams telegraphed a back body drop, but Zane rolled off of Williams back and then spat in the face of the Hype Champion when he turned around. He used the distraction to hit a spinning heel kick to Williams, taking him down. Zane stood and dropped not one, not two, but three consecutive knee drops.. the Triple 7 before making a cover, but only getting two. Zane strapped on a sleeper hold, but Williams got up and countered with a back drop suplex, but Zane flipped over and landed on his feet. He went to the ropes and hit a basement drop kick, taking Williams to the canvas. Zane hit the ropes again and this time hit a Shot Gun Drop Kick to the face! He turned Williams over and got two again.

Zane applied a surfboard submission, but Williams battled back up and countered with a hip toss. Zane stood and got ran over by a clothesline. He stood again and got hit with another clothesline. He backed Zane into the ropes and whipped him across, hitting a spine buster in the middle of the ring for two. Williams pulled Zane up and placed him in a pumphandle. he then nailed the Pumphandle Neck breaker.. the Welcome to Williams Street before signalling for the end. He pulled Zane up and placed him between his legs, but Zane shockingly countered wiht a double leg takedown and then a front flip into a jackknife pin for two! Zane stood and measured Williams. Zane went for the super kick, but Williams grabbed Zane by the leg. Williams spun Zane around and grabbed him in a waist lock, but Zane hit a pair of back elbows and broke free.

Zane took off to the ropes, but Williams lifted him high into the air and just let him free fall stomach first into the canvas. Zane rolled to his back as Williams went to the corner. He climbed up top and went for the Killer B Bomb.. the Swanton, but Zane rolled out of the way! Williams staggered up as Zane went to the apron. He leapt to the top rope and hit the Springboard Bulldog.. the Pocket Ace! Zane quickly stood and went to the corner. He climbed up top and flipped off with the SOL.. the Top Rope Moonsault, but Williams put the knees up! Zane crashed down on the knees and held his stomach in pain. Williams stood and placed Zane between his legs. He lifted and nailed The Downfall.. the Cradle Piledriver.. he made the cover and got the three! Zane Roebuck stays on The Hype!

Winner: Brian Williams via The Downfall
Match Time: 9:42
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: Zane Roebuck failed to get the job done here tonight and The Hype Champion, Brian Williams wins, meaning Zane cannot go to the main roster.. he has to stay here on The Hype!

Jeff Hartman: Such talent being wasted away in a place like this.

Jack Wallace: Yeah, Jeff.. I know you were rooting for Zane Roebuck.. it's just your nature.

Jeff Hartman: I was talking about myself!

Jack Wallace: Well I do agree that you're in a place like this.. talent, though? I'm not so sure about that. That's going to do it for us this week, folks. Next week, Brian Williams.. that man right there.. will go one on one with El Tigre Verde for the second time this month and the Hype Championship WILL be on the line! From all of us here in Orlando.. Good Night!