"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! Last week we saw some dramatic unfoldings between KUMO and Kodora... what could this mean for the two of them? Hopefully we'll have the answers tonight.

Jeff Hartman: I'll tell you what it means, Jack. It means that Kodora is on the rebound.. she's vulnerable.. and that means she's susceptable to the acquired taste that is Jeff Hartman.

Jack Wallace: If you were a kind of taste, I'm sure you'd be the kind that made anyone who tried you gag.. and possibly vomit.

Jeff Hartman: Either way, I'd still get people to produce bodily fluids!

Jack Wallace: I... wha... I don't even... ugh... Let's just send it down to the ring for our opening contest. In the meantime, I'm going to try and erase that from my mind.

Faith Hines vs Desiree

Match Summary
This was an exhibition match in the sense, but it was another test for Desiree who came down to the ring, accompanied by Xin Xin Xiong. The absense of Kodora was a little surprising, but given the events at the end of last week's Hype, not many questioned her absense. X3 shouted words of encouragement to Desiree as she controlled the early part of the match, keeping Faith grounded. X3 kept saying to "Stay on her" as Desiree continued to apply the pressure with a surfboard submission hold. Faith eventually battled up to her feet and front flipped, hitting a mule kick into Desiree's stomach, but Desiree stayed on her feet. When Faith got back up, Desiree ran over her with a clothesline and went for the pin, but got only two.

Desiree went back to a submission-based style of wrestling, keeping Faith grounded and in a series of holds, but Faith, again, drew from the energy in the crowd and stood. She broke free and hit a pair of elbows as well as a clothesline. Desiree popped up and was taken down again by a shoulder block. Faith hit the ropes and hit a spinning heel kick, then a standing moonsault for two! Faith was shifting the momentum as she pulled Desiree to her feet. Faith scooped her onto her shoulder and fell straight down, slamming Desiree's entire front side into the canvas!! Faith rolled Desiree over and got a very close two.

Faith stalked Desiree and delivered a toe kick. She went to hook her for the No Faith in Humanity.. the double arm DDT, but Desiree broke free and leapt into the air, wrapping her legs around Faith's neck. Desiree fell to her back and quickly tied Faith up in Desire!! The triangle choke! An amazing counter and Faith was in the center of the ring! She had no choice but to tap out!

Winner: Desiree via Desire
Match Time: 8:48
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: Desiree is getting better and better. One week she can strike you down, next week she puts on a submission clinic. Xin Xin Xiong is really teaching her well!

Jeff Hartman: Professor Hartman has a few lessons he could "squeeze" in, if you catch my drift.

Jack Wallace: Yeah.. we caught it.. we're waving our hands in front of our faces to try and negate the stench from your drift, though. After the Match
Faith got back up to her feet after Desiree and X3 made their exit to the back. Faith had her back to the entrance ramp as she leaned against the ropes, trying to shake off the effects of all the submission holds she just took. All of a sudden, Alyssa Corliss ran out from the back, sliding into the ring!! Alyssa stalked Faith as the crowd didn't know what to make of this. Faith turned around and...

Toe kick!

Faith was doubled over. Alyssa grabbed Faith in a front face lock and nailed the Sit-Out Gordbuster...


Alyssa stood with a smug look of disdain on her face as she looked down at Faith Hines who was out on the canvas. Alyssa flicked her hair back and grinned as she backed away and exited the ring to boos from the crowd.

What they say is true.. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and after losing Sebastian Saje and losing to Sarah Winterton, perhaps this was the manifestation of all the hated and rage she was trying to hide and shoulder, but why Faith Hines? Those questions are yet to be answered.

Backstage we see Terry Massimo lacing up his boots. Cori Albright walked up to him and the crowd gave him a mixed reaction. Massimo immediately stood up and looked ready to go, but Albright put his hands up in the air.

Albright: "Whoa whoa.. let's calm down.. I'm not here to fight.. I'm here to apologize. Last week, my temper flared because we still couldn't beat each other. We're athletes and sometimes the spirit of competition can get the better of you and you end up doing things that you don't mean to do. Refusing to shake your hand and storming out of the ring was unprofessional of me and I wanted to come here and apologize and offer you my hand as I do owe you a handshake for another hell of a match last week."

Albright stuck his hand out a Massimo nodded and shook it.

Massimo: "I understand that. It was the same way in football. The coach would do anything to fire us up. He'd insult us.. he's piss us off, then tell us to go use it on the field so we could compete at our fiercest. When the adrenaline kicks in and you're out there going full speed, your mind just thinks of the game.. it thinks of the competition.. it thinks about winning and if those goals aren't achieved, the mind doesn't like it. So no worries, bud. I know where you're coming from."

Albright nodded.

Albright: "I know after last week this may be selfish of me to ask, but I'd like to make it up. I'd like us to have one more match. win.. lose.. or draw, I promise I won't snub you off like I did last week. Plus.. we still need to see who the better competitor is afterall."

Massimo smiled.

Massimo: "You know.. you're right about that. Challenge accepted, my friend. Win or lose.. let's go out there and burn this house down a third time."

Massimo and Albright high fived each other and exited the locker room! Albright vs Massimo III is on for tonight!

Dragon Born vs BADASS

Before the Match
The lights went out and rather large spotlight illuminated the stage. "Asshole" by Dennis Leary hit the PA and David Bloome walked out first with Tripp Wise soon after. Bloome looked all business while Tripp walked out with his arms out.. kind of like Scott Hall used to. Tripp pointed to himself and said "Now THIS is BADASS" with a grin on his face as he walked lively down to the ring. Bloome simply walked to the ring with focus, purpose, and a serious look on his face.

Tripp Wise rolled into the ring and danced around, showboating to the crowd while Bloome simply walked into the center of the ring and folded his arms. Tripp danced around Bloome before stopping in front of him and going down to one knee. He tilted his head back and stretched out his arms as if praying to a higher being. "GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY.. THAT'S BADASS" he yelled before looking into the camera with a snarky look on his face. After that, the lights returned to normal and Panic and Trot made their entrance.

Match Summary
Bloome and Trot started off. Bloome slowly stalked Trot and they locked up. Bloome and Trot powered around the ring until Bloome backed Trot into the ropes. Bloome with the irish whip, but Trot reversed sending Bloome to the ropes instead. Bloome came back and hit a leaping back elbow to Trot, knocking him dowm. Bloome stood and yelled "NOW WHAT!?" to Trot. Trot started to get back up as Bloome backed into the ropes. Trot looked for a monkey flip, but Bloome flipped over Trot, rolled to his feet and hauled off and kicked Trot in the side of the head. He quickly pulled Trot up, lifted him, and nailed a Tornado Brainbuster for two!

Bloome made the tag to Tripp Wise and Wise came into the ring looking cocky and arrogant. Wise paintbrushed the back of Trot's head, taunting him to stand. Trot reached for the corner, but Tripp pulled Trot back to the center of the ring and dropped an elbow while yelling "OH NO YOU DON'T". Tripp then placed Trot into a half camel clutch submission while he looked to the crowd and yelled, "HE AIN'T AS BADASS AS ME, BABY!" Trot, however, used some strength to wriggle free and stand with Tripp on his shoulders.. he then fell back with an electric chair drop and used his last bit of energy to tag in Panic!

Panic came in and hit a spinning heel kick! He backed Tripp into the ropes and sent him across, hitting a snap huracanrana, sending Tripp to the outside! Panic got a full head of steam and hit a running shooting star press over the ropes to the outside taking Tripp Wise down! Panic stood and rolled Tripp back into the ring. He went to the top rope and went for his 630 splash, but Tripp moved out of the way and tagged Bloome back in. Bloome hit the ropes as Panic staggered to his feet. Bloome came from behind an nailed a running reverse STO driving Panic face first into the canvas!! He called that In Bloome and he made the cover and got the three!!! Trot thought Panic would have kicked out of that, but he looked as shocked as a man in a mask could look when Panic didn't kick out!! Bloome and Tripp just scored a surprise debut win here on The Hype and the people booed!

Tripp Wise looked right into the camera and said "And that my friends.. was BADASS" and then laughed as he and David Bloome exited the ring. Bloome simply walked to the back while Tripp Wise bragged the entire way.

Winner: BADASS via In Bloome
Match Time: 7:38
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: That ending came from out of nowhere. Tripp Wise may be cocky and arrogant, but David Bloome is all business. It was a diversion tactic pulled off to perfection as after seeing the antics of Tripp Wise, no one expected David Bloome to just come in with his full artilery and end it right then and there. If they keep using that combination, this will become a VERY dangerous team here on The Hype.

Jeff Hartman: I like their attitude, I like their tactics, and I must be on drugs, but I actually agree with you Jack. They have grown on me already and I fully support their efforts! GO BADASS!.

Ah victory... not many things taste as sweet and right now, Desiree was savoring it. She had just defeated one talented Faith Hines. To those who have been watching The Hype over the last several weeks, she definitely has improved in the ring since being taken under the wing of Xin Xin Xiong. She was steadily becoming the wrestler she always wanted to be. The pair were all smiles, as they walked into the locker room.

X3: That's how you do it, kid!

Desiree: Yeah!

The young girl embraced her mentor with joy, getting a playful spank of the rear in return. She just looked to him with a smirk. Xiong sntached up a can of his beloved Monster energy drink and tossed it to her. He got one for himself and popped it open. He raised it into the air and the duo tapped their cans together before taking long swigs of their energy drinks.

X3: You keep that up and you'll be on the main roster, taking on the best in the world.

Desiree: I know I can do it! I can feel it!

X3: Just stick to your training and you will. That's a promise.

The two continued their jovial celebrating, while the third member of their group slowly slink out of the shadows. However, this wasn't the bright-eyed, colorful Kodora that Hype fans had grown accustomed to. This was a dark, grim woman in black. Her black hair hung down across her face, hiding much of her already masked face. There was a dark cloud hanging over her and her very appearance halted her allies' celebration.

Kodora: Such wasted energy. Stop this nonsense. Look at the two of you, acting like your just won the Starlet title. You won a meaningless match. Once match does not make a career.

X3: That one match is a step in the right direction. All it takes is one snowflake to cause an avalanche.

Kodora: Or that snowflake could melt away into nothingness.

X3: Why don't you hit the showers, Kodora? I think you need to cool off.

Kodora just snorted in reply before taking off out of the room. Desiree looked on with a concerned look on her face and Xiong could only shake his head. He thought his prized student could control herself better, but he could tell that she was failing in her attempt to hide the pain she was going through.

Desiree: What's her problem?

X3: Give her time. She's in a bad place right now. Let's just hope that she can escape the darkness.

We see Shayne Anderson in the backstage area on the phone.

Shayne: "What do you mean he'll be here after Breakdown? That's NOT fair. What!?.. Watching ME!? What kind of crap are you trying to pull here? Wait.. hold on...

Callie Scott entered the office and Anderson looked a bit smitten.

Shayne: "Hey, I'll call you back.. something's come up."

As Shayne was hanging up his office phone we could hear a faint voice say "Don't you dare hang up on me".. the voice almost sounded like Damien Lee's, but Shaye did hang up nevertheless.

Callie: "I wasn't interrupting anything was I?"

Shayne: "No no.. just a wrong number. What can I do for you?"

Callie: "Well.. I'm sure you've seen what has been going on between Vogue and myself over the past two weeks. I can't stand her and I won't stand her mouthing off to me like she has. Tonight, I want her again.. and this time, I want it in a 2 out of 3 falls match so I can prove to her that I am the better Starlet.

Shayne: "I see no harm in that."

As Shayne said that, the phone in his office began to ring. Shayne flat out ignored it as he continued to stare at Callie.

Callie: Don't you need to get that?

Shayne: Pssh.. if it's important, they'll call back. So let's make that match then.. let's say tonight? We'll put a match on next.. it'll give you enough time to prepare for it, I hope?

Callie: Uh.. yeah.. sure.

Shayne: Why do you seem so uneasy?

Callie: Well, you were kind of mean to me last time and now you're just being overly nice.

Shayne: Ah yes.. you caught me at a bad time. I apologize for that. You better hurry, though. Your match is coming up soon. Wouldn't want you to be late for that. I'd hate to have to.. ehrm.. punish.. someone like yourself for being late to a match.

Shayne grinned as Callie slowly backed out of the office.. the phone continuing to ring. The scene faded to black.

Cori Albright vs Terry Massimo

Match Summary
The match started off with a handshake between the two and then a lock up. Massimo tried to power Albright back, but Albright dropped to a knee and lowered his center of gravity, making it impossible for Massimo to push, but Massimo switched it up to a test of strength and Albright got back to his feet. Massimo bent Albright over, but Albright used the top of his head to prevent his shoulders from touching the mat. Albright then showed some power by bridging back up!!! Albright could't flip the bigger Massimo so he hit a series of headbutts from the test of strength position.

Albright went for a whip, but Massimo put the brakes on and sent Albright to the ropes instead, running over him with a massive shoulder block. Massimo went for All the Way almost immediately, but stopped when Albright rolled to the outside. Massimo hopped out of the ring and gave chase, but Albright rolled back in, hit the ropes and then a baseball slide, staggering Massimo back. Albright went to the ropes again and hit a suicide dive, but Massimo caught him and threw him into the barricades with force! Massimo rolled him back in and got two.

Massimo then pulled Albright back up and pounded away on him with rights and lefts.. combination blows. Whip to the corner and a corner clothesline sank Albright to a seated position. Massimo then charged in and nailed a corner cannonball!!!! He dragged Albright out for another two! Massmio hit a pair of elbows for another two and went for All the Way, but Albright moved. Albright went for GOOOAAALLL, but Massimo grabbed the leg, but Albright countered with an enzugiri. Top rope for Albright and a seated drop kick sent Massimo staggering to the corner. Charge in by Albright, but Massimo with the back elbow and a lariat for two.

Massimo pulled Albright up, sending him to the ropes. Spinebuster attempt, but Albright hooked the head and countered with a DDT for two. Albright went back to the corner and crouched down. Massimo stood and Albright went for a running european, but Massimo countered with a half nelson suplex!! Massimo to the ropes and he hit All the Way but Albright kicked out a 2 9/10s which shocked even Massimo! Massimo stood and went for it again, but Albright up the knees up and Massimo held his stomach in pain.

Albright got back to his feet and hit a few stiff kicks to the side of the legs to bring Massimo to a knelt position. He hauled off and kicked Massimo in the back of the head and rolled him over for two. Albright then got into position as Massimo began to stand. He lunged in and connected with GOOOOAAAALLL!!! The super kick to the kneeling opponent! Albright covered, but this time it was Massimo who kicked out at 2 9/10s! Albright followed in Massimo's steps, looking for a second GOOOAAALLLL, but Massimo grabbed the leg and pulled Albright into a Capture Suplex! Albright staggered to his feet, Massimo ran in and nailed a lariat and turned him inside out!! He went to the ropes and nailed All the Way, but the bell rang AGAIN!

William Bell: Ladies and Gentlement.. the 30 minutes for this matchup have expired. The result is a Draw!

This was the third week in a row where both men laid it all on the line and the third week in a row neither man could get the job done. Massimo looked visibly pissed as he stormed around the ring trying to cool down. Albright staggered to his feet and he was a man of his word. He stuck his hand out for Massimo to shake, but Massimo was too fired up. He shoved Albright down to his seat and then exited the ring, storming to the back. Albright simply nodded his head because he knew was Massimo was going through. Massimo stopped half way up the ramp and turned back shaking his head.

Massimo re-entered the ring and helped Albright to his feet. He embraced him in a hug and the two of them fist bumped. They exited the ring together and the crowd applauded Massimo for coming back and making things right.

Winner: Time Limit Draw
Match Time: 30:00
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: This almost escalated into a situation here, but Massimo must have recalled Albright's apology earlier and it caused him to change his mind.

Jeff Hartman: I'm shocked Jack.. you actually used your brain. Last week, you acted clueless, this week you used some smarts. Good job.. perhaps there's hope you yet in the world of broadcast journalism.

In the back we see El Tigre Verde arriving at the arena. He's walking through the halls with duffel back in hand when "The Iron Lion" Tristan Cyan stepped into view.

Cyan: "Wow.. tough break last week, compadre", said Cyan with a snide tone in his voice. "You'd think that the person who defeated me two weeks ago would have taken the most of the opportunity given to him and captured the Hype Championship. If I were in your shoes, I would have definitely won that match and I would go down in history as the first man to defeat Pietro Geist AND win the championship only in their second match ever with the company!"

We could hear the people booing in the background as Verde put down his luggage.

Verde: "If you think you are worthy of the challenge, then I beckon you to seek it, meet it, and succeed.. otherwise your words will be nothing more than pure emptiness." said Verde with a bit of an accent.

Cyan stood there and thought about it for a moment and he grinned as he nodded in agreement.

Cyan: "You're right you little mixed nut. I'm going to go out there tonight and I'm going to wrestle Pietro Geist.. and WHEN I defeat him, I'm going to bring the Hype Championship back to your locker room and shove it right in your face, making you eat the very words you just spoke to me.. you can count on that, bub."

Cyan swaggered his way off camera as he was bursting with confidence.

Verde: "Autumn always approaches and soon a leaf will fall." muttered Verde as the scene faded to black.


. The entire arena was suddenly pitch black. No one was quite sure what could be going on. With the coming of "Mein Herz Brennt" by Rammstein, the crowd exploded. Only one man comes out to that song and that is the former fWo cruiserweight champion and current mentor of Desire and Kodora, Xin Xin Xiong. Red strobe lights flickered and a black figure could be seen perched atop the corner like a gargoyle. The lights slowly came back up and it wasn't the man known as The Dark. It was the young man who had between him two weeks ago, KUMO.

He couldn't help but smirk upon seeing the crowd's reaction. Some jeered in disapproval of his charade, while others cheered for the man many claimed to be the future of the junior heavyweights. He rose up to his feet and hopped over to the rope before executing a flawless front flip to the mat. He held X3's cherished Ryuujin mask in the air and looked to the heavens, as he spewed red mist into the air. He positioned himself in the dead center of the ring, once obtaining a microphone.

KUMO took a deep breath and brought the microphone to his lips.

KUMO: My apologies for the deception. I know many of you were expecting someone else. However, should he appear, that man would be nothing more than a revenant... a ghost of a once great warrior. He was once all he claimed to be. He truly was the Dragon Lord. However, like the powerful lions that rule Africa, his time as the leader was challenged. A younger, hungrier, and more vicious lion had come and unfortunately for the Dragon Lord and many others, time caught up with him. As a ninja, you can escape nearly anything. You can vanish in a puff of smoke or slip into shadows as if you are comprised of them. However, you cannot outrun the hands of time. It is a fact that Xiong learned the hard way. The very proof lays here in the firm grip of my hand.

He looked down to the mask, glaring at it.

KUMO: The passing of time brings change. Things die and things are born. Nothing ever remains the same. As a spider, my kind does not fear change. We molt. We shed our very skins to become bigger and stronger. Perhaps, it is time that I do the same.

The young man reached to his chin and slid his fingers under the edge of his mask. He slowly removed his spider-themed mask and threw it to the mat. He raised the Ryuujin mask into the air and for the first time, KUMO's face could be seen by all those in the arena and watching at home, as he looked up to it.

KUMO: While the spider has found great success thus far, a stronger creature may be required to survive. Last week, a young woman stood in this very ring and spoke of how a new era has dawned in The Hype... An era in which only the elite shall reach the pinnacle. I shall not become a victim of natural selection. Quite the opposite, I shall rise above and show that I sit atop the food chain. To do so, I must become a beast that has no equal. I shall become the physical manifestation of the spirit that lives deep within me.

KUMO slowly lowered the Ryuujin mask over his head, donning it for the first time. A crimson substance began to flow from the mouth of the young man, dripping onto his chest.

KUMO: From the death of one warrior, another rises from the ashes. Look on and feel honored. Remember this day fondly, so you may tell of it to your children and your children's children, as you all are witnessing the crowning of the new Ryuujin! And you may call him Shi No Ryu!

The newly christened Shi No Ryu dropped the microphone and the lights went out. The roar of a monstrous beast echoed through the arena. The lights came back up slowly and he was gone.

Callie Scott vs Vogue Gonsalvez

Match Summary Vogue and Callie started off circling each other in the ring. They went for the lockup, but Vogue hit a knee lift, spun around, and quickly hit the schoolboy roll up and shocked everyone with a three count!!!

William Bell: Vogue Gonsalvez wins the first fall!

Callie was livid that she allowed herself to get pinned by a flash pin like that. She stood up and she shoved Vogue back so hard, she hit the canvas. Callie then charged in and nailed the Sliding D as Vogue sat up!! Callie covered and she got the three!!!

William Bell: Callie Scott wins the second fall!!!

Within the first minute of the match, we were tied at 1-1!! Callie saw that Vogue was still out and went for the cover, but only got two that time. Callie brought Vogue back to her feet and sent her to the corner, but Callie ate a back elbow when she charged in. Vogue came off the middle ropes with a drop kick, but Callie countered with a powerbomb and a jackknife pin for two. Callie stood and went to the middle turnbuckle as well. She went for the sunset flip, but Vogue rolled through, got to her feet and hit a seated drop kick to Callie's face for only two!

Vogue went to the corner and crouched down. Swing and a miss with the lariat as Callie hooked her for a backslide, but got two. Vogue got to her feet and kicked Callie in the head. She hooked Callie and suplexed her into the turnbuckles!!! Callie landed on the back of her neck as Vogue pulled her out from the corner. Vogue went up top and went for En Vogue.. the Sky Twister Moonsault, but Callie put her knees up and Vogue rolled on the ground in pain. Callie stood and dropped several elbows into Vogue's mid-section and then hit the ropes, following it up with a knee drop for only two.

Callie sat Vogue up and kicked her in the back several times until Vogue absorbed them, got to her feet and answered with a forearm shot. Callie answered with a front kick. Vogue with another forearm. The two traded strikes, each getting heavier and heavier until Vogue fired rapid forearms to Callie to stun her. Whip by Vogue, but reversal by Callie. Callie followed Vogue in and hit a knee lift in the ropes. Whip to the opposite side and Callie, again, followed in with a knee lift. Vogue staggered forward and Callie hit a russian leg sweep. She then measured Vogue up and waited for her to sit up. Callie sent for the Sliding D again, but Vogue leaned back and avoided it!

Vogue got to her feet as she helped pull Callie back to hers. Vogue hooked her for a brainbuster, but Callie floated over and landed behind Vogue. German Suplex attempt, but Vogue landed on her feet. Callie turned around and Vogue hit a spinning heel kick that staggered Callie against the ropes. Vogue charged in, but Callie lifted her up and over to the apron. Vogue with a shoulder block between the ropes and a Sunset Flip, but Callie rolled through, nailed the Sliding D, but only got two as Vogue grabbed the bottom rope to break up the pin!!

Callie went to pull Vogue up to her feet, but Vogue hit a double leg takedown and a stacking pin. Once she saw the referee was in a position to not see, she put her feet on the ropes for leverage and got the three!!

William Bell: The winner of the third fall and the match.. Vogue Gonsalvez!

Vogue rolled out of the ring as Callie sat up and protested, but the referee said that he didn't see her feet on the ropes. Callie was livid and rolled out of the ring, kicking the ring steps in frustration as she headed to the back.

Winner: Vogue Gonsalvez - 2 falls to 1
Match Time: 18:42
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jack Wallace: This was a match that was supposed to settle the issue between the, but instead it only escalated it! I wonder how Callie is going to respond to this?

Jeff Hartman: I don't see why the issue is escalated.. Callie went into the match thinking Vogue would play fair and she got outwitted by street smarts. To me.. the issue is settled and Callie only needs to be angry at herself for thinking something like that wouldn't happen.

Shayne Anderson invited The X Movement into his office. Mike Patterson, Crucifix, Xtreme, Mad Morgan, and Shovel all piled into the office and stood there as Anderson stood.

Shayne: I called you all in here because I have a gift for you five tonight. In the ring, I made a nice little triple threat match, pitting allies against allies. It's the perfect drama scenario.. it would be a shame if something were to happen to make their lives.. just that much worse tonight.

The five look at each other with a grin on their face.

Shayne: Before you guys go, however, we may have a slight issue. Nothing right away, but possibly after Breakdown, Damien Lee is looking to meddle in our affairs. Apparently he's not going to let us have our way despite the fact that we said we had free reign. We're going to need to come up with something in order to make sure this doesn't impede us too much. Make no mistake about it. I WILL reshape The Hype in my own image and we don't need Damien Lee throwing a monkey wrench into the works.

Patterson: So what do you think we should do then?

Shayne: For now we will continue to drive out any remaining Hype originals. Damien Lee can have them all on his main roster. Eventually the roster will be bloated and I will fill their empty spots with new talent. Once they realize that even Lee has nothing for them, they'll see that they have nowhere to go and will leave and the cycle will repeat itself. Little does Damien realize, this cycle needs to happen in order to maintain a working company. Fresh ideas.. new faces.. better talent. The people want something fresh and new. They don't want the same staleness over and over again. That is my job. To ensure jOlt's future by constantly bringing in a new supply of fresh talent and getting rid of the ones who have outlasted their usefulness. Lee is too sympathetic to the masses and cannot see the bigger picture, but I do. I know what's best for the future of jOlt. One day, the talent we have will need to be replaced as well. That's why I brought you five in.. you are the cleansers of the old and used. You guys are unlike the others. You will never outlast your usefulness!

The X Movement all nodded in agreement

Patterson: Don't worry. You ask, we will deliver.

Shayne: Excellent. Their match is about to start. Show them that they are no longer needed. Make them understand that the next wave of Hype participants is here to take their spots!

The X Movement all piled out of the office as Anderson grimaced.

Jack Dawn vs Gabriel Gold vs Brian Williams

Match Summary
This is what Shayne Anderson meant about pitting allies against allies. He was forcing those who banded together to fight one another. At the sound of the bell, Gold and Williams began talking when Jack Dawn grabbed a microphone.

Dawn: This is ridiculous. By the looks of it, you two already see what's going on. Shayne is trying to drive a wedge between us by making us fight each other. I say to hell with that. Instead of this triple threat, why don't we make this a six man tag? I WANT THE X MOVEMENT OUT HERE RIGHT NOW

The people cheered as Williams and Gold agreed. The three of them stood side by side when the arena went black. A green X with a matrix pattern flowing through it appeared on the jOltvision. The X exploded and the entire arena became bathed in green as "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth hit the PA. All five members of the X Movement walked out from the backstage area.

Williams, Gold, and Dawn readied themselves as the five walked down the ramp. Suddenly from behind..


India's Import jumped the movement from behind, taking out Xtreme and Crucifix with lariats to the back! Patterson, Shovel, and Morgan jumped them, but Dawn, Gold, and Williams exited the ring and charged up the ramp, meeting them! It was five on three until Xtreme and Crucifix regained their composure and hopped in. Patterson grabbed Williams and threw him over the edge of the entrance ramp down onto the floor.. he then took aim and leapt off with his Frog Splash..


Xtreme and Ryan Raysor battled up to the top of the stage while Jack Dawn and Gabriel Gold battled Mad Morgan and Shovel down to ringside! This left Prince Samir and Crucifix battling on the mid-portion of the entrance ramp.

Xtreme pinned Raysor against the set structure and charged in, but Raysor side stepped and sent Xtreme face first into the steel! Xtreme staggered backwards as Raysor hit a back heel trip then a standing version of the Flip Switch right there on the stage!

At ringside, Gold and Dawn battled Morgan and Shovel respectively. They whipped Mogan and Shovel toward each other, but Morgan grabbed Shovel by the arm, spun around and used Shovel as a battering ram, throwing him into Jack Dawn! The two collided with the steel ring steps and it looked like Shovel hit his head in the process, taking himself out. As odd as that sounds, that's how Shovel operates. He has a screw loose upstairs where pain and sacrifice mean nothing to him as long as the job gets done and with Dawn down and out, one could say the job is done.

Gold then hit a drop kick from behind, staggering Morgan forward. Patterson climbed up from the floor and ran down the ramp. Gold turned around just in time to get floored by Patterson with a Spear!

Crucifix had Samir in a head lock as he pounded away on his mid-section. Samir, however, plowed forward and drove Crucifix back first into the barricades. Ryan Raysor then ran down the ramp and while Crucifix was pinned against the barricades and unable to move, Raysor nailed a heat-seeking drop kick right to his face! While still holidng on to him, Samir hit a Northen Lights Suplex, dumping Crucifix onto the steel. Patterson charged up the ramp, looking for a double spear, but India's Import stepped in with a double super kick, knocking Patterson's head off his shoulders!

Morgan then charged up the ramp, but India's Import hit a double mule kick to double him over. They then hit a double team suplex on Morgan, slamming him down on top of Mike Patterson!!

Jack Dawn got back to his feet. Gabriel Gold got to his. The four of them regrouped and hopped off the stage to check on Brian Williams. They helped him to his feet and they surveyed the damage! The remaining Hype originals stood tall and got a measure of revenge on The X Movement!

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: n/a
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: What a wild brawl! For once, Shayne Anderson didn't get his way and The Hype stands tall over the authority!

Jeff Hartman: Shhh! Use different terms.. we don't want to get sued by big brother from the north.

Jack Wallace: Oh screw them.. it was our story first.

Alyssa Corliss is seen exiting the arena when we hear a female voice call out to her.

"HEY! Wait right there!"

Alyssa turned around and it was Faith Hines.

Hines: "Just what the hell was the meaning of that out there? I try to be a friend to you and you stab me in the back. Just what the hell is your pr..."

Before Faith could finish, Alyssa slammed her against a wall, gripping her shirt tight.

Alyssa: "Because I don't need a friend.. I don't need ANYBODY. From this moment on. I'm alone."

Alyssa let go of Faith's shirt and picked up her bag. She then exited through the door as Faith just stood there befuddled.

Pietro Geist (c) vs Tristan Cyan

Match Summary
Geist's power was on display early, as be repeatedly shoved Cyan across the ring with ease, sending Tristan to the outside where Cyan attempted to lure Geist into chasing him around ringside, but Geist was wise to Cyan's trap & halted before Tristan can attack him entering the ring. Back in the ring, Geist got a hold of Cyan and began to brutalise him with hard strikes and a beast shoulder tackle, even taking time to trash talk throughout his assault. "Try harder" Geist demanded. Geist held Cyan overhead for ages in an impressive press slam before sending the challenger crashing to the mat and outside the ring. After being sat in a chair next to the security barrier, Cyan dodged a Geist charge, caushing him to crash into the barrier. Cyan then seized the opportunity to hit a barrage of punches and kicks to Geist's knee, capping it all off by running Geist headfirst into a ring post.

Cyan took his eyes off the champion to try to get the crowd involved and to stare down a too close for comfort Lorelei. Tristan slammed Geist's leg down a couple of times across the apron and looked to belly to back suplex him on the apron. A pair of back elbows and a Mike Tyson like boxing combo dimmed Cyan's running lights and he was driven down hard on the apron with a uranage on the apron. Geist was running on all cylinders and had Cyan right where he wanted him, leading to another beatdown of Tristan by the massive champion. Geist hit a devastating jumping forearm from the middle rope that caught Cyan in the jaw, causing him to bleed from the mouth for the rest of the match.

Geist hoisted Tristan for a powerbomb and looked for a buckle bomb, only for Cyan to slip out the back and shove him into the corner, giving him an opportunity to deliver a chopblock to Geist's knee and a pair of lightning quick running dropkicks to the same knee, sending Geist down to the canvas for the first time setting Cyan up to hook a kneebar. Geist dragged the pair to the ropes and narrowly counters a shoulder tackle aimed for his knee by driving his good knee into Cyan's jaw. After shaking out his leg, Geist positioned him in the corner for a massive Yakuza kick that sent Tristan stumbling out into the middle of the ring and Geist sent him flying with a pounce-like shoulder tackle. A ruthless Geist didnít attempt a pin here, instead opting to assault Cyan some more with punches to the head and body.

Geist continued to brutalise the challenger, hitting his gorilla press into a spinebuster, as Lorelei questioned the referee as to why he hasn't stopped the match. Cyan was down, but not out though, as he reached the ropes while hooked in a Buffalo sleeper. Tristan fired back as soon as the hold was broken, punching Geist and kicking Geist's bad leg for all he was worth. Geist's leg gave out, dropping him to one knee. Cyan struck with all he had sending Geist to the mat as the fans cheer wildly. Cyan drug a prone Geist into a corner and rammed his knee into the ring post, and hitting Geistís leg with a chair, as the ref was distracted by Lorelei. A firey Cyan continued to hammer the champion with more attacks to the leg, following it up by hooking the figure four around the ring post.

Back in the ring Cyan draped Geist's leg on the bottom rope and dropped his weight onto it, hoping to set up for a leg submission, Geist was still too strong though and kicked Cyan off before he could apply the hold. Geist battled back and looked for Enthauptung. He was unsuccessful, as Cyan hooked the rolling half Geist held on long enough to reach the ropes and break the hold. Geist was having trouble putting any weight on his damaged leg at this point. Tristan delivered a pair of rights to Geist's jaw and dashed to the ropes, only to be knocked into next week by Geist with a pop up forearm to the jaw. A brutal powerbomb only got a 2 count. Lorelei slapped the map to cheer on her ally, as he tore off his elbow pad. Cyan battled up to a vertical base, but he was immediately sat back down by a roaring Geist with Enthauptung. 1, 2, 3... Turn off the lights, this party was over.

Winner: Pietro Geist by Pinfall
Match Time: 20:41
Match Rating: ****

Jack Wallace: A great showing by Tristan Cyan here tonight even in defeat. He picked a bodypart and stayed with it no matter what. That takes a lot of discipline. However, he just couldn't overcome that barrage from Geist. When Geist gets rolling it is impossible to survive.

Jeff Hartman: Yeah, great, whatever. He worked over Geist's leg only to be destroyed by an arm. How can you even pay attention to this match with Lorelei at ringside. I mean look at that body!

Jack Wallace: Keep it in your pants Jeff or I think Geist will be more likely to hunt you than I.