"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to The Hype! We are a week removed from Unlimited where two of The Hype's newest prospects, Pietro Geist and KUMO tore the house down in a match of the year candidate, showing off what The Hype is truly made of! Good evening, everyone, I'm Jack Wallace

Jeff Hartman: And I'm the guy who didn't see that so-called amazing match because I saved my money and didn't order the event. I sat at home with a 40oz, a family size bag of Lays, and just sat there in the dark, contemplating and thinking of reasons to not crawl back to this dingy, smelly, hole.

Jack Wallace: In other words, he's Jeff Hartman. Let's send it backstage!

We see Callie Scott in Shayne Anderson's office. For once, Anderson doesn't look upset.. in fact, he had a bit of a grin on his face as its not every day a gorgeous woman walks into his office.

Shayne: How can I help you?

Callie: Last week, I had a match with Kodora that went to a double knockout. I noticed that I wasn't booked on tonight's show and wanted to know if I could have a rematch against Kodora. I haven't had a fight like this in a while and it really amps me up with the level of competition that we have going here on The Hype.

Shayne: Well.. I would have to scrap a match in order to fit you in, but how can I say no to someone like you? I'll book the match, but I'm afraid the only slot I have is the opening.

Callie: Well.. I don't really want to take a spot away from anyone. Are you sure it's okay?

Shayne: Yeah.. it was only going to go to Cross the Hood anyway. They've been kind of insubordinate lately, so instead of rewarding them for their misbehavior with a match and television time, think of it as my reprimanding them for violating the jOlt Code of Conduct.

Callie: Well.. okay... I guess... I should.. probably go get ready or something... bye.

Callie walked out of the office feeling a bit bad about taking someone's spot, but Shayne didn't mind one bit as he oggled Scott with his eyes as she left. Shayne then cracked a smirk on his face as the scene faded out.

Callie "Scrapper" Scott vs Kodora

Match Summary
X3 and Desiree accompanied Kodora to the ring, Desiree with notepad in hand. The match started out with a feeling out process as the two of them tested their striking distance as well as the strength of their strikes against each other. After a minute or two of the feeling out process, they locked up where Kodora took quick control of the match with an arm wrench into some stiff front kicks to the stomach. Kodora then twisted Scott's arm and slammed her down into the canvas. She then applied a bow and arrow submission to Scott as Desiree wrote down those tactics in her notepad.

Scott battled back to her feet and made a slight comeback, hitting a few strikes and going to the ropes, but a leaping leg lariat stopped that and Kodora went back to keeping Scott grounded. Scott found her way back up and countered with a back drop suplex. Scott then built some momentum with a pair of clotheslines and a running knee strike that sent Kodora into the corner. Scott at the corner as Koroda moved and went for the super kick, but Scott countered by grabbing the leg and hitting a back heel trip. Sliding D missed and Kodora hit her super kick. She went for the MMA Elbows, but Scott stood and snapmared her over and hit a drop kick to the back of the head for two.

Scott then took it to Kodora with her unique boxing background, hitting some quick jabs and combination punches. Scott continued to pound away at Kodora every chance she got and Kodora looked as if she was actually beginning to wear out. Callie then ducked a clothesline and delivered a toe kick and a DDT. Scott then backed into the corner and called for the Sliding D. She charged in and right before she hit it, the bell rang! Scott looked at the referee in shock as he notified her that time had expired! The crowd booed the decision, but Scott was the one who was pissed the most.

Winner: Time Limit Draw
Match Time: 30:00
Match Rating: ****3/4

Jack Wallace: Last week it was a double knockout.. this week, a time limit draw! The show opened up to an amazing 30 minute encounter and Scott was just seconds away from beating Kodora!

Jeff Hartman: You really think a move like that would have beaten her? She's a beast! I'm sure she would have kicked out!

In the back, we see the arrival of Mike Patterson, Crucifix, and Xtreme. These were touted on the being three former X Wrestling World Champions. X Wrestling was the promotion ran by former jOlt Underground and World Champion Derecho from 1999 to 2003. He helped jOlt negotiate a deal to bring these three in to not only compete, but to assist in the training of new Hype roster members.

Patterson: Seeing Shayne, Wallace, and Hartman sure brings back some old memories, doesn't it?

Crucifix: Save the memories and the trip down memory lane for later. Right now we have business to attend to. We'll have plenty to time to embrace the past later.

Xtreme: He's right. Shayne is expecting our arrival. We need to go over the details of our contracts and find out exactly what he wants us to do.

Patterson nodded in agreement.

Patterson: No matter what Shayne has in store for us.. I know for a fact that things are going to change around here.

The three of them laughed to themselves as they turned a corner, the scene fading out to black.

With the playing of A Perfect Circle, Harbinger came marching to the ring. He demanded a microphone and positioned himself in the middle of the ring. He could barely keep still from the adrenaline coursing through his veins.

Harbinger: You were gravely mistaken, if you thought some injury would keep me gone for long. The higher-ups want me to take it easy, so here I am on The Hype. Little did they know that they just signed a death warrant for everyone on this show. Time to start my journey to the very top of jOlt. Send out the first victim.

The microphone soon found itself fired out of the ring and the masked man once again began pacing back and forth. His eyes instantly shifted to the entrance ramp with the coming of "Links 234"and the crowd knew just who was coming.

Stomping all the way to the ring was Pietro Geist. Never pausing for a second, Geist got right into Harbinger's face. The two beasts went nose to nose.

Harbinger: You want some?

Geist: Ich werde euch töten...

With the arrival of a referee, The Hype had itself an in-promptu match.

Pietro Geist vs Harbinger

Match Summary
The battle of two monsters had come. People were curious to see how Geist would do against someone his own side and they would not be let down. The two men started off like a pair of bulls and the normally unstoppable Harbinger found himself outmatched by the newcomer. He was violently thrown to the mat when he challenged Geist in a tieup and found himself unable to budge the Aryan monster with a shoulder block, even with a head of steam. Growing frustrated, Harbinger said forget this nonsense and fired away with right hands, cornering his opponent. The barrage lit a fire under Geist and he turned things around in a flash, surprising Harbinger by just grabbing him by the throat with one hand and forcing him across the ring to the opposite corner. Once there, he held Harbinger in place with that hand and blasted him again and again with right hands. The last place you want to be is cornered by Geist, as punches, elbows, and forearms with batter you anywhere from your waist to the top of your head. Even the massive Harbinger found himself brutalized. Geist never let up. An unbelievable military press into a spinebuster was followed by a vertical suplex where he shocked the crowd once again by holding Harbinger up with just one hand while taking a few steps across the ring. Geist's horrifying lariat, Enthauptung, made sure that Harbinger's return was anything but triumphant.

Winner: Pietro Geist by pinfall
Match Time: 6:32
Match Rating: **1/2

Jeff Hartman: Good heavens... Is there anyone on The Hype roster who can stand up to this man? No one has even passed the 7 minute mark with him yet.

Jack Wallace: He has the ability to end things quickly with that smashmouth offense. Now, while some girls complain about that talent, here in the wrestling world, if you can end it, you do it. He doesn't get paid by the hour, you know.

Cross the Hood as seen backstage in their locker room. They received the message that their match for the night had been cancelled thanks to Shayne Anderson replacing it for a starlet match. You could see the anger clearly on their faces, but if that wasn't enough, Jackson Cross punched a rather large dent in his locker.

Cross: MAN, I'm gettin' SICK of this, my brotha. Every time we ask for an opportunity, Anderson finds a way to hold us down. I'm tellin' ya, brotha... ain't much more o' this shit I'm gonna take before I pop off.

Hood: Bro.. I feel ya. All we do is DOMINATE this ragtag joint an' what we get in return? Squat, man. We ain't gettin' nuthin'! So im'ma tell ya what were gonna do 'bout it, bro. We gonna go out there, and we gonna show this damn place who we are. We did it before, but now.. we gotta do it even harder. WE WON'T LET them silence us.. WE WON'T LET them hold us down. Tonight... it's time to retintroduce Cross the Hood to The Hype an' ain't NOBODY gonna get in our way.

Cross: Now ya talkin', brotha. Let's do this shit.

The two of them fist bumped and exited the locker room. Whatever was about to happen, wasn't going to be pretty.

The Widow's Nest vs Mad Morgan & Shovel

Match Summary
Right after both teams made their entrance, Cross the Hood came rushing out from the back and hit the ring. Cross went right after Shovel, pounding away at him while Hood took on Morgan. The Nest saw the attack and exited the ring as Black Widow called them back. They merely stepped back and watched as Cross and Hood beat down Morgan and Shovel. Cross whipped Shovel across the ring and hit an Inverted Atomic Drop. Hood then slung Morgan shoulder first into his own partner, causing Shovel to collapse to the canvas. Morgan dropped to a single knee as Cross picked him up on his back and dropped him with the Broke Cross.. the Backpack Stunner. Shovel staggerd to his feet as Hood ran in and nailed Project 347.. a Running STO across his knee. They left the two of them laying as The Widow's Nest simply acknowledged their dominance and exited through the crowd. Cross the Hood then ascended the turnbuckles and posed for the crowd who cheered.

Winner: Match Never Started
Match Time: 0:00
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: We saw what happened in the locker rooms earlier. This is what they were talking about showing The Hype who they were again, but you have to admit.. Shayne Anderson has really been pushing the limits of these two over the past month. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

Jeff Hartman: Shayne Anderson signs their paychecks. Do you know what happens to a disobedient dog when it bites the hand that feeds him?

On her way to the vending machine for her sensai's favorite beverage, aka a Monster Energy drink, the woman known as Kodora found herself alone. It wasn't something that happened quite often, but it wasn't she would have to worry about for long. She was just about to slide the first of her two dollar bills into the machine when she stopped in place. Without warning, she spun around with a roundhouse.


Her heel slammed into a taped palm and she found herself unable to escape its grip. She looked back to see the masked warrior KUMO before her.

KUMO: Hatsukoi...

Kodora couldn't even form a word, let alone a sentence.

KUMO: Looks like Kurayami has taught you well. Tell me, was the training worth the cost?

He casually released her leg and she could only look at his with wide eyes, as she stepped backwards with him matching them.

KUMO: Come on now. Don't act so surprised. Did you really think I wouldn't come calling?

Kodora: You shouldn't be here. You know your words have gotten his attention, KUMO.

KUMO: Isn't that the point?

Kodora: He will answer your call and you will surely wish he didn't.

KUMO: Let him come, as I no longer fear him, koneko. On the contrary, I hope he finally drops this ridiculous display. He is not some incredible sensai. He is a reiketsudoubutsu. He doesn't care about you or that gaijin obutsu you associate with. While you spent your days being his errand girl, I studied under every master I could find.

Kodora: He is the father that I never had and he is the driving force behind who I am today. You truly know nothing of him and how great he truly is.

KUMO: I know he took the only thing that ever mattered to me and for that, I will bathe in his blood. However, you must thank him for me. Without him, I would never of found an objective worth fighting for.

Both were motionless, but all that needed to be said could be seen in their eyes. KUMO reached to his back and pulled a bouquet of red spider lilies. Kodora's eyes softened upon accepting them and KUMO gently ran his hand along her mask before giving her a slight bow and taking his exit.

Sebastian Saje is in his locker room talking to Alyssa Corliss when there is a knock on his door. Saje looked very agitated because we know what has been happening lately when someone knocks. Regardless, Saje got up from his chair, walked over, and opened the door. He wiped the agitated look off his face immediately when he saw Shayne Anderson on the other side of it.

Shayne: Sorry to disturb you, but I have something to tell you on short notice and that's you have a championship defense in tonight's main event. I had another match slot to fill since Cross the Hood decided to ruin a great tag team bout that I had gone through the trouble of putting together. I know you were supposed to have the night off, but hey.. sorry.. card is subject to change after all.

Saje: That's it? Sorry.. card is subject to change? A little extra warning would have been nice instead of half way through a show, you know. Make no mistake.. I am a fighting champion and I will defend the title, but you could be a little more professional about it.

Shayne: Professional? How much more professional do you want me to be? I had to make up for the fact that a tag team match was ruined just moments ago. This literally JUST happened and I, as... no.... you know what? I'm not going to justify myself to you.. not one bit.. even if you are champion. I was going to give you a rather easy opponent, but now that you've pissed me off.. you're going to face Seraph tonight... good luck, because he's been pretty pissed off as of late.. just like I am right now.

Anderson turned and exited the locker room. Saje gritted his teeth at Anderson as he walked away.

Faith Hines vs Vogue Gonsalvez

Match Summary
The match was your standard fare of wrestling between two of The Hype's most prominent starlets. The action went back and forth as both women had control of the match. Vogue, during the latter half of the match, decided to abandon her wrestling skills and lean on her high flying ability which caught Hines off guard. After a springboard clothesline, Gonsalvez went up top for her sky twister moonsault, En Vogue, but Hines rolled out of the way. Hines then went for her double underhook ddt, the No Faith in Humanity, but Vogue twisted out and hit a spinning leg lariat to take Hines down. Vogue then hit a pair of flipping sentons onto Hines before she pointed toward the corner, looking to ascend up top once again. Vogue then hit a Shooting Star Press, but only got two out of it. Vogue with a scoop slam and another trip to the top. En Vogue connected, but Vogue only got two again!! Vogue was shocked and grabbed a fist full of Hines' hair. The refreee admonished Vogue as she pulled Hines up. Vogue yelled at the referee for admonishing her and this allowed Hines to pull Vogue over into a small package, picking up the three!! Hines rolled out of the ring and staggered against the barricades as she held her abdomen in pain.

Winner: Faith Hines via Inside Cradle
Match Time: 8:13
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: Vogue switched her style, threw everything she had at Faith Hines, but Faith still came up with the win off a distraction! Vogue has been losing a few matches as of late and it's all due to underestimating her opponent or letting something get in the way of her focus.

Jeff Hartman: I'll be her manager. I'll teach her a few things about staying on focus!

Jack Wallace: And she'll teach you a few things about restraining orders and U.S. law, I'm sure.

Sebastian Saje was now in his wrestling gear. He took The Hype Championship out of his gym bag and was about to fasten it around his waist when there was another knock on his locker room door. Saje slammed the championship down on the chair and walked over to the door rather pissed.

Saje: I swear.. if this is Anderson trying to screw with my match...

Saje opened the door and there was no one there. He looked down on the ground and just when he thought that the letters had ceased, there was another one just laying there on the ground.

Saje: You've got to be kidding me.. another one?

Alyssa got up and walked over to Saje as he picked the envelope up.

Alyssa: I thought these things stopped.

Saje: Apparently not. Let's see what commie propoganda is in this one.

Saje opened the enveloped and looked inside. He stopped for a moment with a puzzled look on his face as he was clearly expecting a letter. Instead, he slowly reached inside and pulled out a black feather. There was no note, no written words.. nothing. Just a simple lone black feather inside of the envelope.

Alyssa: What do you think it means?

Saje: It's fairly obvious. That someone has too much damn time on their hands.

Saje closed the door and threw the feather and the envelope away as the scene faded to black.

Latrell Samuel vs Brian Williams

Match Summary
It has been a while since we've seen Mr. Sky High on The Hype and he realized this as he took it to Brian Williams. Latrell was in control for the entirety of the match as he had Williams constantly trying to find a way to turn the match around, but not succeeding in the least bit. Latrell nailed a brainbuster on Williams and then went to the corner where he hit the Sky High Frog Splash, ending this match rather quickly. After the match, Samuel posed on the turnbuckles as the flashbulbs went off.

Winner: Latrell Samuel via Sky High
Match Time: 3:18
Match Rating: *1/2

Jeff Hartman: Latrell has been MIA for a bit, but glad to see that he's back and in top form! Latrell and Williams had crossed paths before as he was caught in the middle of Brian Williams and Gabriel Gold's rivalry some time back.

Jack Wallace: Yet, he couldn't just stay away? You know how I feel about people just showing up uninvited

After the match
Latrell hopped off the turnbuckles when, all of a sudden, Michael Donavan walked out from the backstage area. This puzzled many as he had lost to Sebastian Saje right before Unlimited. The loss would normally mean nothing, but he had put his Hype career on the line

Donavan stepped into the ring and told Samuel to get lost. Samuel argued that he had just made his comeback and he's out here to entertain the fans. Donavan rolled his eyes and kicked Samuel in the stomach.. he then set him up between his legs and...


Donavan then used his legs to kick Samuel out of the ring. Donavan demanded a microphone.

Donavan: The last time you saw me here on The Hype, I wrestled Sebastian Saje for The Hype championship and I stated that if I were to lose that match, then I would never wrestle on The Hype again. I am a man of my word, but I decided that before I walk off into the sunset, there are a few things I wanted to get off my chest.

The people booed as Donavan flat out ignored what they thought.

Donavan: From day one, I was told by the office management that I had promise.. that I had potential. It was for that reason alone, they thought I would be a perfect candidate to be Hype Champion. After my one match with Sayber where we delivered a main event like no other, I was treated with respect and admiration. Sayber even went on to say that I was his friend.

Then the opportunities seemed to dry up after I failed to win the championship, despite making it to the finals and even my so-called friend even began to doubt my abilities in the ring. It was a shock that made me say to hell with everything and even still, I couldn't capture The Hype championship. I know you people will be happy to see me leave, but mark my words, that this isn't going to be the last you'll see of me.. not by a longshot.

You see.. I know a lot of things. More things than people know. One day.. some how.. some way.. you will see me again and when you do.. I guarantee you that NOBODY will ever doubt my abilities ever again. They say that as one door closes, another one opens.. well, the one that's opening is the door to a flood gate of unlimited potential and when I step through it, it will spell the beginning of the end.

Mark my words... I will get mine in the end and each and every one of you who doubted me will have no choice but to recognize my greatness.

Donavan dropped the microphone and exited the ring. A bit of a cryptic message on his part. What did he know? What was he hiding? Those were answers to questions that we may never know, or perhaps in due time.

Sebastian Saje (c) vs Seraph

Match Summary
Earlier in the evening, this match was made when Shayne Anderson needed a "feel good match" to mend the wounds of having Cross the Hood ruin a tag match he had put together. When Saje angered Anderson with his comments, he changed Saje's opponent to Seraph.

Saje circled Seraph, trying to find a way to tackle the monster in front of him. Saje feigned a lock up and went for a waist lock, but Serpah charged backwards and squashed Saje in the corner. Seraph then followed it up with a body avalanche that caused Saje to hit the canvas and roll out of the ring to try and regroup. Saje looked back in the ring as Seraph decided that he was going to give chase. Seraph exited the ring, but Saje met him with a right hand, which had little effect. Serpah picked up Saje by the neck and threw him back first into the ring apron!

Saje collapsed to a knee as Serpah kicked him in the face with a big boot before throwing him back in. Seraph stepped back in and dropped an elbow across the lower back of the hype champion, but only got two on the cover. Seraph pulled Saje back up who tried to fight with right hands, but Seraph countered with a headbutt that staggered Saje back into the corner. Body Avalanche missed as Saje moved and mounted a come back with quick strikes. Saje used the hit and run tactics to do some damage, yet keep his distance.

Seraph had had enough of the tactics and charged with a clothesline, but Saje side stepped and hit a low drop kick to Seraph's leg, knocking him down to the canvas. Saje then went to work on that leg to try and prevent Seraph from getting back up to his feet. Saje eventually went to the corner and went for a Frog Splash, but Seraph put his knees up and countered. Seraph then kicked Saje in the stomach and nailed a thunderous powerbomb in the middle of the ring for two!

Seraph pulled Saje back up, but Saje hit a jawbreaker. Saje went for Lights Out, but Seraph caught him and threw Saje over the top rope and out to the floor!!!!

The referee immediately exited the ring to check on Saje, but then...


No.. not the finishing move.. the lights in the arena suddenly went out. They were out for a while as people tried to use their cell phones to see what was going on, but it was just too dark. When the lights came back on, Seraph was gone and Sebastian Saje was out cold at ringside with a single black feather laid upon his chest. The referee was looking around wondering just what the hell had happened.

Winner : No Contest
Match Length : 31:52
Match Rating : ***

Jack Wallace: What the hell just happened? It seemed that the power went out and when it came back on, Seraph disappeared and now this? Ladies and Gentlemen, we're out of time. Tune in next week as we try to get to the bottom of this