"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! We are just two weeks away from Unlimited on Pay-Per-View, but while the main roster has those issues to deal with, The Hype roster has so many more of its own. Good evening everyone, I'm Jack Wallace alongside the man who will haunt your dreams and your reality.. Jeff Hartman

Jeff Hartman: I just like to cover all the bases.

Jack Wallace: We know that here tonight we will have two huge championship matches once again. Tonight, the tag team titles will be defended as The Natural Athletes take on The X Age... also, Mike Patterson gets his shot at Brian Williams and the hype championship... two rematches that are sure to be on an epic scale on top of that... wait... I'm getting word that we need to send it backstage.. a fight has broken out!

"Dare to Say That Again!?"

We head to the backstage area where Faith Hines is seen pummeling Desiree who is hunched over. Faith then throws Desiree up against some equipment cases and presses her foot against her throat, choking her.

Faith: You want to say that again? I don't think I quite heard you the first time.

Desiree: Tch...

Desiree tried to speak, but it's kind of hard to when you have a boot pressing up against your throat

Faith Hines: What's that!? I can't hear you!

Desiree gritted her teeth when she grabbed Faith by the boot and started to push her off. Faith stumbled back and that's when Desiree lunged at Faith, spearing her up against the wall! Faith fell to a sat position and Desiree pinned her neck against the wall with the point of her elbow! Faith's eyes widened as she knew that if she moved, Desiree could crush her throat. Desiree leaned in close to Faith to the point where they were almost nose to nose.

Desiree: After you said I was a worthless teacher, I said... and I quote... "At least I overcame my weakness. Perhaps it's time you just hung up your boots." Judging by your reaction.. the truth hurts, doesn't it Faith?

Faith then gritted her teeth and grabbed Desiree's elbow. Faith turned her body and grabbed the back of Desiree's head, shoving it right into the wall!!! A sickening thud was heard as Desiree let out a terrifying moan. Faith then pressed her knee against Desiree's head, pinning it against the wall!!

Faith: All this talk about weakness and yet you can't even hold me down. Nobody can hold me down anymore. Not you... not Monica.. not those Godless fans. Tonight.. I'm going to get rid of Monica once and for all.. and then... I might just get rid of you.

Faith got up as Desiree fell to the floor holding her head in pain. Faith slowly backed away waving "bye bye" to Desiree as the scene faded to black.

Magma vs Jack Dawn

Match Summary
Last week, Magma, along with Zane Roebuck, lost a number one contender's match. Magma had to begin his climb once again and he was set to square off against a veteran of The Hype, Jack Dawn. Magma and Dawn circled and locked up and Mamga immediately shoved Dawn onto his back. Dawn got up and they locked up a second time to the same result. Dawn baited Magma to the corner and he took it. With his back against the buckles, Dawn let loose a flurry of forearms before attempting a whip which got reversed. Dawn staggered out of the corner and Magma kicked him in the face with a Running Big Boot. Magma picked Dawn back up and sent him to the ropes. He scooped up Dawn by the waist and drove him down with a Sidewalk Slam where he covered for two

Magma stood and headed to the corner. He dared Dawn to get up and when he did, Magma charged, but Dawn hit a leaping leg lariat causing Magma to stagger into the corner. Dawn hit a running knee strike under the jaw and then showed some power by hoisting Magma up onto his shoulders, but Magma slipped off and landed behind Dawn. Magma spun Dawn around and grabbed him by the neck, looking for a choke slam, but Dawn stomped down on Magma's shin and took off to the ropes. Dawn attempted a clothesline and Magma didn't budge. He backed into the ropes and tried it again, and again, Magma didn't move. Dawn went for a third time, but Magma grabbed him by the neck and Choke Slammed him with success. Cover and only two again from Magma.

Magma signaled that he wanted to end this match. He picked up Dawn and placed him between his legs, but Dawn still had strength and countered with a back body drop. Dawn headed to the corner and sat atop the turnbuckles. When Magma stood he leapt off with a second turnbuckle missile drop kick and connected, putting Magma back down once again. Now it is Jack Dawn who wanted to end the match. He grabbed Magma and pulled him up and again hoisted him up onto his shoulders, looking for the TKO, but again, Magma got free. He immediately grabbed Dawn in a waist lock and threw him like a ragdoll with a Release German Suplex! Dawn hit the back of his neck and rolled all the way up to his feet. Magma charged and nailed a running big boot that knocked Dawn over the top rope and to the outside!

Magma was about to step out when Zane Roebuck came out from the back and slid into the ring. As Magma had one foot over the top rope, Roebuck walked up the turnbuckles and hit a rope-assisted enzugiri to Magma's face, drawing the bell! Magma fell into the ring as Roebuck immediately climbed up top and hit the moonsault.. the SOL... on Magma! Roebuck then rolled out of the ring and took a bow before heading to the back!

Winner: Magma va Disqualification
Match Time: 6:42
Match Rating: **

Jack Wallace: Is Zane Roebuck crazy? After last week, he should be distancing himself from Magma and Mike Patterson, but while Mike Patterson is obviously moving on to other things, Zane Roebuck poked the proverbial hornet's nest again? For what reason?

Jeff Hartman: Look at Roebuck compared to Magma or hell.. even his own brother Adam. He's the underdog, but yet.. he could be the greatest wrestler to ever step foot on The Hype. You know the rule when you go to jail.. you find the biggest baddest dog in the yard and you take him out.. otherwise, you'll be the one who becomes someone else's dog.

Jack Wallace: I wouldn't know that rule because I've never been to prison

Jeff Hartman: Lovely place... Tony Two Knives still owes me three bundles.

"Turning Tables"

We open up inside of the locker room for The Widow's Nest. The Nest are surrounding a couch where Black Widow was sitting.

Widow: Cerberus has become a problem.

They all nodded in agreement.

Widow: Tonight, Shayne Anderson have banned us from interacting with any of them... but he said nothing about when we return after Unlimited... hMuerte... you are tasked with taking out Shi no Ryu at that time. As far as I can see, he is the one who leads them. If we cannot defeat them as a group, then we will eliminate them one by one by one until they all fall.

Muerte: Cerberus is a mighty three-headed hound which guards the gates of hell, but death itself is to be feared more than some hound. Shi no Ryu will be defeated soundly.

Widow: Good. I need the rest of you to keep watch. I'm sure that Jensen Todd and Maddox St. James will be near at all times. If they make a move.. I don't care what needs to be done.. they need to be stopped.

The Nest nodded their heads.

Widow: We will rebuild momentum... We will turn the tables in our favor. We have time to prepare.. we know what must be done. Let's make sure it does get done when the time comes.

Widow grinned as the scene faded out.

Gabriel Gold vs El Tigre Verde

Match Summary
Verde has had two shots at Brian Williams, Gold had his shot last week. Both men had one thing in common.. they both failed to capture the Hype Championship from Williams. Tonight, a win here would possibly earn them another shot. There was a lot at stake here for this just being an exhibition match.

Gold and Verde locked up and immedlately Gold snapped on the headlock, but Verde slipped out into the hammerlock. He spun Gold around, looking for a short arm lariat, but Gold ducked into the waist lock. Wrestling takedown by Gold and a floatover into a front face lock, but Verde rolled through into a face lock of his own. Verde pulled Gold up to the canvas, but Gold broke free and hit a standing drop kick, staggering Verde back into the ropes. Gold charged in, but Verde lifted him up and over to the outside, but Gold landed on the apron. Verde turned around and ate a forearm shot by Gold. Springboard drop kick connected to the upper back of Verde, dropping him to all fours. Gold hit the ropes and went for a Senton Backsplash, but Verde rolled under Gold as he flipped. Both men go to their feet and went into a staredown to a round of applause.

Verde looked for a handshake, but Gold kicked his hand away and they locked back up. Gold with a pair of knees and a whip, but Verde did a handspring against the ropes, looking for the handspring front roundhouse, but Gold ducked underneath and caught Verde in the Rear Naked Choke! He was trying to pull Verde to the canvas to lock in Silence is Golden, but Verde dropped to a knee and snapmared Gold over to a seated position! Verde stood and kicked Gold between the shoulder blades three times and finished it off with a huge kick to the side of the head. Verde covered and got two. Verde pulled Gold back up to a seated position and applied a surfboard, but Gold eventually battled up and counted with elbows to the mid-section. Gold hit the ropes and tried a sunset flip, but Verde knelt down on top of Gold for two and the momentum shifted the other way with Gold on top for two. They both kicked out and nailed each other simultaenously with a lariat.

The referee counted and both men were up by eight. Verde hit a series of chops across Gold's chest, backing him into the corner. Whip to the opposite buckles and Verde charged in, hitting a Tiger Wall Flip off of Gold's chest, but Gold lunged in and turned Verde inside out with a lariat! Gold climbed the turnbuckles and hit the Frog Elbow Drop... the Golden Elbow... and covered Verde, only getting two. Verde was pulled back up, but he countered with a jaw breaker. Gabriel staggered into the corner and Verde hit a running knee to the chest. He placed Gold up top and climbed up, hooking him in a front waist lock. Gold elbowed Verde in the neck and shoved him off the ropes. Verde landed on his feet as Gold went for a double axe handle, but Verde stepped back and timed a front roundhouse to kick Gold in the face right when he landed on his feet! Verde went up top and hit the Jaguar Pounce.. the Moonsault Double Foot Stomp! Verde covered and only got two!

Verde sat Gold up and went to the ropes. He went for a running kick to the chest, but Gold leaned back and Verde stepped over him, stumbling as he missed the kick. Gold stood and quickly grabbed Verde in a waist lock, but Verde performed a standing switch and got behind Gold. Gold switched with Verde again and Gold placed Verde into a half nelson. He lifted Verde up, but Verde countered with a lucha arm drag! Gold staggered up to his feet and Verde hit a spinning heel kick that knocked Gold down! Verde signaled he was going to end it and he headed to the corner. He climbed up for the Shooting Scar Press, but Gold got up, leapt up to the middle rope and threw Verde off with a Super Release German Suplex that caused Verde to flip over and land on his stomach!

Immediately, Gold ran over and mounted Verde, locking in the Rear Naked Choke. Gold rolled onto his back, pulling Verde on top of him where he locked in the body scissors, completing the Silence is Golden in the dead center of the ring! Verde held on for as long as he could, but eventually the movement stopped. The referee checked the arm once.. it fell.. he checked it a second time and it fell again.. he checked it a third time and it fell!! The referee called for the bell as Verde passed out!

Winner: Gabriel Gold via Submission
Match Time: 13:44
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: What an amazing match! Gabriel Gold pulled off, what many would consider to be, an upset.. and now that he has, the officials should take a look and see about granting Gabriel Gold another championship opportunity.

Jeff Hartman: You're rooting for Gold? I thought you hated people like him?

Jack Wallace: Gabriel Gold has a bad attitude that needs to be curbed, but at least he didn't cheat to win like most people with that mind set do. I may not like him as a human being, but you can't take anything away from him as a performer.

"So Far So Good"

We open up inside of Shayne Anderson's office where Damien Lee is paying him a visit.

Lee: I have to admit.. so far you're doing a pretty good job and you're keeping your head on straight. Perhaps your words we're empty after all.

Shayne: I told you that I was turning over a new leaf. Nobody wants to believe me and I understand the reasons why.. but all I wanted was just this second chance to prove myself.

Lee: Right, Right... I understand, but there is one little tiny problem with all of this and I think we should address it.

Shayne: Anything Mr. Lee. If there's a problem, please let me know so I can correct it.

Lee: I'm glad you're enthusiastic about this.

Lee then cleared his throat.

Lee: You can come out now, you know. It's not like you're a trade secret.

With that, the closet door opened and Laurie Williams stepped out from the closet. She closed the door as Shayne looked absolutely surprised and shocked.

Shayne: What... WHAT!? What are you doing in there? How did you get in there? What is the meaning of this!?

Shayne tried to play it off, but Lee shook his head.

Lee: Come on, Shayne.. this is jOlt Wrestling.. I'm the CEO... there's cameras EVERYWHERE. Hell, there's one right over there as we speak.

Lee points at the home television audience.

Lee: Do you not think I don't watch my own programming? Laurie Williams was plastered all over national television for two weeks straight and as the owner of this company, I do watch my own product. You actually think that I wouldn't notice something like this? Come on, Shayne.. how shallow do you think I really am?

Shayne: Okay okay okay.. look.. I can explain...

Lee: No need to. I've heard your explanation over the past two weeks. I know you want me gone so you can prove to everyone that you've changed.. so this is what I'm going to do. Starting tonight... Laurie Williams will be your new advisor. I'll grant you your wish.. BUT... know this. I do.. can.. and WILL.. watch The Hype each and every single week. The split second you do something.. whether it's on accident or not... that violates everything you have pledged to me.. I will walk into this office, remove Laurie as your advisor, and I'll be right here to watch and supervise your each and every movement. I'll even write a progress report on the number of times you blink.. the number of breaths you take.. the number centimeters your stubble grows before you shave. I mean it.. anything and everything you do.. I will be watching. Got it?

Shayne swallowed pretty hard.

Shayne:G-G-Got it

Lee: Don't disappoint me Shayne. I'm putting more faith into you that shouldn't be. I'm probably a fool and an idiot to leave you to your own devices, but I am a firm believer that everyone deserves a second chance. Keep it in mind that there are no third chances.. if you fail.. then there's plenty of other companies out there that might be looking for new employees, but for your position, jOlt will never be one of them.

Lee turned and walked out. As soon as the door closed Shayne let out a heavy heavy sigh

Laurie: Well, you got what you wanted. Now what?

Shayne: Here's where people expect me to rub my hands together and start plotting my revenge against the roster for casting me out. To unleash my hatred and fury upon every living being, but... I'm sorry that if they're expecting that.. they will sorely be disappointed. I really do want a second chance. Will you remain by my side and help me, Laurie?

Laurie: Aran Thompson is still nursing an injury and I do need a paycheck. We Williams' do love money afterall. For now, you've got yourself a deal... besides.. I'm kind of curious as to see how this will all play out.

Shayne: Thank you!

Shayne shook Laurie's hand as the scene fades to black.

Faith Hines vs Monica

She brutalized Desiree in the back and now Faith Hines wanted to take out the one who started all this. Some say they called her the catalyst for Faith's new mentality and tonight, Monica had a fight on her hands because of it.

They went to lock up, but Faith hit a kick to the mid-section, doubling Monica over. She immediately grabbed her and tossed her to the outside! Faith followed and knelt down, pummeling Monica over the back. Faith pulled Monica back up and then whipped her into the steel ring steps. Faith got a running head start and hit a drop kick to Monica. The referee continued to count and was up to five as Faith pulled Monica back up and dropped her chest first across the guard rails. The referee counted to seven as Faith rolled into the ring and rolled back out to reset the count.

Faith knelt down next to Monica..

"Where's that attitude now, huh? Think I'm just some bottom bitch now!?" yelled Faith before slapping Monica in the back of the head!

Faith grabbed Monica by the seat of her pants and threw her shoulder first into the edge of the ring apron. The referee continued to count and admonish Fatih, but she wasn't listening. Faith then pressed her boot against Monica's throat and began to choke her. The referee warned Faith that he would disqualify her if she continued, but she ignored the referee and continued to choke Monica. The referee called for the bell and hopped out of the ring to pull Faith off of Monica. At that point, Desiree ran out..

Winner: Monica via Disqualification
Match Time: 3:22
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: Normally I would feel bad for someone who just got treated that way, but Monica kind of deserved a bit of that after the way she's treated both Desiree and Faith Hines.. but I can't really condone Faith Hines either.

After the Match
Desiree grabbed Faith by the arm and spun her around. She then hit the biggest bitch slap the world has seen and it even caused Faith to spin to the ground and fall to her knees. Faith held her face as a "You got bitch slapped" chant broke out. Faith gritted her teeth and began to stand when Monica recovered and drilled Faith with a lariat, stopping right in front of Desiree. Desiree and Monica had a bit of a stare down.

"I didn't ask for your help an' I don't NEED your help. Take your ass on back" said Monica to Desiree's face, but Desiree stood right up to Monica.

"You don't want none of this gir..."

Before Monica could finish, Faith got up and shoved Monica into Desiree! Faith then spun Monica around and kicked her in the stomach. She quickly hooked Monica and nailed the Butterfly DDT... the No Faith in Humanity on the bottom of the entrance way! Fatih and Desiree both got up and had a stare down of their own.. This prompted Shayne Anderson and Laurie Williams to come out to a mixed reactions.

Shayne: Girls Girls Girls... before this goes any further, I'm going to say this. Next time on The Hype, we're going to have ourselves a good old fashioned triple threat match. Monica versus Desiree vs Faith Hines.

The crowd cheered that.

Shayne: Oh... and by the way.. it will be inside of a STEEL CAGE!

The crowd actually cheered that even more! Laurie Williams patted Shayne Anderson on the back and the two of them made their exit. Faith grinned and nodded as she slowly walked by Desiree and exited. Desiree looked at Faith and looked back at Monica, then back at Faith one last time as the scene faded out.

"The Scarlet Rain Shall Cleanse the World"

The scene was a ruined cityscape. A close up of a littered street is shown as rain drops began to fall against the pavement. Slowly the rain intensified but then ceased. The rain began to pick back up again, but this time it was stained red. Footsteps in the rain could be heard until a crimson boot stepped in front of the camera.

A side profile of a girl with black hair with red streaks was shown along with red contact lenses. She looked down at the ground and then lifted her head and stared forward. A voice over, presumably of her talking, was heard.

"As the world spins and continues to give rise to angst, one must stand above all others and shoulder the pain. That is my responsibility."

The figure then stepped to the right out of camera view and the screen went black.

The name Sarkhaya appeared on the screen and underneath it said "Coming Soon"

We cut to the back as Kodora looked at the promo on the monitor. She shook her head and walked away, much like she did last time.

The Natural Athletes(c) vs The X Age

Match Summary
The X Age defeated The West Texas Terrorists last week and earned a championship opportunity here tonight. The last time these two teams met, it was an insanely close match. Could this be the upset of the century? Would Xtreme and Crucifix finally each their goal and become the Hype Tag Team Champions? We were about to find out.

Crucifix was going to start this match off with Albright at the bell sounded. The two slowly circled each other as they looked for an opening. It was a feeling out process that gave you the vibe that this was going to be an epic encounter. In fact, this was the exact same way their last match began. After a few moments of circling, Crucifix backed off and tagged in Xtreme! It was a bit of a mind game from The X Age and Xtreme stepped in and immediately charged in with the lock up. The two powered around until Xtreme had Albright backed against the ropes. Xtreme hit a pair of chops and attempted a whip, but it got reversed. Albright hit the shoulder tackle then hit the ropes, stepping over Xtreme, bouncing off the opposite end and ducking a leap frog. Xtreme went low for the monkey flip, but Albright flipped over and rolled to his feet, charging in. Xtreme side stepped and sent Albright on his way then went for a drop kick, but Albright held onto the ropes and Xtreme backflipped and landed on his feet. Albright with the lariat, but Xtreme did a Matrix style move and avoided it! Albright turned around as Xtreme, from the bridged position, kicked Albright in the face before twisting and standing. He grabbed Albright in a front face lock, looking for a suplex, but Albright landed behind Xtreme. German attempt, but Xtreme landed on his feet. Front roundhouse blocked with both arms. Side head lock by Albright and a snap down to the canvas. Headscissor escape by Xtreme both men up and both men stare down to a big round of applause!

They wasted no time and locked up again. Xtreme went for the knee lift, but Albright sensed it and side stepped into a waist lock, but Xtreme broke the grip and performed a standing switch, but Albright switched behind Xtreme and hit a takedown. Floatover, front face lock, Xtreme rolled out of it into a front face lock of his own. Xtreme with a knee strike to the top of the head, but Albright powered up and used sheer strength to deadlift Xtreme up for a suplex, but a knee to the head countered and Xtreme rolled him up into an inside cradle for two. Both men stood. Xtreme with a clothesline, but Albright ducked. Xtreme continued to the ropes and went for a sprinboard plancha, but Albright caught him and nailed a Fallaway Slam! Xtreme popped up and Albright ran in with a leaping knee strike that knocked Xtreme down! Xtreme staggered back up and Albright whipped him across the ring, making him eat a back elbow, but Xtreme backed into the ropes, fell between them and nailed a Rebound Lariat, knocking Albright down!

Xtreme went to the corner and climbed up top, but Albright moved when he attempted the Shooting Star Press, but Xtreme kept his body compact and landed on his feet, but Albright immediately grabbed him in a waist lock and nailed a German Suplex into the turnbuckles!!! Albright grabbed Xtreme and immediately pulled him out of the corner, hooking him in a front waist lock. Albright pivoted to put his back to the corner and nailed a belly to belly overhead suplex into the turnbuckles!! Xtreme landed on his shoulders and neck as Albright gained distance, charged in and nailed a running drop kick to the stomach as Xtreme was upside down! Crucifix began to climb up top, but instead of going for the cover, Albright shook the ropes and caused Crucifix to lose his balance up top!

Albright grabbed Xtreme and pulled him out of the corner. Now he made the cover, but only got two! Albright brought Xtreme up to his feet and whipped him into his own corner, knocking Crucifix off the top turnbuckle and down to the floor! Xtreme staggered backwards as Albright hooked him for a back drop suplex, but Xtreme flipped and landed on his feet. Drop kick to Albirght's upper back sent him chest first into the corner. Xtreme got a running start as Crucifix recovered on the outside. Crucifix leapt onto the ring apron and grabbed the top rope, hitting a leaping kick to Albright's face! At the same time, Xtreme hit a Spinning Heel Kick to the back of Albright's skull, sandwhiching his head between the two of them! Albright fell and hit the canvas as Xtreme made the tag to Crucifix. Crucifix went up top as Albright turned and started to get up on all fours. Crucifix leapt off the top rope and NAILED a Curb Stomp to the back of Albright's head!!! Crucifix rolled him over and covered, but only got two!

Crucifix pulled Albright up and hit a series of chops across his chest before sending him to the ropes. Leg Lariat by Crucifix put Albright down. Cover for another two. Sleeper hold by Albright which wore him down. After a minute or two, Albright began to battle back to his feet, but Crucifx fell down with a Modified Reverse Falling DDT! Crucifix heads to the corner and makes a slashing motion across his throat. He heads up top and goes for the Senton Bomb.. the Leap of Faith, but Albright moved!!! Albright stumbled to his feet and lunged in as Cruxifix popped up... GOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!! The Super Kick connected, but Albright hit his back and had nothing left to make the cover! The fans rallied behind him as he made his way to his corner.... Tag to Massimo! Tag to Xtreme!!

Massimo came in and went for a Lariat, but DUCKED! Xtreme stopped short, turned and hit a Super Kick to Massimo's face! Massimo stumbled and turned around.. Super Kick by Crucifix and Down goes Massimo!!! The X Age just stopped the hot tag! They both went up top... Crucifix off first...


Xtreme off second..


Albright is down!! With a shocking attack.. Xtreme made the cover... ONE! TWO! THRE.. NO!!! Massimo kicked out and the fans were almost stunned silent! Xtreme directs Crucifix to go up top as Massimo rolls over and begins to stand! Crucifix leaps off...


Xtreme flipped off...


Albright staggers to his feet as Xtreme covers... Cruxifix charged in and clotheslined Albright over the top rope to the outside! One...!! Two...!! THREE!!!!!

THE REIGN IS OVER!!! The fans stood up and they're in shock!

Winner: The X Age via Xtreme Measures
Match Time: 39:55
Match Rating: ****3/4

Jack Wallace: I... I can't believe it! The X Age has done it!! Xtreme and Crucifix are the NEW Hype Tag Team Champions! The Natural Athletes have beaten everyone put in front of them.. even teams from the main roster, but The X Age... they withstood it.. they isolated Albright... the ever famous hot tag... it was like they knew what would happen if they just got the best of Albright.. then they countered it and The Athletes never had a hot tag countered like that before. They took them off guard!

Jeff Hartman: Even the mightiest knights eventually get a chink in their armor. The X Age found it here tonight and THANK GOD! I knew they were the true glue that held The X Movement together.

After the Match
Albright looked into the ring, not believing what he was seeing. He saw Xtreme and Crucifix with the Tag Team Titles in hand and Xtreme asked for a microphone.

Xtreme: I told you last time was a fluke.. I told you that we were the better team and THIS IS THE PROOF RIGHT HERE

Xtreme raised up the tag team title as Terry Massimo rolled out of the ring.

Xtreme: Now that we've accomplished..... no..... Now that I have accomplished my goal... there is only one thing left to do.


XTREME JUST SLAMMED HIS BELT INTO CRUCIFIX'S HEAD!!! The crowd had no idea how to react to that.

Xtreme: You can stay here with these little toys. Earlier tonight, Damien Lee handed me a contract. As of now... I'm a member of the main roster. I don't need this title to get there and I don't need you any longer. Have fun playing with these pieces of trash. If you need me.. I'll be busy re-writing history on Sunday Night iNtense!

Xtreme threw his belt down on top of Crucifix and walked out of the ring.

Jack Wallace: I... I just don't know what the hell I just saw! Xtreme just... walked out on Crucifix to go take his new spot on iNtense? What the hell was the point in competing here tonight, then? What about The Athletes? They just got robbed of their titles by half of a team that has no intention of even staying here. If Shayne Anderson is turning over a new leaf, this decision will be the biggest testament to his words when he makes it.

"Two Changing of the Guards"

Mike Patterson was seen backstage with Marshal Stetton.

Stetton: We just saw two of your former stablemates, Xtreme and Crucifix become the Hype Tag Team Champions and then Xtreme walked out on Crucifix, apparently heading to the main roster. As someone who ran with them, can you perhaps give us an explanation as to why Xtreme did what he did?

Patterson: I have known Xtreme for a long time, especially here on The Hype, and Xtreme has always been off his rocker a bit so not even I knows what's going through his head right now. All I know is that The Natural Athletes will not be the only ones losing their championships tonight. Tonight I am going to take the Hype Championship away from Brian Williams.

Stetton: Brian Williams is another man that you've had quite a bit of history with. Not to offend, but you did lose to him once before.

Patterson: Well it's no secret... I did lose to Williams in the past. When the title was vacated by Pietro Geist, he defeated me in the match that would determine who the new champion would be.. but The X Age also were defeated by The Natural Athletes and look at what happened now. I don't know what Crucifix is going to do, but I know what I'm going to do.. and that's go out there and take what should have been mine many months ago.

Mike Patterson walked away.

Stetton: There you have it folks, that match.. your main event.. is NEXT!

Brian Williams(c) vs Mike Patterson

Match Summary
The two of them started off with a stare down in the middle of the ring. These two were bitter enemies as Shayne Anderson's X Movement, lead by Patterson battled The Dying Breed, lead by Brian Williams. Williams not only won the vacant Hype Championship, but that victory also won the war and caused The X Movement to disband.. it also caused the beginning of Shayne Anderson's downfall. The two came face to face just begging each other to make a move.. then, Williams shoved Patterson back. Patterson shoved Williams back. Williams shoved harder and Patterson knocked Willimas flat on his ass!

Patterson taunted Williams to stand and he did. They locked up and maneuvered around the ring where Patterson backed Williams into the corner. Heavy chops by Patterson before sending him across the ring, but Williams exploded out of the corner and put Patterson down with a lariat. Patterson back up and back down again with another lariat. Patterson was backed into the ropes and whipped, but he reversed and sent Williams across instead. Leaping Shoulder Tackle by Patterson took Williams down. Patterson hit the ropes, goes for a splash, but Williams moves. Williams hits the ropes, goes for a Running Senton Backsplash, but Patterson moves. Patterson up and charged when Williams stands, looking for The Spear, but Williams side steps and Patterson had to put the brakes on. Patterson turned around and Williams plowed into Patterson with this shoulder, driving him into the corner.

Repeated shoulder thrusts by Williams before he placed Patterson up top. Williams climbs, but Patterson knocked him down with a headbutt. Williams turned around and Patterson hit a Flying Shoulder Tackle off the second turnbuckle. He covered the champion and only got two. Patterson stood and hit the ropes. He missed with a knee drop and Williams immiediately grabbed Patterson and tried to put him in a pumphandle, but Patterson countered with a tip toss. Patterson then clotheslined Williams over the top rope. Patterson with a full head of steam and a Flying Shoulder Block through the ropes to the outside connects! Patterson stands and lets out a bestian roar as he grabbed Williams by the head. He placed Williams between his legs and powerbombed him against the ring apron!! Williams fell to a seated position against the apron as the referee counted.

Patterson didn't let up. He pulled Williams up and threw him back into the ring. Patterson got up on the apron and waited for Williams to stand. Once Williams stood, Patterson lunged himself in, but Wililams shocked him and nailed an Ace Crusher out of the springboard shoulder block, but Williams hit it out of desperation as that powerbomb on the apron still left him in pain. The referee began another count. At the count of nine, they both stood. Patterson backed into the ropes and went for a lariat, but Williams ducked and hit a swinging neck breaker. Williams held his back as he stood. He dared Patterson to stand. Once Patterson did, Williams delivered a toe kick and went for The Downfall.. his Cradle Piledriver, but his back gave out and Patterson countered with a back body drop. Patterson turned and pulled Willimas between his legs, looking for The Trailervision.. his version of the Cradle Piledriver, but Williams hit a double leg takedown and flipped into a jackknife pin, getting two.

Patterson kicked out and immediately rolled over on top of Williams and pulled him back into position for the Trailervision. He pummeled Williams over the back with forearms and then lifted Williams up high, but Williams kicked his legs and landed. He twisted out and hit a knee lift! He placed Patterson in the Pumphandle and nailed the neckbreaker across the knee! Welcome to Williams Street! Williams held his back, but looked to the top rope. He gingerly stepped out and slowly made his way up top. When he got up top, Patterson got to his feet, leapt to the top rope with a vertical leapt and nailed a Super Belly to Belly Suplex from out of nowhere!!! A man that size to pull something like that off was a testament to just how agile Mike Patterson was! Patterson got up and headed to the corner. He climbed up and collided with Williams with the Frog Splash... the Big Sioux Splash! He covered and got a very close two!

Patterson stood and backed into the corner. He crouched and dared Williams to stand. Williams staggered to his feet and Patterson went for a Spear for the second time this match and Williams countered with a back thrust kick dead in the face!!! Patterson could have been legit knocked out cold from that collision!!! Williams picked up a lifeless Patterson and placed him up into an Inverted Fireman's Carry. He spun him out and spiked him with the Piledriver... One Man's Requiem!!! The kick to the face.. being dropped on his head.. Patterson was dead and Williams had the cover.. he got the three!!!!

Winner: Brian Williams via One Man's Requiem
Match Time: 32:16
Match Rating: ****1/4

Jack Wallace: To steal a line from a legendary announcer.. GOOD GOD HE KILLED HIM! No human being's head can withstand that kind of punishment. Even the referee is checking on Patterson, concerned for his safety.

Jeff Hartman: He deserved it. Patterson could have kept the X Movement together, but he went off on his own. He was weak.. he deserved this beating!

Jack Wallace: Heartless as always. Ladies and Gentlemen.. it has been one hell of a night.. We hope you enjoy Unlimited.. we'll see you on the other side!