"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the RingRats Academy where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to another edition of The Hype! While the main roster prepares for Death Wish next Sunday, we here are preparing for a rematch of epic proportions as El Tigre Verde and Brian Williams are set to collide in a one on one match to determine the fate of the Hype Championship! Hello everyone, I'm Jack Wallace

Jeff Hartman: It should have been DefCon against Brian Williams tonight... this whole situation is just as retarded as you are, Jack

Jack Wallace: And that is our lovable STD, Jeff Hartma! As much as you'd like for him to go away, he keeps coming back!

Jeff Hartman: And stronger than ever!

Jack Wallace: Before he spreads any further, let's take you backstage with our GM Adam Lazarus!

In the back, Adam Lazarus was in his office when there was a knock on his door. It was Tristan Cyan. He walked into the office and right up to Adam's desk.

Laz: Can I help you?

Cyan: Okay, let's cut the exchange of pleasantries. I haven't been booked on The Hype in quite some time. I feel that people are forgetting about me and I want to see to that doesn't happen. So I'm requesting... no.. I'm DEMANDING a match tonight.. anyone.. I don't really care who it is!

Laz: First off.. calm down. Secondly.. you may be in luck because I have someone else just chomping at the bit to have a match tonight.. so seeing how you two have the same goal in mind.. I'm going to make it official! It will be you.. Tristan Cyan.. against someone you are already familiar with... DefCon!

The people in the audience cheered as the look on Cyan's face said it all.

Cyan: I..Isn't there anyone else?

Laz: Nope.. take it or leave it

Tristan sighed

Cyan: Fine.. I'll take it.

Laz: Good! Glad to hear you full of enthusiasm. You may not want to let that enthusiasm die out, though. Your match is kicking off the show which is right about... NOW! Good luck!

Cyan gritted his teeth as he turned and exited Laz's office. Cyan vs DefCon is now set to open tonight's broadcast!

Tristan Cyan vs DefCon

Before the Match
DefCon made his way to the ring and grabbed a microphone from ringside. His march to the ring was fast-paced.. it was clear he wasn't too happy.

DefCon: Again... Again.Again.Again... El Tigre Verde weasels his way into a Hype Championship match.. all because he got lucky last week against me. If it wasn't for El Tigre Verde.. NONE of this would have happened because I HAD BRIAN WILLIAMS DEFEATED!

DefCon paced back and forth

DefCon: Now I have to wrestle again.. and it's not even for a damn contendership.. and then later tonight.. I get to sit back and watch that undeserving prick of a wannabe ninja take MY rightful spot in a re-match. I am the one who got screwed.. why is it that I am not the one getting the rematch!?

The people booed

DefCon: Boo all you want.. you know it's the damned truth. Now I have to come out here and face Tristan Cyan.. another person that I've already beaten in my past!? This is pathetic and blatant disrespect by our new General Manager! You're no better than Shayne Anderson, Lazarus!

Before he could continue, Tristan Cyan's music hit and DefCon threw up his arms in haughty derision. Cyan made his way to the ring and as soon as he stepped inside, DefCon tossed the microphone over his shoulder to the outside and charged in! The bell rang!

Match Summary
DefCon came in with a clothesline, but Cyan ducked out of the way. Cyan opened up with rapid rights until he clotheslined DefCon over the top rope to the floor! DefCon got up and kicked the ringsteps out of frustration before rolling back into the ring, but Cyan was right there to meet him and began to stomp away, but DefCon got to his feet as the referee backed Cyan up and DefCon used that to hit a double leg takedown. DefCon pummeled Cyan from the mounted position, but the referee pulled DefCon off. Cyan then took his turn with the double leg takedown, but he began to work on DefCon's right leg to soften it up for his submission finisher, but DefCon knew that's what Cyan was all about and kicked him away with his left leg.

Both got up and both went for clotheslines at the same time and both men were down, but they got right back up and faced off in the middle of the ring. Some of the crowd applauded them.. others just sat there booing as neither man was liked very much. Cyan said some words to DefCon and DefCon responded by shoving Cyan back and nailing a Gamengiri to the side of his head! DefCon stood as Cyan knelt and held his head in pain. DefCon quickly hooked Cyan for the Double Tap.. the Butterfly DDT, but Cyan twisted out of it and hit a double leg trip. He tried to tie up DefCon in the Disasterpiece.. the Inverted Texas Cloverleaf, but DefCon shoved Cyan away.

Cyan charged in as DefCon kipped up to his feet, hitting a deep arm drag. both got up and Cyan charged in again only to be hit for the second time by another arm drag. Cyan charged a third time, but stopped short and hit a toe kick then a snap suplex on DefCon. Cyan then dropped an elbow three times over DefCon's right knee and then bent it under his arms with a leg lock. DefCon reached up and grabbed Cyan by the hair, pulling him down into heavy right hands which broke the hold. DefCon got up and shook off the feeling before hitting a right hand to Cyan. He backed Cyan into the ropes and went for a whip, but Cyan reversed it, sending DefCon into the ropes instead. Cyan went for a back elbow, but DefCon put his hands up, blocked it, grabbed him in a waist lock, and nailed a Release German Suplex!

DefCon went to the corner and climbed up top with his back to the ring. He went for the the Death From Above.. the Double Rotation Moonsault, but Cyan moved and DefCon slammed into the canvas, landing on that knee. Cyan quickly grabbed DefCon by the legs and tied him up into the Disasterpiece. DefCon held on and crawled to the ropes. He reached out and broke the hold. Cyan looked disappointed, but he grabbed DefCon by the legs and pulled him away from the ropes. He went for the move again, but DefCon pulled him over into an inside cradle, but only got two.

By this time, DefCon was seeing shades of red.. or in this case.. green. He got up and yelled out. "I'm going to kill you, Verde!" at Tristan Cyan. It was clear that DefCon had completely lost focus. He charged in at Cyan and swung with a vicious lariat, but Cyan caught the arm and slammed him down into the canvas locking him into the Blacklight.. a Crossface submission hold. DefCon groaned in pain as Cyan pulled back on his neck as far as it could humanly go. DefCon eventually had no choice but to tap out!!

Winner: Tristan Cyan via Blacklight
Match Time: 8:18
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: Tristan Cyan just defeated DefCon! DefCon didn't seem like himself tonight. Usually he would copy his opponent's style. He would be methodical and calculated, but he rushed into a lot of situations and in the end, lost focus completely and it ultimately lead to his downfall.

Jeff Hartman: It's all El Tigre Verde's fault. If he never existed.. this wouldn't have happened and DefCon would be your Hype Champion right now. I think we should call INS.

After the Match
After Cyan had left the ring. DefCon got up and clenched at his mask. He stumbled up to his feet and grabbed a microphone from the ringside area.

DefCon: THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, VERDE! DefCon was seething mad.

DefCon: If it weren't for your stupid little jumping bean ass.. I wouldn't be here right now! I'd be walking around this place as The Hype Champion!

The people continued to boo him

DefCon: Tonight... oh yes tonight.. I'm going to ruin your little match.. JUST LIKE YOU RUINED MINE! Just you wait and see.

DefCon dropped the microphone and stormed out of the ring.

Desiree enters Laz's office and walks up to his desk. It's early in the show and it's already becoming a common theme. Laz looks up from his paperwork and folds his hands together.

Laz: May I help you?

Desiree: Yes... Monica and I are having some issues we need to work out. The last time we met.. it didn't exactly go so well due to the fact that.. well.. she walked out on our match. That's why tonight.. I want her again.. this time.. with underground rules so that she can't walk out.. she will have to stand and face the music.

Laz: Hmm.. interesting proposal. Consider it green lit! Go get ready.. you have your match for later tonight!

Desiree shooks Laz's hand.

Desiree: Thank you! Thank you so much!

Desiree turned and began to walk out.

Laz: Hmm.. soft.

Desiree stopped and looked back for a moment.

Desiree: Did you say something?

Laz looked a bit startled.

Laz: Nope.. not a thing! Good luck in your match tonight!

Desiree: Thanks

Desiree continued on her way as Laz wiped the sweat from his brow as he didn't realize he said his thoughts out loud. He shook his head and went back to his paperwork.

The Widow's Nest vs Dragonborn

Match Summary
For two weeks in a row, The Widow's Nest has targeted Dragonborn to try and get themselves noticed after losing any and all future opportunities at the tag team titles as long as The Natural Athletes remain champions. Dragonborn wasn't going to take it anymore and tonight they face the combination of Araknis and Muerte from The Nest while Wolf Spider, Supaida, and Black Widow remained at ringside. Trot and Muerte were set to start things off as the bell rang.

The two circled each other and locked up. Muerte with the headlock, but Trot backed him into the ropes and whipped him across. Shoulder block by Trot and a take off to the ropes where he rebounded and stepped over Muerte to the other side. Muerte got up and went for a seated drop kick, but Trot held onto the ropes. Trot quickly front flipped over Muerte into a pin for two when Muerte popped the right shoulder up. Back down and a pin for two, this time it's the left shoulder. Pin for two and they bridge up and spin around. Muerte tries for the backslide, but Trot flips over and lands on his feet. Trot swings high with a roundhouse, misses. Waist lock by Muerte and a German attempt, but Trot lands on his feet. Trot goes low with a leg sweep, misses as Muerte hopes over it. Muerte with a kick to the stomach and a suplex attempt, but Trot floats over and lands behind Muerte. Trot up onto Muerte's shoulders, looking for a poisoned frankensteiner, but Muerte flipped him off and Trot landed on his knees and stands. Mule kick by Muerte doubles Trot over. Muerte fell to his back and delivered an uppercut to Trot's face!

Trot staggered to the ropes.. Muerte charged in, but he was lifted up and over to the outside where landed on the apron. Right hand blocked and a shoulder block between the ropes to the mid-section of Trot. Muerte with a Slingshot DDT, but Trot held the top rope and Muerte slammed into the canvas, rolling to the outside. Trot got a full head of steam and went for the Suicide Dive, but Muerte leapt onto the apron and knee'd Trot on the face! Muerte flipped over with a Sunset Flip for two, but Trot kicked away, stood and got leveled with a lariat from Muerte! Muerte stood over Trot as the crowd actually applauded that amazing opening sequence, but booed when Muerte tagged in Araknis.

Araknis went up top and took aim. Diving elbow connected into the chest of Trot for two. Araknis pulled him up and kicked him in the stomach. Araknis backed into the ropes and went for a running tornado ddt and it hit the mark! He covered Trot again and only got two. Tag back to Muerte and Muerte went up top this time, waiting for Trot to stand. Top Rope Double Axe Handle by Muerte found its mark as he went back and tagged Araknis. Araknis went back up top with his back to the ring and hit the moonsault. He covered and only got two again then tagged Muerte back in. Muerte pulled Trot back to his feet and whipped him into the ropes. Muerte took off perpendicularly to Trot and came back with a basement drop kick to his legs, taking them out. He quickly pulled Trot back to his feet and hit a Leg Sweep in which he rolled through up to his feet and hit a standing shooting star press... the Dance of the Dead! He covered, but only got two again!

Panic shouted encouragement at Trot as he tried to make it to his corner, but Muerte tagged Araknis and Araknis grabbed the leg, pulling him back. he then placed Trot into a Surfboard Submission hold. Muerte illegally came into the ring and charged over, knocking Panic off the ring apron. He then charged back at his corner and nailed a Shotgun Drop Kick to the face of Trot while he was in the Surfboard! Muerte went back to his corner as Araknis let him go and tagged Muerte back in.. but Araknis ran over to Dragonborn's corner and hit a Tope Con Giro to the outside, taking Panic out for the second time!

Muerte lifted Trot up into an inverted fireman's carry. he spun Trot around until he dropped him over his knee with the Desolation.. the Tornado Backbreaker. Araknis made his way back to his corner and was tagged in by Trot. Araknis pulled him up and placed him in a front face lock. He lifted Trot for a suplex, but at the apex, Trot knee'd him in the head. A second attempt and another knee by Trot. Trot then quickly reversed it into a Brainbuster on Araknis. Panic made it to his corner and Trot began to crawl. Araknis tried to get back to his corner, but couldn't. Trot dove for the tag, but Supaida pulled Panic off the apron! The referee saw it and called for the bell! Supaida and Wolf Spider beat down Panic on the outside!

Meanwhile, Araknis and Muerte came in and put the boots to Trot. Muerte pulled Trot to his feet and placed him in an inverted face lock. He lifted him for an elevated reverse DDT, but he switched it to an elbow drop mid-move and drove Trot down into the canvas with The Death Scythe. On the outside, Supaida brought Panic to his knees and shoved him towards Wolf Spider who cut him in half with the Run with the Wolves... the spear. After both members of Dragonborn were left laying, Black Widow called her troops over and all four headed to the backstage area together.

Winner: Dragonborn via Disqualification
Match Time: 26:31
Match Rating: ***3/4

Jack Wallace: What happened!? They were in complete control of the match and when Trot was about to make the tag, it's like they panicked... almost literally... and had to use Supaida and Wolf Spider like cowards? It doesn't make any sense!

Jeff Hartman: It makes perfect sense. They said they were interested in sending a message for two weeks now. It's obvious wins and losses don't matter to them.. the point is.. they sent a message. I think this is smart. Continue to do so until Adam Lazarus takes notices and give Laz their demands.. another shot at the tag team titles or the beatings continue. It's brilliant, Jack! Only you can't see the beauty of this idea.

Jack Wallace: I do see it and it's stupid... just like you, Jeff.

Jeff Hartman: You only hate me because I'm beautiful.

Mike Patterson was seen entering the arena to cheers in the background. Last week, he did the unthinkable and defeated Mack Brody to earn a future Hype Championship opportunity. Patterson was all smiles walking down the hallway until Xtreme and Crucifix stopped him

Xtreme: Congratulations on your title opportunity. Somehow I'd like to believe that YOU think you're better than US now since you have a title match at your disposal while we don't.. but you see.. that's fine.. you made it clear last week what your intentions are.. but make no mistake... we are still going to capture the tag team titles.. and we're here to offer you one last chance to take our side. Come with us Mike.. we can be together. We will win the tag team titles.. you will win the world title.. it will be The X Movement all over again.. just like you wanted!

Patterson put his bag down

Patterson: That does sound nice except for one thing. I offered my hand to you and you swatted it away. You acted like you were in charge of The X Movement when you all know for a damned fact that it was I that lead the group... I was the one who kept us together. The four of you broke us apart and then you had the audacity to make me choose a side when all I wanted was for us to continue on together.. We may not have been able to be called The X Movement anymore, but we could have still watched each other's backs.. but you threw it all away over a petty jealousy. Since we weren't a group anymore, you and Broken Sanity had to squabble like children over titles that you don't even have contenderships to and aren't even being considered right now for contendership matches. You're living a pipe dream based on petty, child-like, nuances.. and like I told you two last week.. and like I told Broken Sanity last week.. I want nothing to do with it. I wash my hands of the four of you. From now on.. it's me and me alone.

The X Age collectively shrug

Xtreme: I offered you one last chance and now it is you who swatted OUR hands away. So be it.

Xtreme and Crucifix then jumped Patterson, clubbing him with forearms to the upper back. Crucifix began to knee Patterson in the chest, but Patterson shoved him away. He did the same to Xtreme. Patterson stood tall and the two of them realized that Patterson was a bit too much for them to handle.

Patterson: If that's what you want.. fine! Bring it down to the ring. Name the time name the place.. I'll be there!

The people cheered as Xtreme and Crucifix slowly backed away. Xtreme tapped Crucifix on the chest and signaled him to back off.

Xtreme: We'll keep that challenge in mind.. Mike.. you may, one day, regret muttering that to us.

The X Age back away as Patterson stands tall, grinning.

Desiree vs Monica

Match Summary
At the sound of the bell, Monica did some trash talking to Desiree which prompted Desiree to slap the taste right out of her mouth. Monica staggered back holding her jaw. She turned and charged, but Desiree hit a pair of clotheslines, knocking Monica down and sending her rolling to the outside. Monica taunted Desiree to come to the ringside area, but Desiree stood her ground. Monica grabbed a steel chair and rolled in, but Desiree put her foot on the chair before Monica could stand. Monica then started to beg and plead for Desiree not to hurt her, but when she stood, Monica gave Desiree a receipt with a slap to the face. Monica picked up the chair and jammed it in Desiree's stomach before cracking her over the back with it. Monica covered and got two.

Monica pulled Desiree up by the hair then scoop slammed her on top of the chair. Monica did the splits and landed a leg drop across Desiree's throat. She covered for another two. Monica went back to the outside and grabbed another steel chair. She brought it in and taunted Desiree. Desiree stood and turned to face Monica, but she grabbed the chair when she went for a shot to the stomach. They both tugged at the chair until Desiree ripped it away and jammed it into Monica's mid-section. She cracked it over Monica's back, but she didn't stop there. She cracked it two more times while Monica was down before tossing the chair aside.

Desiree pulled Monica up and whipped her to the ropes, making her eat a back elbow. Desiree placed the other chair on Monica's stomach and hit two elbow drops into it. Desiree then went to the corner and hunched down, taunting Monica to stand. Monica was slow to get up, but Desiree charged and nailed a running leg lariat, bringing Monica down. She covered and got two. Desiree stood and grabbed Monica, pulling her up and sending her into the corner. Desiree charged, but ate a back elbow. Monica went for a second turnbuckle drop kick, but Desiree moved out of the way. Desiree grabbed Monica and dropped down, hooking in the Triangle Choke.. the Desire! Monica was close enough to one of the chairs where she grabbed it and smacked Desiree in the face with it, breaking the submission!

Desiree had been busted open from that shot.. she stood, blood dripping from her forehead. Monica then swung and cracked the chair over Desiree's head! Desiree fell to the canvas as Monica quickly tied her up in a Scorpion Cross Lock that she called the Rage Queller. Desiree was in the middle of the ring and dazed by the chair shots she took. Desiree had no choice but to tap out!

Winner: Monica via Rage Queller
Match Time: 7:25
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: Wow! Monica pulled out an upset here tonight and got her former mentor to tap out! I didn't see this one coming at all!

Jeff Hartman: Monica also busted open my pretty little flower! The unsullied white rose of the garden has been stained a terrible red!

Jack Wallace: The hell you talking about?

Jeff Hartman: What? I can't be poetic from time to time?

Jack Wallace: I'd rather you'd not.

India's Import are backstage, they are headed toward the ring for their match when all of a sudden, Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome ran up from behind and jumped them with leaping forearms, sending them staggering forward. Wise and Bloome pair off with Samir and Raysor respectively as the two teams begin to brawl toward the gorilla position.

Bloome grabbed Raysor by the head and slammed it into an equipment crate while Tripp picked up Samir and tossed him back first into the wall. Samir fell to his knees while Raysor staggered away. Bloome spun Raysor around, but Raysor decked him with a heavy right hand. Tripp put the boots to Samir while Raysor fought back against Bloome, but Bloome clinched Raysor and drove him into the steps leading up to the entrance curtain!!

Tripp grabbed Samir and lead him over to the steps. Bloome pulled Raysor off the steps and hoisted him up onto his shoulder. Tripp then hip tossed Samir onto the steps and Bloome then powerslammed Raysor on top of Samir!! The two of them stood over India's Import before they stepped over them and through the curtains... they made their way to the ring since their match was next!

India's Import vs BADASS

Match Summary
BADASS got inside of the ring and demanded that the referee call for the bell. The referee shrugged and did so and when Raysor and Samir didn't show, he began the mandatory ten count.











The referee called for the bell as the crowd boo'd wildly. Tripp Wise grabbed a microphone from ringside.

Wise: Awww.. I guess India's Import couldn't make it out here to the ring tonight. So sorry, gents, but the fact that we made it and you didn't is completely.. BADASS!

Tripp tossed the microphone aside as the two of them raised their arms in victory.

Winner: BADASS via Countout
Match Time: 0:10
Match Rating: n/a

Jack Wallace: I guess we couldn't expect anything less from BADASS. Attacking India's Import and incapacitating them just to avoid fighting them. They got beat, then ran away, and now they jumped them from behind. I think Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome are just scared to face them fairly

Jeff Hartman: That's YOUR opinion.. MINE, however sees two great tacticians, using their smarts. It's not about how you win, but simply just the fact that you won. Tonight BADASS won and like Tripp Wise says.. that's totally BADASS!

Adam Lazarus was in his office finishing up a phone call when "Picture Perfect" Jack Dawn stepped into his office. Laz hung up his phone and sat there, interlacing his fingers. By this point, the crowd already knew what to expect and when Laz opened his mouth, the crowd in the background said it along with him.

Laz & Crowd: Can I help you?

Laz and Dawn looked around as if some otherworldly event transpired. The crowd cheered over the fact that they threw the two of them off their game for a mere moment.

Dawn: Uhm.. as a matter of fact.. you can. You see.. Gabriel Gold thinks that just because The Dying Breed isn't around anymore he can just disrespect me any time that he wants. Last week, he assaulted me and threw me into the catering room. So tonight, since you're so ecstatic on handing out matches, I'd like one against Gold tonight.

Laz: I can understand your frustrations, but sadly, I can't give you a match tonight.

Dawn looked a bit confused.

Dawn: But, you gave Desiree and Tristan Cyan a match tonight.. how come I don't get a match?

Laz: If you had come to me sooner, I might have been able to make room, but I have two advertised matches left to broadcast and they're going to take up the remainder of the television time we have left. I'm sorry, but, I don't have any room on tonight's card.

Dawn: You know, Crucifix curb stomped me into the concrete floor and Shayne Anderson turned the other cheek. That's why I joined The Dying Breed and our efforts put you in your position. Don't tell me you're just going to end up like Anderson and just ignore the issues of your talent

Laz put up his hands

Laz: Whoa whoa whoa. Hold on just a minute, here! I've done nothing but tried to resolve the issues of our talent since I've got here. It is the simple fact that we don't have enough television time left for another match. Look. I will let you settle your issues with Gabriel Gold, but their just going to have to wait until The Hype returns after Death Wish.

Dawn: You really expect me to wait that long?

Laz: Hey.. if something happens between you two outside of the Ring Rats academy between now and then.. well.. I can't really do anything about it, but right now, waiting until the next episode will probably be the best solution.

Dawn: Since you put it that way.. you'll be lucky if Gabriel Gold even makes it to the next episode.

With that, Jack Dawn turned and exited Laz's office. The situation between Dawn and Gold was becoming explosive!

Diamond Jewelz vs Shi no Ryu

Match Summary
This was the final Rookie vs Veteran challenge series. So far, Mike Patterson was the only one to succeed and thus secured a future hype championship match. This week, Shi no Ryu would step up to face Diamond Jewelz.. the gOlden bOy and Relentless Champion! Shi no Ryu already defeated Mattock back at Wrestlecade Xperience in a major upset. He has the tools to succeed here tonight!

Diamond Jewelz came out with The Goons and O.G. Simpson. He had a microphone in hand.

Jewelz: Nigga... hold up a sec. As you can cleary see, I'm holdin' two championship titles. I'm sure you've see how have this entire company bent 'roun my finger, but.. despite that, homie.. I got a proposition for you. If you can beat my Goons.. I'll fight you here tonight for more than just a hype title.. I'll put both my belts on the line! Believe that, nigga!

Ryu simply nodded to accept the challenge.

Jewelz: Nigga.. you a damn fool. Yo... merc this rice-dick bitch.

Jewelz stepped off the apron as Latrell Samuel, formerly of The Hype himself, and Khalil Straightgully entered the ring and the bell sounds

Ryu showed no fear as he kicked Samuel and forearmed Straightgully. Kick to Samuel, Forearm to Straightgully again! Shi no Ryu bounced back and forth between both members of The Goons before Khalil hit a knee lift into Ryu's stomach. Samuel hit a pair of knife edge chops before sending Ryu via whip into a clothesline by Khalil!

Samuel went up to the top rope as Khalil held Ryu down, but Ryu lifted his leg and kicked Khalil in the side of the head. Samuel moonsaulted off and there was nobody home as Ryu moved out of the way! Samuel stood, holding his stomach as Ryu hit a Gamengiri to the side of his head. Ryu stood and ducked the lariat from Khalil. Khalil turned around and was met with a spinning heel kick by Ryu! Samuel got up and Ryu whipped him into the corner. Khalil got up and Ryu whipped him to the opposite corner. Ryu got a running start and hit a running knee smash to the face. he turned and charged the opposite corner, hitting a running drop kick under the chin. Both Samuel and Khalil fell to a seated position. Ryu charged back to the original corner and nailed a front flip into Samuel. He got up and charged Khalil, hitting him in the face with a hesitation drop kick!

The crowd as fired up as Ryu stood and surveyed Diamond Jewelz on the outside who was trying to rally the Goons. When both wouldn't get up, he ordered O.G. Simpson to get up on the apron. Ryu walked over as O.G. tried to talk to him, but Ryu hip tossed O.G. into the ring and then Superkicked his head off! O.G. rolled to the outside and Ryu's attention was averted when Khalil stood and charged, but Ryu forgot to check behind him and when Khalil stopped short, that's when Samuel chop blocked him from behind. The Goonz pulled Ryu up and sent him into the ropes. Samuel picked up Ryu and nailed a Uranage Back Breaker across the knee. Khalil hit the ropes and nailed a running splash. Samuel hit the ropes and nailed a running Senton, and then Khalil hit the ropes and nailed a running elbow drop. Khalil made the cover, but only got two.

The Goonz pulled Ryu up, but Ryu fought back with elbows and forearms. Ryu hit a knife edge chop on Samuel, then an uppercut on Khalil. Ryu with a drop kick to Samuel, but Khalil hooked Ryu when he stood and nailed a belly to belly suplex on him. Khalil placed Ryu into the Roid Camel.. the Camel Clutch submission. Latrell got to his feet and took off to the ropes. He came back and planted both boots into Ryu's face, damn near knocking him out cold. Jewelz got on the microphone.

Jewelz: Hold up! I think this nigga already proved himself. I'm gonna take over this match!

With that, The Goonz exited the ring as Jewelz came in to face a worn down Shi no Ryu. Jewelz pulled Ryu up when all of a sudden, Ryu spat red mist into the eyes of Diamond Jewelz! Ryu then quickly hooked Jewelz and nailed the Kokushikyou!! The straightjacket barry white driver! Ryu made the cover and got the three as the crowd exploded!!

Winner: Shi no Ryu via Kokushikyou
Match Time: 10:13
Match Rating: **3/4

Jack Wallace: Shi no Ryu has done it! He is now the Relentless and gOlden bOy Champion! History has been made here on The Hype!!

Jeff Hartman: Hold your celebration Jack. The man is about to speak!

After the Match
The referee handed both championships to Shi no Ryu, but Diamond Jewelz, while holding his neck demanded a microphone.

Jewelz: The hell you doin' nigga? Give me my damn belts back!

The referee said that Jewelz was pinned.

Jewelz: Nigga.. I said IF this rice dick over here BEAT The Goons.. I'd put my titles on the line. I pulled the Goonz from the match.. they were never beat.. this was non-title, nigga!

The people boo'd

Jewelz: Now.. gimme my damn belts back before I have my Goonz punk yo ass.

The refreree sighed and asked for the titles back, but Ryu refused to hand them over. Instead he threw them at Jewelz and exited the ring. Still.. Shi no Ryu overcame the challenge and he, too, has earned himself a future Hype Championship match!

Brian Williams(c) vs El Tigre Verde

Before the Match
Adam Lazarus stepped out on stage with a microphone in hand. He brought it to his lips, but before he could speak, the crowd on hand began a brand new chant:

"CAN I HELP YOU?" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"CAN I HELP YOU?" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"CAN I HELP YOU?" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"CAN I HELP YOU?" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"CAN I HELP YOU?" Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Laz broke down into laughter for a moment which caused the crowd to cheer. He brought the microphone back up to his lips.

Laz: No, but I think I can help you!

The crowd cheered

Laz: Before we get to our main event, I have a brand new stipulation that I'm adding to his match. After witnessing what happened earlier this evening, I am announcing that DefCon is BANNED from entering the arena at any point before, during, or after this match.

The crowd cheered wildly. DefCon walked out from behind the curtain and tried to make his case to Laz.

Laz: Oh hi! Yes.. you heard me right.. you are banned during this match.. oh.. and if you decided to go against my ruling... you'll be fired on the spot.

The crowd loved that even more, but DefCon didn't. He went absolutely apeshit and even grabbed Laz by the collar.

Laz: I see.. you want to be fired right now! Well I'll make that happen unless you take your hands off of me. Don't forget.. I'm not Shayne Anderson... I'm actually a wrestler, too. It'll take more than one punch to bring me down. Don't think I won't beat your ass before I give you the pink slip.

The crowd erupted and even started a "LAZ" chant

DefCon let Laz go and yelled "THIS ISN'T OVER.. NOT BY A LONGSHOT" before storming off behind the curtain. Laz adjusted his tie.

Laz: Enjoy the main event!

Laz then disappeared behind the curtain

Match Summary
Verde and Williams made their ways to the ring. This was the second time in four weeks that they would face each other. Last time it was a five star classic. How could they top it this time? We were about to find out when the referee called for the bell.

The two circled each other and shook hands and then went for the lock up. Williams drove Verde back into the corner, but gave him the clean break. They circled and locked up again and again Williams drove Verde into the corner and gave another clean break. They went for a third lock up, but Verde went behind with a waist lock, but Williams broke the grip and switched, using a take down to put Verde on the canvas. Williams floated over into a front chancery, but Verde stood and this time it was Verde that drove Williams back to the corner and giving the clean break.

They circled and went for the lock up for a fourth time, but Verde opened up with rapid fire kicks, driving Williams back into the corner again. Verde then began to rapidly kick Williams in the chest before attempting a whip that got reversed. Williams charged, but Verde leapt to the middle turnbuckle and flipped over Williams, catching him with a sunset flip for two. Williams stood and went for the lariat, but Verde ducked and took off to the ropes. He went for the handspring elbow, ubt Williams caught him in a waist lock. German attempt by Williams, but Verde landed on his feet and backed into the ropes. Verde went for a spinning heel kick, but Williams grabbed him and cradled him in his arms!! Williams flipped Verde up onto his shoulders, but Verde wriggled free and fell behind Williams. Verde leapt back up onto Williams shoulders, looking for the Poisoned Frankensteiner, but Williams countered with an Electric Chair Drop and covered only getting two!

The crowd applauded as Williams got back up and pulled Verde to his feet. Williams with a knife edge chop sent Verde staggering back. Williams backed him into the ropes and sent him across the ring. Williams telegraphed the back body drop, but Verde rolled off of Williams back, hit a leg sweep, then a standing shooting star press for two. Verde quickly stood and headed to the corner, but Williams got up and tossed Verde off with a biel. Verde staggered up and Williams ran over him with a pair of clotheslines and then an irish whip. Williams picked up Verde and spun, planting him with a spinebuster and a cover for two again.

William brought Verde up and hit a pair of knife edge chops before hitting another whip into the corner. Body avalanche by Williams connected, dropping Verde into a seated position. Williams went for a running knee strike, but Verde moved and Williams smacked the turnbuckles with his knee. Verde with a schoolboy from behind for two. Williams stood and was met with a toe kick then a hook kick to the back of the head! Verde went up top and hit the moonsault into the double stomp.. the Jaguar Pounce, covered and got two. Verde pulled Williams up and whipped him into the corner. Verde charged and leapt in, but Williams hooked Verde around the neck, looking for a standing STO, but Verde wrapped his arm around Williams neck and clung to him!

Williams charged forward and drove Verde into the opposite corner and down to a seated position. Williams went for a backside splash, but Verde moved and Williams slouched against the turnbuckles. Verde unleashed rapid fire kicks until Williams was seated. Verde got distance and charged in with the Catatonic.. the flipping Senton into the corner! Verde stood, gained distance and hit a second Catatonic. The crowd chanted "one more time" so Verde stood, charged and hit a third Catatonic! He pulled Williams out of the corner and positioned him the right distance. He went up top and flipped off with the Double Rotation Moonsault.. the Shooting Scar Press, but Williams moved and Verde crashed and burned! Williams quickly pulled Verde up and placed him in a pumphandle. He lifted, twisted and dropped Verde across his knee! Welcome to Williams Street! Cover and only two!

Williams pulled Verde up and rocked him with a pair of forearms before taking off to the ropes. Williams ran over Verde with a shoulder block, but Verde popped up and was hit with another shoulder block. Williams taunted Verde to stand and he did on spaghetti legs. Williams went to the ropes, but Verde leapt up and hit a Snap Huracanrana on Williams! Verde shuffled back as Williams was getting up. Verde hit the Super Kick and Williams was out! Cover, but only two!!

Verde pulled Willimas up and hit a flurry of kicks and punches. Williams absorbed a lot of them and then blocked one of the punches! He spun Verde around, but Verde continued the momentum and continued spinning, hitting a leaping spinning knee strike the to the head... The Feral Paw Strike! Williams staggered back against the ropes and Verde charged in, but Williams launched Verde to the outside where he slammed down hard on the ring mats. Williams went to the corner and took aim to the outside... Williams flipped off and connected!!!


The crowd erupted into a "Holy Shit" chant as Williams CRUSHED Verde under his weight from the Swanton Bomb to the outside! The impact took a lot out of Williams, too, and he couldn't get up. The referee started his mandatory ten count. Williams was up by the count of seven. He pulled Verde up and heaved him into the ring at nine and right before ten was muttered, Williams rolled back in as well, covered, and got two only because too much time had passed and he couldn't capitalize!

Williams grabbed Verde and pulled him up and placed him between his legs. He looked for The Downfall, but Verde somehow countered with a back body drop! Williams got back up and was met with a spinning back kick to the gut. Verde then backfliped and brought both feet under William's jaw, staggering him away. Verde then hit a leg lariat from behind, driving Williams face into the canvas. Verde went up top and went for it all.. Shooting Scar Press... CONNECTED!!! The fans hit their feet a Verde made the cover, but WILLIAMS KICKED OUT!

Verde pulled Williams back up, but Williams hit a knee lift to the stomach and let out a roar. He placed Verde between his legs and lifted him up to his shoulders. He hit a running Buckle Bomb into the corner, followed by going to the ropes and nailing a Running Big Boot! Williams then went up top and leapt off, hitting another Killer B Bomb! Williams cover, but this time it was El Tigre Verde that kicked out and now Williams was the one frustrated! Williams grabbed Verde by his mask and yanked him to his feet.




Knee Lift

Clubbing Blow


Discus Lariat... DUCKED!

Verde with a kick to the leg.. a kick to the ribs, then a spinning roundhouse to the head! Williams was on his back! Verde with the front flip senton into the standing moonsault.. into the standing shooting star press.. into the cover, but only got two!! Verde quickly pulled Williams up to his feet He placed Williams into a Cross Face Chicken Wing.. He then hit a leg sweep, driving Williams face first into the canvas with the chiken wing still held. Verde then front flipped into a bridge to complete the Asphyxia Majora!!! Williams was in trouble in the dead center of the ring!! He could tap at any moment! The crowd was on their feet and going nuts as Williams mustered all of his remaining strength to get to the ropes, but with the bridge, it was almost impossible to move. Williams did the next best thing and used his size to roll onto his back. This placed Verde on his stomach and the pressed of Williams laying on top of his shoulders and neck caused him to break the hold!

Williams stood and gasped for air as Verde staggered to his feet. Verde charged at Williams, but Williams lifted Verde up and over to the ring apron. Williams turned around and Verde hit the hot shot across the top rope. Williams staggered back as Verde leapt up top and flew off, but Williams leapt up and nailed an Ace Crusher in mid-air on Verde!!! Williams quickly stood as Verde bounced up and staggered on his feet. Williams shoved Verde between his legs, lifted him nailed The Downfall.. the Cradle Piledriver! Williams made the cover and got three!!

Winner: Brian Williams via The Downfall
Match Time: 39:18
Match Rating: *****

Jack Wallace: Another five star classic to close out The Hype this week! Brian Williams once again defeats El Tigre Verde in one hell of a match!

Jeff Hartman: And thus DefCon's chances were squandered again! If Verde had won, then I would have believed that DefCon could have, in fact, been screwed, but the fact that Verde lost backs up everything DefCon has been saying! Verde is nothing more than a complete and utter joke!

Jack Wallace: Verde is not a joke.. he fought hard, but tonight was just not his night. Ladies and Gentlemen.. thank you for watching us here this week. We'll see you after Death Wish! Goodnight!