"The Hype" by The New Cities plays over the video intro. We're brought inside the Hype Arena in Miami, FL where pyro goes off on the main stage and the fans are excited! The camera pans around as the jOlt fans cheer and are filled with anticipation!

Jack Wallace: 'Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME to The Hype! We are on our last stop before Wrestlecade II where Mike Patterson will challenge Brian Williams for The Hype Championship. Also, a match was supposed to happen last week, will happen tonight as Sarkhaya will take on Kodora. Sarkhaya was checked by medical staff last week after Kodora choked her. The medical staff advised her to take the week off and tonight she'll be looking for revenge!

Jeff Hartman: She's just going to get hurt again! Whoever thought someone with so much hype would be so fragile! Like a delicate crimson flower being gently caressed by a cool autumn breeze...

Jack Wallace: Earth to Hartman.. you doing okay over there space cowboy?

Jeff Hartman is still seemingly lost in his own thoughts.

Jack Wallace: While Jeff Hartman dreams of a future that will never be, let's send it down to the ring where Shayne Anderson and Laurie Williams are standing by with an announcement!


Shayne Anderson and Laurie Williams stood in the ring as the crowd gave Shayne Anderson a mixed reaction.

Shayne: As we move towards Wrestlecade II, the entire world has its eyes set upon Mike Patterson and Brian Williams, but we musn't forget that Crucifix has been doing an amazing job as Hype Tag Team Champion. I will admit that I was a bit worried when he came to me and stated that he wanted to defend those titles alone, but he has put my worries to rest. That is why I want to give him a true test.

Shayne paused for a second

Shayne: Tonight, we are going to have a number one contender's match.. the winner will face Crucifix for the Hype Tag Team Titles on the first Hype after Wrestlecade II!

The crowd cheers

Shayne: There are so many teams to choose from, but I've decided to mix it up a little bit here by picking the teams personally. The first team in tonight's main event will be a staple here on The Hype... Cori Albright and Terry Massimo.. the Natural Athletes!

The crowd cheered wildly.

Shayne: And the second team is a team that has been pretty popular with you guys... a team that, although they lost last week, they had an amazing showing and I think they deserve another chance. Iago and Clemente... The Ali Boys!!

The crowd cheered that as well!

Shayne: Best of luck to both teams here tonight!

With that Shayne Anderson and Laurie Williams exited the ring and headed for the backstage area.

Lusus vs ?????????

Before the Match
Lusus made his way to the ring and grabbed a microphone from ringside as the crowd booed him.

Lusus: Week after week I have stepped into this ring and there hasn't been a man alive so far that could even take me off of my own two feet.

The crowd boos.

Lusus: I'm starting to think that I'm wasting my time with The Hype. If this is the kind of competition The Hype is offering, then I think I should be placed back onto the main roster.. and I guarantee you this.. if I were to be on the main roster, I wouldn't be anyone's lacky... not even Chris Titan's. I have my own "backbone" now and there's only room for one person in it... ME!

The crowd continued to boo.

Lusus: I want someone to prove me wrong. If anyone back there thinks they can even take me off my feet.. then I dare you to come out here and try.

With that, Zane Roebuck came out from the back and rolled into the ring. He asked for the microphone as Lusus had a "seriously?" look on his face.

Roebuck: I have a match scheduled tonight against Magma.. but he's beneath me at this point. I would much rather substitute you in his place! I accept your challen.....


Match Summary
Before Zane Roebuck could even finish, Lusus drilled him with a clothesline! The words "I accept" were all that Lusus needed to hear! He quickly pulled Zane Roebuck to his feet as the bell rang. Lusus delivered a toe kick, placed Zane between his legs, and ran forward, drilling him with the Loco Bomb! Lusus makes the cover, hooking the leg and he picks up the three!

Winner:Lusus via Loco Bomb
Match Time: 0:58
Match Rating: *

Jack Wallace: I have no idea what Zane Roebuck was thinking, but I'd say whatever plan he had, just backfired in a big way

After the Match
Lusus exited the ring and headed to the back.. As he was walking to the backstage area, Magma came out and made his way down to the ring where Zane Roebuck was still down and out. Magma climbed into the ring and told the referee something. The referee nodded and walked over to the ropes where he gave instructions to William Bell.

William Bell: Ladies and Gentlemen.. Magma has informed the referee that Shayne Anderson thinks that Zane Roebuck challenging Lusus should negate a scheduled match. Therefore, The match between Magma and Zane Roebuck is still scheduled and will begin... right NOW

Magma vs Zane Roebuck

Match Summary
The crowd cheered as Magma cracked his knuckles. Zane looked up from his back with an "oh shit" look on his face. Magma reached down and grabbed him by the neck, yanking him up to his feet. There, he delivered the toe kick and set up Zane between his legs, butterflying the arms. He lifted Zane up and dropped him down with Volcanism.. the Tiger Driver! Magma made the cover, hooking the leg and picked up the three, just like that!

Winner:Magma via Volcanism
Match Time: 0:47
Match Rating: *

Jack Wallace: I don't think Zane Roebuck is living up to his nickname here tonight. There's no way this can be considered "Good Luck"

Jeff Hartman: I can't speak for Lusus because he doesn't care who is put in front of him, but Magma... talk about mugging a guy when he's down! Magma should be punished for this! Zane had just finished having a match when he decided to pull this! It just proves that Zane Roebuck is still the better man!

"Is This What it Has Come to?"

In the backstage area, Ryan Raysor finds Prince Samir in his locker room.

Raysor: So this is what is has come to? You're putting money ahead of our own friendship?

Samir: What makes you think that?

Raysor: The fact that you took the money from El Principe.. and then after I get defeated last week, you flashed that money in my face and told me I was a fool.

Samir: Oh yes, that.. well.. you are a fool, Ryan. I took the money because it really was the smart thing to do. I didn't have to wrestle.. I got paid in cash.. plus my paycheck.. it was wonderful. I didn't lift a finger and I became even richer. After all.. lest you forget.. I am a prince of India... and I just can't say no to money.

Raysor sighned

Raysor: So what about behind held down? Was joiining The Dying Breed all for nothing? What about you and I making it to the top and becoming Hype Tag Team Champions? Does that mean nothing to you? Is that all you care about is just some material pieces of paper?

Samir: Those material pieces of paper represent power, Ryan. The more "paper" that you have, the more powerful you are. People pay attention to you.. people hold you up on a pedastol. You become symbolic in the eyes of many. Why should we work and claw our way to the top when we can just buy our way there? El Principe has the right idea... in fact.. I'm kind of angry that I didn't think of it myself. You can either join me on this ride.. or you can continue to sit and swelter in the lower ranks of the card, only dreaming of accomplishing something on this paltry little show instead of finding an alternate route out of here and up to the main roster because that's where the big money is, Ryan. It's not here in some armpit of the jOlt Arena.. it's out there, touring the world and selling out crowds.. moving merchandise.. and collecting royalty checks from Pay-Per-View events. Money is everything, Ryan.. and I'm sad to say that because of you, I had forgotten that.

Ryan gritted his teeth.

Raysor: Because of me? I see... I guess I was wrong to align myself with you. I thought that you wanted to go to the top of the mountain the way it was meant to be climbed... but I guess I was wrong again.. so go on... have your money.. I hope you drown in it.

Raysor turned and exited the room. Samir cracked a grin.

Samir: He always was a fool.

This looked like the end of India's Import! The scene faded to black.

Sarkhaya vs Kodora

Match Summary
The bell rang and Sarkhaya went right for Kodora, hammering away on her with heavy right hands! She didn't forget her tight grip around her neck last week that cost her the chance to face Kodora in the ring. Sarkhaya backed Kodora into the ropes and went for a whip, but Kodora reversed it, chased Sarkhaya into the ropes, and hit a knee. Kodora repeated this again before dropping down to a knee and hitting a quick uppercut to Sarkhaya that knocked her through the ropes and to the outside. Kodora gave chase and bounced Sarkhaya's face off the announce table. Sarkhaya fell to all fours and Kodora dropped an elbow into the small of her back, collapsing her to the floor. Kodora pulled her up and threw her back into the ring where she made the cover and got two.

Kodora placed Sarkhaya into a surfboard submission, but the crowd got behind her and she got to his feet. She twisted out and hit a pair of elbows, breaking free. She then swithed to rapid forearms to the face before whipping her to the ropes. Sarkhaya hit a back elbow then a standing moonsault for two. She stood and dropped three elbows into Kodora's heart and covered again for two. Sarkhaya went to the corner and taunted Kodora to stand. She charged in, but Kodora surprised her with a Super Kick to the face! Kodora went to the ropes and hit a knee drop into the chest. Kodora repeated this again before making the cover and getting only two. Kodora pulled Sarkhaya to her feet and hit her heavy right hands. She whipped Sarkhaya into the corner and nailed a corner clothesline. Kodora got some distance and hit a flying knee strike right into her face!! Sarkhaya looked to be out as she pulled her away from the corner, covered, and only got two as Sarkhaya showed her toughness!

Kodora pulled Sarkhaya up to her feet and then dropped her again with a Pendulum Backbreaker. Kodora headed to the corner and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad where she waited for Sarkhaya to stand. Once she was vertical, she flew off with a knee strike which caught Sarkhaya in the side of the head! Sarkhaya fell to all fours and Kodora wrapped her up with La Magistral for a close two count. Sarkhaya tried to shake it off as she stood, but she fell against the ropes. Kodora grabbed her by the arm and whipped her across the ring, but Sarkhaya ducked the clothesline attempt and leapt to the middle rope, hitting an Asai Moonsault and she collided with Kodora, knocking her down. Sarkhaya still tried to shake it off as she stood, but Kodora stood and she had to act. Sarkhaya hit a pair of clotheslines and a whip into the corner. She charged in and leapt into the corner, but Kodora wrapped her arm around Sarkhaya's neck and slammed her wiht a standing STO!!!

Sarkhaya flipped onto her stomach from the impact and Kodora immediately walked over and pulled her up by the hair. She then trapped Sarkhaya's head under her arm and began to elbow her in the side of the head with the Yoru no Bokashi! The refeee had to check on Sarkhaya and when the referee saw no response, they called for the bell! Sarkhaya was out cold!

Winner: Kodora via Yoru no Bokashi
Match Time: 6:34
Match Rating: **1/2

Jack Wallace: Sarkhaya may have looked impressive in her debut, but against someone like Kodora, she got her ass handed to her. That was a pretty one-sided match!.

After the Match
Kodora grabbed a microphone and walked over Sarkhaya who still laid there face down on the canvas.

Kodora: Just as I thought. Nothing more than a flash in the pan.

Kodora dropped the microphone and exited the ring smirking all the way to the back.

Jeff Hartman: Now that's a real woman's opinion!

Jack Wallace: Still lost in your dreams, eh Space Cowboy?

Jack Wallace: You like anything with two boobs, a hole, and a heartbeat.


We were taken into the backstage area where Hype Champion Brian Williams came face to face with Mike Patterson. There was an awkward silence as the two of them just stood there and stared at each other until Mike Patterson cracked a smirk.

Patterson: I know what you want to say... that because I lost to The Natural Athletes last week that I don't have what it takes to take your title away from you... well... before you open your mouth, let me point out that even after I lost.. who was it that was standing tall over your broken body?

Patterson walked in closer and got into Williams' face.

Patterson: That's right.. it was ME!

Williams smirked

Williams: That's only because you had to attack me from behind to get the job done because lets not forget that the two times you attacked me face to face, I beat you in the center of that ring.. once to become Hype Champion and once again to retain it. The thing is Mike... you haven't changed at all since The X Movement. Back when you were Shayne Anderson's little lackey, all you ever did was show your toughness by jumping people.. in the ring.. backstage.. it didn't matter. You walked into this company and were handed a silver platter and now that it's been taken away.. by me... who beat you to win this title and disband The X Movement.. you just can't climb back up to the top. Last week, you wanted to whip your proverbial balls out and show them to the world and all you ended up doing was getting your ass kicked... again. So tell me... Mikey... when you get pinned in front of 70,000 plus people in Tokyo, Japan.. are you finally going to realize that you're just not good enough without other people backing you up?

Patterson gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. He grabbed Williams by the collar.

Patterson: You obviously need a history lesson.

Williams: And you obviously need a breath mint.

Patterson shoved Williams back, releasing him.

Patterson: You should check out ths things that I did in this building over the years. I destroyed LEGENDS in this business. Ask former jOlt legend Ninja K what happened to him. Ask him what it felt like when I German Suplexed him off the top of a cell and through the announce table. Ask someone like Crucifix what it felt like when I cut him in half with a Spear... ask Xtreme or Eldrdige Ali or anyone else from that era what it feels like to be in the ring with me... ESPECIALLY at Wrestlecade where I shine my brightest. If you think the past means anything, then you're sorely mistaken. This is the event I was made for and at Wrestlecade, it will take the silencing of my heart to stop me from ripping you in half and taking that championship. Hit me with everything you have.. it's not going to matter.. I will kick out over and over and over again. Nothing you can do can put me down.

Williams: I hope you realize that I am will to die to retain my championship. I know that because I've beaten you twice in the past doesn't mean I will beat you at Wrestlecade. I'm well aware of the "Any given Sunday" notion.. but, Mike... I wouldn't have said I was going to beat you if I weren't one hundred percent confident. At Wrestlecade, for every time you kick out, I'll have another way to put you down. You said that I would have to silence your heart in order to stop you. What will you do when you go up against a man who is perfectly fine with doing that? Ask yourself that.

Williams patted Patterson on the shoulder.

Williams: I'm not above ending your career.. or even your life. Keep that in mind Mr. Monster.

Williams exited the room leaving Patterson to stand there alone with his thoughts. He then cracked a grin.

Patterson: I wouldn't want this any other way.

Patterson walked off.

Faith Hines vs Desiree

Before the Match
Desiree made her way out from the backstage area and entered the ring. As her music died down there was a lull in the arena. All of a sudden, a computerized groan faded in over the PA system as the arena faded into darkness.

"Anitgod" by Samael (Dark Night Remix)

"I am the antidote... to the syndome of God"
"I am the antigod... the only hope that you've got!
"I am the antidote... to the syndome of God"
"I am the antigod... the only hope that you've got!

Scenes of satantic rituals and some really creepy stuff flashed in black and white on the screen. Then the word "UN-FAYTH" flashed on the screen as Faith Hintes stepped out from the backstage area.. Her hair dyed completely black... black eye shadow, wearing a black jean top and torn black jeans. Her nails were also painted black along with black lipstick.

It was a completely drastic change from what we've seen. The pure, wholesome Faith Hines was now completely gone. What stood in her place was someone who tapped into her dark side... a lone person who has shunned her own beliefs. She walked down to the ring as the people still couldn't believe she was the same person. Un-Fayth entered the ring and took off her jean top to reveal a black half top with a red pentagram on the back of it and the name Un-Fayth written in red across the front.

The music faded and the lights returned to normal as Desiree looked sick at the sight of the person in front of her. She shook her head "no" as if she didn't want to believe that this was Faith HInes. Nevertheless, Desiree didn't have much time to act as the bell rang.

Match Summary
Desiree walked over to Fayth and grabbed her by the hands. She said "You don't need to do this" to Fayth, but Fayth simply looked down at Desiree's hands and then back up at her before she slammed her forehead right into Desiree's with a fierce headbutt, letting out a battle scream. Fayth pulled Desiree off the canvas and whipped her to the ropes. Fayth backed into the ropes and hit a Flying Shoulder Tackle, knocking Desiree down to the canvas. Fayth the mounted Desiree and pummeled her with right hands. The referee counted to five and had to physically pry Fayth off of Desiree. Fayth simply looked at her hands and cracked a grin before gripping her hair then crouching down, daring Desiree to get back to her feet.

Desiree slowly stood up as Un-Fayth walked over and delivered a toe kick. She placed Desiree between her legs, lifted her, then powerbombed her down to the canvas. Fayth hung on, pulled Desiree back up and then dropped her down for a second powerbomb! Fayth then went to the corner, climbed up top, took aim, and leapt off with a hellacious double stomp the mid-section! Fayth stood and flicked her hair back as she licked her lips before crouching down, staring at Desiree with curiosity. Desiree crawled to the ropes and pulled herself up. Fayth then charged in, but Desiree hit her first offensive move of the match and made her eat a back elbow. Fayth staggered back as Desiree charged in with a clothesline, but Fayth ducked. She turned around and grabbed Desiree by the hair, pulling her down into knee lift after knee lift. She then took Desiree by the hair and tossed her across the ring!!

Desiree hit hard as she pulled herself up into the corner. Fayth charged in and hit a corner clothesline the knocked Desiree down to a seated position. Fayth went to the ropes, came back, and nailed and running Face Wash across the face. She then stepped on Desiree's neck and pushed herself up in the corner, choking the life out of her! The referee didn't even count to five due to the severity of the choke and immediately pulled Fayth off of Desiree! Desiree coughed and gasped for air as Fayth pushed the referee aside and grabbed Desiree, pulling her up to her feet. She hit a pair of shoulder blocks before hoisting her up top. Fayth climbed, but Desiree began to fight back. She tried to knock Fayth off the top, but Fayth countered by simply biting Desiree on the bridge of the nose!

Fayth then hooked Desiree in a front face lock. She lifted Desiree up, twisted and dropped her with a Brainbuster on top of the turnbuckle pads!! Desiree fell back into the ring and was lifeless. Fayth then grabbed Desiree by the arm and twisted her into a Figure Four Neck Lock, squeezing the life out of her, but she was took close to the corner and was able to put her leg on the bottom rope, but she wouldn't let go of the hold until the count of four by the referee. Fayth grabbed Desiree by the hair and said to her.. "This is what it's like to be free from the chains of God" before slamming her face into the canvas!

Fayth stood and walked away from Desiree, yelling out to the audience.. "I am not bound any longer". Desiree slowly pulled herself up, but Fayth ran in and just flat out kicked Desiree dead in the face!! Desiree had to be out... the sickening thud echoed through the arena and even some people in the crowd covered their mouths in disbelief. Fayth grabbed te lifeless Desiree by the arm and dragged her to the center of the ring. She rolled her over and made the cover, hooking the leg.. She picked up the three and even after the bell ran, she remained in the pinning position, smiling and laughing the entire time. The referee finally got Fayth off of Desiree as she walked over to the ropes, leaned against the ropes, laughing and smiling. She then exited the ring and headed to the back as the referee checked on Desiree.

Winner: Un-Fayth by Kick to the Head
Match Time: 7:33
Match Rating: **1/4

Jack Wallace: I don't know what to say. I'm just like everyone here tonight.. I can't believe that was the Faith Hines we've grown to know and love. What happened inside of her head that caused her to become this way?

Jeff Hartman:That was... the hottest thing... I .. have... EVER... seen

. Jack Wallace: You would find something like that hot. You're just not right.

Jeff Hartman: Maybe you're the one who isn't right Jack. Maybe you're the one who needs to conform.

Jack Wallace: Conform to what? Oh nevermind... I don't even want to know.

Jeff Hartman: And that's why you'll always stay the way you are.

Jack Wallace: Thank God..

"I Wasn't Ready!!"

Zane Roebuck was in Shayne Anderson's office and he wasn't looking too happy.

Shayne: Hey Zane.. getting ready for your match with Magma?

Roebuck: Are you kidding me? Did you see what happened out there?

Shayne: No.. what?

Roebuck: Lusus jumped me before I was even ready and then Magma came out after I cancelled my match and substituted Lusus. He jumped me and I lost two matches in a row!

Shayne: Two matches in a row? When did these matches happen because by the time I got back to my office, we were in the middle of Sarkhaya and Kodora.. I thought they were the opening match?

Roebuck: It happened right after you left!

Shayne: Wait.. so you lost two matches by the time I went from the gorilla position to my desk? How long were the matches?

Roebuck: That's not the point! The point is I got screwed and I need you to make this right!

Shayne: How would you like me to make it right?

Roebuck: Reverse the decision on those matches and make me the winner of them both! After all.. had I been given a fair chance, that would have been the outcome anyway.

Shayne: So what you're saying is you want a fair chance?

Roebuck: Yes! All I wanted was a fair chance!

Shayne: Well then.. how about this. I'll give you what you want... and that's a fair chance. When we come back from Wrestlecade.. I'll give you Magma.. one on one.. and it will be a No Fear Rules match.

Roebuck's jaw dropped to the floor.

Shayne: By the look on your face, I can tell you're happy and excited! That's good! That means I did a good job again! See? I can redeem myself after all. Now scoot along.. I have paper work to fill out.. I need to replace some of these talent that will be going to the mai....

Shayne noticed the red light on the camera was still on.

Shayne: Uh.. I need to order a new stapler.. this damn thing keeps jamming. jOlt wants me to file everything in triplicate.. damn red tape and all.

Shayne mouthed "Go away" at the camera as the scene faded to black.

Wait. New talent? Could another graduating class be around the corner? Let's not hope it ends up like last time.

The Natural Athletes vs The Ali Boys

Before the Match
Crucifix made his way out from the back with the Hype Tag Team Titles over his shoulders. He made his way around ringside and joined Wallace and Hartman on commentary.

Crucifix: Jack.. Jeff... hello.

Jack Wallace: Welcome Crucifix. Feels like old times, doesn't it?

Crucifix: If you mean Jeff is still a fat sex-starved slob who would have been better off if his mom got fired from the sperm bank for drinking on the job, then yes.. just like old times.

Jeff Hartman: For your information.. she was fired for mishandling company property.

Crucifix: ......right. Aside from.. well.. that... I'm out here to see who I'm going to run over next. I already beat The Ali Boys last week and I know I can beat The Natural Athletes.. so the winner of this match doesn't matter. Regardless of what happens, I'm going to walk out Hype Tag Team Champion.

Match Summary
After the teams made their entrance, Clemente and Albright were going to start things off. They locked up and Clemente placed Albright into a waist lock. Albright broke the grip and reversed it, but Clemente hit a pair of back elbows and took off to the ropes, but Albright hit a shoulder tackle. Albright to the ropes, btu Clemente flipped over and Albright went to the opposite side. Clemente went for the hip toss, but Albright blocked it and went for a hip toss himself, but Clemente blocked it, hit a knee, hooked the leg over the head and flipped out to his feet. Albright with a clothesline, but Clemente ducked, turned around, and rocked Albright with a series of right hands before whipping him to the ropes. Clemente telegraphed the back body drop and Albright kicked him in the chest. Clemente staggered back and ducked a lariat by Albright. Clemente went to the ropes, but Alrbight caught him on the way back with a snap powerslam! He covered and only got two.

Albright went to his corner and tagged in Massimo who came in and hit Clemente with a headbutt, putting him back down. Clemente got back up as Massimo backed him into the ropes and shot him across. He lifted Clemente up onto his shoulders and fell back with a Samoan Drop. He turned and covered and got two. Massimo stood and tagged Albright back in who climbed up top. Albright went for the diving elbow, but Clemente moved out of the way! Albright popped up holding his arm when Clemente barred it across his chest and nailed a Single Arm DDT on Albright. He then floated over and applied a Fujiwara Arm Bar! Albright fought and wriggled his way to the ropes where he eventually broke free. Clemente stood and targed the shoulder with some kicks before the referee asked him to back up. Albright stood and Clemente performed and arm wringer before whipping Albright into the corner.

Clemente charged in and hit a knee lift to the stomach. He quickly walked over and tagged Iago into the match. The two of them came in and hit a double team whip into the corner. Clemente charged in and hit a running shoulder tackle. Iago charged in and hit a running Drop Kick to the shoulder after Clemente moved! Clemente exited the ring and headed to his corner as Iago shoved Albright out of the corner and down to the canvas. Iago climbed up to the top turnbuckle and took aim as he leapt off with a Flying Leg Drop, connecing across the neck and chest of Albright. Iago made the cover, hooking the leg, forcing Albright to kick out using his injured arm.

Iago pulled Albright up and twisted the arm, yanking on it a few times as he backed into the corner and perched himself up on the top turnbuckle pad. Iago spun off for what looked like a Tornado DDT but he landed on his back, bringing Albright's arm down across both of his knees!! Albright staggered into the corner holding his arm in pain. Iago stood and grabbed the injured arm, whipping him across the ring to the opposite side. Iago charged in, but Albright used his good arm and hit a back elbow. Iago turned around and hit a Gamengiri to the bad shoulder that caused Albright to wince some more in pain. Iago then hoisted Albright up onto the top turnbuckle pad and twisted his bad arm. He then slung Albright off the top with an Iconoclasm!! Iago then went into the cover, hooking the leg, but only got two out of it.

Albright needed to make the tag, but Iago wouldn't let up. He dragged Albright over to his corner by the bad arm and tagged Clemente back into the match. Clemente stepped in and propped Albright up in the corner where he stomped on the back shoulder and pressed against it with his boot until the count of three. He Albright go and backed off as Albright struggled to pull himself up. Clemente then walked Albright to the middle of the ropes and whipped him across, but Albright used his good arm to reverse the whip. He picked Clemente up in his arms and slammed him down with a Spine Buster, but you could tell that did more damage to his arm. With Clemente down, he needed to make the tag. He slowly moved to his corner as Clemente realized what was happening. Clemente turned over and tried to grab Albright by the boot, but Albright made it to the corner and tagged in the heavy hitter, Terry Massimo!

Massimo came in as Clemente stood and he ran him over with a shoulder tackle. Massimo then dashed into the Ali Boy's corner and knocked Iago off the ring apron to the outside! Clemente got back up and he was hit with another shoulder tackle! Massimo pulled Clamente up and took off to the ropes, looking for a Flying Shoulder Block, but Clemente side stepped! Massmio crashed and burned into the canvas and Clemente took advantage with a running knee strike to the side of the head! Massimo rolled to the outside to regain his compsure. Clemente got a running start and dove through the ropes with a Suicide Dive, but Massimo caught Clemete and threw him into the barricades!!!! Iago, on the other hand, ran up the ringsteps, onto the apron and then leapt off with a flying foream to the face of Massimo that staggered him up against the barricades! Iago then quickly hopped up onto the ring apron as Massimo tried to clear the cobwebs. Iago hit an Asai Moonsault, but Massimo caught him in mid-air and then charged in, ramming Iago into the steel ring post!

Massimo grinned as he backed up, but Clemente came from behind and used all his momentum to shove Massimo face first into the post! Clemente rolled Massimo into the ring where he rolled in after him, made the cover, but got only two! Clemente stood and motioned that it was over. He pulled Massimo up to his feet and hit a few forarm shots to the face. Clemente took off to the ropes and leapt into the air, looking for a leaping punch, but Massimo grabbed Clemente by the neck out of the air and nailoed a massive choke slam!!! Massimo went to the ropes, came back, and nailed the big splash! All the Way connected! He covered and got two as Iago came in at the last second and broke it up!! Iago stomped down on Massimo to try and keep him from getting up, but Cori Albright came into the match and decked him with his good arm!

Albright conitnued to fire lefts into Iago's face before backing him into the ropes. Meanwhile as Massimo was standing, Clemente kicked him in the side of the head from hie back! He stumbled into the whip path as Iago reversed the whip and sent Albright right into Massimo! Albright hit the canvas as Massimo struggled to maintain his balance. Clemente then showed some strength as he lifted Massimo up in a pseudo bear hug. He fell back and Iago caught him with the Ace Crusher!! The 21K connected! Iago stood guard as Clemente made the cover and was shocked when Massimo KICKED OUT!! Clemente told Iago they were going to do it again! Clemente and Iago got up and pulled Massimo to his feet. Clemente lifted Massimo up, but Albright stood and tripped up Iago from behind. Massimo then hit a massive headbutt to Clemente to let go of him! Clemente dropped to his knee as Massimo side stepped. GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!!! The Super Kick connected to Clemente! Iago then stood and ... GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!! Antoher Super Kick to Iago who rolled out of the ring! Massimo hit the ropes and then jumped up, slamming down on Clemente with All the Way!!! Massimo made the cover and picked up the three!!

Winner: The Natural Athletes via All the Way
Match Time: 41:08
Match Rating: **** 1/2

Jack Wallace: It looks like The Natural Athletes are the number one contenders to the Hype Tag Team Titles! Crucifix, that means you will face the team that you and Xtreme beat for those belts, but this time, Xtreme isn't here. After seeing what you just saw.. are you really confident about retaining those belts?.

Crucifix: I'll show you confidence

Crucifix stood up and got on top of the announce table. He held up both Tag Team Championship belts and told the Athletes to come get them. The Athletes simply grinned as Massimo motioned that the belts were coming home to them. The staredown between champion and challengers was the final scene as The Hype went off the air.